Jeremy Paxman (3)

The verdict on Paxo’s interviewing technique post-yesterday evening:

Paxman is a cunt. His style of interviewing is childish. Butting in every few fucking seconds is annoying as fuck. May should’ve said ‘is Andrew Neil on holiday’. He sounds like a school master trying to ridicule a kid in front of the school at assembly. Pathetic cunt.

Nominated by Kendo Nagasaki.

Paxman is shit.

He just shouts aggressively like that cunt Kay Burley. He gives them 2 seconds to answer the question and then yells the question again.
He’s lucky that politicians are such welps.
Anyone else would’ve jumped over the table and smacked him in the mouth!

Nick Ferrari would’ve been my choice.

Nominaetd by Deploy the Sausage.

I think Paxo was a bigger cunt than Corbyn last night. With all that he could have attacked in Labour’s manifesto, he attacks him for what ISN’T in it? He actually made Corbyn look reasonable with his irrelevant, hectoring questions. He wasn’t a lot better with May either – there’s plenty of material in the Tories’ manifesto he could have got his teeth into without the pointless shit about her being a remainer before the referendum. Very poor stuff from a vain, self-regarding bore who’s clearly past his sell-by date. Brillo would have easily skewered them both without being such a knob.

Nominated by Harry Axwound.

69 thoughts on “Jeremy Paxman (3)

  1. There is very little point in asking politicians any fucking question. You just won’t get an answer. TBH the only cunt i’ve heard answering a direct question was our mate Nutty the Nut from scouse land. He has actually put forward more coherent ideas than all the other soft cuntz. Eg. Dalek costume ban, death penalty for cunts and free San Mig every thursday afternoon for non cunts. I think the tories will leach votes back to ukip rather than citizen smiff and his pet bull mastif. That’s if cunts can be bothered to shift their butts and vote for any cunt.

  2. The Media don’t investigate politicians anymore, they don’t ask them the really hard questions, it’s all theatre maintaining the status quo called LabCon. They haven’t realised this time that the balance is gone. If labour get in it’s going to be bad. I wouldn’t expect ISAC to survive long, too many though criminals here.

    The people leading and backing Labour are extremists and the media is presenting them like the normal shite do nothing political class.

  3. The problem has always been political ideology v common sense, and with political party affiliations. We should demand that all elections in the future are as follows.

    We the People demand your proposals for the following 15 of OUR priorities.

    Parties ABCD E and so on, will submit their ideas on what we choose to be the manifesto. They will be identified as ABCD and so on.

    We all read it, we hold an election and vote. The winner signs our contract for 5 years with dire and drakonian penalties if they deviate, break, or fail on delivery.

    I suggest ( just as an example of course) No. 1 ALL Muzzies are to be deported…
    Maybe ISAC members could offer other manifesto pledges.

    That means WE control politics, and WE do not have to listen to fucking idiots like Paxman asking fucking shite questions.

      • No.5. For fuck sakes really make sure every single last one of the bastards are deported.

      • Now I know why Spam was invented… Ideal for getting rid of stubborn religion of peado wankstains…

      • No 5. No more foreign aid to be paid out. Any cunt who disagrees will be put on a permanent sponsored walk to raise money for it, preferably in the pissing rain on a busy motorway.

      • Keep it open but only one way to Calais, then make the peaceful people walk home, I was gonna say flood it but getting rid of the Cunts is good enough….

      • Nah, flooding would be needed, those cunts need something more…….permanent to deal with them!

      • and their protectors too I’m sick of these moslem terrorist cucks those stupid dumb fucks going to get us all killed No.6 Force Fall haters to listen to their albums No7 make Mark E Smith mayor of manchester fuck andy burnham

  4. All I want to see is Corbyn’s leftie followers smug grins wiped off their faces when they know they have lost the election.
    Fingers crossed aye ?

    • Maybe we can have a second election as the people didn’t know what they were voting for??

      • I’d be up for that if Comrade Corbyn, by some horrific freak of nature, wins the election because it THAT happened it would be down to voters not knowing what the fuck they were doing.

      • Maybe we could have a referendum on a second election?? Jesus h Christ!! Absolutely fuckin nothing would get done!! Endless referendums , none of them legally binding, every one challenged by one Cunt or another!! A bit like now really……

      • And it’s got harder to call this for bloody May signing off that social care fuck up in their manifesto!

        As rotten and irredeemably stupid as it was, what people should consider is that if Cuntrade Corbyn wins, they’ll lose a lot more money through the wealth tax and land tax the commie cunts will put in!

      • The expression ” there’s no such thing as a free lunch” ( unless it’s at school of course) should be posted on the conservative battle bus..
        Kind old uncle jez is handing out wads of cash!! , everybody’s a winner!!, wanna house give uncle jez a call, wanna stash your kids for a cheeky 30 hrs FOC ?? give uncle jez a call…… some Cunts gotta pay for all of this??? Oh yeh!! US………

  5. No 2. Closure of all faith schools, the are a breeding ground of backward ideology, encourage segregation and the first step towards extremism.

    • “… however, I’m just waiting for the comment ..’All have been released without charge’.” ..

      ….as I mentioned a couple of days back. You can read these Cunts like a cheap novel.News item … “It’s seems, tracing back the Manchester Murderers steps since he came back from Libya, he appears to have been ‘working on his own'”…. Like fuck, I’d say.

      • Yep, working on his own according to Manchester Police, and in the few days before the atrocity bought the ingredients for the bomb locally. That is what he must have had in hand all those ingredients while he was filmed shopping at the local Safeway store in the released video. No doubt all the staff from said store will be arrested and charged with something!

  6. Hopefully it will be a complete route and that La bore pathetically have to limp away. Forcing the removal of most of the current shit smelling mold and rot that inhabit s it now.

    The Tori’s comparatively to most past governments are just weak piss and even blairs/browns governments would beat easily.

    But when i see who is fronting the labour party now and they all look either like wrong-uns, complete wet drips or are idea logical cunts .

    I would never trust not one with the care of a brick let alone a country.

    Useless lying passionless and completely soft and can easily crumble under the slightest social pressure ill prepared appeasing terrorists cunts.
    — That’s ny basic view of the current labour party as it stands …

  7. This whole election thing and people not understanding white sharia law is testing my nerves, fuck it! I got a inns and gunn in the fridge and a bottle of brandy with my name on it I’m getting sauced tonight

    • I got white sharia now….the more you think about it the better it gets.

  8. Jeremy Paxman is simply one of many BBBC products. All their political inquisitors are bred then employed to follow the Mantra that exists in the bowels of this rancid organisation. It is the BBBC who through its gobshite little liberal cunt interrogists, has managed to cause division in this country, raise false flags, and betray the people whom it is supposed to serve. Paxman was an academic, Cambridge as a matter of fact. He was in the Labour Party at College to make as many contacts as he could before turning to Unionism. He was employed by BBBC from an early age and has made his name sucking all cocks his master determines. Paxman is another arsey Uni educated cunt who like his fellow gobshites should simply fuck right off our TV screens

  9. Jeremy clarkson? Cunt
    Jeremy Thorpe? .. cunt
    Jeremy irons? .. cunt
    Flexicunt your onto something

      • There’s very few certainties in this life…….but Beadle wanking with the smaller hand, is one of them….

      • The Learning and Development Co-ordinator ( what used to be called a training officer) at my workplace is also called Jeremy. I can testify that he is also a cunt, one that drifts around different offices all day like a fart in a trance, designing Learning at Work event posters and other cunty projects that keep him from Actual Work.

      • i have a cousin called Jeremy cunt stayed at my gaff spent his whole time on the blower to USA then fucked off over there leaving me with the biggest cunting phone bill i have ever seen the cunt

  10. “Tennis player Maxime Hamou has been banned by the organisers of the French Open after he tried to kiss a female reporter repeatedly during a live TV interview.
    The French player, 21, kissed journalist Maly Thomas while holding her around her neck and shoulders, despite her efforts to duck away”

    He’s just a friendly guy………….

    • The french are passionate lovers are they not? sometimes a surprise kiss is just that but this cunt reporter is gonna say she was raped or something

      • He was a very FRIENDLY guy…the clues in the name……..

        Meanwhile Belgium or at least one of it’s universities gains new respect in my eyes. I may have family in Belgium??

        A Belgian university has apologised after a message was sent to female students asking them to wear a low-cut outfit to a graduation ceremony.
        The email was sent to medical students at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).
        “From an aesthetic point of view,” it read, ” it is better for young women to wear a dress or skirt, and a nice revealing neckline.”
        Men were told simply to wear a suit for the event next month.
        “Of course, ladies, this advice is not obligatory,” the email added.
        But mandatory or not, the suggestion caused an outcry on social media.


  11. Ariana Grande, Cuntplay, JBiebs, Pezza, Miley Cyrus, Take Twat and more “stellar acts” are hosting a memorial concert for victims of the Manchester terror attack.
    All those who where in attendance at Grande’s original gig will get in for free with their original ticket.
    I’m not being funny or taking the piss, but how many held on to their tickets in the aftermath of a bomb attack?

    And haven’t the people of Manchester suffered enough without these cheesy cunts turning up.

    This news was brought to me by Colin Patterson.
    Has Colin Patterson been cunted yet?
    This camp Scotch cunt luuurrrvvvss every fuckin act under the sun.
    No matter what genre, this cunt raves about it. And when he interviews a “star” ye can hear the seedy annoying cunt fumbling his arseholes.

    Colin Patterson is a cunt.

    PS. “Stellar acts” was Pattyercunts description, not mine.

    • Arsehole, not arseholes, that should have read.
      But who knows, that cunt might have two.

    • That slag Cyrus and all?…. Her and that thick bitch Perry will no doubt do their ‘anti-Trump bollocks or try something ‘controversial’ to whore themselves even more to the press and social media… Chicken Grande, Justin Bellend, Miley Shagbag, Kunty Perry?…. Fuck me, the average age of the audience will be about 12….

  12. Ariana ‘Chicken’ Grande, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and Kunty Perry are supposed to be doing a ‘benefit’ concert for Manchester…. First of all, who is going to want to go and watch that array of shite?…. Well, iPhone holding, selfie taking snowflake libmongs, I suppose…

    Second, what a load of patronising crap…. Who wants pity off these talentless ivory tower cunts?… No doubt there will be numerous ‘This is for muslims too!’and ‘We’re all in this together!’ tripe… Which leads us to….

    Finally, I hope that do a shit in the street for publicity superslag, Kunty Perry, gets pelted with rotten eggs, chicken giblets, and bottles of piss… Open our border and co-exist with ISIS?! Fucking brain-dead whore….

    • Wtf Norman ?

      I’ve had nothing to say all day, finally find a nugget and you try and steal my thunder. 🙂

      • Didn’t see the post, birdman… But absolutely right…. A proper gig with proper acts would have been good: covering the city and its history (10cc, Graham Nash, Buzzcocks, John Cooper Clark, ACR, Durutti Column, 808 State, Happy Mondays, New Order, Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses, Liam Gallagher, Charlatans etc)… Instead we get a load of snowflake teen-fodder manufactured (mostly Yank) helmet cheese… And we just know that the likes of Bieber, Perry and Cyrus are going to make it all about themselves and not about the city or the victims and their families… Cunts…. And if Lily Mong dares to appear I will fucking explode….

      • Great minds , Norman. 🙂

        As i was listening to the report by Pattyercunt, my thoughts were that apart from Take Twat being Manc-ish, these acts don’t represent Manchester.
        Manchester to me , means music with a shitload of great bands coming from there, yet these are the cunts that are playing.
        Pattyercunt said that all these acts have headlined the arena, so when they heard of the attack, they would have been able to recognize the scene.
        Aye right!
        Limo to back door, piss and moan about the shit rider backstage, do some jingles and fuck off in the limo.

        That’s their memory of Manchester, England.

      • My sister went to see Liam at The Ritz last night… She says it was great and Bonehead joined him onstage… She said highlights were ‘Greedy Soul’ ‘Wall Of Glass’ and an acapella ‘Live Forever’… All proceeds went to the victims families… Shame his ‘superstar’ potato headed brother didn’t do the same thing….

      • I totally forgot all about his gig until i got up today.
        I’ll have a geez on YouTube later.

        Never been a fan of Bonehead.
        The guy thinks he’s a ticket, but he’s just a weird blaggard that got lucky, quit, and now dines out on fame.

  13. Surely you just turn up and say I was there but I lost my ticket stub. In the world of the snowflakes nobody would tell such a disgraceful lie, would they? We are strong and we are together……for real.

  14. Paxman has always struck me as an arrogant cunt, who thinks he’s a lot more intelligent and important than he actually is. He also seems to think that he’s some kind of hard man.His interviewing style has always been abrasive, and I’m surprised that nobody has ever punched him.

  15. The establishment are about due a cunting. Much has been said in the past week about the atrocity committed in Manchester on Monday night, most of it complete bullshit. As we all know, a Muslim scumbag chose to blow himself up at the Manchester Arena, murdering 22 innocent men, women and young girls in the process. And I’m sorry if this gets a bit rambly, but I’m still emotional.

    As usual, we got the usual tough talk, “they will not defeat us”, “we will do what has to be done”, blah, blah, blah. And then we got the usual bullshit. “He wasn’t a Muslim”, said Burnham, “Islam is a religion of peace” said a load of soppy liberal cunts. “If you slag off Muslims, we’ll arrest you and have you charged with hate crimes”, said plod. “WE’RE THE VICTIMS OF HATE CRIMES”, said all the Muslims. And the lefties nodded in agreement. Nothing ever changes.

    I’ll admit, I’m still angry over this. My daughter and my niece were at that gig. And although they’re physically ok, mentally they are deeply scarred. It’s only been in the past couple of days that my daughter has been able to sleep without waking up screaming in the early hours. To a point, I can understand what she and her cousin are going through, I saw muslim dickheads blow themselves (and other people) to shit several times in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve even survived an IED while on patrol in a Jackal. I’m a trained soldier though, my daughter isn’t, so I’m pretty sure it’s a lot harder for her to come to terms with it.

    While I blame Abedi for the atrocity, I also blame lefties and our ignorant, PC obsessed, appeasing political class. For years now, we’ve had to tread on eggshells around Muslims, in case we upset them and they start to feel oppressed. How come it’s only Muslims who are so sensitive? Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists never seem to feel oppressed. Then again, they’ve all integrated into British society, whilst maintaining their own culture and beliefs. They don’t make a big deal out of it.

    Muslims, on the other hand, have to be treated with kid gloves. Because if we don’t, they start to play the ‘Islamophobia’ card, and then they start burning flags and making threats of violence. Which kind of proves the lie that Islam is peaceful. The establishment have been only to happy to buy into that bullshit, shouting down anyone who dares to criticise Islam with accusations of racism and, inevitably, Islamophobia. They’ve sucked up to them for so long that Muslims now think, rightly, that they are untouchable.

    Look at the paedo gangs in places like Rochdale and Rotherham. 1400 underage girls raped over 14 years by MUSLIMS. If the perpetrators had White, they wouldn’t have gotten away with it for 14 months, never mind 14 years. But Muslims got away with it, because the local councils, the police and most of social services simply were too afraid of upsetting the Muslim community and being accused of racism to even consider investigating. Not only that, but, disgustingly, they actually accused the young victims of lying and of being racist. They accused them of being from broken homes, as if that somehow justifies them being raped.

    And it’s that same attitude that allowed Abedi to walk into that gig unchallenged and murder 22 people and wound over 60 more. And ever since then, as always, the Muslim community have been trying to paint themselves as the true victims, with bullshit claims of attacks, both verbal and physical. A couple of days after the attack, an Imam in Oldham claimed his mosque had been firebombed. I’m not convinced that this attack wasn’t staged, because the damage was to the outside of a door and although it was badly charred, the damage to the building was quite superficial.

    One of the most ridiculous stories from last week was the elderly Imam and the elderly Jewish woman. Apparently, they had been friends for years, and were held up as the model of tolerance and inter-faith understanding. Bullshit. That Imam was an exception, not the rule. Most Muslims would have happily stoned the elderly Jewish woman to death, or at least provided the stones.

    This PC bullshit has to stop. Because the fact is, Muslims are as much to blame for Islamic terrorism as those who are protecting and even encouraging them. The time has come for a purge. WE, the British people, need to start standing up those who call us racists and Islamophobes when we complain about halal meat increasingly creeping into the non-Muslim food chain. We need to rid Government, the police, social services, local authorities, the judiciary, the BBC and the media in general of all the PC dickheads who infest them, and replace them with people capable using common sense.

    We need to start telling Muslims that THEY have to start taking responsibility for those in their community who hate us and want to do us harm. And they know who those people are, but they refuse to inform on them. A lot of them actively support terrorism. The need to be told that they will no longer be given special status, and they either start integrating into British society, accept that BRITISH law reigns supreme in the UK, or they can fuck off back to where they came from.

    Because until the establishment is free of the PC madness that it suffers from, we will be trapped in a perpetual circle of violence and appeasement. Like the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

    • The establishment know that if they give an inkling of criticism or finger pointing to the hysterical muslim dopes it will be like 5 red lights out and go for the far right loons to kick off. Which would then be followed by more rightish leaning moderate folks like all us on here. It’s a pot waiting to boil over. They are in shitsville crapping themselves in case that happens. Now where’s my stick with the nail in it. Init!

    • Dead right, QDM…. Muslamists and ‘refugee’filth’ are a disease… But lefty konbends, libmongs, and snowflakes (celebrity or otherwise) carry and spread this plague… And as I have said before, the Prime Minister needs to come down with an iron fist on individual banana republic PC crazed dictatorship councils…. The sort of looney left cunts that ban things at Christmas and Easter because they might ‘offend’ the camelbuggerers… And anyone who refuses or hasn’t learned the Queen’s English (be they muzzie, spearchucker, or iron curtain gyppo) should be thrown right out and fucked right off… If they want to be British, work here, and be part of British society then fine… If they don’t want that and only want to sponge benefits and live and act like filth, then they are no better or useful than a dog turd on the street….

      Hope your girls are getting better QDM… Terrible business…

      • Talking about spreading disease, did Corbyn wear approriate PPE when he stuffed Flabbott ? He seems to have caught innumeracy…hopefully it’s terminal in his case.

  16. What are the odds of a Labour win? The bookies rarely get it wrong. I calculated the Scottish referendum No vote correct to 2 decimal places but I didn’t have a bet on it.

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