Jeremy Corbyn [8]

Corbyn answers the first question and manages to make sure we all know Islam is a wonderful faith and bigged multicultural society.


Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Now shitstain is caliming he will end large classroom sizes and hospital waiting lists.

Can’t do that without reducing immigration. Fucking idiot.

Claims leadership is as much using your brain as using your mouth.

He’s already screwed on that front.

Getting asked about immigration, giving a spiel about the EU.

Talks about ”future controls” but s saying nothing about how he would control it.

Now Paxo is on.

The roasting has commenced.

Paxo is ripping him on not being able to get his ideals in the Labour manifesto.

Comrade Corbyn talks about a nuclear free world.

Heh, it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

America, Russia, China, N.Korea, India, Pakistan and Israel are laughing at this cretin.

Cunt Corbyn claims there will be a deal with the EU. Paxo is calling him out on this.

We all know Corbyn would take it up the arse from the EU in negotiations.

He would roll over on any divorce bill. Utter cunt.

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103 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [8]

  1. Apparently that little turd Bercow is stepping down as Speaker of the Commons.

    If so, good, and long overdue, riddance to the biased little cunt.

  2. So…. according to the EU,with have financial obligations to 74(!) of their institutions……. you know what those 74 institutions can do with their demands for out money? Shine them up real nice, apply lots of lubricant and shove them up their own arses! Cunts!

    • Only one thing wrong with that sentiment…just forget the lube !!! Otherwise, spot-on…

  3. The European Cunts Commission wants the ECJ to have full jurisdiction over EU nationals in the UK, bollocks to that! They have no right to demand that over a non-EU nation! Fuckers, I hope those whole EU would hurry up and fucking die already!

  4. If Jezza dropped fabbutt and endorsed white sharia I would support him 100%. We need white sharia to protect us from islamic sharia law, Can you honestly think of a better way?

    Alot of people don’t know this but us whites actually invented sharia law so in theory the arabs are culturally appropriating our culture and laws using it our old ways against us. We need to remind them who invented sharia law first white sharia law now!

    • Forgive me titslapper, this needs some thought……fuck me….would we ever get away with that.?

      • It needs to be done damnit! you all know I’m right. Please just hear me out We would be a peaceful religion of peoples but if you offend our god Kek will will behead you or kill you. Alot of cunters here our probably worried thinking “but titslapper we can’t eat pork?” pork consumption is encouraged under white sharia law and you must consume a pork product of some kind at least once a month if not deportation.

        Next you’re thinking “but titslapper I drink alcohol isn’t that forbidden under sharia?” Why yes it is but not under white sharia law it isn’t and again you are encouraged to drink alcohol stop thinking sharia law terminology fools! White sharia is completely different Our prophet Kek Praise Kek Any other questions cunters?

      • You’ve explained so well….OK muzzie.. eat the fuckin scratchins….

        Nice one titslapper.

      • Ok muzzie what? don’t take that tone with condescending me this has nothing to do with islam Fucking hell….. Cunters stop hating on me! I need your support I’m preaching this religion because I love our peoples

        And to answer your first question ASAH Yes we can get away with it and we will. No ideaolgy is to extreme we need to implement this and have it recognized or our peoples will face racist backlash

  5. Prison Cell funding runs midnight till midnight ( 24 hours at £450 ) Prisoners are released each day ( time served ) and shortly afterwards, new prisoners arrive from court sentenced.

    The cell is funded for the prisoner leaving, until midnight . It is also funded for the prisoner arriving.

    Its called double bubble. Immigration detention is the same.

    It means that the average double funding in England is 600 movements . That means 300 cells are double funded for that 24 hour period. That is 300 times £450 = £13500 per day = £65000 per week overpayment for the contractor.
    Nice little earner. Now I ask you this? Are politicians that naive or….?

    • ASA, if people only knew how their tax was spent in prisons, there’d be a meltdown.

  6. How on earth does Comrade Corbie and that other silly cunt Pie-anne Flabbott expect anyone with a brain to vote for them when they go on the radio, get asked a simple question like “how much will it cost?” and then find themselves unable to answer it, the stupid, stuttering fucks that they are. No criticism of poor Jeremy is allowed online – oh no – lest you get hounded (pun intended) by those fan club cunts Momentum as “evil Tory scum” who want to kill the poor as well as foxes.

    Imagine if Corbie, Flabbot, McMao and that other cunt McLusky got in ? They’d make that slag Tony Bliar (sic) look like a paragon of virtue…..

    • Looks like that cunt George Osborne might vote for them judging by his latest comments, fuck him. What an absolute first class top grade SUPERCUNT!

  7. The vile anti-semitic abusive heaped upon Emma Barnet at the BBC shows why Corbyn is a cunt. His supporters accuse her of being a Zionist stooge all because she asked him a question.

    Very worrying…..

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