Jeremy Corbyn [8]

Corbyn answers the first question and manages to make sure we all know Islam is a wonderful faith and bigged multicultural society.


Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Now shitstain is caliming he will end large classroom sizes and hospital waiting lists.

Can’t do that without reducing immigration. Fucking idiot.

Claims leadership is as much using your brain as using your mouth.

He’s already screwed on that front.

Getting asked about immigration, giving a spiel about the EU.

Talks about ”future controls” but s saying nothing about how he would control it.

Now Paxo is on.

The roasting has commenced.

Paxo is ripping him on not being able to get his ideals in the Labour manifesto.

Comrade Corbyn talks about a nuclear free world.

Heh, it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

America, Russia, China, N.Korea, India, Pakistan and Israel are laughing at this cretin.

Cunt Corbyn claims there will be a deal with the EU. Paxo is calling him out on this.

We all know Corbyn would take it up the arse from the EU in negotiations.

He would roll over on any divorce bill. Utter cunt.

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103 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [8]

  1. Well I think Corbyn is great, a sincere man of principle who stands by his beliefs. There’s only 3 things that worry me about Jezzer:
    (1) He is a pacifist, not prepared to defend his country.
    (2) He welcomes any and every cunt into this country.
    (3) As a life long opponent of the EU he suddenly changed his mind because he was shit scared of the “R” word.
    On reflection…….yes he’s a Fucking CUNT, no question. The really sad thing is…..he’s the most honest politician who’s been around for years.

    • An honest politician? Christ, what do we do with one of those? It’s alien to our culture. He should be strapped into the next Voyager space craft and blasted into space.

      • I think Corbyn is a decent honest cunt but he’s an out of date cunt living in the past. The world has changed.

      • He’s not honest, he sits on train floors and lies about there being no seats. He won’t respect the national anthem but he’ll stand head bowed beside a terrorists graveside. He’s a cunt.

    • If he is honest then it makes him even more dangerous and deluded. I hope he’s being a cunt just for the publicity which all politicians do. What i hate more (than him) are those cunts who put him there.

  2. Being an nice, honest bloke does not make you a good politician. Anyone who appointed Diane Abbott shouldn’t be in control of a remote control car, let alone a country.

  3. There was another interview when he was repeatedly asked what we would do if the EU insist on Free Movement. He just kept saying, “We will have to wait and see.” It was evident that he won’t do what’s best for Britain as he comes across as if he dislikes Britain.

    Probably a pleasant, dull bloke, and that’s alright. However, what we require is a World leader.

    Additionally, don’t give me this bollocks about “honesty.” He wasn’t even honest to himself during the EU Ref (voted to not join in ’75 and voted against Maastricht in ’92). Furthermore, that video on the train (admittedly organised by ColossalCunt Branson) was painfully embarrassing.

    This election is only about the EU.

  4. Lets stop all this nonsense about Corbyn being a nice, honest bloke. He is a fanatic who has dedicated his life to fighting for a discredited and worthless ideology which has only ever led to tyranical regimes, starving people and death. He is a cunt. End of.

    Last night in his face off with Paxo he was evasive and argumentative. The contrast with May could not have been more clear. She listened to the questions and tried to answer them. Corbyn shouted down Paxo thus seeking to deny us, the voters the right to hear them and then proceeded not to answer them in any case. The man is a cunt and if he gets in get ready for an immigrant surge, 100 billion going to the EU, higher taxation, small business closing down, big business leaving the country, nationalised industry ( because it worked so well before ), islime becoming the official religion and the country being a breading ground for terrorist scum.

    And while we are on the topic of islime, didn’t he say last night that islime was a great religion? But as far as I know Corbyn is an athiest. How can an athiest praise any religion? I guess those are the principles we hear so much about shining through again. Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt.

    • Corbyn is an idealist and idealists are cunts that always end up with blood on their hands, or end up dead themselves.
      To him and his “comrades” socialism is, to all intents and purposes, a religion anyway in all but name.

    • The reason these cunts praise Islam is that the peaceful cunts vote labour for more benefits, cousin bride/husbands etc brought in the UK, no checks on what they do, toleration by lefty feminists of mistreatment of women etc etc.
      Corbyn is a sixth form tosser who never grew up.

    • Thank fuck for that Skidmark, I thought I had joined in on the Jeremy Corbyn Appreciation Society. He is a total cunt, won’t admit to anything and as for the IRA I would put Corbyn and his IRA sympathising cunt McDonnell in a locked room with past and present members of our armed forces. So he thinks if he speaks in a soft manner now that makes him sound like a decent MP. Corbyn and his weird fucking cronies can go and fuck off.

      • Ooohhhh I wish someone would lock Corbyn and McDonnell in a room rule of ex NI Rozzers and Squaddies.

  5. If the cunt doesn’t get elected, hopefully, we’ll see all the cunts who tried to oust him before back on the trail with the knives out. Should be quite entertaining.

    • He says “if” he loses he will not stand down. So much for listening to the people. Gobshite twat.

      • Well he won’t win and hopefully he won’t stand down so the cunts will be at each others’ throats. I also hope that Maybitch doesn’t win by a street and, therefore, the likes of Johnson and other scum will be sharpening the knives. All caused by a referendum result they couldn’t have dreamed about in their worst nightmares. They won’t make that mistake again so ain’t you glad you voted leave now? I’m loving watching these cunts tearing each other apart. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

      • Yes, it will be Shakespearean. I doubt Saggy May will win a large majority and she will have no one else to blame but herself. Some estimates say she will finish up with a smaller majority than she already has. If that turned out to be the case she would be toast, no way could she see out 5 years.

  6. As a Jew and a Zionist he scares the hell out of me.

    He has some extremly dangerous ideas and take this country to financial ruin.

    John McDonnell and Diane Abbott? Terrorist sympathisers.

    Vote labour? No way!

      • Apparently they were considering offering a coalition deal to the Lib Dems, Greens and UKIP but decided that they were just too loony even for the Loonies…

  7. It comes to something when politicians are even scared to call flabbott for what she is. A vile out and out racist. That’s the only reason the fat ugly cunt has remained where she is. She knows no one can touch her. Her handbag apart from being full of haribo’s has a full deck of racist cards ready to be pulled out at any given opportunity. If labour win I’ll seriously consider retirement and fecking orf somewheres.

  8. Paxman, the self-professed “one nation Tory”, destroyed May far, far more succinctly and effectively than he did Corbyn:

    “If I was sitting in Brussels and I was looking at you as the person I had to negotiate with, I’d think ‘she’s a blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire’.”

    Once again the British people are faced with a choice between a bag of shit and a bag of vomit.

    • Yea I was hoping that after all this “strong and stable leadership” shite, she would’ve dealt with that second rate gobshite paxman instead of just sitting there with a stupid smile on her face.

      The best way to deal with aggression is with more aggression.

    • Or, if you include Little Timmy, a bag of used sanitary towels and nappies.

    • David Davies was quite impressive on the Breakfast News this morning I thought. I suspect he’s the real difficult bastard that the EU are going to find hard to deal with – provided May gives him his head of course.

      Corbyn? Well, you just know what he really stands for do you? I think the EU would piss all over him and that without McDonut the Marxist Chancellor and Flabbott the racist bigot fucking everything up. You just can’t see these three running the country anywhere other than straight down the toilet…

    • Absolutely right mike….
      Who can we ” trust” to deliver brexit??
      What is labours position on brexit?? If corbyn doesn’t know then I’m fucked if anybody else does!!
      Little Timmy just wants another vote, referendum mk 2 …..
      Caroline Lucas ditto
      Nutty nuttal… wants to act as some kind of brexit watchdog??
      So by default we’re left with May……

      It’s a pigs ear but somebody has to get on the train to Brussels and tell them in no uncertain terms to wind their necks in!!, if that doesn’t work ?? Go fuck themselves!!
      As mike said once we’ve left them maybe we can find somebody at the next GE ?

  9. This utter cunt corbyn is a fucking embaressment, sack the wanker, the look at me sitting on the floor of a train, or running around in a prehistoric Vauxhall astra, or refusing to say bad things about the fucking IRA, I bet its a different kettle of fish when he,s not in the public eye….TREBLE CUNT

    • Corbyn was in a car?
      That’s another one of his principles abandoned already…

  10. He’s just another one of those lefty, anti establishment, protest voting, student cunts that never grew up.

    Most (not all) students are stupid cunts but they grow up and join the rest of society eventually.

    I don’t think that Corbyn ever grew out of the student activist mentality.

    • He never grew up. It’s embarrassing seeing a cunt his age coming out with this shit.

      He has been in his North London IRA loving, friends with Hamas, CND supporting, anti-semitic, elitist bubble since he went to the North London Polytechnic in 1971. This is coincidently where I went and it was full of right on lefty cunts who shat themselves when they met a real working class boy from a Yorkshire mining town.

      He is absolutely typical of the breed. Private school then grammar school where he only got 2 Es at A level then onto a communist infested shit heap of a “University” to talk shite with other like minded wankers.

      I loath and despise the cunt with all my soul. Please God, don’t let him fucking win for fucks sake. How can anyone in their right minds vote for the cunt?

  11. Corbyn’s a cunt, May’s a cunt,Farron’s a cunt….I’m away to buy a dinghy which I plan to paddle to Somalia. There’ll be plenty of space for an old Cunt over there,considering that most of the gollies have already decamped to Europe. Once there I’ll sit in the sun poking a piece of shit with a stick until the Aid Agencies find me and make me the poster-boy for Tourette-suffering,lazy,entitled Cunts the world over. Now,here’s the cleverest part of my plan…I’ll ship myself back into Britain posing as a 12 year old,alongside all the other Jihadis. A free house,benefits and a pass to relieve any “sexual emergency” that may arise… Oh,happy days

    May showed herself to be a weak Home Secretary,all this “.Bloody difficult woman” is a load of bollocks,she’s just another windbag politician who’ll sell us down the river on Europe. Farron is a conniving politician who’ll sell us down the river on Europe,and Corbyn is a deluded politician who’ll sell us down the river on Europe.

    We’re so far past the point of no-return in this country that the thought of Corbyn as P.M doesn’t even seem the impossibility that it would have been even 10-15 years ago. Just shows how quickly this country is sinking. Yes, May probably is a better choice for PM,but anyone who believe’s that she is some strong-willed,resolute Leader is in for a nasty surprise. Corbyn,May, Farron…. just different slices of the same shite-pie.


    Alex Cruz is a complete and utter cunt.

    Brought in by BA to run the company after the merger with the Dago shit airline Iberia, Cruz expects us to believe that the IT outage that fucked up everybody’s bank holiday breaks wasn’t down to his ruthless cost cutting.

    The cunt is wrecking BA. He’s squeezing the seats closer together. He’s charging £2.30 for a coffee on scheduled flights. And to top it all of, he’s outsourced his IT to India and laid off 700 people in the IT department.

    First he tells us that a failed power supply was to blame. Bollocks. Systems like this have UPS to stop that happening. Then he tells us that it was a power surge that fucked the database. Bollocks. Systems like this have surge protection. And where was the fucking backup, you twat? Where was the failsafe? Probably flogged off to cut costs.

    And let’s remember that this is SIXTH IT failure at BA in the last 12 months. But nothing to do with cost cutting and outsourcing, eh Alex

    So then the cunt writes to all his staff gagging them from speaking out, then denies he was gagging them after one of them sent the email to the press. Read the email. And anyone who is CEO of a FTSE100 company who addresses his staff as ‘Hey Guys…’ has to be a cunt. It’s not cool, Alex. It’s unprofessional…

    Incompetant, unfit for purpose. He should be sacked immediately.

    After all, that would be a £800,000 a year cost saving…

    • I’ll stick with Ryanair,at least you know that you’re going to be treated like a cunt with them.

      • Fuck BA and Ryanair, I only fly Air Somalia. They only have one plane and it’s being ‘upgraded’ which means it will now offer hot drinks. No need for passports, you walk through Heathrow airport and get into a cab which will take you to the council house the government have kindly made available for you.

    • Seconded, fucking BA won’t even give you free water on their flights!

      Oh yes, let’s cost cut and base operations in India at a time when every other fucker who did so in now returning their operations to the UK.

      What a cunt!

  13. I make you right. I don’t think this country will ever leave the Fucking EU. I thought that on June 24th and nothing has changed my mind. It will eventually come to a 2nd referendum and the cunts will win because people will be fed up with it and won’t bother to vote. I think the average cunt just wants to be left alone to watch the fucking telly. Don’t ask him to think for fucks sake.

    • I used to think that there’s no way we’d leave the reich. I didn’t think it’d be allowed even if the vote was won and I’m pretty sure that the politicians didn’t really have any intention of leaving regardless.


      After seeing the public mood after the vote, the politicians (the ones that have more than 2 brain cells to rub together) realised that they had no choice.

      I’m now sure that if we don’t leave the reich there WILL be a civil war in this country and the politicians must know it.

      Tbh I know it sounds bad but part of me was hoping that they’d block brexit. Just so that it would kick off and we could put all this lefty shite to bed once and for all.
      I think we need a good cull of the ruling classes to get some balance back into politics and life in general.

      • I think that you’re a very optimistic man, Dthe S. I don’t believe for a minute that the politicians will actually get us out of Europe. I think that there’ll be some cobbled together compromise reached,which is probably no better than what Cameron was offered in the way of concessions when he went begging like Oliver Twist to the European Leaders.

        As for a Civil war,I fear,as Freddy says that most people “just want to be left alone to watch the fucking telly.” Yes,we’ll moan and groan,but then it’ll get round to “May did the best she could,what with Corbyn/Farron/Sturgeon stabbing her in the back.”

        I’m a pessimistic cunt,but I’m also a realist. Hope you’re right and I’m wrong. DtS.

      • Well I’m trying to be optimistic but I do fear that you and Freddie could be right.
        All this “soft brexit” makes me wonder if we will leave as a soft brexit is no brexit at all.

        …Guess I’ll be on my own then. Standing on parliament square, screaming bloody murder with Tim Farrons head on a spike!

        ….as long as there’s nothing good on the telly that is.

      • Just don’t leave the head lying about,or Cameron’ll have his knob shoved in it.

      • Spot on, Mike…The lazy ‘technology will do it for us’ mentality and ‘I’m alright, Jack’ mindset of most ‘riff-raff’ is crippling British society…. For most people now any sort of ‘protest’ is a moan on Twitter or an online petition… So it isn’t really a protest at all… I see all these snowflake student cunts on the Metrolink of a morning: all sat pissing about with their phones, looking at social media or playing Angry Birds or some other bollocks… They don’t even talk to each other… When I was at college I used to talk to all kinds on my way there and back…. It’s how I pulled a lot of birds in those days… But now two cunts can actually ‘be out’ together and they just walk next to one another dicking about on their iPhones… So, if these tossers can’t talk to each other, there is no hope of any kind of organsation or action…

        And the ‘I’m alright, Jack’ type of cunt is everywhere…. In the 60s, 70s, 80s. and even (pre Blair) 90s if someone was (wrongfully) sacked or picked on at work there’d be support, strikes, or even a walk out…. Now well over 90% will simply say ‘Not my problem… Doesn’t effect me…’ Just like when that demented pissed up cunt was giving that person a kicking at that Party In The Park thing…. Nobody gave a fuck or helped the poor lad who was being leathered… Just a load of ‘nothing to do with me’ faces and some cunts actually filmed it on their (you guessed it) precious phones…
        People are more bothered about their phones and cars now than they are about people… Social media ‘status’ is also another big obsession…. I agree, Mike…There will never be real civil unrest in the UK… Because there are simply too many cunts, and technology trumps humanity….

    • sounds very defeatist Freddie, but unfortunately i think your absolutely right.

  14. Corbyn’s recent comments about the IRA’s campagin of terrorism being ‘wrong, because they killed civilians’….

    So, murdering a Horseguards parade (guards and horses alike) with a dirty great nailbomb near Hyde Park was acceptable then?… How about the elderly war veterans who got killed at a cenotaph in Enniskillen on Remembrance Day?… A politician who wants to be Prime Minister of Britain, but agrees with the murders of British army personnel and old war heroes who helped defeat Hitler?…. He can fuck right off, the Fenian apologist of a cunt… Both him and his bitch, Abbott The Hutt should be shot for spreading the word of provo terrorism and making threats against the British army… Fucking cunts…

    • Corbyn’s eulogising of Martin McGuinness after the Fenian pig croaked proves beyond any doubt that Corbyn is a premium special brew cunt… I hope they never find Joseph Mengele… Corbyn and The Hutt will want to organise his send off and carry his coffin….

      • Nah, Mengele was too right wing for their tastes.

        Did Corbyn go to Castro’s funeral?

    • Couldn’t agree more Norman, what is it with the cunts and their love for Corbyn…..fucking cunt disgusts me.

  15. And as for May?… The ‘bloody difficult woman’ who agreed to let in scores of 30+ year old sand wogs and human filth from the Calais Jungle Shitheap, and described these abdab cunts as ‘children’ and refused to give these scum dental records checks because it’d be ‘racist’ (white people have their teeth checked too you know…. So how the fuck is it racist?!)…. Yeah, really difficult,isn’t she?….. Bollocks with knobs on…

  16. Caught some of that O’Shithead cunt yesterday whining on about brexit as usual and praising the Merkel bitch to the skies the fucking traitor. For once he had 2 or 3 callers on the trot slagging him off and, fuck me, he couldn’t handle it. He just shouted at them, called them stupid and mocked them with a faux cockney accent ( implying that they were thickoes) As soon as a remoaner came on it was mate this and mate that, can I lick your arse mate. What a disgusting creepy lump of dogshit he is. Absolute cunt.

    • I bet that O’ Bellend has licked (and fucked) a lot of arse, and I don’t mean wimmin either…

    • He’s still going mate.

      I try to avoid him at all costs but I caught a few minutes today.

      On and on and on.

      Brexit brexit brexit.

      Single market, immigrants are great, white poor people are stupid …

      He needs his tongue removing.

  17. Corbyn is like Wolfie Smith’s granddad… Except John Sullivan and Robert Lindsay were taking the piss out of the likes of Corbyn…. Thinks he is some sort of working class saviour and a Che (another cunt) type figure… But is ultimately full of shit, does fuck all, and is about as powerful and significant as a fart at the time of the Hiroshima bomb…

    • Sure norm Che Guevara was a cunt but the cunts who wears his shirts but don’t know a thing about Che (his ideas,policies,and his opinions) are even bigger cunts.

      He was a hardcore communist, hated gays, hated feminism(not really a bad thing) and he mostly hated blacks too, (then again don’t we all?! one of my friends is black and he hates other niggers, weird no?) I blame violent toxic rap music now thats a musical genre I would gladly ban like Che wanting to ban rock & roll

      • You got a black mate Titslapper? I’m shocked.
        Keep away from the darkies…
        Unless it’s me.

  18. Shame one of the cunts hasn’t offered to get rid of the BBC. Sick of the BBC who seems to be running their own political party now. When will someone step in and sort this nest of vipers out? Cunts.

    • Now if Jezza said ‘I would declare war on the ABBC’ even I might consider him then… And if he offered to throw Fanny Lineker, Banana Gob Miller, and Lily Mong in the Tower for treason I would camp out at the polling station…

    • Amazing stuff!! I saw that on sky news, corbyn gets asked a basic funding question and doesn’t know the answer!! WTF….
      it’s unbelievable that people think he is a fit and proper person to become PM…..
      mind you if corbyn can’t do the maths at least he has got Diane Einstein flabbot to fall back on…
      Jonny has 5 oranges then gives 2 to Ahmed and 1 to Mohammed, how many oranges has johnny still got?? ” err err it’s been costed and we have looked at this properly, about say , err something in the region of, about, maybe, let’s say 3 or 4 over a period of say” 😡😡😡

      • Good to see numeric and economic illiteracy is not just limited to Jabbott the Fatt.

        And people think this sorry mob would make a good government?

      • Oh my good God! First the Flabbott didn’t know how much it would cost to hire 10,000 coppers, then that short tongued ginger minger Angela Rayner didn’t know how many children were in class sizes over 30 and now this, the great man himself unveils a policy and cannot say how much it costs on live radio, wiminz fucking hour, if you please. Fuck me static, they are fucking useless cunts, they really are a shower of shite and anyone who votes for them is a cunt.

      • I see Corbyn’s ghastly jew-hating twitter fanboys and girls have been out in force today, following Emma Barnett’s interview. So, she’s Jewish – what does that have to do with Corbyn making a fool of himself? Everything, as far as these cunts are concerned.

      • For all of May’s and the Tories’ faults, how any sane person could vote for Corbyn and his shithouse mob is beyond me.

  19. Yes it’s never a good idea when asked how much something will cost to reply ‘ a lot ‘. I was listening to that live. It was soooo embarrassing I almost had to turn it off.almost.

  20. BBC MUST be stripped of its Royal Charter.

    Fings as moved orn a bit since Lord Reith’s day, and the poor old sod would be spinning in his grave…

    • Is it as bad as Jabbott or worse?

      Now when can McCuntell and Lady Nugee have their turns at looking like complete twats?

    • Play with fire, yer gonna get burnt.
      Play with tigers, yer gonna get ripped to fuckin shreds.

  21. Yes, yes, yes but there are millions of people who will mark the ballot paper for Corblimey and Abbottamus on 8th June, irrespective of his abundantly clear incompetence.

    If there ever was a need to remove voting rights from some sectors of society then I firmly believe that need has come now. If these idiots get their grubby mitts on the levers of power then we are royally fooked.

    That pile of Caledonian cack, Dr Zira, has weighed in this morning re the Tory ‘dementia tax’, whining about a fortnight too late. The simian faced tart is now shitting bricks that the Tories will bag a majority and she is digging up what shit she can to try and prevent it.

    On Saggy’s ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ bollocks, I suspect this cryptic cuntitude actually means we won’t leave the EU if the sausage munchers try to make it difficult. We will end up going bzck to the wet and warm fold. Lily Mong, Cuntchops O’Shithouse and Bob Gelded will cheer loudly and claim a victory for liberalistas in North London. May refused to say the words to Paxo. Very telling.

    • Hmm, I think she did Paul, m8.

      I can’t find a transcript but when asked if she would leave EU without a deal if required she said “of course”. Pretty much unequivocal.

      • No, I watched the interview again. Despite Paxo asking her several times if she would leave the EU she deliberately would not answer. There was a feint ‘yes’ under her breath as she caved in at the very end.

        Doesn’t stop her from u turning once Angela has parked a fleet of BMWs, Mercedes and Audis up her rusty sheriffs badge. I may be wrong but I think this little exchange spoke volumes about May’s real intentions.

      • May like all other politicians is born with the desire to deceive and to deflect. It is a survival trait of people of limited ability. ( not necessarily intellect ). Without the ability to deceive, deflect, lie and be generally dishonest, they would be highly unlikely to survive in any other occupation. Politics is the perfect occupation for people like this. The poor fuckers who cannot get a seat in Parliament in spite of the fact they are excellent liars, cheaters etc are either not trying hard enough or in jail.

      • Listen carefully. right at the very end she actually did say ‘yes’ though I admit you really do have to listen very carefully to catch it…

      • My point exactly. Why allow herself to be repeatedly hectored by old Sage n Onion before reluctantly whispering ‘yes’ under her breath.

        May isnt a great leader but that doesn’t make her a rank fool. This was a deliberate action that, in her mind, could justify these words in the event that negotiations go tit shaped and she then decided she would prefer the EU door to be left ajar. On her watch at least.

        It may be my imagination but modern MPs don’t seem to regard reneging on a pledge or promise as a career harming step. Although Dick Smeg found the opposite when he weaseled put on tuition fees.

  22. May could actually be the catalyst for an extensive period of civil unrest. Instead of appeasing and healing those for and against, it will infuriate not only the remain camp, but the majority of people who will then realise what a cunt party politics is in this country. I wouldn’t give much for May’s survival chances, but I would place money on a Dark horse taking her place, and very quickly.

  23. David Dimbleby is a massive twat, poor old Jezza Corbyn is being treated unfairly by the nasty right wing press. Cry me a river you old cunt, they have every right to question his policies and ethics, its his look out if his sums don’t add up. Coming from the BBC he is the last cunt to be lecturing anyone on bias reporting.

  24. I think Paxo was a bigger cunt than Corbyn last night. with all that he could have attacked in Labour’s manifesto, he attacks him for what ISN’T in it? He actually made Corbyn look reasonable with his irrelevant, hectoring questions. He wasn’t a lot better with May either – there’s plenty of material in the Tories’ manifesto he could have got his teeth into without the pointless shit about her being a remainer before the referendum. Very poor stuff from a vain, self-regarding bore who’s clearly past his sell-by date. Brillo would have easily skewered them both without being such a knob.

    • True, back in the day paxo used to get stuck in, nothing more than a paper tiger nowadays…

  25. Rolf Harris has walked free from court.

    Twelve accounts of kiddy-fiddling and his punishment was less than three years in prison. He returns but the jury bungled a decision on the latest list of victims. What a depressing joke the law is.

    We knew he was dodgy around children; we knew he was an irritating, octogenarian weirdo; we knew he was an annoying, whingeing Australian; we now know he’s a dirty, justice-dodging, lucky cunt. Let’s hope prison has taken its toll and he ends his days soon.

      • “Once the kids get in the water they love it. Especially with my stinky middle finger playing hide and seek. Crivens!”

    • The lyrics to “Tie me kangaroo down, sport” just about sum it up…bestiality, and I think there’s even some ref to having his arse flogged after he’s carked. Along with CM, I hope it’ll be sooner rather than later…

  26. Thing with Corbyn and the other like minded Labour cunts there are a lot of idiots out there who actually believe in his promises of money for this, money for that, no tuition fees etc. They are thick enough not to ask the question “how do you pay for it ?”. Bashing the bankers all the time is not the answer. Yes, they are cunts but bring in billions.
    Someone once said to me that you are socialist until you grow up and have responsibilities then you realise everything has to be paid for somehow.
    My concern is that the young will lap up what the cunt says without thought. There really should be some sort of exam before you are allowed to vote.

    • Another saying is that Socialism is nice until you run out of other people’s money to spend.

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