Jeremy Paxman (3)

The verdict on Paxo’s interviewing technique post-yesterday evening:

Paxman is a cunt. His style of interviewing is childish. Butting in every few fucking seconds is annoying as fuck. May should’ve said ‘is Andrew Neil on holiday’. He sounds like a school master trying to ridicule a kid in front of the school at assembly. Pathetic cunt.

Nominated by Kendo Nagasaki.

Paxman is shit.

He just shouts aggressively like that cunt Kay Burley. He gives them 2 seconds to answer the question and then yells the question again.
He’s lucky that politicians are such welps.
Anyone else would’ve jumped over the table and smacked him in the mouth!

Nick Ferrari would’ve been my choice.

Nominaetd by Deploy the Sausage.

I think Paxo was a bigger cunt than Corbyn last night. With all that he could have attacked in Labour’s manifesto, he attacks him for what ISN’T in it? He actually made Corbyn look reasonable with his irrelevant, hectoring questions. He wasn’t a lot better with May either – there’s plenty of material in the Tories’ manifesto he could have got his teeth into without the pointless shit about her being a remainer before the referendum. Very poor stuff from a vain, self-regarding bore who’s clearly past his sell-by date. Brillo would have easily skewered them both without being such a knob.

Nominated by Harry Axwound.

Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman leaves Newsnight

Jeremy Paxman is a grade a cunt….”have you no compassion” the bulling old hypocrite cunt asks UKIP’s Suzanne Evans.

Whilst our own orphans are kicked onto the street to live in squalor on their 18 birthday, this bag of shit claims we should be responsible for the entire male progeny of some illiterate spunk bag call Fatima in Sudan who has kicked out 20 wogs in twenty years.

We are bankrupt and can barely afford our own poor let alone Islamic wogs that breed luke cockroaches. The home office claims dental checks are invasive and immoral….no such charity with our own poor us there? Where dustbin content checks by some old bint at the council and welfare sanctions are the norm. Paxman was investigated for paying his Romanian cleaners less than the minimum wage in 2007 to clean his London mansion, at the time it was reported he was earning nearly £1 million per annum from the licence fee.

Nominated by: We’ve got a cuntbox