Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton

I hope ISAC will allow a double cuntings as I want to nominate this pair of cheese farts after being forced to spend two hours watching an appalling film called “Something´s Gotta Give” in which Nicholson played his usual grinning mad axe-man part while Keaton was goofy and toothy. It´s a geriatric love story with “jokes” about Viagra, constant trips to pee and willy size. These two insufferable thespians are under the illusion that they are talented and witty. They have been repeating themselves since becoming overnight successes in acclaimed but mediocre films like “Easy Rider” in Nicholson´s case and Woody Allen´s self-indulgent masturbatory fantasy “Annie Hall” in Keaton´s case.
To see what Nicholson is like in real life check out “The Smoking Gun” site and read the police files about Nicholson after he was accused by a prostitute of refusing to pay her for a night´s bonk and then beating her up. Odd that the enlightened American media has not dug this up but perhaps it´s because Niggardly Nicholson – a Democrat – was a supporter of the Clintons. Keaton, of course, was another Hag for Hillary.

Nominated by Mr Polly

19 thoughts on “Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton

  1. They’re both cunts, not least because they’re Hollywood-types, and probably hated it when Trump became president.

    Of course they, like so many Hollywood stars, live in the Hollywood bubble, where reality and fantasy just don’t mix; and that as far as they’re concerned they can do what they want and they’re answerable to no one, precisely because of who they are, what they do and how rich they’ve become for doing it.

    Nicholson hasn’t really done anything remotely decent since The Last Detail; and maybe The One Flew Over the Wanker’s Nest; Keaton always plays the usual naive, intellectual wank-fantasy cunt – 1 dimension and boring. Had it not been for her pretty face (back in the 70s) she would have still been an extra in some shitfest TV soap.

    Film actors, just like TV actors, musicians and all the other cunts from the media world need to spend a year living outside of their protective bubble, and see how the other half (us) have to live with the kind of shit they vocally support, but secretly hate.


  2. Met a few famous people through my job, those around them p.a’s etc treat them like babies, most seemed ok, footballers being the most ‘diva’like. I never acknowledge i recognize them, call them pal and luv, never ask for autograph or fuckin selfie, tend to get more fucked in nut the more famous they get. Fuck em.

  3. I’m proud to say that I’ve never seen a Diane Keaton film,apart from The Godfather and I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just have her bumped off first. If I was a ruthless Mob boss, I’d want a succession of fit,juicy Italian looking tarts hanging off my knob, I certainly wouldn’t want Keaton’s (stolen from Shergar) teeth anywhere near “the big fella”.
    Jack Nicholson may well be a Cunt,but his fanny back-catalogue is a joy to behold,and his general life-style is to be admired,at least he looks like he enjoys fame.

    Even I might develop Cuntish tendencies if I had Nicholson’s past.

    Fuck Off.

    • ‘Fanny back catalogue’. Quality DF! I shall be using that one myself!

      Incidentally, Jacks alright with me. If only for One flew over the cuckoos nest. Which, as it happens, my parents went to see on their first date. Probably speaks volumes…

      • “Fanny back-catalogue is a joy to behold” true but thats why I hate the cunt fucker has had more pussy then i’ll ever get to shake a stick at

        Mind you i don’t put myself out there and I’m usually have to self medicate enough that i don’t care to bother with women and their annoying problems Also I don’t have millions in my bank they say that helps when it comes to women

  4. Nicholson’s usual grinning mad axeman part – I’ve always had the feeling that Nicholson was not acting. A genuinely creepy person who probably felt right at home in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

  5. The ugly no talent wanker Martin Clunes has been dropped as the sleb face of some animal charity because he was filmed sitting on an elephant.
    Dear oh dear, if you’re going to be a sleb you’ve got to get your virtue signalling sorted out. You’ll be photographed eating a steak next you sloppy cunt Clunes.

  6. Hollywood’s full of absolute cunts like these two…..
    I was subjected to the film SGG one Xmas at my mother in laws , truly dreadful shite , definitely one to avoid unless your a simple minded overly sentimental cunt who’s cock doesn’t work …. Definitely a film for soft cocks and the ladies….

  7. Keaton was very good in ‘The Godfather’, but she is fucking awful in the comedies she has been in. She constantly overacts, has a shit load of annoying mannerisms and thinks that if she acts goofy and like a dumb ass, ditsy female who is (usually), nervous and neurotic around the male species (which seems to be the main plot in all of her shit comedies) everyone will think she is hilarious, especially her fellow females.

    Umm, no. We don’t.

    As for Nicholson, I am constantly baffled as to how he has managed to rack up all of the notches on his bedpost that he has done. Must be his stunning good looks, marvellous eyebrows (puke) and bat shit crazy smirk…..I mean it couldn’t POSSIBLY be all of his cash that his landed him all of that snatch, perish the thought.

    For the record, no amount of money could make me bump genitalia with THAT.

    The only things that I really liked him in are ‘Anger Management’ and ‘Terms of Endearment’. Apart from that, he seems to just play himself all of the time, a sleazy, withered up old knob on the hunt for poon all of the time.

    The only good thing about ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ is that Keanu Reeves is also in it. Now he I most definitely WOULD be willing to bump genitalia with, given the opportunity.

    One can but dream.

  8. Keaton was also an acolyte of that like ’em young cunt, Woody Allen…
    ‘But, but… He’s a great director!’
    Nah! He’s as creepy as fuck and his ‘appetites’ are dubious, to say the fucking least…

    • There is going to be a huge Wacko Jjacko-esque can of worms opened and a lot of celebricunt squirming and backtracking when Woody finally snuffs it… Bastards like Johansscunt and Kunt Winslet will have a lot of explaining to do…

  9. And Nicholson is well overrated… His turn as The Joker was absolute shite…. What a cunt Tim Burton was. eh?… A midget like Michael Keaton as The Caped Crusader? It’s not unlike that smacked arse gnome, Daniel Craig playing James Bond… Laughable… Oh, and the Prince soundtrack to the Batman film was also total bollocks….

  10. Nicholson was incredibly wooden in his early film appearances.
    Talk about overcompensating…

    • I agree, Mr B… He was shit in Easy Rider and he hung around the Monkees like a bad smell during ‘Head’…

      • Never cared for easy rider saw it once or twice never felt like rewatching it again and I hate Peter Fonda phony egoist cunt tho I admit Dennis Hopper was the most likeable aspect of that film

        Easy rider is mostly only famous because of its soundtrack, the actors and it influence on biker culture

  11. It’s all been downhill since Five Easy Pieces nearly 50 yrs ago (a masterpiece) but it’s hard to cunt Jack compared to most of the sanctimonious virtue-signalling cunts living in Hollywood.

    Keaton of course is part of the Clinton Klunge so she can fuck off, the whey-faced old slapper.

  12. Apart from maybe cuckoo nests, the last detail and the shining not really a huge fan of his acting those films and his version of joker were great tho

    Saw his early starting role in the 1960 film adaptation of little shop of horrors last month which was sort of surprising to see him in. The rick moranis remake from the 80’s was much better tho

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