Eric Priebke


Former SS Captain Priebke murdered a load of Eyeties in reprisal for partisans killing his scum mates and never gave a shit about it.

But worse than that the fucker had the audacity to hang on until after Dead Pool 4 had closed so even though I nominated him, it didn’t count.

I’d like to shove that Iron Cross right up his decaying arse, the inconsiderate cunt!

Nominated by: Dioclese

3 thoughts on “Eric Priebke

  1. Kim Kardashian is an ugly, talentless, fat-arsed cunt. What kind of pondlife need daily updates on the pointless doings of this useless cunt?

  2. The problem with these old Nazi cunts is that they are determined to die with the least convenience to us. Cunts incarnate. Too terrified of finding out what the old grim reaper has up his sleeve for them.

    The familly on the kraut side found a distant relative who was living alone in a wonderful lakeside villa. Old Nazi cunt was in his late seventies then so agreed on a deal wherebye they would look after him, cook, clean, maintain the gaff and pay him a not inconsiderable pension for the rest of his days natural and they would inherit when the sad event occurred. Thought they were on a dead cert and had the legals all sewn up before his close familly got wind.

    Immediately the old cunt gets his second wind and finally meets his Fuhrer at the age of 106!!! By which time most of me relatives are dead or too old to benefit and anyway had paid out a damn side more reichsgeldt that the old joint is worth. Yours truly not let in on the deal originally so fuck ’em and permitted a phlegm laced chuckle.

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