Gail Evans

Gail Evans, is a cunt, this solicitor has been caught drink driving for the fucking 5th time, how can you have a criminal as a solicitor.

This dodgy, ugly fuckpig does this regularly and hasn’t learned her lesson and I’m not surprised with these joke sentences she keeps getting, any average Joe would be getting time, a mega fine and banned for years.

So Gail Evans is more like Katey Price when it comes to fracturing a few laws and getting away with it, her company must be so proud of her, I wonder if she calculated Boris the fucking idiots £50 party fine.

These cunts are supposed to lead by example, no wonder this country is so fucked and now they say you can watch telly while being driven in a self driving car, question is can you be shit faced in the car.

Let’s ask Gail Evans, she knows about the legalities of drink driving…

Taxi for space Hopper,,,, I mean Gail Evans, last orders for the buffalo wearing a dress😂😂😂

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40 thoughts on “Gail Evans

  1. A solicitor and a potential drunken killer?

    Sentence the useless cunt to oven.

  2. Well, forewarned is forearmed, and I won’t be employing her when I am up in court charged with sniffing Emily Thornberry’s bicycle seat, wanking and wearing a long dirty raincoat which I stole off of Columbo. It’s an old man’s whim.

    Seriously, why is she not struck off as a pissed lawyer could be responsible for gross miscarriages of justice.

    I wouldn’t mind betting, looking at that picture, that it is Dame Kweer in drag, without the makeup, to cater to the tranny vote. He is already planning his wardrobe for his victory interviews today. It was going to be the off-the-shoulder red ballgown, and matching stilletos, but he has decided on a smart pink twinset and pearls – he will wear a diamond in each ear, nylon stockings, ever so sheer……

    • Stop it.

      That description of Dame Kweer in drag is making me aroused.

      I should have a semi on by now, but that bit of me doesn’t work anymore.

      Perhaps seeing Dame Kweer in the flesh, dressed in all his finery could be the cure?

      Either that, or seeing Lisa Nandy getting fucked anally with a huge black strap on dildo by nasty Naz Shar, as Lisa licks the soles of Flatbott’s cracked, cheesy feet?

      • Fuck me D, thought my psychotic visions were bad enough!!
        You are a master of the genera, hail to thee lord of visions.

    • Oh fuck me I’ve just honked up my dinner at the thought of sniffing Emily thornberrys bycicle seat. Yuk I bet it stinks of rotten fish. The only reason fat pig thornberry would go cycling is to insert a multitude of love eggs up her billingsgate and have multiple orgasms.

    • Dame queer dressed as you’ve described on all fours and Angela rayner with a massive strap on ramming him up the arse.

  3. Obviously she has a serious drink problem, a case of her glass over flowing un like her fucking common sense level which seems to be a case of the glass being fucking empty. She’s a cunt.

  4. She’s a funtional alcoholic…I have worked with them and they sometimes get quite senior jobs.

    Obviously when it comes to cars her drink voice tells her its ok and off she goes.

    How can someone who has done this five times present “a good chance of rehabilitation”? A stint in chokey would do her some good and allow her to dry out.

    • I wonder just how functional she is, don’t solicitors usually earn a lot more than she does?

      • Probably works 2 days a week and the other 5 days propping up a bar 😂

      • Some of their work is very mundane, conveyancing and property is very boring…my dear old pa did this for a few years as a locum and the earnings were no that great but good for the hours worked and you don’t have the hassle of a pratice, employees or buildings etc

    • Aye a good fisting in the prison showers will set the dangerous old cunt on the right path.

      Jolly good.

  5. A bloke would’ve been sent down in a heartbeat.

    Patriarchy my arse.

    If she’d have had a permanent tan it wouldn’t have gone to court. If she’d have been a tranny on top of this, the cop who nicked her would’ve been potted and the BBC would’ve made a show ‘celebrating’ her.

    Get to fuck.

  6. What happens if, pissed up for a sixth time, she kills someone. Would the soft as shit magistrates who dealt with her previously bear any responsibility?

  7. I’m not surprised at this outcome.

    A retired magistrate lives a few doors from me. He loves people knowing that he is a retired magistrate and tells every poor cunt who happens to stray into his path.

    He is as weak as rabbit piss and has a serious problem with taking responsibility for anything he deals with. I refer to him as The Panto Dame.

    • That is my experience, too.

      I have had dealings and associations with lawyers and to a man/woman, they have been soulless human beings.

      They really would fuck over their own family for money-being the case (famously) for one such cunt, that a close family member had the misfortune to work for ☹️

      If there is a heaven/hell, you can bet that it will be the “other place” for lawyers👍*

      *just think: Anthony B.liar

  8. Should be doing bird now, with that persistant offending slag Katie Price. Chuck any transbender cunts, that have been taking the piss in there as well. & shove ’em all in the same cell with only one pisser. No ‘special’ toilets in here.

  9. Im my experience most solicitors may as well be pissed, i was once blessed by using this useless old dragon Marion J, she couldnt be arsed to do any work, paper work, turn up in court a real waste of oxygen, the old batt is probably pushing up daisy’s now, but the reality is the useless old cunt is still fucking over her clients and failing the very people who fund the cunts life, or even she,s in that special place in hell for wank solicitors and estate agents.

    • Luckily, she goes to the Ant’n’Dec Law Courts where they give lenience to pissheads.

  10. Years ago I had a longtime girlfriend who was a solicitor, she used to drink like George best at a wedding, drinking is part of the legal profession lifestyle, when I went to social events with her which were work related the drinking was relentless, I like a drink but the women were the worst, so I am not surprised , when she was drunk she went from being moderate to full on Oliver reed with her workmates, I bet her liver is like a sponge now, but she was dirty in bed

  11. Very high rate of alcoholism amongst m’learned friends. Almost as bad as doctors.

    • You’ve got no taste.

      Bet she’d smell nice in bed.

      A unique aroma of Smirnoff and Astral cream. Mmmm.

  12. She looks raddled and pickled.

    She would take it up the tradesman’s for a bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream I bet. Any takers?

    The legal profession is generally a joke.
    Pissed-up culture, and a ‘I’ll do it tomorrow attitude’.

    The only bit they’re any good at is swiftly sending you the astronomical bill. Supposedly to fund their permanently pickled lifestyles?

    She’s allegedly on 28k a year. Like fuck is she.
    That wouldn’t even pay her bar bill for a year.
    The pissed up old hag will be doing more than that in cash jobs.

    Keep away from doctors, solicitors and loose ladies. They all have the potential to cause you hassle.

    Solicitors start work at 10am. break for a boozy lunch at 1pm for a couple of hours. Go back to the office for a pissed up couple of hours, nod off, then knock off about 4.

    Why are women in those ‘new’ Minis so angry when driving. Has anyone else noticed this?
    They have got to get in front of you.
    It is usually a young/middle aged woman, usually with a phone in her hand. Are they all pissed up trouts in the legal profession?

    • The only thing this pissed up old tart is smashing up are hers, and everyone else’s motors.

      I would lick her out though.

      I bet her minge tastes of Bailey’s.

  13. My wife used to work for in the legal profession. She said those people are a bunch of low life scum. They cheat on their spouses with each other, go drinking after work every night, treat the staff like shit, etc.
    It fits that so many politicians are lawyers.

    • Matches precisely my wife’s experience a few years ago, MC. And I wonder if I had been the defendant whether I would still be at liberty.
      Also, how the fuck did she get insurance to drive with a record like that?

  14. From my experience of working in law the entire legal profession is filled with arrogant, bullying drunks, philanderers, idiots, slackers, untouchable Stanleys and crooks.
    I had my fill of these fucking rodents and left.
    Shakespeare had it right about lawyers.

  15. My WiFi is so slow that photo of her loaded line by line from the top down like the good old days of dial up. Imagine my disappointment.

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