Jeremy Corbyn [9]

Corbyn is a big egotistical cunt and on his demise I will pour myself the biggest Jack Daniels ever. Even though the cunt may have made a video for the armed forces, on armed forces day, it still doesn’t excuse the fact the hippy fuckster would have rather been at that shite festival than attending Liverpool or any other event the cunt was invited to. I loathe the cunt and his followers with passion and I do fear for the future of this country, if by some chance he were PM. May gets me more annoyed and angrier day by day, but I would still rather have that useless split arse than him. Cunts, the lot of them.

On a brighter note I was having a tea in a cafe today and I saw a massive pair of tits in a tight white shirt. Good job the Mrs wasn’t with me at the time.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsack

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  1. Pff don’t you have any technique my poor man, use sunglasses , giver her a hug and turn her so you can keep watching that massive pair of tits.

    I do love massive tits.

  2. Ha ha ha!

    Where did you get that image from?
    Kudos to whoever made it!

    It’s close now for best picture.
    It was dio’s chilren in need image, but this is a challenger!


  3. What was Corbyns set list at Galstonebury ?

    Red Red Whine
    Blame It On The Tory
    Our House
    Its All Abbott That Bass(tard)

    I wonder how many non Corbynistas were in attendance, and i bet they kept their mouths shut.

    Terrible arrogance of him and (b)eavis to believe that every reveler there worships that wanker.

    • Say what you want bout Corbyn bman but I respect that hes a non interventionist when it come to war Do you cunters really want to fight another misguided bullshit warlike Iraq?

      • Anti war unless you’re a fucking terrorist, then his mate Mad Dog McDonnell will hand deliver the medals they both think you deserve.

        Mr Anti War invited Adams and McGuiness to Westminster 6 weeks after the Brighton bomb.

        Anti War? No anti west that’s what this cunt is, he has no problem sharing a stage or a dinner with murdering scum.

      • just the odd 100 reasons to hate this piece of cowardice smeg stain
        1.Invited two IRA members to parliament two weeks after the Brighton bombing.
        2.Attended Bloody Sunday commemoration with bomber Brendan McKenna.
        3.Attended meeting with Provisional IRA member Raymond McCartney.
        4.Hosted IRA linked Mitchell McLaughlin in parliament.
        5.Spoke alongside IRA terrorist Martina Anderson.
        6.Attended Sinn Fein dinner with IRA bomber Gerry Kelly.
        7.Chaired Irish republican event with IRA bomber Brendan MacFarlane.
        8.Attended Bobby Sands commemoration honouring IRA terrorists.
        9.Stood in minute’s silence for IRA gunmen shot dead by the SAS.
        10.Refused to condemn the IRA in Sky News interview.
        11.Refused to condemn the IRA on Question Time.
        12.Refused to condemn IRA violence in BBC radio interview.
        13.Signed EDM after IRA Poppy massacre massacre blaming Britain for the deaths.
        14.Arrested while protesting in support of Brighton bomber’s co-defendants.
        15.Lobbied government to improve visiting conditions for IRA killers.
        16.Attended Irish republican event calling for armed conflict against Britain.
        17.Hired suspected IRA man Ronan Bennett as a parliamentary assistant.
        18.Hired another aide closely linked to several convicted IRA terrorists.
        19.Heavily involved with IRA sympathising newspaper London Labour Briefing.
        20.Put up £20,000 bail money for IRA terror suspect Roisin McAliskey.
        21.Didn’t support IRA ceasefire.
        22.Said Hamas and Hezbollah are his “friends“.
        23.Called for Hamas to be removed from terror banned list.
        24.Called Hamas “serious and hard-working“.
        25.Attended wreath-laying at grave of Munich massacre terrorist.
        26.Attended conference with Hamas and PFLP.
        27.Photographed smiling with Hezbollah flag.
        28.Attended rally with Hezbollah and Al-Muhajiroun.
        29.Repeatedly shared platforms with PFLP plane hijacker.
        30.Hired aide who praised Hamas’ “spirit of resistance“.
        31.Accepted £20,000 for state TV channel of terror-sponsoring Iranian regime.
        32.Opposed banning Britons from travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS.
        33.Defended rights of fighters returning from Syria.
        34.Said ISIS supporters should not be prosecuted.
        35.Compared fighters returning from Syria to Nelson Mandela.
        36.Said the death of Osama Bin Laden was a “tragedy“.
        37.Wouldn’t sanction drone strike to kill ISIS leader.
        38.Voted to allow ISIS fighters to return from Syria.
        39.Opposed shoot to kill.
        40.Attended event organised by terrorist sympathising IHRC.
        41.Signed letter defending Lockerbie bombing suspects.
        42.Wrote letter in support of conman accused of fundraising for ISIS.
        43.Spoke of “friendship” with Mo Kozbar, who called for destruction of Israel.
        44.Attended event with Abdullah Djaballah, who called for holy war against UK.
        45.Called drone strikes against terrorists “obscene”.
        46.Boasted about “opposing anti-terror legislation”.
        47.Said laws banning jihadis from returning to Britain are “strange”.
        48.Accepted £5,000 donation from terror supporter Ted Honderich.
        49.Accepted £2,800 trip to Gaza from banned Islamist organisation Interpal.
        50.Called Ibrahim Hewitt, extremist and chair of Interpal, a “very good friend”.
        51.Accepted two more trips from the pro-Hamas group PRC.
        52.Speaker at conference hosted by pro-Hamas group MEMO.
        53.Met Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh several times.
        54.Hosted meeting with Mousa Abu Maria of banned group Islamic Jihad.
        55.Patron of Palestine Solidarity Campaign – marches attended by Hezbollah.
        56.Compared Israel to ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda.
        57.Said we should not make “value judgements” about Britons who fight for ISIS.
        58.Received endorsement from Hamas.
        59.Attended event with Islamic extremist Suliman Gani.
        60.Chaired Stop the War, who praised “internationalism and solidarity” of ISIS.
        61.Praised Raed Salah, who was jailed for inciting violence in Israel.
        62.Signed letter defending jihadist advocacy group Cage.
        63.Met Dyab Jahjah, who praised the killing of British soldiers.
        64.Shared platform with representative of extremist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.
        65.Compared ISIS to US military in interview on Russia Today.
        66.Opposed proscription of Hizb ut-Tahrir.
        67.Attended conference which called on Iraqis to kill British soldiers.
        68.Attended Al-Quds Day demonstration in support of destruction of Israel.
        69.Supported Hamas and ISIS-linked Viva Palestina group.
        70.Attended protest with Islamic extremist Moazzam Begg.
        71.Made the “case for Iran” at event hosted by Khomeinist group.
        72.Photographed smiling with Azzam Tamimi, who backed suicide bombings.
        73.Photographed with Abdel Atwan, who sympathised with attacks on US troops.
        74.Said Hamas should “have tea with the Queen”.
        75.Attended ‘Meet the Resistance’ event with Hezbollah MP Hussein El Haj.
        76.Attended event with Haifa Zangana, who praised Palestinian “mujahideen”.
        77.Defended the infamous anti-Semitic Hamas supporter Stephen Sizer.
        78.Attended event with pro-Hamas and Hezbollah group Naturei Karta.
        79.Backed Holocaust denying anti-Zionist extremist Paul Eisen.
        80.Photographed with Abdul Raoof Al Shayeb, later jailed for terror offences.
        81.Mocked “anti-terror hysteria” while opposing powers for security services.
        82.Named on speakers list for conference with Hamas sympathiser Ismail Patel.
        83.Criticised drone strike that killed Jihadi John.
        84.Said the 7/7 bombers had been denied “hope and opportunity”.
        85.Said 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like bin Laden was responsible.
        86.Failed to unequivocally condemn the 9/11 attacks.
        87.Called Columbian terror group M-19 “comrades”.
        88.Blamed beheading of Alan Henning on Britain.
        89.Gave speech in support of Gaddafi regime.
        90.Signed EDM spinning for Slobodan Milosevic.
        91.Blamed Tunisia terror attack on “austerity”.
        92.Voted against banning support for the IRA.
        93.Voted against the Prevention of Terrorism Act three times during the Troubles.
        94.Voted against emergency counter-terror laws after 9/11.
        95.Voted against stricter punishments for being a member of a terror group.
        96.Voted against criminalising the encouragement of terrorism.
        97.Voted against banning al-Qaeda.
        98.Voted against outlawing the glorification of terror.
        99.Voted against control orders.
        100.Voted against increased funding for the security services to combat terrorism.

    • Fools Gold
      Money Money Money
      The Queen is Dead
      Money Changes Everything
      Back in the U.S.S.R.

      And an encore of The Red Flag.

  4. Drinking again 25 days previously clean tho not anymore lol Fucking seriously tho feels like my tolerance increased not decreased what the cunt is up with that?! 2 brandy alexanders and a extra potent horse necks haha what gives I barely feel anything wtf

  5. Why don’t we have any straight talkers like those in the Polish media and politics?

    Is Poland the only European nation with any common sense?

    The Kraut on the left of this panel gets more and more fidgety/irritated as each home truth is hammered home by the very sensible Polish panelist.

    Why can’t these cunts see that we simply don’t want them here?

    The UK ordinary Joe’s opinion parallels that of the Polish people so how come they have a strong mainstream party willing to tell the Hun to “Fuck off, they’re not coming here!” and yet none of our mainstream parties will do likewise?

    It’s probably because Poland doesn’t currently have an ‘M’ problem whereas that is now endemic in most Western European countries, and ‘M’ or not they’re still a vote aren’t they! Cunts!

    That’s all this has been from day 1, an elaborate and costly vote-rigging exercise to produce and retain lefty Govts across Europe because 99.9999999999999% of the imports will no doubt vote for the left.

    That is until they have the numbers to start their own Shariah Law parties and then left, right or centrist, we’re all fucked!

    Like I say there are only two real problems that needs to be addressed in this country (and across Western Europe): the ‘M’ problem and the neo-liberal fascists who appease them!

    All the rest is window dressing.

    • Excellent clip RWAC !!
      The Germans are totally pathetic!! Still apologising for the Second World War!!
      That polish lady told it as it was!!, the sauerkrauts can go get fucked!! ……

  6. Jezza is the personification of the word cunt. A terrorist loving Jew hating Muslim apologist who would destroy this country. He would change the UK into a communist non entity. And he would remove the monarchy :Over my fucking dead body! He is a CUNT.

    • Remove what monarchy? you mean the one who sends the uk taxpayers a big fat $50 million dollar check so they can upgrade buckingham palace, that monarchy?! its nothing more then a sham and tourist attraction now M8

    • Steptoe’s hypocrisy over May and the DUP is laughable…. He (and his ‘diabetic’ chocolate Walrus, and that McDonnell cunt) have been in bed with Sinn Fein and the Fenian filth for decades…. Corbyn hates the British Army (and as good as admitted that he thought it was right that they were killed by the IRA!), but if it was his scruffy old arse on the line, he’d want our lads to defend him then, wouldn’t he?… I’d rather have a military takeover than Steptoe ever taking charge… The man is a complete and utter cunt…

  7. Not a massive royalist, myself…. But can you imagine what it would be like without them?… We’d have to have a President, and you know who would be first in line for that job? Tony Fucking Blair… Then, after him, there’d be other cunts like Gideon Osborne, Pickfucker Cameron, Richard Branson, and even the Banana Trollop would be sniffing around for such a position… Imagine Banana Gob as President of the UK?! Or – even worse – Sadiq Khan?! It fills the mind with horror…

    • No king would sell their crown or kingdom….they would be nowt without either..
      A slimy fucktard politician would not only sell the country, but his granny as well.

      Give me monarchy over a shitball politico anytime.

  8. Whatever your politics you have to admit that a Labour government under Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott would be a disaster for this country.

    It’s getting more like America every day – you vote for the one you dislike the least. On current showing, they’re all completely useless.

    The one good bit of news is that having taken a drubbing in the election, Sturgeon’s keeping a low profile and IndyRef2 ain’t happening. Who’s their new leader in the commons now the SNP has lost it’s deputy leader, that tedious windbag Robertson..?

  9. Lilly Allen for queen! Oh no sorry will would have to have a neuro diverse disabled black Romanian non binary trans otherkin anti racist deaf blind anti zionist with ze pro nouns who is vegan muslim and into recycling who can not work due to mental health “issues” and is an actvist for peace .Oh and they must be gender queer and proud to be fat and be an undocmented immigrant who is a member of ANTIFA, BLM and hpme school their gender neutral unvaccinated children in a social housing flat. Oh also must be lactose intolerant and no convictions of cultural appropriation….

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