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7 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Pearly King’s and Queens are cunts, ‘Doing the Lambeth walk’ Fuck off you cunts, ‘My old man said follow the van’ yeah follow the van off the cliffs of Dover and do us a favour and return the pearls to the sea. The cunts.

  2. Most of us, I guess, are rather partial to loose women.   On the other hand, Loose Women must be a shoe in for Cunt Personality of the Year. 

    Normally, when there’s a group of middle aged women sitting around a table talking about puerile subjects in a diction thats on the level of 65 IQ,  I can mute the sound and enjoy the shaggability factor.  Not with these dog minges.   Christ, did they advertise as mankness and a complete lack of sex appeal as essential requirements?

    And, who the fuck invented Janet Street Porter? Hated the lefty cow right from the NME days.

    Loose Women gives that Len Goodman rhyme shit a run for its money.

    • Yep, I second loose women for a cunting.
      Total fucking oogly ugly bitches waiting till all the men are at work before getting busy spreading their vacuous and totally flawed opinions through the idiot box.
      Fucking evil arseholes the lot of them. Daily mail reading, strictly cum splashing loving, costa del sol ex pat wannabe motherfuckers of sin and filth. Goddammit. Cunts.

  3. Bitcoin is an annoying pile of cuntery, isn’t it.

    I’m tired of reading about this flash-in-the-pan tedium. Rapacious nerds salivating over endless growth, constantly talking up this ‘phenomenon’ whilst normal people continue their life using money they’ve actually earnt. What in fuckery is wrong with people and their imaginary money? I’m tired of reading about this bollocks as if it’s doing something important or saving humanity.

    Oh, Bitcoin gave you 1000% interest this year, did it? I don’t care. I don’t give a fuck about your untrustworthy scam or imaginary millions. Go away.

    No, I don’t want to buy an overpriced rice crispies & Kale burger with Bitcoin. You’re a cunt.

    No, I don’t want to have my beard trimmed and oiled and pay with Bitcoin at your pop-up Moustache-waxing hairdresser. You’re a cunt.

    I neither wish to participate in this trendy fraud nor listen to wealthy, sanctimonious, ecology hipsters boring me to death about it. Just Shit Off!

  4. i would like to Cunt Kate Williams ‘ Royal Historian ‘ for fucks sake! first of all she always looks a right fuckin mess . do something with your hair !. secondly all she fuckin does is state the bleedin obvious. this Gem from her this afternoon ; ‘ Harrys wedding will require a lot of security ‘ well fuck me who would have thunk it. fuck of out it.

  5. I would like to nominate the product “Vipoo” for a cunting.

    Does your shit stink?

    Afraid of what others may think of your nasty stench as you leave trap #2 at work or in a restaurant?

    Then you need “Vipoo”!

    A product dreamt up in the land of snowflakes! What you do – just before you’re about to evacuate your bowel – is give a few sprays into the toilet basin, cut one off and YOUR pongy aroma cannot escape, instead YOU leave a nice flowery smell for the next person to make stool on that particular throne.

    (As advertised on mainstream TV – I shit you not, pun intended.)

    Please note the perfectly formed donut shaped turds and therefore I can only assume are sponsored by Krispy Kreme Donuts (probably taste the same anyway).

    The main issue with this product is that YOU fork out a fiver for OTHER people’s benefit!

    Socially considerate as that may be, I would think it much more beneficial to have a product that nullifies the rancourous and noxious odour of the filthy cunts leaving a Guinness fuelled “Red October” in the pan 1st thing on a Monday morning at work which takes the whole day to set sail into the depths of the local sewer system!

    Also, how is this product going to help when the rumblings downstairs are courtesy of a nice Vindaloo producing little solid matter in a flock of sparrows arrangement?

    If I am subjected to stenches that would gag a maggot on a daily basis then I think it only fair that I inflict the same reward on my colleagues who can bask in it for all I care!

    A perfectly pointless product for the most pointless folk in society: Generation Snowflake!


  6. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame are cunts…
    Not only is this gold plated music industry junket a load of snobbish and arselicking bollocks (David Bowie rightly turned then down and told them to fuck off), it is also now a PC sucking fest that embraces ‘diversity’… Just like the Academy Awards and all that other Yankee shite…

    OK, The great Moody Blues have been nominated this year (Hurrah!), but Nina Simone has also been accepted into this year’s Hall Of Fame bash… Now, I have nothing against Simone as an artist or as a person… She was one of the few individuals and true to herself and her work artists of her time… But only a couple of years ago The Hall Of Fame said they could not accept The Carpenters into their ceremony, because Richard and Karen were not a Rock N’ Roll act… But neither was/is Nina… Nina Simone was a soul (and some might say jazz) artist… Simone was anything but Rock ‘N’ Roll and she’d be the first to tell anyone that… I also doubt that Nina would have accepted this patronising pat on the back from Jann Wenner and his monkeysuited champagne sipping cronies… But because the great lady is long gone these cunts are using her name and legacy to prove how ‘diverse’ and PC they are… Yet they won’t let in other acts because they ‘don’t fit in’ (Capenters, Monkees etc)… And any Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame that doesn’t include Slade, T-Rex, Joy Division, The Jam, or (Leslie West’s) Mountain is a load of cunt anyway…

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