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5 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Right, I’m nominating Robin DiAngelo and her book ‘White Fragility’ for a hardcore cunting.

    Firstly, if nobody knows who Robin DiAngelo is, join the club. I hadn’t a scooby doo who this curly-haired harridan was either until a few days ago where I kept seeing this book front and centre in my Amazon suggestions and in my youtube recommended playlists. It turns out, after some digging that this book is an Amazon top-selling, ground-breaking tome centred around ‘white people’s’ inability to talk about race without lapsing into overly defensive uses of logical counterarguments, total self-denial of their own unconscious racism and emotional clinging to outdated ideas such as ‘individualism’.

    So, if you’re one of those people who still think Martin Luther King was onto something when he said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”, then she’s got news for you: get used to it. You’re still a racist. You evil son of a slave owner scumbag.

    To be clear, this is the basic premise of the book:

    White people are by default racist. If they deny it, this proves they are blind to their own racism. Even if they don’t act racist, they are still white, which makes them a racist anyway. If you do confess to being a racist, well done…you’re a racist.

    Classic witch trial logic.

    This circularly reasoned, Kafka trap is the most racist idea one could possibly imagine and is tantamount to evoking ‘whiteness’ as some unavoidable original sin. Deny you’re a racist: you’re a racist. Confess: you’re a racist. To borrow a Christopher Hitchens quote, we are ‘born sick and ordered to be well’ despite our own inability to see that we are indeed sick. So, there is no absolution or forgiveness on offer here in this religious writ. It’s just platefuls of group guilt and shame.

    Of course, the author herself is so woke/holy she gets to avoid this moral catch 22 altogether. After all, her being a High Priest in the Ecclesiastical Order of Wokenes (read: Sociologist at a liberal arts college) she has been able to see the light through years of consciousness-raising, self-flagellation and virtue-signalling. After all, she’s an ‘educator’ and ‘diversity trainer’ for FTSE companies. None more pious than that.

    She’s also the biggest overtly racist piece dog manure going. And, one that is unanimously endorsed by the mainstream media and entertainment industry right now, as if her mere presence is a shield against accusations from the woke mob. She’s basically a white guilt insurance policy for famous celebrities, middle-class undergrads and anyone with a blue checkmark on Twatter.

    And, no I haven’t read it. I don’t need to. When you understand the one guiding axiom of ‘progressive theory’ is that white = evil and that all their conclusions can be reached through this most basic chain of faulty logic imaginable, you kind of get a feel for how this shite goes.

  2. There has been a significant rise during lockdown in the UK in the number of LGBT people seeking suicide-prevention support.

    Shame. It must be so much harder if you are a degenerate weirdo. Much harder than worrying about supporting your family and mortgage, having frail family at risk or working in the NHS, as a carer, shopworker, driver, postie, food producer.

    It’s time this heartless government acknowledged the plight of the LBXGTY36DD community.
    The cunts.

  3. I am returning home to the sheepshaggers with this one.

    Pontypool Rugby club have banned a fan for life after he responded to one Samantha Murphy, an American soccer player who was the only player not to bend the fucking knee during the national anthem. And what was the despicable hate speech this fan tweeted?

    ‘Responding to a picture of her remaining on her feet, the Twitter user said: “More moral fibre than the rest of her teammates combined and more balls than the entirety of the Premier League player pool in the face of Marxist extremism and intimidation…?”

    This is how far this shit has penetrated. Banned for life from a valley rugby club for applauding a brave young woman and pointing out what BLM actually are.
    I can only hope the people of Pontypool fuck this once proud club off and avoid their future games. Perhaps BLM and it’s fellow travellers will save them from the obscurity they richly deserve.
    Interestingly, comments weren’t allowed for this story in the local rag. I wonder why?

  4. Ford Escort “Enthusiasts”

    This is a slightly niche cunting, but hopefully understandable, growing up in Ian Smith’s UDI era Rhodesia, we suffered very badly from sanctions meaning few countries would officially trade with us, but I really wanted a 1600 escort sport, so I travelled down to Pretoria and in February 1979 bought a brand new one all the trimmings and brought it back to Rhodesia, I still have the car as it was shipped over (fuck knows why as I wasn’t allowed anything else), my beef with these enthusiast cunts is that recently I was looking to buy one due to their simple engineering and reliability to replace mine that needs a full rebuild and respray, could I find one for less than 10 grand, could I fuck the reason is overgrown balding man-child types buy them for “customising” and racing round like cunts on dual carriageways, you know the types that go to Aldi for their food because they’ve spunked their money on a fucking Dixie horn like a 17 year old who’s just sniffed his first bag of Gorilla glue, thus depriving the good Captain of an opportunity for a cheap easy to drive motor of which I’m familiar, saw a “yooful” kaffir in one the other day, must of sold a lot of dope and “biatchees” to pay for it, cunts to man and beast, “shove you burn outs up you arse” fucking oafs

  5. I would like to nominate Master Chef for a proper cunting. Is it another pointless pile of reality shite and presented by the Bungle and Zippy cunts of modern times. The normal version of this show is annoying enough with cooking made out to be the toughest thing in the world. Whilst flicking through channels last night I happened across the new “celebrity master chef” which puts the previously mentioned show into the local league of cuntishness. Still presented by the same two wide mouth frogs and showcasing an array of diversity in yet another wokefest at peak viewing time. White man cant cook!

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