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24 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. John Motson OBE

    BBC legend John Motson (or Mottie as he likes to be called) has been on our TV screens and radios as a football commentator since 1971.

    He delivered his penultimate radio football commentary last weekend (11th March 2018). This forms part of his ‘farewell tour’ (FFS) before he is wheeled out for his final game in May 2018 (BBC’s FA Cup final programme).

    This national treasure and BBC luvvie, described by Barbara Slater (BBC director of sport): “John Motson is a real asset to the football world and he will be sorely missed. It isn’t hard to see why he is so highly treasured, not just by the BBC but also by the nation, due to his instantly recognisable voice, wonderful sense of humour and his incredible dedication to the sport”.

    Personally never thought much of or liked him as a commentator, despite the copious amounts of homework he did or the statistics fired off. Give me the raw passion of the late Brian Moore (the voice of football) from The Big Match any day of the week.

    Mottie, less of a leg-end and more of an old bell-end (that’s perhaps what the OBE stands for after his name) in my humble opinion, the ultimate football anorak (or should that be smelly old sheepskin coat)

    From the man that gave you:

    For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are in the all-yellow strip

    Northern Ireland are ten minutes away from their finest victory. There’s 15 minutes to go here.

    The Czech Republic are coming from behind in more than one way now.

    Owen scores and breaks Lineker’s competitive scoring record. Although this being a friendly it doesn’t actual count, so he hasn’t quite done it yet.

    Not the first half you might have expected, even though the score might suggest that it was.

    The goals made such a difference to the way this game went.

    The match has become quite unpredictable, but it still looks as though Arsenal will win the cup.

    Whether that was a penalty or not, the referee thought otherwise.

    It’s Arsenal 0, Everton 1, and the longer it stays like that, the more you’ve got to fancy Everton.

    Probably his only decent quote in nearly half a century-The Crazy Gang have beaten the Culture Club.

    After nearly 50 years on our screens and radios frankly glad to see him moving on, anyway, probably about time he was substituted for an early bath (preferably still in that stupid fucking coat).

  2. I think that human lubricant Bill Browder needs a “five star general” cunting.
    The oily little scumbag has been out with the begging bowl to all sorts of left wing governments trying to get them to implement the Magnitsky Act, and they all kiss his ass because he’s got loads of moral weight, oops, I mean money.
    I’ve just finished his book “Red Notice”, a book in which he could join the circus as a contortionist in his ability to pat himself on the back.
    He was on CBC radio last week ( actually on the phone from New York, pushing his crusade the get even with the crooks who stole his stolen stash .)
    The unctuous little prick used every loophole in the Russian system to rip off the public and the treasury, got his money out of the country (BILLIONS) before they could get it back and then got mad because the authorities went after him.
    He’s as smooth as a modern pussy and has all the political contacts he needs to get things done, except in Russia where they want him to be an ex-parrot!
    If he doesn’t make a cunting then he should be in the dead cunt pool .

  3. I’d like to Cunt wankers who attend the racing when they know Fuck-All about the sport.

    I’ve noticed over the last few years that a certain type has started going to the races. Hen parties are the worst,a gaggle pf overweight,overlubricated tug-boats screaming and giggling in short dresses and high heels as they waddle between the bar and the burger van. I once saw them stand,like a herd of bison,as the “blushing bride” squatted in the middle of the huddle,pissing on the grass.
    Stag-dos are nearly as bad, they tend to be a bunch of middle-management types (truly appalling folk) who shout about how their mate who is invariably a trainer,has given them the winner. Invariably,he hasn’t. They then seem to think that shouting abuse at the jockeys as they come in is amusing. It fucking well isn’t,you Cunts.
    Then we get to fucking children,I once made the mistake of going on what was called “A family day”…it was dreadful,brats running about even in the dearest stand where I always go. I did consider giving one of the bastards a push under the rails as the horses came thundering past in an attempt to reenact the famous Suffragette moment,but the risk to the horses and jockies was too great.
    I’m sure that other sports must be suffering the same malaise,I know that rugby is,but apart from rugby and racing,I don’t really care. Other sports can get fucked.

  4. I nominate Danny Boyle.
    Danny Boyle has been given the job of directing and writing the 25th James Bond film and has been stating that it’s story will be inspired by the Timesup and Metoo campaigns, and that he wants to bring the character of 007 “into the 21st century”.
    Supposedly Richard Curtis is involved as well (that’s Richard “let’s kill children who question climate change” Curtis, the cunt).
    Plus of course those unfit-for-purpose halfwits Purvis & Wade and the turd icing on the cake Daniel “wingnut shortarse” Craig.
    Apart from having his character ripped apart by every female member of the film’s cast, I’m guessing that a Boyle directed Bond will turn to hard drugs, saw his own arm off to escape a trap, go to a rave, use a pushbike instead of an Aston Martin, jump out of a helicopter with the Queen into a big stadium and pop up in two really shit Inspector Morse episodes (how fucking drunk must they have got Colin Dexter to get him to sign his name to “Masonic Mysteries” and “Cherubim and Seraphim”?).
    This at least proves one thing, there is no entertainment anymore, just propaganda.
    Fleming and Cubby are rotating in their graves…
    (And Connery and Brosnan are probably laughing their arses off)

  5. New York mayor Bill de Blasio is a fucking Provo loving American shitcunt.
    This fucking clueless muppet not only had the murdering fenian cunt Gerry Adams over to New York as some kind of special guest but he declared St Patricks day in New York is now Gerry Adams day!!!!! What the fuck !!!!!! are Americans really this fucking stupid?
    Gerry Adams is no fucking different to Osama Bin Laden you fucking moron who, if you don’t remember, organised the death of thousands of innocent people, in your fucking city!! Just like Gerry fucking did for 30 odd years.
    The mind boggles and the piss boils .I wonder if this cunt de Blasio would think the same if he saw his Dad get shot in the fucking face on his doorstep one Sunday morning. I very much doubt it.CUNT

    • De Blasio also recently showed his support for the religion of homicide bombers by declaring, “I am Muslim”. You’d be hard pressed to find a politician more left wing than this fucker. He even makes Corbyn look like an amateur.

  6. I can’t believe I’m actually going to defend the BBC here, but there’s no way around it. I want to nominate Owen Jones. Again. He was on Newsnight recently, accusing Al-Beeb of photoshopping Jeremy Corbyn’s stupid Commie hat, to make it look more Communist. This claim, parroted by his butt-buddies in Momentum, has already been proven to be complete bullshit, but two million people have seen the post on Momentum’s Facefuck page. Obviously, not all of them would have believed that the BBC deliberately photoshopped an photo of Corbyn in a Lenin style hat that he CHOSE to wear, just to make him look more left wing. Sadly though, a lot of them would have been stupid enough to believe that outright lie.

    The BBC doesn’t need to do such a thing. Corbyn proves to the entire nation what a extreme far left cunt he is on an hourly basis. He proved his Communist credentials when he not only sided with Russia at PMQ’s last Wednesday, but pretty much said word for word what the Russian government have been saying. And the simple fact is, as I said, Corbyn CHOOSES to wear that ridiculous hat. It’s the headwear equivalent of Kim Jong Un’s haircut.

    Incidentally, if you want real proof that Putin sent his cunts to try to murder Skripal and his daughter, look no further than the childish outbursts from the Russian government and their stooges at the state run TV channel. Nobody who is innocent hurls insults and innuendo at their accusers. And I see that Putin has won 75% of the vote in the elections. Yeah, right, three quarters of the Russian people actually voted for Putin, a man who regularly feels the need to prove his masculinity by being photographed topless doing what he thinks is manly shit.

    In some ways, it’s amusing to watch Jones hurling such lies at the BBC. It wasn’t too long ago that he was calling for Corbyn to stand down as leader of the Labour Party. Until Corbyn won a challenge to his leadership, then Owen the Onanist climbed right back Corbyn’s arse. So, on top of being an egostical, idiotic, drivel spouting, lying drama queen, with a penchant for storming off when he doesn’t get his way, he’s also a massive hypocrite. Mostly though, Owen Jones, is an annoying, bigoted little twat. Like most of his ilk, he considers freedom of speech that only people like him have a right to, and will happily shout down anyone who disagrees with him. He is, a CUNT.

  7. The Treasonous.

    You know who you are you derelict coils of shit. The Russian Commander-in-Theif personally arranges a couple of assassination attempts in God”s own country proving beyond any doubt that he’s a lame gay micropenis cunt with saggy man boobs that can’t fight; and the usual suspects act like the cowardly shit-bags (or duplicitous 5th column traitors) that they always have been. Jeremey and his Jew hating crew (even the fucking Granuiad criticised them); the far left momentum fake news machine; the stop the (highly specific) war mongoloids, who seem reluctant to protest anything outside of UK/US military interventions to the point whereby they’re clearly worthless fucking cunt detritus beta males and smelly hairy “females”.

    Even after Putin essentially responded to the accusations by spamming the PM”s email with links to goatse and getting all the Foreign Office printers to spit out multiple copies of troll face the day after.

    It could be gangsters rather than a Russian state actor? It’s a commonly accepted fact that 110% of Russians are gangsters (90% gangster the remainder being double gangster) so what’s the cunting difference?

    We need to rendition these cunts to somewhere conducive to giving them a thorough torturing then rescind their citizenship and turn them loose in the third world see how the cunts get on there.

  8. Yet another cunting for the so called BBC. This time on a minor matter.
    After the cuntfest that is Pointless (see previous cunting) and before the News at Six there is a little trailer for BBC schools. It is about being taught to recognise fake news. I counted 2 white faces and 5 or more black, one with obligatory hijab.
    Firstly, I don’t have a problem with black faces but they are not representative of the majority UK population. Secondly the one in the hijab will believe any old fairy stories anyway so why should she suddenly be able to tell truth from fiction?
    Right -on BBC bullshit.

  9. People living in vehicles need a cunting,
    In Bristol there are loads of cunts living in ‘Converted’ vehicles, Caravans, Old Minibus’ etc. Some of these vehicles have coal burning heaters/stoves and some cheeky cunt actually advertised a ‘Converted’ vehicle for rent. You’d think that it was Pikeys (which would have the bonus being able to buy the odd ‘Off the back of a lorry’ goods) but it’s not its white middle class cunts and there all over the place, there are a load near Ikea, fuck knows what the toilets are like after these scruffy cunts have used them. I know there is a housing crisis but these cunts should fuck off to the countryside where Farmer’s may be able to employ the cunts and pay them in Apples and pears. Seriously there are loads of these cunts and there was a serious fire in one the other day with a possible fatality. If
    I sat in my car and started a barbecue and the old bill saw I’d get arrested, so why are these cunts allowed to burn coal in a vehicle. Some of these vehicles have chimneys so it’s obvious. What will be done abaaaaaht it? Fuck all. If it were a load of Somalians ther would be houses built in record time for them, so the governments are cunts as well. What a pile of cunt.

  10. Elizabeth Holmes is a cunt.

    From the land of the fraud and the home of the scam, comes another episode of America’s Got Cunts. This time, starring former Theranos CEO…Cuntishly Extreme Orifice…Elizabeth Holmes.

    Elizabeth Holmes was once the quintessential example of Silicone Valley’s socially relevant, world changing, Millennial Generation geniuses (read fucktard). She was going to change the world for the better. Like Mark Fuckerberg and her hero Steve ‘Rim’ Jobs…her visionary brilliance was hailed by everyone in the libtard media and the tragically hip social elites. She was held up as yet another example of how to make the world a better place by dropping out and following your dream. That is until it was revealed that her claims and her company were all bullshit.

    Holmes…her scam company and it’s fuckwad/cunt President Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwami…were charged by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)…with ‘massive fraud’. How massive. At the height of her scam the vile little cunt’s company was valued at over $9 BILLION!!! Although to be fair…the cunt and her ass(ociate) cunt are thought to have fraudlently raised only $700 MILLION from their investors. As a result in 2016 Forbes valued the company at ZERO! Today? Well…as part of the deal…she owes the company $25 million.

    But let’s skip that for the moment and look at how much jail time this rancid bit of lady parts will do in Federal Prison. NONE! Ha! Take that cunters. As of today there are no criminal charges pending…that we know of. And why? Well you see this conniving little cunt took in some of America’s biggest names. Former US Secretaries of State Henry Kissenger and George Schultz…former Secretary of Defense William Perry….former US Senator Sam Nunn…are only some of the big name individuals scammed by this cunt. Many of Theranos’ Board of Directors…those responsible for overseeing the scam company…had ties to the US military or State Dept.

    Reputable big corporations like Walgreens were also taken in. They contracted to do use her company’s testing in store locations Now, many of those test results are being called into question.

    Of course…being a socially responsible Silicone Valley Corporation…she was active in politics…on the correct side of Social Justice…and supported Hillary Clinton for President. So how does all of this keep her out of jail?

    To understand that we must look at what exactly happened? It seems that as a little cunt…this daughter of a USAID worker and a Congressional Staffer was afraid of needles. So after growing up and attending a year at Stanford University, she dropped out of school and pursued the Millennial dream of starting her own hi-tech company. Her goal…invent a better way of drawing blood. Her scam? A full and comprehensive blood test from a single drop of blood.

    Using her ‘connections’ and a line of bullshit a yard wide and a mile long…she conned investors, analysts, and corporations alike…biking them of millions for a process that was all bullshit. Along the way she earned accolades and kudos for being the first under 30 female billionaire in the world and was held up as an iconic Next Generation Silicone Valley hero…or rather…in line with today’s PC nonsense…a heroine.

    But sad to say…it was all a con and now people are NOT calling for her head. What? Well…the libtard media and apologista community are making excuses for her. You see she was motivated by a childhood fear to do good for others. And the problem isn’t that she scammed…she genuinely believed in what’s he was doing…she wanted to do good…but she just got in over her head. It seems after all…she is just another victim…albeit of her own good intentions.

    So after bilking investors out of millions she made a deal with the SEC and those investors and thus has avoided any jail time…and indeed any criminal charges. She had previously been facing separate charges from the State of Arizona and made a deal with them as well. Un-fucking-believable! (In full disclosure mode it should be noted that she could face criminal charges from some other entity. But no active investigations are known to exist at this time…at least I can’t find any).

    And so fellow my cunters among the many lessons to be learned here; (1) If you are connected to other (alleged) crooks…who just happen to be in power…you won’t go to jail no matter what you do. Just ask Andy Windsor’s (alleged) creepy friends if you don’t believe me.

    And (2) Elizabeth Holmes and Ramish Balwami prove that white men…and white men alone…are indeed the only cunts who use political connections to avoid being held accountable by our racist/sexist white privileged society…NOT!

    Spoiler alert…Phonywood is doing her life story. A movie entitled ‘Bad Blood’ starring the repulsively cuntish Jennifer Lawrence is in the works and coming to a theatre near you. So with all that said…and in anticipation of the upcomming film epic…I proudly cunt…

    Elizabeth Homes.

  11. Ellen Barkin is a cunt…

    Like almost all of these Me Too harridans, Barkin Mad has spouted the usual knee-jerk misandrist shit whenever a man gives his views on this Me Too and Time’s Up crap…
    Terry Gilliam said that these ‘movements’ could lead to mob rule.. He also stated that those who demonise Weinstein have also reaped huge rewards from their (cough) ‘association’ with him… Nothing untrue, abusive, or offensive about that….

    Cue Barkin with a rant about ‘sexists’ and ‘horrible men’ and also a tweet that said ‘Don’t get into a lift with Terry Gilliam alone!’ Once again, another celebrislag is spouting ‘cryptic’ bollocks in order to demonise and slag off men (see Scarlett Johansscunt and James Franco)… Don’t get in a lift with Gilliam? Why?! Did he tell a dirty joke?! You can bet your life it was nothing or next to nothing… If the daft cow is not prepared to back up what she’s shouting about and doesn’t have any evidence, she should shut the fuck bush up… Also (a la Uma Thurman and Wankstein) why say nothing for two odd decades about what happened (if anything did happen, that is)?… These celebrity slappers get away with saying whatever the fuck they like and nobody fronts them up… But woe betide if a man says anything (Neeson, Damon, Caine, Gilliam etc)… If Gilliam has half a mind he will sue this daft cow, because something needs to be done to derail this man hating mob of witches…

  12. I see we are awash with excellent cuntings of unworthy cunts of the deepest dye, but here’s yet another attempt. No, that isn’t Elton John again. It’s worse.

    (Pic here – )

    What have the following cunts in common? Apart from being certifiable cunts, that is:

    Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw, Neil Kinnock, Jack Straw, Rushanara Ali, Tulip Siddiq, Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Caroline Lucas and Sir David Amess

    Give in? They all aggregated (as particles of sewage do) to ” drum up publicity for a campaign to tackle uncorrected poor vision, which affects 900 million Commonwealth citizens who do not have access to glasses”

    Leaving aside the issue of supplying poor N’Tossa with glasses in order for him to find his way to the polluted well twenty miles from his hut, and the unlikelihood that the Tony Blair Institute for Tony Blair will do anything other than collect a rakeoff from the proceeds of the campaign in order to manage…something unspecified…, what is this really about? Beating river blindness, glaucoma and macular degeneration? Improving peoples’ vision? Or improving yesterdays’ politicians’ visibility?

    What a carefully-chosen collection of laughing-up-their-sleeves, semicriminal and stratospheric cunts. Several of whom could fund the entire project out of petty cash without needing to bother the charitable public, who might then want to sort some problems a lot nearer home with their money.

    What am I cunting here? The Clearly campaign, which agreed to allow its name to be besmirched by this bucket of bleeding-heart cunts, and is thus infected with antibiotic-resistant cunt.

  13. The people’s postcode lottery
    Has there ever been such an assembly of monged out fuckwits, all waving their spindly arms in the air like spazzers because they’ve won thirty bob and been visited by king and queen cunty to get the cheque
    Is it only for council estate mongs or do normal people ever “win”?

  14. I realise that some fellow cunters around the globe may take offense at this but I feel I must cunt all the old cunts who have reached “old age ” and start moaning about how little “pension ” they have and why doesn’t the gov’mint pay for their retirement. Yes, there are some who are deserving but there are a bloody lot more who pissed it all up the wall or were taking holidays or buying flat screens etc they couldn’t afford during their earning years. I hit 65 this past week, have a couple of million dollars ( Australian ) in personal pension/superannuation. Why? Cos I saw long ago that if I didn’t provide for myself then no other fucker would and why should they? Don’t get me started on the benefits scroungers. Yes we have them in Australia as well as loads of immigrants.

  15. Renee Zellwegger is a cunt….
    Apart from her horrendous Bridget Jones shite and being a cunt (see previous cunting), she is now playing Judy Garland in a biopic… If that fat talentless cow is like Judy Garland, then I welcome peaceful types to Britain (which I fucking well don’t!)…

  16. I would like to whole heartedly cunt the uk police.
    So without going into it to much.
    I called the police; you know the people who are meant to help.
    Big mistake I’m afraid; it ends up in my arrest and further arrest for resisting.
    So let’s go through this and make some sense of events.
    I called the police and ask for help with obtaining some property from my house. In order to avoid an altercation I thought best be safe than sorry.
    They arive with no intent in listening and arrest me, Yes this happened!
    I agreed to go wiĺlingly and pick up my phone; and fuck me with a ram rod. The female officer grabs my hands and tries to take my phone. At this point she slaps cuffs on and they drag me outside. At this point I tell my brother in law what has gone on and i get done for resisting. Just for shouting down the road!
    So if your male and call the police think twice, I beg you. 18 hours for doing nothing, I now have a record for resisting. Go nick some peacfulls who are involved with kids you cunts.
    This is a cautionary tale my friends if your male expect to be nicked, Possative action apparently. Well its a disscrimination because im white male heterosexual. In short fuck the police! I’m expecting a knock any minute for this cunting but you must all be warned. I won’t be opening my door to the bill again, won’t call them again, won’t help them again and won’t give my name ect again. My door is locked and bolted
    One more step to socialist state I’m afraid.
    Look twice and cross once I think!
    This country is over in my opinion.
    Oh and to make this worse I was told I was always going to be nicked, because penis!

  17. SJW Spewing Cunts: Twitter Twats, Tumblr and Trigger Twatacocktuses

    What fucking bunghole did these annoying little pieces of feces crawl out of!?
    How can we either flush them or make them crawl back-up one another’s asspipes?
    Particularly, the putrid puss-in-the-brain feminists and their male members of tyrannical Social Justice Wussbags.

    “I agree with you snookums. Women are better than men.”

    Fuck you, and advance two wussy spaces to collect your official feminist pussy hat! You dickless mindless little automaton.

    SJW syndrome is a mental disorder which effects all ages, races and genders.

    White straight male: Hi


    White straight male: All I said was-


    White straight male: What are you talking abou-


    The whole whiny whinority lot of SJW’s are nothing more than extremely narcissistic, naive, sheltered infants who never check any facts before making themselves look stupid, and then get so emotional they throw tirades and cry. It’s pathetic. Society is doomed with this generation. Imagine what their children will be like!

    And the older ones are just as bad if not worse especially, all of the professor pieces of shit and faculty fucks that encourage, support and create these little cunts. They should be the ones who have the shit kicked out of em, and then beat-to-shit again for making a mess.

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