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8 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Can I suggest an ‘I’m not getting the message’ cunting for Faiza Shaheen.

    Apparently the will of the people, as expressed in her constituency, is ‘unjust’ & the political system is ‘rigged’ because she wasn’t elected.
    Whilst it’s obviously raw, bitter tears, it also smacks of the modern ‘snowflake’ (figuratively speaking in the lovely Faiza’s case, obviously) way of carrying on; namely, if I don’t get what I want, then it’s not fair & we need to keep repeating the vote until I do get it. Self-entitling cunt.
    The people spoke, love; they rejected you, your wrinkled scrotum of a messiah & all the leftie nonsense that you preached. Time for a re-think, but it seems you’re going to keep knocking out the same old tosh (but not on £76K a year just yet.)
    Merry Christmas (if that’s appropriate to you.)

  2. The liberal erosion of Western values and democracy.

    Not sure when this started. University students no-platforming anyone who strays from their ridiculous orthodoxy perhaps? Hounding out academics with main stream views?
    Certainly the reaction to a democratically elected president, in America and here with the pathetic childish London protests.
    The EU referendum being disregarded. Trannies demanding ever more ridiculous rights. White males demonised. Britain’s proud heritage being trashed. History rewritten to fit the liberal agenda.
    The unedifying spectacle of a Scandinavian half wit making ridiculous demands and being acclaimed as the new Messiah.
    And now marches in London protesting an overwhelming vote for conservative values. Encouraged by a moron crying that we voted to ‘kill children’.

    I can only hope that common sense and morality returns and we can look back and laugh at these shrill, twitter addicted cunts and their adherents.

  3. I’d like to nominate the self appointed ‘cultural elite’ and their footsoldiers of the blue checkmark brigade.

    Thursday proved my pet theory correct.; the best way to have your voice heard and change policy is not social media, but observing events and actually voting. How many billions of hours and megabit/seconds have been wasted on the flatulence of millennial activists and hacks, their constant shrill, clueless bitching about privilege, the countless petitions against David Starkey or Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaking about one thing or another, none of it having any real impact on policy or gaining public sympathy, while the older majority of the forgotten working class have been effectively silenced by social and corporate media for being ‘uneducated old bigots’ who are ‘dying off’, Gammons who should be held in utter contempt by the likes of AC Grayling and other so-called intellectuals, whose prophecies on the EU and Brexit (as well as Trump’s America, have repeatedly failed to materialise.
    The gammons have returned to what they know; simply watching the SJW zoo/circus continue to burn like an infernal merry-go-round and waited to vote, and vote they did, in a way that dismayed and shocked their (know)betters; the pop stars, the actors, the guardian columnists, the panel show comedians and the rest of a deluded, self-appointed cultural elite.
    Of course, the Gammon Uprising, unforeseen on Twitter because Corbyn had better ‘social media engagement’, is now described as the result of racism and misogyny by The Annointed Ones, the trite and false claim always made by the idiot left. Adults who believe in their cultural and intellectual superiority yet are thralls of Thunberg and J.K. Rowling, a mass of middle-class liberals educated far beyond their natural intelligence,believing a BA and teaching secondary education makes them an expert in their field.

    Once again, the technocrats, ‘global citizens’ and ‘anywheres’ are on the losing side, mostly because of their pathetic arrogance and hubris, their astonishing lack of self awareness and complete inability to reflect on their actions.

    Even if other commentators call this class of dimwits an elite, i can only do so in inverted commas. In my eyes, they are hopelessly gormless and the sooner they are replaced in public life by calm, reasonable and responsible adults, the better.

  4. I am going to cunt PAD’s
    No not the ones across the water, But peripheral Artery Disease.
    I have Pad,s so its personal to me and the Cunting may go off topic.
    Pads means that the blood supply to an extremity is restricted, In my case my lower leg has a limited blood supply , the artery is restricted almost like a tourniquet around it so my foot at rest is alive but the simple tasks of walking use up the oxygenated blood in the limb and it dies, at rest it re oxygenates re builds and dumps a lot of dead cells in my body for me to deal with.
    Very similar to a time I had blood poisoning.
    Now the theme of this cunting is not so much the disease but the reaction of the NHS.
    I am inoperable, (fucked in layman’s terms ) I was given a prognosis of 4 years until amputation, However having a massively good immune system the cunting thing keeps on regenerating , The down side is the change of my walking gait now creates a lot of lower back pain (think of heir flick, that’s how I now walk).
    All in all its a bag of cunt, wait until you have gangrene and we will do something.
    Thank you NHS .

    on a lesser Cunting, the beef shin has still not tenderized and I am on driver duty for Mrs B mk III who is having her staff do.

  5. What’s the difference? Don’t ask me. I think that’s it’s one is allowed to wear lederhosen and the other isn’t. Anyways, they’re all a load of cunts. You’ll recognise one when
    you come across them – streaks of piss, malnourished but feeling vastly superior to you or I.
    Apart from their yearning to save the planet, they think that such a lifestyle is healthy. It has been proven that they are more susceptible to strokes with a 20% risk increase. Apart from common sense, they are deficient in choline which is essential for brain health.
    They also suffer from mood problems and hair loss because of a shortage of iron, zinc and protein. So, if some bald, slavering cunt with a gait approaches you on the high street, it’s likely they’re a vegetarian.
    My son in law is a veggie. I knew him when he wasn’t. He’s been reduced from a chirpy lad who loved a pork pie to a malnourished miserable cunt in a few years.
    You wouldn’t mind if they kept their lifestyle to themselves but they’re always bleating on about it. If they visit you for a meal and you go out your way to shop for a veggie meal and prepare it, all you’ll hear is “ I hope you’ve avoided cross contamination and cooked this in a separate pan?”
    Fuck off you ungrateful cunt.
    All these cunts do is deny upstanding members of the community, such as farmers, a living.

  6. Sadly in this day and age it seemed normal rather than a piss-take. Nonetheless it is a very entertaining video and if it is a piss-take, then kudos.

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