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8 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. When it comes to Scottish cunts that make me want to stab myself with a rusty nail, The Proclaimers muscle their way in to my Top Three. Charlie and Craig Reid- what a right pair of identicunts.

    The stupid oversized glasses; the absolute insistence of singing in a grating Scottish accent: their blind adoration of the Scottish National Party, and the fact that one of them (fuck knows which one) was once married to a Dwarf: fuck off the both of you.
    That they’ve made a living over three decades with their abysmal ‘catchy but socially aware’ songs suggests that their fans are equally cuntish.

    In Scotland, no drunken gathering is complete without a bunch of cunts getting off their arses and bellowing ‘da da da dah; da da da dah’ to the woeful ‘I will walk five hundred miles’. That the miserable unwashed junkie fans of Hibernian FC have also made an anthem out of ‘Sunshine on Leith’ tells you all you need to know about these two specky fannies.
    And what about ‘Letter From America”? Bemoaning the demise of shitholes such as Bathgate, Linwood, Methil and Irvine (home town of Nicola Cunt Sturgeon) when the world would genuinely be a better place without them.

    The Proclaimers are at the upper end of the Cuntitude Scale and massively overdue a Royal Cunting, the Social Bastard cunts, I believe there can be no defence……..

  2. Well I’ve cunted God and I’ve cunted the human race so I may as well go ahead and cunt the whole universe. What a fucking dump. Vast areas of space with the odd star every few light years, half of them past their sell-by date and not working properly. Planets, the ones which aren’t merely giant balls of gas, have either a poisonous atmosphere or no atmosphere at all, and the majority are much too cold or much too hot. Then you’ve got asteroids, meteors, dust and other assorted debris littering the place and gravity which causes as many problems as it solves. As if all this wasn’t enough, we have to watch out for black holes, solar flares, cosmic rays and god knows what else. Whoever set all this up wants fucking. It wouldn’t pass a health and safety check, that’s for sure.
    There’s a theory that multiple universes exist, ours being just one of them. I hope so, because if this is all there is, it’s nowhere near good enough. I think our universe is probably used as the dumping ground for all the shit that the other universes want to get rid of. The big bang that’s supposed to have started it all off would turn out to have no more significance than the flushing of a toilet.

  3. I want to nominate Michael Ian Black, a 3rd rate comedian from the U.S. who believes that men are fucked up, that we all need fixing, his bullshit is lapped up by frothing feminists who believe his deluded rhetoric and encourage him to shit out more misandry, the pisswitted cunt should concentrate on waxing his mangina and stop spouting bullshit on social media.

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