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6 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Adults that ride skateboards

    What is it with grown men, typically the cunt that is a hipster, barreling down a footpath weaving through people on their normal day out, on a skateboard?

    Said cunt then flips it up, rests on the shoulder to go, usually for a soy latte or chai at a cafe to join similar (lack of) mined cunts?

    Is it only I that has the unstoppable urge to knock these cunts off and gangster whack then at the back of the head with the said board, then give it to a 9 year old who it was originally made for?

  2. End the Union once and for all.

    So the Scots, Irish and Welsh want to have some autonomy over central government on the issue of lockdowns. Fair enough, they all have their own toytown assemblies and a fair amount of control over their own affairs.

    However, both the Welsh and Scots assemblies are demanding more money from London to aid them during their own decisions to have regional lockdowns. So in essence English taxpayer will be subsidizing Scots and Welsh businesses and its citizens while they all stay at home doing next to fuck all.

    Doesn’t really sound very fair to me, more so given the amount of cash London already gives both countries in normal circumstances. So much so they I do think the Welsh should have a similar referendum as the Scots in terms of going independent.

    If they vote to leave, then that’s it, goodbye and find your own revenue streams. Central Government might give you one’s year’s funding as part of the transition, but after than you’re on your own. Piss off to the EU if they want.

    Of course there’s still the issue of the monarchy and other bits and pieces that would need to be resolved during the breakup of the Union, but for me I think its time every country stood on its own 2 feet and discovered its own destiny.

    The Union does sound rather anachronistic in these “enlightened” times of wanky wokishness anyway.

  3. We are family
    Bugger me bombarded on all sides by “we will get through this together” bolloxs. War time spirit mixed with ’60s social worker cobblers. Shite mobile videos posted on FlickFuck immediately reposted on BBC News. Geriatric old cunts shaking their booty and spraying old lady shite all over their zimmer frames. Delightfully out of synch old cunts doing a weird Monster Mash to the eponymous Sister Sledge gay hit now fronted by the spectacularly old and ugly Kim Sledge.
    You know what (to borrow the brain slime cliché favoured by pop/media persons), you know what, the WHO (World Health Organisation) are the brains and money behind this embarrassment. Now that Big Don has cut off US funding from this corrupt organisation who has rushed in as principal funder of the WHO? HMG. Oh yes.
    I eliminate meself from all this Covid crap because like a true cunt I hate people, never go near the fuckers except when I feel a sneeze coming on.
    In short you stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you. Plague eliminated. You know it makes sense.

  4. Who needs a laugh in these dark dark times, uba cunt extraordinaire Lewis the cunt Hamalton world champion of cunts has decided to bless us all with with the ear fucking of a life time.
    This fucking bell end of a cunt has decided to take a foray into the music industry and is on the verge of a debut album to torcher us all with, if watching the wanker making a cunt of himself reguarly we now have to here all the bullshit that he is about to elaculate into the airwaves.
    strongly suspect its just going to be rehashed bollocks with slightly different lyrics [if you can call them that] the that cunt with the woolly bullet on his head Craig David, it was the only good thing Bo Selecta ever did was use that talentless prick for piss taking material, anyway im sure Lewis the cunt wont disapoint if piss taking material is required……he is the Formula 1 of cunts

  5. An arty farty cunting for out of focus camerawork.
    Everyfucking thing you watch now uses this wanky technique. And I dont mean where they are protecting identities.
    It seems to be somehow profound to present half the fucking picture out of focus to make things look profound. It isnt profound it is wanky and annoying. Drama or documentary, some cunt thinks fuzzy is great viewing.
    It aint. And modern cameras dont need to do it. It’s cunts who think this is great television.

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