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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Hannegret Donnelly
    ‘Systematic abuser’ Hannegret Donnelly (55) has been found guilty of murder at Kingston Crown Court. The court heard that Donnelly controlled her husband Christopher ‘through threats and beatings’ which led to his death. At time of death, Mr Donnelly was found to have no less than 78 external injuries and several internal ones, including neck and spine fractures.
    Mrs Donnelly was arrested after confessing to police that she had hit her husband over the head with a rolling pin. Reports state that blood spatters were later found in the couple’s house.
    After the verdict was given, a statement was read to the media in defence of the accused by crusading organisation ‘Social Justice for All (Except White Males)’. Spokesthingy Cruella Trans-Person stated ‘ this is a classic case of toxic masculinity and patriarchal behaviour. This privileged male exploiter has clearly been inflicting misery and suffering upon this innocent, vulnerable, exploited wimmun for years, until she could take no more and finally broke under intolerable mental strain. She’s the victim here, not the perpetrator. This beast had it coming, and he deserved all he got’.
    SJA (ex. WM) has launched a campaign which aims to secure the release of Mrs Donnelly, and also demands that the mortal remains of Mr Donnelly should be banged up for life. ‘A clear and unequivocal message must be sent that this kind of toxic male behaviour will no longer be tolerated’ shrieked Trans-Person, before rushing off to attend a meeting of the ‘Gender Fluid Action Committee’ (GFAC). It was subsequently announced by the organisation’s Appeals Secretary, Tarquin Soy-Boy, that a ‘crowd funder’ will be organised to raise cash for the campaign. Soy-Boy indicated that all contributions would be gratefully received, but that blank cheques would be especially welcome.

  2. Windows fucking 10

    I want to fucking CUNT Microsoft.
    If it’s not the 100% disk usage where you have to disable every part of their utterly useless fucking bullshit operating system services nobody wants, it’s the fucking tedious unwanted updates that immediately fail and send countless computers into a bootloop. I’m sure it gives unscrupulous peaceful PC ‘fixers’ weeks of scaremongering bollocks to flog to the older English generation who just want to Skype family who had the common sense to get out of the fucking awful place they were born. I’ve seen the older generation whose children have made a better life abroad, instead of windows they have moved on to the less complicated bullshit of using tablets. I suggest fentanyl to escape the horror of the future.

  3. Cunting due for the Scroungers Charter otherwise known as the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992. This legislation which relieves citizens, and infuriatingly non-citizens, of responsibility for their own welfare and encourages irresponsible attitudes and behaviour you might think is a work of the loony left. You’d be wrong. This invitation to all the world’s flotsam and jetsam that now pollutes our shores was the work of a Conservative government led by John (I’ll keep Britain at the heart of Europe) Major.
    To give an idea of scale UK GDP was £1.89 trillion in 2014-5. Benefits payments totalled £127.4 billion or about 8% of GDP excluding State pensions.Benefit fraud was £2.18 billion and that’s just detected and successfully prosecuted cases, the tip of the iceberg.
    Why is there a beast known as non-contributory benefits? If you haven’t given you don’t get. End of story. Why are Benefits payable to non-UK citizens? If you’re not British fuck off ( includes NHS and schools). Child benefit? If you have kids you support them, it’s not other people’s responsibility. Unemployment benefit? Did the State make you redundant? No? Well fuck off an find another job or sue your ex-employer for compo. It’s not our problem. Housing Benefit. Can’t afford to rent or buy. Live with your family, that’s what they’re for. Or in a shack by the motorway. After all UK is now firmly 3rd world. And on and on it goes. Fucking Conservative governments. And don’t mention the Polygamous Marriages Benefit ( I jest not!) to encourage peacefuls to outbreed the indigenous population – whatever the latter now means?

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