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8 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Remainer MP,s are the biggest clutch of frustrating , self-serving , hypocritical ,
    undemocratic cunts i’ve ever seen . Deal after deal , vote after vote , amendment after amendment , year after year and this shower shite are still at it . The worst of it is , we,re NO further forward , we,re all frustrated and for some unknown reason , we,re all taking it straight up the arse from this army of lefty cunts ! It was only not so long ago Jeremy Corbyn revealed what the Labour policy was on Brexit , no surprise really considering he seems to sit on the fence with pretty much everything until they see any opportunity to make himself and his rancid excuse of a party seem remotely electable . He’s done nothing to enhance our chances of getting the best deal for our country and the people in it , and in my book that makes him a massive cunt in the first degree . Jo Swinson leader of the Liberal Un-Democrats might be even worse , she and her chancer party have said they,ll ignore 52% of voters in the referendum and revoke article 50 , basically cancel brexit ! Another cunt of the first degree . Then there’s Nicola Sturgeon , i’d laugh myself sick if there was no deal with the EU and no to a second independence referendum , just to see her and her army of ignorant , blinkered , bigoted , narrow minded clowns get to fuck , cunts ! They’d all do well to remember who they serve and why they serve as an MP but never mind , when election time comes around they’ll find out how long peoples memories actually are .

  2. Bad Behaviour On Aircraft
    I recently spent a few happy days in Spain with old friends. The bad news is that they live about an hour from Alicante, so I had to fly on what my Scottish missus refers to as ‘The Benidorm Jimmy Bus’.
    My misgivings took tangible form from the moment I went into Wetherspoon’s in search of a pre-flight breakfast. A group of around sixteen females, in various stages of obesity and decrepitude, wearing ‘head boppers’ and dayglow t-shirts emblazoned with the legend ‘Bren’s Hens: Benidorm 2019’, were already well oiled and raucous.
    On board, I was settling into my aisle seat as this pie-eyed assortment shrieked and swayed its way into the cabin. To my chagrin the seating allocation meant that I found myself virtually surrounded by them. It was going to be a long three hours.
    Things weren’t too bad initially. As we took off there was a ragged chorus of ‘here we go’ from The Hens, and some clapping and ribald comments, but at least they were confined to their seats. Unfortunately once the seat belt signs went off, they quickly spilled out into the aisle and started to play musical seats. The noise level climbed and the language became riper. Clearly they weren’t about to follow the captain’s invitation to ‘sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight’. Requests from attendants for restraint fell largely on deaf ears.
    Then the drinks trolley appeared. Needless to say, the attendants saw fit to ignore the warning signs and doled out further refreshments to this unruly bunch; there’s profit in it for the airline of course. Things started to get really raucous when the inevitable inflatable dick made its appearance, to a bawling accompaniment of ‘ee ay addio he’s going to breach her piece’ and ‘Bren wants knob’. Parents with kids started to object, further requests for calm were met with hoots and cat-calls, and what up until then had generally been a fairly good natured atmosphere became distinctly heated. After one of the idiots lobbed a plastic bottle across the aisle, the first officer appeared and told them in no uncertain terms that further nonsense would result in the captain radioing for police to meet the aircraft on landing. A cringing apology from Bren herself notwithstanding, the first officer’s final threat was the imposition of a ban on the group’s return flight.
    Mercifully things did calm down after this ticking off, although there was a lot of complaining of the ‘it was only a bit of fucking fun’ kind, and more ribald chanting as we landed. I was glad to get off. It could have been worse; it wasn’t a case of some nutter trying to force a door mid air, or start a punch up, but one can only wonder what possesses people to indulge in the kind of arsehole behaviour on planes that makes things unpleasant for everybody.
    Alcohol plays its part of course, but the wife (who studied psychology) maintains that there’s a kind of psychosis at work that affects some people in the confined space of an aircraft, and jokes that she’s going to work it up as a PhD thesis. Me, well I’m not sure that I hold with that interpretation. I reckon that this was more a case of a group of self-entitled airheads being dead set on showing what a great time they were having by acting the cunt and making a fucking nuisance of themselves in the process. Tossers.

  3. Rewriting history – Japanese in this case
    I´ve been reading quite a lot about Japan recently – novels like “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet”, “The Silence”, “Out” and “Grotesque” (the last three by Japanese authors incidentally) and history – and was interested in how difficult it was for the first Europeans to get into the country. Japan was so strong militarily that there could be no forced entry or colonization and the first western interlopers were Catholic missionaries from Portugal, Spain and Italy. They were successful at first as many warlords became Christians although often for political rather than spiritual ends. (This did not last long either and thousands of Japanese Christians were executed when their faith was outlawed.) Trade followed and the Portuguese got in first followed by the Dutch. If you have read “Shogun” or seen the TV series with Richard Chamberlain you will know the rest.

    Relations between Japanese and foreigners were very difficult as the rulers tried to keep Japan isolated from what they saw as a threat. However, I have just learned, thanks to the BBC, that an “African” – known as Yasuke – appeared in the 16th century and within a year had become the first foreign samurai and did all sorts of amazing things. Apparently Hollywood is working on two films about him, one of which will feature “Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman”.

    This period was actually quite well documented by the missionaries and the Dutch merchants so there should be no shortage of information about this “African samurai”. However, according to the BBC “There are no records of Yasuke’s date or country of birth. Most historians say he came from Mozambique but some have suggested other countries such as Ethiopia or Nigeria. What is known, however, is that Yasuke arrived in Japan with an Italian Jesuit named Alessandro Valignano on an inspection tour, and appears in recorded history only between 1579 and 1582.”
    That´s all. Never mind. Don´t let the facts – or lack of them – get in the way of a good politically correct story.

    The James Clavel novel “Shogun” was based on the life of an Englishman who ended up in Japan and reached high rank thanks to his skills in manipulating the Japanese factions against the Catholics but he is not even mentioned in the BBC report. Fancy that!

    Link if you are interested

  4. Kelloggs deserve a monumental cunting!

    Can you believe they have released an LGBT cereal? As if these cunts aren’t pandered too enough already by the BBC and the Facebook/Twitter generation.
    These fuckers are just mentally ill, do you really think you are gender neutral? binary? identify as a man in a womans body?

    What’s next? A person born a female but identifies as a man but is a homosexual and only sleeps with men who will fuck her arse and stay away from the pussy?

    Old sheila is on the home stretch, maybe 10 years till i pop my clogs and I cannot wait, I am so fucking sick of what society has become, a populous addicted to phones with ruthless narcissistic tendencies who think the world revolves around them because they have 4 Twitter followers and a post on Instagram that got 12 likes.

  5. Ian Blackford MP

    A family bucket sized cunting please for this Scottish, anti democratic agitator.

    While watching ‘Super Saturday’, it occurred to me that this fat cunt seems to be allowed to go on as many extended rants as he likes, by that other cunt, Bercow. There are supposed to be limits on how long (and how many times) an MP can go on for. But not with this annoying SNP cunt.

    Every time I flicked over to see how proceedings were going on, there was this cunt, standing almost in the middle of the floor going on yet another extended anti democratic, anti English rant.

    I wouldn’t mind, but every single rant is the same from this cunt. “A bad deal for Scotland/We’ll see you in court/we need a people’s vote/hard right Brexiteers”. He’s even worse than his leader, wee Jimmy Krankie.

    I’m almost tempted to become an MP, just so I could run across the floor and punch the cunt in the mouth when he started up again.

    What a cunt.


    Time was when the world was the baldy man’s oyster – when he was an ultra Blairite issuing his blood-curdling announcements, and he minced on the world stage like a colossus. Since then, the hob-nobbing round the Blair’s back passage has come to an end, and poor Liam is so poor he can no longer afford razor blades, but a Blairite is nothing if not adaptable, and tired of poverty Liam now sees himself as the Mayor for the Midlands, and he is pulling out all the stops. Sadly since the power years the fuckwit seems to have gone blind as he wants to make the Midlands a sanctuary for asylum seeking “refugees”. What a cunt!:

    Every cloud has a silver lining – perhaps Hammy Lammy will end up there with the arse hanging out of his trousers.

  7. Proctor and Gamble are cowardly cunts.
    They have vowed to remove the female symbol from the packaging of their Always brand sanitary towel, following complaints from a couple of women, who now call themselves men, but still require the monthly services of a snatch plaster.
    This is going to be one of those stand back and enjoy the fireworks, as quite a few women, and some of them of the feminist persuasion, are not happy with the change, and want the symbol to remain.

    Unfortunately, feminism is no longer the force it once was, and it frequently comes into conflict with the xyzzzzzgbt+ community, usually coming off second best. Feminism is so 1980s don’t you know. In fact, the only time you will hear from a feminist is if they are BAME, as there are a constant stream of those, especially on radio four.

    After decades of the male element of many things being removed to make them more inclusive, it is now the turn of the fairer sex to experience this nonsense. And, it only takes a couple of drag queens, and one or two schizophrenic women who think they are men to make changes, not years of campaigning. Life isn’t fair, is it, ladies?

  8. Sir Patrick Stewart
    Well known B-list actor, dedicated luvvy and celebrated political expert Sir Patrick Slaphead is at it again.
    Addressing a baying crowd of Remoaners at the ‘Peoples’ Rally’ in (you guessed it) London, Old Baldy ‘Picard’ claims that Leave voters were promised ‘sunlit uplands’, and that we were ‘mislead, lied to by the Brexit elite’ etc. Translated into English, this means nothing less than you, me, and every other Leave voter is so thick that we couldn’t understand what we were voting for. Of course he doesn’t want to come straight out with that, thereby insulting 17.4 mill. voters. So he patronises us instead. It follows that we were naïve lambs, duped by that nasty Mr Farage and his ilk. It would be much better if we just trusted wise old Uncle Patrick; after all, he’s much better placed to judge what’s in our own best interests than we are ourselves.
    Well here’s the thing Baldy. Parliament took the decision to trust the issue of deciding on EU membership to the people in a referendum, and to honour the result. The people weighed the matter up and voted to leave. Three years on, a dissembling House of Commons is still doing its utmost to frustrate that result, aided and abetted by a motley crew of allies in entertainment and media circles. Just who’s lying to whom here? Seems to me that it’s more a case of a misleading and lying establishment trying to frustrate the democratic process, and you’re its mouthpiece.
    Sorry Captain, but the Prime Directive was established three years ago, and you can’t violate it now. So please get on board the USS Enterprise with as many Remoaning cunts as you can cram on with you, and get the fuck out of here in the general direction of the final frontier, warp factor eight. Make it so.

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