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8 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Scratters On Bikes
    I think the consensus on IsAC would have it that while not all cyclists are cunts, there are an awful lot of cunts going around on bikes.
    We’re all familiar with that ludicrous, self-satisfied sub category of cycle cunt known as the ‘lycra loony’. I’d like to cunt another sub category, namely, scratters on bikes. Going along a main road in my car earlier, I was suddenly mortified by the sight of a scratter on a bike hurting straight towards me, on MY side of the road. You’ll know the type. Hoody, scarf across face, scruffy trainers, shitty ‘shell’ bottoms; his best outfit in fact. As if this behaviour wasn’t execrable enough, the bag o’ shite was actually freewheeling, as he was using both hands to text on his mobile!! Naturally I gave this fucker a wide berth, and of course he was supreme in his arrogance that everyone would do just that.
    Scratters are lowlife cunts period, but scratters on bikes are a repugnant antisocial disease. They weave recklessly through traffic. They race along pavements doing wheelies, they ignore red lights and belt through pedestrian crossings when the green man (sorry, ethnic minority pedestrian crossing facilitator) is on. Remonstrate with a scruff on a bike and you’ll get a ‘fuck off’ for your trouble. The Highway Code is something for everyone else to adhere to, and for them to disregard with impunity. They invariably dress in hard to see clothes without benefit of high visibility strips or lights when it’s dark, and they invariably don’t wear helmets. They behave this way because they can. They’re very hard to identify, can disappear quickly, and no doubt are very hard to catch, even if the scuffers actually gave a fuck.
    These arseholes are about as welcome as a dose of the clap. They’re like flies in summer, and they’re everywhere. I swear that if I witnessed an incident between one of these ratbags and a vehicle, I’d take the vehicle driver’s part, wherever responsibility actually lay. That’s how much I hate these fuckers. Scratters on bikes should fuck off and die, as of yesterday. Cunts every one.

  2. Based on the above cunting…I think cyclists without helmets deserve their very own cunting.
    As a driver, if I get caught without my seatbelt on, I get a 30 quid fine or whatever it is these days, plus 3 points. Yet a cyclist can use the road, without a fucking helmet on with absolutely NO repercussions. I mean how fucking backwards is that? Even the most innocuous of falls from a bike can cause severe head trauma if fate wishes it so….and I would argue that the risk to a person on a bike with no protection being struck by a car at 20mph for example is certainly no less than that of someone in a car. Yet more evidence of the overwhelming fuckwittery that goes on in the minds of our ‘betters.’
    When you can’t differentiate between the clear and obvious dangers of two stratospherically alternate levels of risk….no wonder the cunts in charge can’t run a bath never mind this country.
    And not only that, most cyclists look like bell ends regardless, so adding a helmet into the mix isn’t going to do more damage to their image.
    Fucking arseholes one and all

  3. Freddie Mercury is a cunt…

    Nothing to do with his singing ability, and although Queen are overrated, it’s the revisionism and that sanitised film that’s annoying… This biopic comes out and Freddie is seen as this ‘character’ and ‘card’ who was ‘outrageous’ and of course with him being ‘that way’ that is entirely acceptable in today’s PC obsessed world… The thick masses and cinema goers (who these days are mostly stupid cunts) will laugh about Mercury’s ‘flamboyance’ and how ‘outrageous’ he was… But they’d wince if they had a real biopic of the man… His ‘famous parties’ were actually infamous, and he made Casanova look tame when it came to putting it about… The film also omits to say that he put in the wrong place too many times with too many men and that is what killed him… But nah, the lemmings think ‘What a character’ and clap along to ‘We Will Rock You’… To be fair to Mercury (who never hid what he was), he might have hated this cleaned up biopic and it’s just a way to make more money for ‘Brand Queen’… A good singer and frontman he was, but a ‘lovable rogue’ for the PC age? Count me out for a start…

  4. Danger or Dark Tourism

    This is the seemingly new practice of usually 1st world cunts travelling , quite intentionally to 3rd world shitholes.

    However, unlike Jemima and Tarquin’s gap year building orphanages out of bricks made from the locals’ excrement, the strategy ofnthese monumental cunts is to deliberately target areas that the foreign office says try not to bother with if at all possible.

    These cunts are usually boyfriend and girlfriend and without fail the bloke will usually be antipodean and will own one of those maps to show all the CUNTries he’s been to, with which the cunt will be only to happy to bore you.
    Like I’m fucking interested.

    It’s a shame these maps don’t have time spent in each country on them as no doubt Australia is way down that ranking table but he’ll tell you how great Australia is . Yeah your home country is a fucking desert effectively . It’s why all you cunts are here.

    Anyway I digress, I’ve just overhead this.dozy bitch in the office say that her and “Brad” are going to a fairly dangerous part of central Asia on a three month sabbatical.

    She says this loudly a lot , like the rest of us are supposed to be impressed that quite literally the softest person in the office has been tricked into thinking it will be fun. I shit you not, she was crying the other day because someone else’s cat died.

    She has this idealised view of where she is going, as if she is some sort of latter day Walter Thesiger.

    The reality will more likely be that Brad gets his head cut off on YouTube and she gets annihilated in all holes before suffering the same fate.

    There’s no romance in going to war zones you stupid stupid cunt, it’s why nobody wants to be there.

  5. AirBNB is due a cunting for no longer listing accomodation in Judea and Samaria, whilst continuing to list accomodation in Chinese occupied Tibet, Turkish occupied northern Cyprus AND terrorist dominated Gaza (who’d want to go to that cunthole anyway?) So fuck airbnb, you cunts, I won’t be using you again, not that I ever have done. I’ve advised everyone I know to boycott these cunts.

  6. Olly Robbins is still a cunt.

    The parrot-faced civil servant has become quite the Remain superstar since he was last cunted. What a deliberately obfuscating dog’s dinner he’s made of negotiations. Let us not forget it is he who has constructed this wretched “deal” – as Sir Nigel said earlier in the year, Raab was just a bag-carrier (yet retains some honour after reigning).

    Oily Robbins, who begins every sentence with an irritating “So…”, clearly set out to construct a “deal” that was a BRINO (in name only). Not many people know that Robbins s a brilliant, skilled negotiator. Because he isn’t.

    This is what Tony Blair recently said of Robbins:-
    ” I take my hat off to Olly Robbins. Olly is a very skilled guy. The elaborate camouflage of all the different points is a tribute to the skill of the British Civil Service. I say that sincerely. ”

    If you’re receiving plaudits of this calibre from the shit-eating grin of the Grand Pu-ba of Cuntiness, you know it’s a Remain stitch up.

    Robbins you’ve fooled nobody and will go into the history books as a creepy, Pro-EU bureaucrat who attempted to deceive the British public but was discovered to be the weasely cunt that you are.

  7. I’d like to nominate “BBC 3 Cunties Radio” for a cunting.

    Tonight the local AL-BEEB was decrying the NHS being stretched to fuck in the Bedfordshire area – which also encapsulates Lutonistan – mulling over the reason why…

    Well of course it’s that growing population of selfish old cunts again isn’t it! You know the fuckers who have paid 30-40yrs into a system that was actually meant to serve them!

    No mention of the artificial population expansion due to 10 million imports (and that’s just the ones we know about) since 1997. Why of course that has fuck-all to do with it has it. That would be waycist!

    I wonder what the educated cunts at 3CR would make of it if overnight all of the 10 million “Johnny Come Latelies” were fucked off with a swish of a wand but all those selfish old cunts were still here.

    Would the NHS (or insert any other fucking service/resource in the UK here):

    a) Still be overstretched with not enough beds, nurses, doctors, etc., because of those selfish old cunts?

    b) Just about struggle by?

    c) Have the effect of laying off all of the RotW’s medical flotsam who’ve descended here (and now it transpires a lot of whom don’t actually have real qualifications – now that some cunt has decided to check – funny that eh) and closing down hospitals due to overcapacity???

    The law of supply and demand never changes. Until we redress the demand side we can never keep up with supply, end of. It’s a simple graph a two year old can understand and even if all the people over 75 now lived until they were 85 it would barely make a dent in the demand side if there wasn’t 10 million (much more deserving) interlopers to deal with as well!

    However, the 3CR mantra – as it is with all AL-BEEB and Sly outlets – is that the supply and demand graph doesn’t apply where immigration is concerned and is purely waycist!


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