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2 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. I would like to nominate Tony Giles, and his cunting travel show! Blind and deaf fucker has spent the last 2 decades, wasting people’s time and money, travelling the globe, seeing fuck all, and hearing even less! What the fucking point, eh? The only sense you have is touch, and you should feel a right cunt for emulating Americans with your ‘WOO, that was awesome’ chanting! Fuckoff, you time wasting mong!

  2. A right Royal cunting please for His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew.

    Everyone who has seen his excruciatingly awful, awkward & downright bizarre Newsnight interview, is just mouth agape at how out of touch with real life, this spoilt, over-priveleged arsehole is.

    Many journalists have described the interview as ‘car crash’ tv, but the most acurate review I read said : “I expected a train wreck, but that was a plane crashing into an oil tanker, causing a tsunami, triggering a nuclear explosion level bad”. It has since been revealed that his PR lacky strongly advised against it, and quit his job when his opinion was ignored.

    This guy is completely devoid of any remorse, shame or sympathy for his matter of fact ignorance of the abuse of under age girls, that was going on under his nose – even if he wasn’t taking part himself. As the father of 2 daughters, it begs the question where his moral compass was, or why his danger radar wasn’t raising concern – but there I am showing my own naivety, as he probably did very little ‘parenting’ himself. It was most likely a team of tutors, valets & social coaches raising the young princesses.

    Ultimately, it just shows how the social circle of this ancient elite, are so far removed from the lives of us ordinary people. He described Epstein’s conducted as ‘unbecoming’ – “Unbecoming?” Maitlis asked, incredulously “He sexually abused underage children!”

    He described himself as ‘not a party goer’ & that the much published photo of him with his arm around the waist of a 17 yr old (at the time) young girl, as “unlikely”.
    ” I have no recollection of ever meeting her” & “those are the type of clothes I travel in. I would not wear them on an evening out”. Photo’s of him in similar clothing, with ‘other’ young women draped around him ‘partying’ seem to disprove his claims of a monk like existence of public service.

    There’s ‘another shoe to drop’ in this saga, methinks…..

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