Use the comments section below to write up your cunt for a nomination.

We won’t write your cunt up for you. If you can’t be fucking bothered, neither can we . So don’t be a cunt by submitting a one liner!

The admins will review this page periodically and will either:
1. Post your nomination immediately
2. Schedule it for posting later
3. Decide it’s not appropriate!

After reviewing the nomination, it will be deleted so when it disappears from this page then you know it’s been actioned. Nominations posted elsewhere will be ignored.

[1] Posting in all lower case triggers the spam filter and automatically consigns your comments to oblivion.
[2] Don’t be a lazy cunt and use an eMoji as a name ‘cos it just gets binned and you’re wasting your time and ours.
[3] Write a nomination not War and Peace. We have to read it to check the content and we have better things to do! “Brevity is the soul of wit
[4] DON’T COMMENT ON NOMINATIONS. Wait until they’re posted. Comments will be deleted.
[5] Please write it up as it will appear to save us time correcting spelling, punctuation, paragraph spacing etc. Frankly some of you lazy illiterate fuckers are trying our patience and asking to be binned

PLEASE NOTE that unsubstantiated allegations against living people will not be considered. Where possible please enclose a link to a reputable news source


6 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. An open letter to IsaC:

    The one inviolate rule of this august body is to not cunt the cunter. But as far as I know it isn’t against the rules to cunt oneself.

    In the recent past I took on the issue of trolls and troll like behavior here at IsaC. As a result a nomination was put forth decrying those who cry troll when perhaps it isn’t warranted.

    I took great offense to this nomination. I perceived said nomination as swipe against me rather than an attempt to highlight the issue.

    As such, I decided to object. I knew full well it would be an unpopular opinion. And accordingly, I decided to stand my ground and vigorously defend my position against any and all comers.

    Both actions…denouncing the nominator and vigorously defending my position against all were wrong. As such I turned the spotlight on myself when it should have been on the issue. In effect I turned the issue into a dysfunctional diatribe. I very much regret doing so.

    My old Granddad was a crotchety, cantankerous old cunt from a small town in the American midwest. He once told me:

    “Over the years I’ve eaten my share of crow. I can’t say I’ve ever learned to like it. The taste isn’t that bad but the Goddamned feathers keep getting stuck in my throat.”

    Sometimes I’m a cunt.

    Apologies and regards to all.

    “When passion fucks reason a fanatic is born.”

    • I know I’m not supposed to reply in Nominations so sorry in advance Admin.


      Don’t lose any sleep over it. You probably think I’m a cunt, and you’re entitled to. We all are, sometimes. We all have our “wobbly moments”, sometimes. I’ve had mine, you’ve had yours. Doesn’t make you any more of a cunt than the rest of us.


      Have a good one General👍

    • Fuck me General. This is a site for wingeing, moaning cunts and misfits (myself excluded of course) It’s not meant to be taken to heart and beaten up over.
      Get a grip and carry on cunting.

      Black Lies
      Green cunts
      Take the piss.

  2. The Sunak Family. Raakhi Sunak! Sister of Rishi. She ( just happens to be ) Engagement and Strategy Lead for the United Nations at the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office. Her appointment seems to pre date the current ( ahem ) problems we are currently experiencing.
    Coincidence? Crystal Ball ?
    Her personal profiles have been removed from several sites, and she is a “low profile under the radar operative.
    ( Rishi ( ex Goldman Sachs ) married well and was a Director of Katamaran Hedge Funding .)

    Something in all of this stinks !

    • Omission. Raakhi Sunak : Correction to title .

      “”Engagement and Strategy Lead to United Nations at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Covid 19 , ”

      Apologies to admin.

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