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11 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. A timely nom for Equity please. Now we’re all probably aware of this bunch of mincing pansies as the union for thesp types, but it seems nowadays they, like many of the wastes of plasma that constitute the intellectual wastelands of Twatter, consider themselves to be at the forefront of all the PC, woke, anti-waaycism bullshittery.

    To the point where when actor Laurence Fox appeared on Question Time the other day and spoke the basic truth to this daft cow:

    As she was trying to impress on him in her god-awful simpering manner, that good old Meghan is leaving the poisoned teat of the UK because of racism. Her reasoning? He shouldn’t be allowed to comment because he is WHITE, proof if it were needed that in the minds of these simpletons racism is only a thing if it’s directed at “people of colour”.

    Equity have seen the opportunity to get themselves some headlines, and have of course immediately denounced the witch and called on all of their good-with-colours members to make sure Fox never works again. Cunts one and all.

  2. Hank Azaria is a cunt…

    Simpsons actor Hank Azaria says he will no longer voice Apu… According to Azaria, it is suddenly ‘wrong’ and (wait for it) ‘racist’ to do such a character…
    Pity he didn’t say that years ago, before trousering hundreds of thousands of dollars from the part and his association with the Simpsons….. This fucker will be minted for life due to voicing Apu, yet he pisses in the face of the show that made him? What a fucking cunt….

    If there is one thing worse than a SJW cunt, then it’s a hypocritical SJW cunt….

  3. Rashidul Islam
    One Rashidul Islam, from culturally enriched Brent, just may not be the sharpest tool in the box.
    This is the absolute idiot who in May last year, staged a bomb hoax to try and delay the Morocco-bound flight that he feared he would miss. In an anonymous phone call, he stated that ‘EasyJet flight 8897 leaves in 40 minutes. There may be a bomb on board. You need to stop it now’. He followed this up with two further calls, which led to the evacuation of the plane. The thick-as-pigshit tosspot then turned up late at check-in, and subsequent inquiries revealed that the calls had been made from his mobile phone.
    At his trial, the cunt made the piss-poor excuse that problems on public transport had led to his actions, and that he couldn’t afford another ticket. Unsurprisingly, the judge at Lewes Crown Court was unimpressed by this whining attempt at justification, and handed out a 16 month custodial sentence. Islam was also banned from Gatwick airport.
    Naturally an assumption will arise in the public mind that a cultural link can automatically be made between someone named Islam and the notion of planting a bomb on an aircraft. Such an assumption should of course be dismissed as a matter of pure coincidence.

  4. Wolf Blitzer

    No this is not the name of a sadistic SS general in a Sven Hassel book but that of a “lead political anchor” (as he describes himself) on a CNN show called “The Situation Room”.

    Wolf has the charisma of John Major, Jeremy Corbyn, Malcolm Rifkind and Arthur Negus wrapped up in one and attempts to enliven his tedious show by claiming that every development he announces is “historic”, “ground breaking” or “fast-moving”.

    Like the other politically correct CNN muppet “anchors”, he despises Trump and his supporters i.e. the American people who voted of their own free will to put The Donald in charge of the nuclear button and not the Hag Hillary.

    Wolf´s idea of an orgasmic red-hot story is the “discovery” of an e-mail which mentions “Ukraine” and was sent by someone who was a junior deputy assistant advisor to somebody else who was a senior deputy assistant advisor to somebody who was once photographed in the same room as Trump. This e-mail is, therefore, conclusive proof that Trump is the worst president in US history and should be impeached. QED!

    To help him, Wolf can usually rely on eight other talking heads, most of whom will be black, Asian and Hispanic women. They will vilify Trump while Wolf peers sagely over his glasses and nods in agreement.

    Unfortunately Wolf has still not realized that no-one is actually watching his show, including me as I switch off as soon as he appears.

  5. Guy Verhofstadt is a massive cunt for insisting that we will go back to to the EU. Maybe we will in time. Maybe we won’t in time. The point remains that this wanker (never trust a cunt with a centre-parting) insists it will be so, forgetting that such bleating will make it less so. The cunt.

    [How do I upload a picture of this bastard?]

  6. Pakistani rape gangs and the cunt cops who let them slide because protecting poor white girls from Pakistani immigrant rapists was too much trouble surely needs a good mention.

  7. Rachel Boyle

    Rachel Boyle is the academic who posed the question the Laurence Fox shot down on question time.

    She attributed the public perception of Megan to be tainted by racism because Meghan is black. Megan is not black, she’s as much white as she is black. Rachel however only sees Megan’s black heritage, she’s eliminated Megan’s white lineage to suit her own prejudice.

    Rachel only has one card, the race card. Any criticism of anyone that’s not white can only be attributed to racism in Rachel’s world view.

    Rachel’s world view is comparable to looking the wrong way down a telescope. She sees racism in everything and then builds here argument on that premise.

    I’ll now go where I probably shouldn’t. Britain is a white nation, there is no white privilege here, you can be dirt poor and white or filthy rich and white, it’s however the default race of the people indigenous to this country. Any other race in this country have turned up late for the party but there are dirt poor BAME and filthy rich BAME people living in the UK in the relatively short time we have entertained mass immigration.

    I regard BAME folk in the UK the same way I regard white South Africans, they exist but let’s face it they can never be considered indigenous people. Some will call me racist but they are people that don’t understand the true definition of racism.

    The twitter mongs and others are out for Laurence’s career if not his blood, people need to stand up and defend him. He said what the vast majority of people think. We are tired of being called racist, we are tired of being slagged off for being white, we are tired of people like Rachel who are far better of being British citizens than they would be if their parents or grandparents had not come to the UK cunting us off as individuals and as a nation.

    I’d not stand by and watch another human being attacked or deprived of life due to their race or religion Rachel, I won’t however have some cunt tell me I have white privilege because I was born in a nation that is ethnically white.

    If I decide to go and live in Africa or Asia I fully expect the indigenous people’s culture, welfare and wishes to take priority over mine.

    For fuck sake Rachel, why are you playing the victim? Why are you not celebrating as a woman of colour that you are able to be a success in this country and that Megan was welcomed into the Royal family regardless of her colour and regardless of her shit show family?

    This has to be the most tolerant nation on the planet but you won’t be happy until the indigenous white people are subservient to immigrants.

    Fuck off Rachel, white, black or whatever we should be grateful everyday we wake up in this civilised and tolerant country.

    White privilege or BAME complex?

  8. Meghan Markle (Why doesn’t she use Rachel anymore? Because Meghan is cuntier!) is a cunt!

    This stupid cunt has been appearing on the telly box and on media feeds for fucking ever, and I’ve had enough. Fuck off right now you dozy cunt.

    So currently the whole cunting British media who cant see beyond their own cunts are obsessed that the cunting “sussexroyals” (registered cuntmark) are “stepping down” and giving up the cunty prefix HRH because of media scrutiny.

    But here’s the thing I really hate about Meghan@sussexroyals (reg, CM)….

    If you wanna go around pretending to give a shit about poor cunts with AIDS in Africa and pretend to be some progressive cunt. Why did you wanna join the least progressive bunch of cunts in the whole world? The cunting Windsors who literally take money from the poor and use it to ride around in golden cunting carriages.

    You’re a cunt and hypocritical shallow cunt at that Rachel. Do one.

  9. Reuben de Maid

    There’s a new kid on the block. Reuben de Maid. A 12 years old boy. He’s a ‘make up influencer’. Of course he’s been bullied for doing so. Still he’s not doing so bad-appearing in the Elllen Degeneris show.
    ‘He’s not your usual 12 year kid’. Oh yes he is. He’s your usual 12 year kid on television, on vlogs, on Instagram.
    Isn’t that the problem? The very nature of them is visual. You must have something visually interesting or arresting to look at. So, in a sense, media bosses naturally take them up. The more outrageous the image the more acceptable it is to them.
    A 12 year old boy who wears make up. And everyone is ‘amazed’. Inuding his rather formal grandfather (in suit) going along with it. Probably can see a financial dividend.
    Smiling, pouting, then a raised eyebrow (nicely tweezered) coquettishly looking into the camera. Amazing.

  10. Tom Bradby is a huge cunt.

    We all know that, but if anyone Googles this link in the future, I want to leave no doubt.

    Bradby has set himself up as the friend and confidante of Ginger Pubes and Little Miss Sparkle. Before the settlement was reached, he stridently announced on the ITV News that if the couple didn’t get the deal they wanted then there could be a ‘kiss and tell’ expose on the inner workings of the Royal Family.

    You could almost see Bradby pissing his tena pad with excitement in his expectation that he would get the scoop if this was the outcome.

    Luckily, the Queen has thrashed out a deal so this is now unlikely to happen, unless Little Miss Sparkle dumps Hewitt and spills her story. Hopefully MI5 have a case on Bradby and that a mysterious and unexplained disappearance of the ‘UK’s Favourite Newsreader’ can’t come around too soon as far as I am concerned.

    Bradby is a giant turd sprayed in glitter and a massive cunt.


    A massive blue and gold flag cunting please for this useless piece of shit who wants to be deputy leader of the Labour Party. If being leader is a crap enough job this one comes below it in the sewer of jobs.

    This half-caste cunt believes Brexit “MUST” be put back to “the people” as opposed to the foxes and hounds who voted in 2016.

    Has this daft looking fuckwit learned nothing from the fucking they got at the polls last month?. What is it with these half foreign Labour cunts and their constant denial of democracy?

    Fuck off dear and go and get a job on the checkout at Tesco – or if you can drive Transport for London are always looking for bus drivers, but if they are above your capabilities most public lavatories need a cleaner – and with luck eventually they will give you a brush.

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