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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Just to let you all know. I’ve emailed Two in the Stink today to offer my help, and ear and a shoulder to lean on. Thanks to admin for giving me his email address. Hopefully, with support from you guys, we can get him back to a better place. I’ve suffered from PTSD since leaving the army. Some of my US uncles, who all served with the USMC in Vietnam have it too, to varying degrees. And some friends I served with have it too. So I do know something about mental health issues. Fortunately, I have a large family, wife, daughters, parents etc, who have been very patient and supportive with me. I’m now back in a good place, and my PTSD doesn’t bother me as much. My hope is that we can get Two in the Stink to good place too. And if there’s anything, however small I can help in order to do that, I’m right there. Unfortunately, mental health services in the UK are shite! And it was only because the British Legion got a me a counsellor that I got to speak to someone. Prior to that, even with the support of my family, there were times when I seriously considered topping myself. I’m glad I didn’t. A lot of people are not so fortunate. Anyway, thanks for reading this. Thanks again to admin for giving me Two in the Stink’s email address, and let’s hope we can do something to help him

    Thanks Guys.


    (You’re welcome. And am glad you are offering some expert support for Two. Keep us posted when you can – admin)

    Sir Cuntalot on August 5, 2020 at 7:40 pm said:
    Have you tried contacting SSAFA for help and advice?

  2. 🎶 Don’t wanna be an American idiot 🎶
    Joe Biden…….the next President of the United States!!

    Poor Joe. Well into the early stages of Alzheimer’s, doesn’t know where he is half the time but finds himself as a puppet on a string for the communists who have infiltrated the Democrats.
    You’d think his family would put a stop to his humiliation but are you going to deny him the opportunity to be President?…….tough call. They are keeping him away from hostile media (not much of that) on the grounds of his age and vulnerability to Corbyn19. The Yank media are using that excuse, and many others, to suggest that there should not be the usual tv debates with his opponent. They know very well he is not in a fit mental state to handle that. Tango is a ruthless cunt and will fucking destroy him.
    The Democrats must be in a right state if poor old Joe is the best they can come up with. Mind you, the last time they put up one of the most unpopular cunts in the country so don’t ask me for fucks sake.
    I can’t do links and shit but there’s a stand up routine by Robin Williams where he rips the piss out of “rambling Joe Biden”. That was 2009!!.
    If Robin were still alive he’d be “cancelled” ………. obviously.

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