And these so-called ‘Corbynistas….’

Notice they’re mostly Asian or Diane Abbott look-alikes (one is enough!)…

Is it yet more PC gone mad, or are they the only sort of mingers that Corbyn can attract to his bandwagon?…

Either way, they are all cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

43 thoughts on “Corbynistas

  1. A righteous cunting. If you look up to Comrade Corbyn as the light of wisdom you really are a cunt.

  2. That Shami Chuckyurbalti cunt has been at it again today. The soft cow says there are 1000 unacompaied minors in the jungle and that we British should do something to help them.

    These minors wouldn’t be single men in their 20s claiming to be 17 by any chance?

    Typical of your corbynista cunt, no critical thought processes. Go tell it to corbyn’s supporters who have an average age of 12 3/4 and leave running the country to the grown ups.

    • How the fuck does an unaccompanied 17year old journey from sub Sahara all the way to Calais? I left home at 17 and moved to sunny Northampton, but i had family support and a job centre to visit .if the cunts have made it that far ,let’s just point them in the direction of america and kanye ,gay-z, boyonce and not so black Obama can greet their mudflap cousins with open arms at the Ellis island jungle…

    • 1000 minors and 999 have no legitimate claim to be a refugee and the one that does lost it the minute they failed to stop in the first safe country.

      So fuck him and with absolutory no respect Shami fuck you too,.

    • Why doesn’t that smarmy faced cunt pay for a couple of the rapists to live with her. She will play a different tune after a week or so when they have raped her, stolen everything in sight etc.
      Fucking do gooding lefty cunts. Put up or shut up and in Cuntabartis case the sooner she shuts up the better.

  3. It’s pretty sad when the best option is to keep Mr.NoSeatOntheTrain-Corbyn just so we dont have a bigger cunt like that fucking loser Owen Smith!

    British politics is like a dark sitcom for paedos and serial killers that with no amount of canned laughter will ever be funny or taken seriously because its a parody of itself

  4. I’ve often wondered just how many of these “bright young things” that you see at these political get-togethers have actually had a proper job. Not just Labour,but Tory and Liberal, it seems to be a collection of righteous cunts who believe that their six-form common room beliefs are the word of god.
    It’s very easy to be idealistic when you’ve never actually had to crawl out of bed to go to a job that you don’t particularly enjoy . To pay tax to keep a feather-bed life-style for a bunch of sponging wogs or terminally idle chavs, To decide that you can only afford 2 children, while Waynetta Slag farrows another litter of piglets. To see ex-service personnel told that they don’t qualify for housing because Mr Umbongo requires a 5-bed house for his tribe.
    All these young idealists should learn about the real world,not some ridiculous ideal of everything for everyone,and to fuck with the poor cunts who have to stump up for this Brave New World.
    Politics should be a serious business,not the continuation of some adolescent playground squabble.

    • Wonder if Corbyn reads ‘Asian Babes’?
      He has enough of the (their?) cunts around him, doesn’t he?….

      • I think he likes his meat dark and fatty, if Abbott’s anything to go by. The man deserves a medal the size of a frying pan if he could satisfy that black hole of despair. I couldn’t even raise a semi if she laid down in front of me,buck-naked,with her big toes caught in her earrings.

      • Oh fucking hells bells, that image is now burnt into my brain!! This will haunt me to the grave….

  5. The Labour Party should fuck off down the social and sign on, as the cunts are basically unemployed and unemployable.
    Why anyone has faith in Corbyn or anything the soap dodging Steptoe cunt has to say shows what a shower of shit the Labour party members are.
    Veggie cunt should fuck off and do something more in keeping with the sort of cunt he is……maybe releasing some nut cutlets back into the wild….

    • I don’t mind so much about his being a veggie but the cunt is tea total too. How can the country have a leader who can’t take his beer? It’s a given that the cunt is too frightened to smoke but when asked what biscuits he likes he said he didn’t eat them because of their sugar content. What a fucking knob.

      • Fuck me , my second confession of the day .not only am i a veggie but also teetotal. But that’s were my connections stop with these corbynista cunts . have an allergy to alcohol, after a few i usually end up fucking some Dianne Abbot looking cunt. Nah seriously after years of drinking i decided i hated hangovers, and fucking Dianne Abbot looking cunts…….smoke weed everyday….

      • Fucking veggie smoker!

        Yeah I’m down with that mo’fo!

        Just so long as I can fetch the scratchings…and I ain’t talking the old vinyl in’it!

      • Amazing, he states that he avoids each of modern-life’s evils, yet appears flabbier and more flaccid with every unctuous outing…the cunt.

  6. What the fuck is it with some ignorant cunts,

    Firstly I get people saying ‘Oh where does your ancestry originate’? Or similar and I say ‘English and Jamaican’ and then the cunts go ‘Oh your Jamaican, I like Reggae etc’. No you ignorant cunt I’m half English as well, my Great Grandad fought in WW1 got shot in the face and was left for dead by the people treating the wounded only to survive and fight again. I am equally proud of Both of my ancestors like my Jamaican ones who survived Slavery and all that cuntishness. So when I tell you what I am don’t instantly dismiss half my family you ignorant cunts. I am also sick of all these ignorant mixed race cunts who say ‘I am Black’ no you are not, if coffee has milk in it its not black Coffee you cunts and that goes for at least 40% of all ‘Black’ people in the Americas. I don’t give a fuck what people think of mixed race people, I personally wouldn’t want to be anything else, but these ignorant cunts (deliberate or not) can fuck off. You cunts.

    • To lighten the mood here’s a joke,
      The BNP get in power and start deporting all the Black people, then someone asks ‘Now the Blacks have gone what will we do with all the Mixed Race people? The reply was ‘They can stay in the Airport’.

      • As I am sure you guessed already most posters on here are not racist and smart enough to know to measure a man by his actions not the colour of his skin. What we all object to is an open door immigration policy. The issue people have with mixed race is that certain people in power see the extinction of all races and the replacement of us all with a unicolour mixed race is a solution to all the worlds problems.

        News flash fuckers, humanity will always find a reason to fight and evolution will soon separate lighter and darker skin colouring again. Cut the diversity shit which is all about getting us fighting each other whilst you cunts sit over us playing puppet masters.

      • Definitely not racist ,just cant stand show offs and shameless lying cunts of any creed or colour .met many,many white cunts ….a cunt is a cunt….

      • “Racist” is just a label used by cunts to silence anyone who dares to hold a different view to their own. Remember that cunt Brown calling some inoffensive old biddy “racist” just because she had the cheek to mention immigration?
        I confess that I am undoubtedly a” racist”, if we follow the Newspeak classification. As is just about everyone I know,to be honest.

      • Racism has been so overused it has lost any impact it ever had. It can mean virtualy anything these days, including admiting the existance of race in the first place. I am racist, by the way as I recognise that there are races and that each has its own strengths. Why do you thing so many elite athletes are black?

        I’m also sexist as I belive in biological sex. What a fucking cunt I am, eh?

    • I have the misfortune of having a scotch accent .fair do’s, I was born there but the Mater is English and it was her and my English side of my family who brought me up and not the scotch side (ignorant scotch cunts). Anyway, many English can’t seem to accept that i bleed England ,always have done ,you should have seen the fights i had as a kid against little scotch cunts . Scotland is a beautiful cuntry , just too many cunts for me .but I’ve always been English and always will be …..p.s.during euro 96 i was in a pub watching the England v Scotland game wearing an england shirt and still managed to get slagged off when England won….wtf…

      • What I do understand is how these Muslims or Polish people can claim to be treated in a racist way, there is no Muslim race nor a re the Poles a race, Muslims vary from white to black and Poles are white. Racism the word has been taken over by these Media hipster cunts.

      • Abso-fucking-lutely B&W Cunt me auld mucka!

        You deserve a medal mate, but – if you accept it – you’d be a cunt!

      • Now, apparently calling some ginger cunt a ginger cunt is racist… Some ginger cunt who worked at some dump like KFC or some other fast food craphole won a case for racial discrimination because his workmates called him things like ginger bollocks and Hucknall…. What’s the betting some spotty student twat soon cries ‘racism’ because somebody normal takes the piss out of their ludicrous turquoise hair?… The mind well and truly fucking boggles….

      • I have brown hair but have been cursed with ginger facial hair …..all i ever want for Xmas is matching sideburns and stubble ,but oh no ,now my chin and only my chin stubble has turned bright white….
        Getting older is a cunt….

    • Going off on a bit of a tangent from what Black and White Cunt said about beiñg mixed race,one thing that gets on my fucking tripe is how a type of middle class person finds everything foreign “interesting”. For example, I have a Scandinavian surname through marriage and am often asked to explain this as its “really interesting”. I have offered to tell them about how my English father traced his family tree back 500 yrs or how my English mother had an ancestor who was a notorious highwayman, but no, not interesting as it concerns this country. I am about to revert to a new English surname by deed poll as I’ve been divorced for years. This will no doubt make me a boring parochial bastard but the questions should stop,thank fuck!. Patronising fuckwitted cunts.

  7. To me, Corbyn comes across as a slow, doddery old cunt who probably has one of those chairs that help you stand.
    Cunts covered in more cobwebs than Madeline McCann’s pushbike…

    • And….the….sick….joke….of…the….day……………..J……R……cuuuuuntleeeee……..fucking brilliant ,cheers

  8. Corbyn is an ineffectual, dull yet extremely dangerous twat supported by some very nasty pieces of work. And as for all these fucking pricks squealing with delight over his “victory” (i.e. being allowed to keep his job) yesterday, these stupid sanctimonious cunts appear to be ignoring the fact that they have made Labour unelectable for at least another three years. Which is great, but they’re carrying on like they won a
    General Election for fuck’s sake.

    • That’s how thick those cunts are. If they reflected for a moment they would realise they are unelectable. However that won’t happen as they are so wound up in their own little world where everybody agrees with them they think the wider world also agrees with their childish and dangerous policies.
      Thankfully in the grown up world they are an irrelevance but nonetheless will make many a moderate labour supporters lives a misery. Not all bad then !

      • I’m not necessarily in favour of voting for a “showman” type politician or whichever candidate is the tallest etc and hell will freeze over before I vote Labour but this poor old cunt looks like he has wandered out of the day centre and can’t find his way back.

      • ‘his poor old cunt looks like he has wandered out of the day centre and can’t find his way back.’ – laughed at that, thanks.

    • That last one was a reply to REBEL but somehow ended up a way down here…probably something to do with smoking weed everyday….

      • I get a handle on that birdman.

        But bacon fries, fuck me, the “Dave” of crisps! Keep on repeating on you!

  9. Loved Ronald MacDonut’s speech to the Labour conference today promising to raise the minimum save to £10 an hour by 2020.
    Hey you lefty cunt! How the fuck are you going to do that when you’re not in power and the next election is in 2020?

    What a fucking idiot! Typical Labour cloud cuckoo land! Oh look – there goes another flying pig!


  10. Having been hijacked the Labour Party’s latest offering is 1970,s throwback corbyn, a man who talks about Britain in the 70,s as some golden age??, for those too young to remember Britain went on strike!! Bin men , water gas electric etc etc the unions all powerful brought the country to its knees, jezzer likes the sound of that, let the good times roll.
    Politics is a tricky business, lots of spin and brinkmanship, when the renewal for trident went before parliament jezzer had what he thought was his chance to shine, show the public what he could do, voting against our nuclear deterrent jezzer was on a high until someone pointed out that by failing to renew trident 5000 jobs would go!, with the mental agility of a stunned mullet jeezer hit the giddy heights, he had a plan so cunning you could tie a tail to it and call it a weasel ( blackadder) apparently jez wanted to build the new nuclear submarines to safeguard the jobs?, but wasn’t going to arm them with nuclear weapons?? FUCKIIN genius!! Was this a secret plan?? A master stroke?? Would Russia North Korea and china be fooled?? Probably not as he announced it at the labour conference!!!

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