The Left [2]

The left are due a nomination. Jacob Rees Mogg made the silly decision to advertise the fact he was on holiday in New York on the internet. So left wing retards descended on his home and vandalised the place. Apparently, they sprayed the words, “posh scum” on his windows and, “shut up and die” and, “dickhead” on his garage. They also scattered condoms on his garden, presumably a reference to him being Catholic, and left an effigy of Corbyn…sorry…a dildo…on the bonnet of his wife’s Range Rover and painted the symbol for anarchy on the car.

The fact that these democracy hating sacks of shit have only done this while he was away, says a lot about how cowardly they are. And it’s not just Tories they are attacking now. Corbyn’s followers are calling for the Noncefinder General himself, Tom Watson, to quit as deputy leader of the Labour Party, after he commented on the Party’s dismal failure to tackle anti-Semitism within its ranks. And Tony Benn’s granddaughter has received online abuse from Momentum morons, after she similarly criticised Labour for failing get rid of the many racists and anti-Semites.

Lefties have always been enemies of democracy, free speech, reasoned debate and many of the other things that all free, civilised countries enjoy. They’ve also been quick to level accusations of racism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, etc at others. And their response when those same accusations have been levelled at them, has been violence, intimidation, talking and shouting over people who were trying to comment, to drown them out, insults and general immature behaviour. However, that’s all become far worse since their Messiah, Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party.

And when he was first elected as Labour leader, he promised “a kinder, gentler politics”. Those words have since proved to be a lie. In recent weeks, Momentum have been likened to Militant Tendency, that bunch of far left loons who infested the Labour party back in the 80’s. I would go further than that. Momentum’s behaviour, especially since the anti-Semitism scandal broke, has been more akin to the behaviour of the Nazi party in the 1930’s.

We all remember Thornberry’s tweeting of a photo of an Essex white van man’s house, covered in England flags. The sneering tone and unspoken disapproval of an Englishman and England in general, not to mention the implication that the man was racist, Islamophobic, etc, is not an exception, it’s the rule. The entire left wing hate the UK, especially England and the English people. They hate democracy, they despise freedom of speech and freedom of thought and they firmly believe that anyone who does not subscribe to their fucked up beliefs is ‘far’ right. And if you dare to publicly change those beliefs, you will be met with most vile abuse, insults, threats and intimidation.

For them to call anyone scum, is hypocrisy at its worst. THEY are scum. THEY are the ones who pose a serious threat to this country and our way of life. The left, are cunts of the highest magnitude.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Labour Live

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … “Jez-fest” ha ha ha ha ha ha “Labour live” .. ha ha ha ha ha ha… “John mc-fuckin-donald” ha ha “Owen Jo-ha ha ha-Jones” ha ha ha ha….
I think I’m gonna die….
I really hope I see footage of this shit.

How they gonna get the abbopotomous on stage?…

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha………

…Labour fucking live?
How about labour fuckin dead …. I’d buy a ticket for that!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…… what sad cunts.

Nominated by Deploy the Sausage

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Labours shadow business secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey ( sounds very working class, that doesn’t it? ) has been on the telly, once again demonstrating why anyone even contemplating voting labour needs their head looking at. Regarding the collapse of construction company Carillion ( what kind of name is that? Sounds like a science fiction film ) she first criticised the government for awarding them contracts and then with the next breath criticised the government for not bailing them out before going on to say the company should be nationalised. When asked how the government was going to make a profit with a failing company she waffled some shit about the profitable parts of the company supporting the loss making parts. Fucking genius or what? Why didn’t any one else think of that?

It takes a seriously arrogant cunt to think they can take a loss making business and with no experience of the trade what so ever make it into a going concern. More double speak, fantasy economics, arrogance and fanatical belief in a long dead, failed and murderous ideology. Cunts!

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart

Labour Party (4)

I want to nominate the Labour party for a cunting. They’ve always been a party of a hypocritical shit houses, but there reaction to the Toby Young affair have seen them well and truly corner the market. Ok, fair enough, Young was a knob for posting what he did. But there are members of the Labour party, John McDonnell and Clive Lewis being two of the most notable examples, who have openly made sexist comments toward specific women. According to Labour though, that’s different.

Esther McVey has allegedly accused John McDonnell of sexist comments on more than one occasion, even suggesting he used the words, “lynch the bitch”. Lewis was also alleged to shout “get on your knees”, to a woman in a nightclub, AFTER she had already been subjected to sexist abuse from another Labour MP.

So, it’s ok for male Labourites to make sexist comments, but Toby Young, who is NOT a Labourite is viewed by some as a misogynist pig, who must be executed and fed to stray dogs for his tweets. And it’s not the first time Labour have been hypocrites. A couple of years back, photos emerged of a Tory MP wearing a Nazi themed costume at a party during his university days. Labour made a huge deal out of it, as if none of them had ever done anything stupid while they drunken students. And this was in the pre-Corbyn era. Only last week, Keir Starmer tried to brush off criticism of his handling of the Warboys case by saying, “it was nine years ago”. Well that’s ok then. It’s ancient history, so let’s forget about his incompetence being partly responsible for a convicted rapist, who, by all accounts, is still a danger to women, about to be put back on the streets.

When Damian Green was accused of sexual harassment, Labour MP’s and followers were quick to demand his head. They weren’t so quick however, when Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins was accused of sexual harassment. That has been pretty much whitewashed. In early November 2017, he was accused of inappropriate behaviour by a Labour part activist, claims which were reported to Rosie Winterton in 2015. A week after the first claim, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy accused Hopkins of paying her unwanted attention via written notes, dating back to 1994, when they the Chairs of neighbouring constituency Labour parties in Luton. The attention allegedly resumed in 2005, when she became an MP, and didn’t stop until 2016. She even showed the notes to Labour whips, and they were reprinted in the Guardian. She even told that paper’s political editor that she was, “really, really wary of him”.

And it’s the same with Labour’s blatant anti-Semitism. Should anyone dare to criticise Islam, they and the demented halfwits of Momentum are the loudest in screaming “ISLAMOPHOBIA”. Yet when they are accused of doing to Jews what they accuse others of doing to Muslims, it’s not the same thing at all.

Then we have Jared O’Mara, MP for Sheffield Hallam. At least, he was ELECTED as MP for Sheffield Hallam. He was suspended by Labour last year, pending an investigation into allegations of sexism and homophobia, and hasn’t been seen October, four months after he was elected to parliament. He has NEVER stood up and made a speech in the commons, not even his maiden speech.

Since 2002, he’s certainly made a number of online comments that could be seen as homophobic, sexist, derogatory and even racist. He once got into an online forum argument with a Danish user and allegedly ended up calling him a pig shagger. The incident that got him suspended occurred in March last year, before he was elected in June, happened on a night out in March. A woman he was with claims they got into an argument and he allegedly told her, “I wouldn’t touch you with a manky woman’s cunt, you ugly bitch”. A number of the woman’s friends witnessed this, but O’Mara says they are liars.

What really gets me about these pricks, is that they have the nerve to call Tories the Nasty Party, and scum. Really? Was it the Tories who openly celebrated when Thatcher died? Was it the Tories who abused candidates from other parties, especially the Tories, at the last general election? No. It was, allegedly, members of that swivel eyed bunch of Corbyn lovers, Momentum. One member of Momentum is accused of pissing in the doorway of one Tory MP’s constituency office. If a Tory had done that to a Labour MP, there would have been hell to pay. Yet they have the nerve to call the Tories scum. Because the allegations of abuse are aimed at Labour and their followers though, they’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. Fucking hypocrites.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

Jared O`Mara

Jared O `Mara is a cunt by virtue of being a Labour MP.My God though his previpous online posts are fucking legendary.Enjoy:

O’Mara’s derogatory language on the ‘Morrissey Solo’ website message board includes calling homosexuals “fudge packers” who “drive up the Marmite motorway”. He says gay people are “bitter and resentful about being homosexual”.

“Just cos he writes about gayness and gay issues, doesn’t mean he drives up the Marmite motorway, or for that matter, allows someone else to drive up his…

“You do mean ‘took it up the ass’ figuratively don’t you?… I just think that this story is much more poignantly romantic than fudge packing Jake or anyone else in a causual manner and I don’t want such a lovely vista to be spoilt.

“I find it funny how some homosexuals think they have the monopoly on being subject to abuse, they should try being Ginger…”

“To those of you that are bitter and resentful about being homosexual, maybe you need to take a bit of pride in your gayness, it’s not something to be ashamed of.”

On Jamie Cullum:

“It would be no great loss to the music world if he was sodomised with his own piano and subsequently died of a sore arse. In fact, it would be quite funny.”

In relation to pop idol winner Michelle McManus

“She only won because she was fat. Ipso facto…. I also dislike the prevailing western tendency to deify fatties… There is nothing noble or admirable about glutting on loads of fatty foods and making yourself obese and ill. The only fat people out there who deserve our respect are those who are fat not because of a poor diet/lifestyle, but because of a genuine medical condition. As far as I know, Michelle is not amongst that number.”

Using this profile, O’Mara once wrote a mock “advice column” for the band Girls Aloud. His “advice” was that Nicola, Cheryl, Nadine and Kimberley should “come have an orgy with me”. When another user wrote that they would not invite “the whiny ginger one” to take part, O’Mara replied: “At least send the ginge round mine”.

“I wish I were a misogynist
I’d put her in her place
I wish I were a misogynist
I’d smash her in her face.” [A song by O`Mara]

The funny thing is the only one I would say is offensive is the “I wish I were a Misogynist ” song.That was published by Guido Fawkes on the 7th June when he was elected an MP and before he was put on the women and equalities select committee.So why the fuck is there uproar now?

Guido apparently is going to publish his 2010 blog discussing Nelson Mandela and Gandhi.I am getting the popcorn ready as we speak.

In fairness to him although the song is bad the other comments are funny and not bad at all.Most men wanted a threesome with girls aloud 15 years ago (I still wouldn`t say no to be fair).Also he was right about Nicola she was always my favorite.Also fat people shouldn`t be respected for being lard arses and militant poofters do hate anyone who isn`t one of them.Jamie Cullum is also an irritating cunt although his music is pretty decent.He comes across as a dick though.

The guy is clearly a cunt and allegedly has been nasty towards women (whether they are jumping on the bandwagon who knows) but he is a high-quality cunter who should feel free to drop by at this site.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69