The irrelevance of the Labour Party- (16)

The irrelevance of the Labour Party.

‘The last thing UK business needs in the current economic climate is a “chaotic exit” from EU trading rules, Labour’s new shadow chancellor has warned.
Anneliese Dodds urged ministers not to put “ideology over national interest”.

Never heard of this fucker but surely the dire straits we are in now should override yet more Remoan politicking. Give it a fucking rest until at least we see some light coming through.
BBC news headline, needless to say.

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66 thoughts on “The irrelevance of the Labour Party- (16)

  1. Fook me, she looks like something you’d see in a cage at a Chinky wet market.
    Fuck Labour.
    Fuck China, dirty little bastards.
    Good morning.

    • She looks like one of those pork fillets you see hanging next to the ducks in the windows of Chinese restaurants. A left-wing gammon perhaps?

      • I dont think ive ever seen such a long neck on a ☆ahem☆ ‘woman’ … do the Chinks eat Giraffes?

    • She is like one of those women still arguing with the ex-husband 10 years after the divorce.

      We’re out of the EU you dozy fucking cow.
      You LOST the arguement ! wind your neck in & shut the fuck up !

  2. Anal-fleas Dodds is yet another EU-loving, second referendum supporting, belligerent Liebore sweaty who thinks they can score political points during the Covid 19 crisis.

    This lisping old harpie has been whining that Boris and co. has failed to manage the government job rention scheme and is calling for major changes – and now. This may all be irrelevant in several weeks or months time, but we will see.

    Fuck off.

    • Credit to whoever photo-shopped Analfleas’s neck to stretch out like a fogey sealion battling ChînkFlu.

      • She must have been in one of those African tribes that practise neck-elongation with multiple rings.

        Either that or her mum got jiggy with a giraffe.

  3. She is the ultimate bad hair day, she looks weird and comes across as being a proper dipshit
    I suppose Kweer has problem with labour MPs, they are all fucking useless so when it came to naming his shadow cabinet he was fucked before he started.

    I would say that the opposite is true, all the countries of Europe will be fucked after chinky flu the same as the UK so it is great time to reset. The economy with be ‘chaotic’ so any extra chaos from leaving the EU will be minimal.

    The EU will be spending hundreds of billions bailing out Italy and Spain and others, the German cash cow will be stretched beyond its limit so we will be well out of it.

  4. Those duurrtee lickle chinkays are now re-opening their wet markets as if nothing happened, according to news reports.

    Cunts deserve to have a large incendiary device dropped on them. They will never learn.

    • Not only are they opening up these disease ridden places again despite the ongoing global crisis, the sneaky little yellow cunts are also devising this scam while the rest of the world is otherwise engaged
      BBC News – MPs summon China-owned firm execs over security concerns
      There top man in London also said that now is not the time to re-think the huawei deal on 5g because it will mess up our infrastructure and leave us behind blah blah threat threat.
      I want the civilised governments of the world to come out and tell us what the plan is to deal with these cunts when this current shit is sorted out.

  5. How is it that the ‘Left’ seems to attract utter unfuckable munters.

    Bet she’s got bad breath too.

  6. Dodds looks as thick as a donkeys dick. she is the atypical Remonare woman – left wing, self righteou, loud, confident and wrong.

    Of course her and Dame Qweer raising all these queries and nit-picking is because they want a place at the government table in a “government of national unity”. Poor cunts don’t realize that having just endured their worst result since 1935 nobody is interested in what a pack of daft wimmin, effnics and poofters have to say about anything.

    This old tart looks like she was left behind at Greenham Common 37 years ago. Her knickers probably smell as rank as Maggie Beckett’s.

    • Thats a great pic admin!
      “Popeye!! Save me!”
      “Imma comin Olive! “😒

  7. The hideous monstrosity looks like someone from V1Z’s up the arse corner being buggered by the Invisible Man.

  8. One glance at Farmer Starmer’s new shadow cabinet might suggest another reason for the pungent odour of Dodd’s shitty knickers. Remainers, the lot of them.

      • Were there any Leavers in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet? Are there any Leavers in the Labour Parliamentary Party full stop?

        The only one I can remember, Kate Hoey, stood down at the last election.

        🕺Morning Capt.

      • Morning Ruff

        I don’t think there were any Hooey and Skinner weren’t in the cabinet. However, after such a drubbing at the GE, you’d think they would learn.

    • “Farmer” Starmer ? I had no idea that he was a farmer,Capt…I wonder where he farms?

      • Morning RTC.

        Well I just hope that he doesn’t get as much grant money as me.

      • Morning uncle,

        “Farmer” because he’s Ruffy and looks like a Gammon steak.

        Oh, and also coz he’s a cunt.

      • I thought that we might just be rhyming occupations with what people call us….I had you down as a banker.

      • Uncle, what is it with you lately? You had a hard-on for me over the weekend.
        Haven’t you had a self-fiddle yet? Didn’t the Easter Bunny visit your caravan?

      • Boo-Hoo
        Is the bully being nasty to you? It was all fun and games when you started out with your “all farmers are kiddy-diddlers/thick etc. who should kill themselves…not so keen when you realised that I could fire back eh?

      • By all means fire back though you needn’t be so shrill. You seem a bit pent-up recently.
        It can’t be the lack of toilet paper though, can it. You bumpkin types just crap in the bushes. Though I suspect on a special night you probably get to shit in the bucket in your awning.

      • If I did live in a caravan,at least I’d own it….not be mortgaged up to the hilt for some crappy rabbit-hutch of a Barrattbox….is that what bothers you about farmers?….the fact that they own something that a “team-leader” wage will never be able to buy?

      • Ha ha, I love your conjecture. I’ve been a lawyer, a professor, unemployed, I think once you had me working in Greggs.

        Always with the rabbit hutch though. It might suggest …something about you. Perhaps you’re not a farmer cunt but a retired civil servant living in a semi in Luton.

        Good lark this, isn’t it. Better than talking about the virus.

      • It is indeed better than talking about the virus,Capt….I must admit that I’ve been a bit bored since the fox-hunting ended.

        How about clearing up the mystery of your occupation?…I’m sure that it must actually be something much more important than farming?…is it manning the phone at the ” Are Jaffa-cakes suitable for vegans” hotline?

      • I’m not a vegan, uncle.

        I can understand your being bored since the end of fox-hunting. Fifteen years without playing dressy-up and murder with other fat, old anchorites.

        You country bumpkins must be deathly bored during this quarantine. How many times can you pick bed bugs out of each other’s hair. I suppose it’s not so bad for your faarmers if you’re in lock down with your sister.

      • You’re not a vegan?….So you care deeply about animals but lack the decency to go the “whole hog” and really make a difference?….Just pick and chose the bits that suit you,eh ?

        Hah !….”it’s not so bad for your faarmers if you’re in lock down with your sister.”

        I knew that you wouldn’t be able to resist….you suggest occasionally that my rants about The Gayness mean that I have something to hide….I wonder what you obsession with kiddie-fiddling and people who sleep with their blood relatives may suggest about you?

      • That would make you a jooish, hòmo cyclist. That was you reading the Israelî Times t’other day wasn’t it? Were you checking up on relatives or thinking of having a sabbatical in a kibbutz?

      • Dear me…. Calm down,you’re beginning to sound quite frantic…I thought that you were enjoying our little exchange?

      • I’m not frantic, uncle. It might’ve been the image of your picking oranges on a kibbutz with a bunch of smelly, lazy, unwashed hippies . It could be a step up for you.

      • You seem to have become too excited to answer the question of what your obsession with kiddy-fiddling may mean about you… be honest if we accept your idea that we rant about what we are hiding….well,tbh…I’d much rather be a Gay Jewish cyclist than a kiddie\fiddler….wouldn’t you?

      • No, really it was the thought of you with all those liberals and your middle-aged spread, a bandana covering up the pate and up a ladder. Ha.

        I always suspected something a bit dodgy, not so much the rustic angle but the Fox-hunter thing.

        Dick is sort of Kid backwards, isn’t it. Is that a clue?

      • Capt….you seem to be struggling. I’ll do you a kindness and draw our little exchange to a halt…my work here is done.

        I’m away to empty the shitbucket in my caravan.


  9. Anneliese Dodds is a complete dingbat.

    Why Shitstabber would choose to make this fuckwit Shadow Chancellor is beyond comprehension. Dodds is one of those perennial Labour idiots who have a season ticket to spout their lefty bullshit on programmes like Question Time and Politics Live.

    Rishi Sunak must have thought all his Divalis had come at once when he learned of this appointment.

    • Come Diwali, I doubt Rishi will be celebrating ‘Transcending the material plane’ as his marriage to a billionaire’s daughter has proved.

      • Just a figure of speech herr kapitan. One suspects Rishi to be of a secular persuasion.

  10. She looks like the love child of Rod Hull and Emu !! Absolutely grotesque !!

    Great Nom and commentary. It really cheers oneself up roaring out a few good bellys laughs. If Twatter an Facebore were this entertaining they’d be onto a sure fire winner.

    Farmer charmer kweer starmer, he is a fucking dirty Anal Farmer.

    I am chuffed we are all ripping into Labour, they are such a laughing stock, pretty much all the opponent parties are Comedy parties.

    Wish he’d put Jess Phillips in the shadow cabinet, she’s such a thick bint, she’s comedy gold. These lockdown blues. If I met her under a railway bridge on one dark night, I probably wouldn’t even ravage her, probably.

  11. As singleton on lockdown getting rather fruity lusty and sexually frustrated, neighbours think I’ve lost my cat, going out on to the street each evening calling “pussy, pussy, pussy”.

    Jess Phillips is ugly but her tits and arse look quite hany, if you taped her face up with an old Aldi’s shopping bag.

    • I’ve heard of ‘any port in a storm’ but I’d rather stick my bellend in a tiger’s mouth, while I stand in a paddling pool and have a plugged in television thrown in it at the same time.

  12. Labour the parasite party, the last thing I want to hear just now is the Labour Party. A change of leadership is just a change of cost, we all know underneath the new coat is the same horror show.

    Shhhhhhsh you cunts.

  13. I can only assume Kweer put her in the shadow cabinet because the start of her name sounds like “anal” – she will keep his bumboys happy.

    He will have problems when the nancy’s start getting stroppy (led by Streeting or Russell-Moyle no doubt). If I were him I would keep Diane Abbott on call stark bollock naked, so she can discipline them with sitting on their faces, or pushing their noses between her enormous cleveage.

    • Another example of Kweer’s poor judgement was to appoint Lloyd Russell-Moyle Shadow Minister for Natural Environment and Air Quality.


      Nothing natural about Lloyd Russell-Moyle, let alone the air quality in his vicinity.

      Moyle actually outcunts Dodds, ffs!

      • Comment awaiting moderation.

        Is Kwéer a trigger word now? Must update Number Two’s files.

  14. Labour you lost the argument over Brexit that’s why you were hammered in the General Election We have left the EU give it a fucking rest The Party of Irrelevance.

  15. On the same topic of The Left, I thank god that I do not live under a socialist / left wing government, I hope that it never comes to pass in good old Blighty. I looked up and found nom of Jacinda Ardern NZ PM 21.03.19 (comments closed).
    The Nom was written in light of bombings just over 1y ago and the left-wing responses.
    The mandate is clear, Muslims and any others that are anti-Christian and would do us harm should NEVER have been admitted to the UK and Europe. It has gone so far now in UK and Europe, that it becomes increasingly difficult to see a way back.
    I have a new book on this topic “Why We Fight” (Guillaume Faye)

    Bless the resources of it Right cheers me up on a daily basis.

  16. House arrest, no food on the shelves, N*zi Police patrolling searching for infractions, everyone unemployed, economy f*cked.
    This is not a lockdown – it is a foretaste of what life will be like under Communist “Labour”.
    Fuck off to Russia, don’t come back – perhaps they will allow you a view of the potato fields from your mansion, comrade.
    My new mindset – don’t like it here? Fuck off to somewhere you do.

  17. Who’s brave enough to spend a night of unbridled lust and drugs with either Dodds, Phillips or Flabbott?

  18. I love the bit about ‘not putting idelogy above national interest’. I’d say that’s exactly what this cunt’s doing.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that Remoaners will turn to any excuse to keep us tied to the EU and forking our cash out to Brussels. For the life of me, what I cannot figure out is WHY.

    • It’s all part of their globalist vision Ron……an “eduated” elite ruling over a multi racial, multi national, rootless army of docile worker ants. The remoaners are far from finished which makes the Labour Party far from irrelevant. As far as I am aware there are no more brexiteer MPs among their ranks and , here’s the irony, the weakest remoaner of the lot is old Steptoe himself.
      Labour are now 100% remoan so they are very relevant indeed. Anyone who thinks December 12 th finished them off is fucking dreaming. Put your trust in Boris at your peril.

      • I regard all Politicians as v*rmin. Correctly.
        And if Labour love communism so much they can get in a field and start f*cking grafting – as I believe Lady Miss Keir spent 60 Years workin’ dahn t’ pit he can come home from his 25 Hour shift and reassure Rebecca Bong – Daily about the closure of Salford docks and help Angela and Diane with their maths homework.
        Fools, are Labour – but dangerous fools with the nutcases of Momentum just under the surface.

      • “Anyone who thinks December 12 th finished them off is fucking dreaming. Put your trust in Boris at your peril.”

        Exactly so and this cannot be repeated often enough, the ‘tory’ party has no interest in actually “conserving” anything. It has been a left leaning, centrist entity for the past thirty years if not longer. It is also idealogically rootless so has no response to the cheap moralising of the left. The political right purged itself post-war of its theorists and metapolitical drivers to the degree that to espouse the kind of social mores and conventions of even a notional “Liberal” of 50years ago will see you summarily ejected from the modern Tory party and reviled as an incorrigible bigot and reactionary. In fact, so cowed and devoid of moral direction is the ‘right’ that to espouse such views in public will nowadays get you arrested f.f.s.
        The left, in stark contrast NEVER abandoned its idealogues and its underpinning theories, it covered them over sure but never rejected them. They may have dropped the openly Marxist-Leninist baggage and Stalinist accretions but as Blair walked grinning towards the cameras outside No.10 after his election didn’t anybody notice the big red truck being driven round the back gate and pallets of hide bound, ethno-masochistic socialist policy being wheeled in on pallet trucks?

        Don’t forget, the left has an eternal, almost doctrinally implicit capability to adapt, morph, infiltrate and insinuate its re-shaped ideology into whatever vehicle it thinks will bring it power. The left are like rust, it never sleeps and a constant vigil has to be maintained on these sociopathic bastards.

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