The Labour Party [24]

A cunting for the usual suspects from Labour.

Russia hasnโ€™t (as far as I know) fired a shot in Ukraine but Labour are banging on about fucking refugees.
For fuck sake, why would refugees from Ukraine want to come here when they have Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia on the doorstep and Poland could take about a million to offset the Poles that have moved here.

The little cunt (Nadia) Whittome was at it today when Boris announced sanctions, talk about putting the horse before the cart.

As always with Labour, letโ€™s fill our country with other peoples problems.

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93 thoughts on “The Labour Party [24]

  1. The Labour Party are concerned with the plight of people from every country in the world except those from the UK.


  2. Whittome is just another social media attention-seeker. Thinks she’s doing the right thing by suggesting the UK accept a few thousand Ukrainians in order to garner a few likes on her Fuckbook page.

    But then she gets upset when anyone takes a pop at her – she folds like a soggy pack of cards and resorts to the usual sexist tropes while she cries over her bowl of Sugar Puffs and soya.

    She need a reality check – perhaps she should take a few refugees in her home and keep them there not for a token couple of months – ala Lineker – but for a couple of years, and without Taxpayer support.

    No wonder Putin is laughing his bollocks off when he sees how woke and brittle the West has become.


    • I think that poor Nadia is out of her depth – 24 years old, never had a proper job, thick as pig shit.
      If she werenโ€™t a cunt Iโ€™d be tempted to feel sorry for her.

      • Guzziguy@ – Nadia Whittome – AKA – “the care home liar”.
        Time for an excoriating reaping the likes of which have not been seen since the days of Cromwell at the next election.

      • She’s doing a Claudia Webb, with added ” Berus”.
        Silly twat, talking about stuff she knows nowt about.
        Given her age and grasp on current affairs, she probably thinks the refugees we should be welcoming have 4 legs and fur.

      • Vernon, I did put in a nom for this junior lesbian harridan yesterday morning. Talking of lesbians, I don’t normally gamble, but I’d like to put all my money on Eddie Izzard having the operation and being presented as Starmer first shemale MP at the next election. The recent picture of him trying to enter Tom Daley’s back passage, wearing a pair of ladies pyjamas, shows that he is growing titties. Christ help this country if that arsehole does become PM. He will make Boris look like Mrs. Thatcher.

  3. To be fair to these loathsome cunts I dare say Doris and Chums are already well into planning an airlift.

    After all,one thing we definitely don’t have enough of is foreigners.

    • According to Doris there are just over a thousand ex pats in Ukraine, they have been advised to leave but I guess it may not be that easy if they have families there.

  4. It should be a condition of admittance that any such refugees must come via France, on an overloaded rubber dinghy, in a 10 force gale.
    They need to prove their commitment to fleeing persecution the time honoured, traditional way!

  5. Fuck the Ukies, enough foreign shite over here.

    Agree to take them then hand them over to their new overlords for a price .

  6. Rather 1000 Ukranians than 1 dinghy paddler. Ukranians dont think the world owes them.
    And hasnt Young Labour, along with Steptoe and Flabbot, called out NATO aggression?

    • Whoops, went into moderation, my fault

      There are plenty here already via the EU on Polish passports, Eastern Europe has been using Ukrainian labour for years.

      Agree that they are 1000 times better than the dinghy cunts.

    • To be honest, I agree CC, but anyone can turn up and claim to be fleeing persecution.
      How can we weed out the wheat from the chaff, unless they work for it?
      Someone mentioned airlifting, well if the Great Afghan exodus via airlift is anything to go by, I’d say we have little to worry about, apart from the possible arrival of several hundred dog and cats of indeterminate breed.

    • Oh yes, some are indeed stunning, I have volunteered to take one as a refugee, must be 20 to 25 and fit ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Soi@ – That’s the spirit – take in 6, and if any pesky coppers come round with some fanciful allegations that you are running a brothel for a “Mr Fox, evil people trafficker” simply tell you are self identifying as being innocent and demand they take a knee!
        And obviously – half price if they want to “sample the goods” – a blackmailed copper is a quiet copper! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. We already have a massive backlog of dinghy invaders and Afghani Ali Baba’s living it up in four star hotels so where the fuck are this lot going to go?

    Our immigration system is so useless we can’t determine a 15 year old from 35 year old or what shithole they originated from so would anyone put it past Putin to send in Russian agents amongst the refugees as sleeper cells to wreak havoc by massive cyber attacks and other subterfuge?

  8. Nadia Whittome is the epitome of what’s wrong with Labour:
    Asian, hates the country that welcomed her parents
    Voted Long-Bailey for Leader and the Flabbapotomus for Deputy
    Celebrates vandalism of statues
    Tries to stop the deportation of foreign criminals
    Identifies as ‘queer’
    Pro BLM
    Failed and dropped out of University

    Wikipedia says she’s fluent in French. Really? Well I can speak a bit of Frog too, so here’s a message for you dearie:
    Baisez-vous, grignoteuse de tapis.

  9. Seems that any conflict, draught, man-made disaster affecting some other country, and the easy answer is – bring as many refugees to the UK as possible, because we’re great humanitarians.

    Of course the people that spout this nonsense usually don’t have to live with the subsequent consequences. Just so long as it makes them look good that’s all that counts.

    Bring a few more million “refugees” into the country. Fine, shout the liberals. But just make sure they don’t get housed anywhere near where I live. I don’t want to see my house lose value, or suffer street crime, muggings and rapes from these people. Move them to the big cities with those grubby working class types.

    Rah rah rah.

    • A lot of GB – based Ukrainians are returning home to fight. I suspect some Poles may be thinking the same way.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Muffley Merkel hasn’t offered Vlad East Germany on a plate.

  10. This whole Russia hysteria is pure pish, if something scary was going to happen, it would have happened by now. You don’t give your enemies 90 days notice like some scumbag landlord. Putin is saucy cunt, he loves rattling cages. Who knows where this is leading, hopefully it just dies down.

    • Maybe the TV guides state when the Russia-Rest of the World war kicks off? Maybe FIFA could tell us! I have a tight schedule these days and need to set time aside to watch the the war! Bill Hicks did a bit on that for the 1991 Gulf War: “Honey, what time’s the war on? I wanna watch American Gladiators!” Bill would love to see the insanity that is the 21st century. He’d tear all the pompous cunts today apart, the living comedians seem scared to tear into bullshit that we endure these days. Doug Stanhope is playing the UK next month, I hope he gets raw on the scamdemic.

      • CG@ – Andrew Lawrence is worth checking out – he is quality!
        “Twat Valley police” ๐Ÿคฃ

      • Talking of TV – if this were “The Professionals” Bodie and Doyle would get out their sub machine guns and Putin would be mown down in the last two minutes and Whittome and the Revd Starmer would get killed in the crossfire

      • In the Professionals episode I watched the other day some terrorists did actually machine gun a vicar…

  11. She could probably ask Barrie Gardner for a few quid to keep some of the Ukrainian s in her back garden? Heโ€™s got 700,000 stashed away from his mates the Chinese Government Mmmmmmm funny how he seems to have done a disappearing act His main topic was Boris bashing the fucking hypocrite ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

  12. What’s the matter with housing Ukrainian refugees in the Ukraine?
    As I understand the situation, there’s a small enclave of Ukrainians still want to be part of Russia, not Europe. They’ve been fighting for years over a very small area of Ukraine, just give it to them, they live there already. Move the rest of them into Ukraine proper, and let the shitheads give up their freedom for Putin’s oppression.
    The Ukraine is 2 1/2 times bigger than the UK, and has less people living in it.

    • Outbreak of common sense.
      Would be just like Putin to do an Adolf tho; the more people give way to the Gay Hussar, the more he’ll want to take.

  13. Just let the entire African continent in. After that, let’s take in all those oppressed Chinese. There’s only a billion of the cunts.

    And India has a lot of poor people. Let’s bring them all over too.

    Don’t worry. We can all invite 100 each into our homes. If we all lie down next to each other and head to toe, we can all fit them in our houses.

    I’ll live in my shed with 5 or 6 of the cunts, don’t worry. I’ll sleep under the mower.

    And you can add 40 hours onto my working week. I’ll do that extra just to pay more tax for all this. Where’s your spirit? We can do this!

    And you know what…

    …they’d still say we’re a racist country and say we need to do more.

    Get fucked.

  14. I have an idea – why don’t the UK communist and anti Semite party masquerading as “Labour” fuck off to Ukraine and stay there?

      • RK@ – I would like to see that – “Hey! Fat girl! – No communist here, you leave, we set dogs on you”!

    • Some Welsh Labour union gobshites did actually go to Kiev over the weekend to show ‘solidarity’ with the Ukrainian working class. Yes I’m sure these fucking heroes will be facing down Putin’s tanks on the frontline.

  15. Would love a couple of pints of what the majority of the Labour Party imbibes. Also a crack at the juice the current defence secretary enjoys, certainly allows one access to other universes.

    • Isn’t it mental that the House of Cuntings has what – eight ‘proper’ bars in it? But isn’t there as much as THIRTY points of sale for booze! And it’s subsidised! I don’t think any other countries have this. It makes sense though as having to undertake inhumane actions would require being half-cut.

      • Cunty@ – Don’t forget the best food available, taxpayer funded, for these greedy bastards (look at the size of the pigs in politics) as 1.5 million people trudge to foodbanks.
        And, Nigel Adams “Con servative MP” is very keen on his free libation, but could benefit from having his hands tied behind his back if he has – how can I put this – “amorous intentions when in drink”..
        The Man has form.

    • Depends which part of the Labour party: the Left: pure bile, the Right: Iced Pansy Water (the Mandy brew)

  16. Putin has had Russian special forces and mercenaries in East Ukraine for over a decade, Eastern Ukraine is very Russia leaning, Western Ukraine is western looking and wants fk all to do with Russia or Putin.
    The situation here is completely simple – split into Russian East Ukraine and Western Ukraine, leave the borders open so anyone can make the choice of where they live then internationally ratify West Ukraine as an independent Country and whack up a fucking great border (Hey! Watch that checkpoint, Charlie) – Putin gets what he wants – a heavily armed buffer puppet State, West Ukraine gets what they want – freedom from bad Vlad, autonomy and membership of NATO – a powerful ally.
    And this is exactly what Putin wants as well – he is a malevolent little cunt who delights in causing mischief but he is no fool.
    The only people pushing for conflict in Ukraine are the Biden regime – the Ukrainians have some very serious dirt on China Joe and his degenerate rodent of a Son and even bedwetter Biden realises this could sink him – so he is desperate for Russia to sweep in and “lose some things”.
    Worth a try China Joe, but game set and match to bad Vlad.

      • EC@ – Cheers EC – I have followed the rise and rise of former KGB head bad Vlad – he is as easy to read as night following day – a wicked little gaslighter who wants the USSR back and is ever minded to interfere and cause trouble then accuses his accusers of doing exactly what he is doing – but at the first sign of anyone with a pair of balls (EG – DJT) he saves face publicly and backs down in private.
        Trump engaged in Theodore Roosevelt type foreign policy – “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”
        It works.

    • China Joe is bought and paid for. He is a self serving politician first and anything resembling statesmanship is just for optics. His little sanctions don’t mean shit to Putin at all. Putin knows who Joe is and has nothing to fear.
      Nothing like this would happen under Trump.
      The best Joe could do is get Kamala to give Putin a suck-n-fuck to get on his good side.
      A cunt show.

      • MC@ – China Joe Biden – 5 decades in US politics and the only Americans he has made richer are himself and his rancid Family – and the only job he has ever created is for his vile degenerate Son.
        Anyone seen Hunters laptop? – it’s got to be somewhere..

  17. I was surprised to learn we still have a Labour Party. Surely that is a mistake? It died many years ago and was sold out to the carpet baggers of Sedgefield.
    Of course the name remains unchanged but its ownership has. Mind you, there are parts of Britain that do not understand that it has changed, and will continue to vote LP at each election. Look at the Welsh for instance, For a Taff to vote for any Party other than Labour or BSP ( Bonking Sheep Party ) is unheard of, and the word Tory in Wales is synonymous with the “Latrine ”
    Anal Lease ( Arse for Sale or Rent a Bum ) and adherents of the curry crisp religion are prolific in their manifestation and importance yet, ignorant of anything beyond obvious daylight.
    Yes, the Labour Party are shits, they are also cunts, but they are also a Party likely to return to power by the back door ( to the enjoyment of Anal Lease ) because of the current incumbent imbeciles.

    • Lord, I hope you’re wrong, but you’re probably right.
      It’s like choosing between dying by fire, or dying by drowning.

  18. Firstly, Ukrainians are very patriotic and are fighting to defend their homeland, and there is unlikely to be large amounts of refugees, in the initial period at least, as they have backbone and will make a stand.
    Secondly, Putin will not accept any part of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO, period. He does not want military forces on his border, and the possibility of tactical nuclear weapons within such a short range.
    There is no easy solution.

    • I bet Ukraine is ruing the day it gave up its nuclear weapons. NATO don’t need to site nukes in Ukraine, Poland would do just as well.

      Besides, as an independent sovereign nation Ukraine should be allowed to chooses its own path, as long as adheres to international law.

      I am but a voice in the wilderness

      • Evening Miserable.

        Don’t know why I added that last line. It was a lyric from a song I spontaneously sang back in 1973 called: Mr Piano Player*.

        * Full lyrics available on request.

  19. @Gutstick Japseye

    Sorry to derail you from this current nomination but I just wanted to draw your attention to a response I gave the other day to one of your comments on the Coof page. I’d really like your feedback/response to it.

    Time stamp: February 21, 2022 at 9:15 pm

    Thanks in advance.

    • If I remember rightly, you thought my analogy, and most of what I said was rubbish, and if I believed in what I was saying there was no hope for me.
      I thought Iโ€™d made my point, you yours, end of.

      • @Gutstick Japseye

        “If I remember rightly, you thought my analogy, and most of what I said was rubbish, and if I believed in what I was saying there was no hope for me.
        I thought Iโ€™d made my point, you yours, end of.”

        That’s exactly what an intellectually-dishonest, spineless, cowardly fanny would say… (I’m paraphrasing a Winston Churchill quote).

        You’re response is the abbreviated way of saying “I’m a bed-wetter, please go away”.


      • Additional… you lost the argument as evidenced by your reticence to respond but you keep telling yourself that it’s the … ahem…”end of”.


      • My response was all your rambling drivel deserved.
        Sorry you had to resort to name calling, but remember, the website is called Is a Cunt, not be one.

  20. My feeling. Ooh I do like a Strong Man. I listened to Putin’s history lesson the other night. Blamed it on the Bolsheviks–the giving away of so much land.
    Biden goes on about he has arbitrarily created two more countries. At least Putin knows where these fucking places are. Biden and the rest of the West have no idea about them and their people and their religion or their history.
    It was ‘established by international law’. Mmmm… I suppose so. I know he was (Putin) was going back to to the 17th Century. ‘ties of blood and family’.
    What am I trying to say? Something like what I heard Lavrov once say that the ‘international community’ is a very convenient phrase. Same with ‘international law’ I think.

    • To play devils advocado Miles,
      Isnt that like Denmark or Norway laying claim to Ireland tomorrow?*

      *(Dublin was created by the vikings)

      • I watching a programme about Alcase-Lorraine Miserable. The tour guide started talking about her family. Turned out her grandfather had been born French then became German then became French again.

      • Ahhh nationality crisis?
        Yes, I’ve heard of this.
        Yanks that became oirish or Scottish for 24hrs.
        People in the UK who think theyre Jamaican.

        Its a form of mental illness that should be treated with a firm hand.
        Ive known im English since before I was toilet trained.
        So about 7yrs old…

      • My mother was born in 1922 when Ireland was part of the British Empire. Did that make her British or Irish?

      • Brirish.

        Bet her chest swelled with pride to be associated with the British Empire?

        Like winning the lottery.๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

      • There was a good one Misetable. ‘Irish cunt’ his name was. All about Ireland being ruined by immigration

        About my mother’s chest I really don’t want to think about it being swelled or otherwise.

  21. This fucks me right off.

    So, NI is going up cos the Government is skint. Free COVID tests are ending, because it costs too much, pittance help for the surging cost of energy, because the Government is skint, but oh no, let’s throw our arms open for a lot of Ukrainians to come here – ironically most of who will be skint…

    This will surely cause a flood of fake cunts claiming their persecuted and some cunt will start making fake passports as no doubt some cunt in the home office will stipulate the only requirement for entry is to have a commie Ukrainian passport.

    I thought Brexit was all about taking back control and more money for the people of the UK.

    All I have seen so far these last two years is more Raggies from Afghanicunt (and their dogs) coming here and now this.

    • โ€ I thought Brexit was all about taking back control and more money for the people of the UK.โ€

      Brexit was all about making Boris PM and then continuing to toady to the E.U., immigrants, leftists, greens and climate change loonies.

      Democracy is a wonderful thing๐Ÿ‘

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