Jo Whitfield

After taking home 1.4 million last year she can afford to take 4 months off so Tarquin and Milo* can get help with there exams, such an inspiration some media cunt shrills
My advice prepare the gallows at Wandsworth for an English drop
*I’m guessing that is what she calls her litter

(When you’re studying hard for your A’ Level exams, the thing you need above all else is mumsy poking her fucking hooter in – NA)

Nominated by: Navy Cunt

46 thoughts on “Jo Whitfield

  1. How brave.
    Such a courageous selfless act from a multimillionaire struggling to make ends meet.

    Hope her sons appreciate this and go on to join a cult.

    GSCEs aren’t worth a wank,
    Learn the little cunts to lay a brick or drive a lorry.

  2. As we all know, it ain’t WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know, which is why Tarquin & Milo are quids in regardless. Mumsie’s connections will trump anything anyone else brings to the table at interview. Fuck her.

  3. 1.4 million at the Co-Op! Why, with such highly paid masterminds at the helm, is the Co Op still an utterly shite supermarket?

    • More Convenience stores than supermarkets really.

      Ive got to say I like their baked goods, bread etc
      They do a bag of fresh baked sausage rolls thats good,
      Ideal for my work bag.

      I quite like Co-op,
      Its reasonably priced,
      The staff seem friendly in the one near us,
      But they only have those shitty recycled green bags that rip.

      I hate those bags.
      Hippy shite, not fit for porpoise.

      In fact fuck Co-op

      • 1.4 million?
        There’s the Co-op’s socialist values for you.
        Perhaps she’ll redistribute it all (to Me, Myself and I)…

      • If you expect good Italian food at a crap English co-op then you will always be disappointed. It’s a bit like expecting a soul moving aria whilst watching Britain’s got Talent.

      • Excellent thinking. I’m a bit the same to be fair. If I resigned my company would barely blip. Ha ha. Life is real, none of us matter, work is pretty much useless. I wonder how many people in my company could fuck off before anything really git impacted. I work in a goldmine in WA and nobody I interact with digs or gets dirty. I have no clue what my supervisor looks after. Apart from my weekly timesheet. He signs it. His job

      • My local (Crwys Rd) closed down. Own brand blackcurrant jam was excellent (Polish fruit, but “jammed” in GB). Also did ginger marmalade when other supermarkets had stopped own-brands.

  4. Just a self-indulgent old Cunt.

    Her children will have had a Public School education and so are less likely to need any extra help…even if they did ( like that dolt,Prince Harry) she could afford to hire tutors.

    I suspect the plain old Trout just wants an excuse to spend a year trawling Dark-Key Gigolo websites.

    • I bought a bag of doughnuts from the local Co-Op…2 of them had no custard …I was,of course,mildly outraged.

      I immediately contacted my sources at the “Keep Doghnuts Custardy Federation” who tell me that it is all part of a cunning plot to replace doughnut filling with fresh air laced with the “Galloping Knob-Rot” virus….I immediately set about rallying other disappointed doughnut devotees to organise a Million-Strong Spacca-Chariot convey to surround ( for some bizarre reason that escapes me) Diane Abbot’s lair…..that was when things got dark…the cash-machine swallowed my card when I tried to get a tenner!!!!!!…..obvious proof that “The Cabal of Evil” is after me….

      I am now stepping outside…I may be some time…..

      • PS…I no longer buy Co-op sausage rolls since they stopped putting them in a foil-lined bag…I didn’t eat…or even like..the sausage rolls but the tin-foil lined bag made a handy and rather natty titfer on days that I was working near mobile-phone masts.

      • PPS….If any Cunters are tempted to follow my lead and wear a Co-op sausage-roll bag on their heads….DO remember to empty out the contents first or you can end up looking rather silly.

    • Well at least a minor improvement on that for Co-Op bank chairman, the Methodist minister who took copious amounts of crack and coke whilst providing himself with an abundance of rent boys.

  5. I am sure the boys will be delighted at mumsie reminding them in years to come, who she helped them to be a success, or if they fail, how disappointed she is that she gave up so much for them. Anyway, if they fail, she can buy them success.

    I bet they are a right pair of mummies boys – Oedipus schnedipus – what does it matter as long as they love their mother?

    • the Newell’s spring to mind here WC, i am happy with my kids with whatever they do in life, as long as they don’t become fucking Vegans!!!

    • Jesus WC, thats a leap isn’t it?
      Hehehe 😀

      You think her boys want to fuck her?

      • No more than likely if she treats them like Co-op employees after a week they will tell her to fuck herself.

  6. In the words of their advert “It’s what we do”.
    Or rather, it’s what we do if we are one of the obscenely paid top dogs. It won’t be what we do if we’re on minimum wage will it?
    Probably woke as fuck too.

  7. I don’t like shops that tell me what to do.
    Eat better?
    Drink responsibly?
    82% of your daily fat allowance?
    Support the Gays here?

    Fuck off.

    • If the Co-op is supposed to represent socialist values, perhaps they’d like to explain why our local one has a branch of Subway fat yank sandwich corporation in it.
      Come on comrades, I’m waiting…

      • Our local Co-Op tried to introduce a sense of community by having a comments and suggestions book by the entrance. Unfortunately people were writing obscenities about the staff and there were also a lot of entries like ‘ fucking get rid of your resident beggar’

  8. If the help she gives them is as good as the Coop’s food, then they’re both going to fail.

  9. Blimey … if she really did take home £1.4m she’ll have paid plenty of tax etc on that. If I earned money at that rate I’d be taking regular periods of unpaid leave to do things that I actually like doing.
    I hope her kids appreciate what she’s sacrificing although I’m betting that what she’s up to is more for herself than them.

  10. The co-operative society was founded almost 200 years ago on the basis that the profits made by the people would be reinvested into the company.
    I wonder if the founders could foresee the wage she would be on?

    As we used to say in the RN, anyone with more money than me is a cunt

  11. Makes me laugh – how many of co-op’s shop workers would be able to do the same? With socialism, everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others. And the cunts turned me down for a business account as I was a contractor in the oil and gas industry.

  12. ‘There’s more to life than the salary you take home’.
    I bet the workers at the pies counter really admire her decision to spend more time with her family, and are planning something similar themselves.

    Morning all.

  13. Just been and done a small job and didn’t realise Russia had attacked Ukraine!!!😮😮😮

    Im glad I’m flatfooted!

    Jo Whitfield ought to worry more about her sons being conscripts rather than their grades in GCSES.

  14. Since I am already a known racist and homophobe, allow me to.also reveal that as a misogynist I believe she should stay home permanently with her kids. A woman’s place is in the home.
    There you go.

  15. Will she be able to teach Tarquin and Milo who to fuck to get to the top i wonder, if not its all a waste of time, theres many a posh cunt with a degree and shit loads of student debt uttering those immortal words of the highly educated [ would like fries with that sir] they would make more money driving trucks and not asking questions about the banging coming from inside the trailer….

  16. Cunt of the highest order, bet she’s been bent over a checkout till a few times to get where she is and noshed on a few sausage rolls.

    Wish I could earn that and then announce I am taking time away to help my kids.

    Fuck right off entitled tart.

  17. Commie – OP. I visit on a nightly basis, part of my round of “reduced aisle” shopping – they sell things at less than cost, it amuses me. (Tight? Who you calling tight? – I am charging you all a Pound for saying that!).
    I like giving leeches a bite back, and have to say – mean old curmudgeon I am – the staff at my local one are so nice, friendly and helpful it’s a genuine pleasure dealing with them – good, old fashioned customer service!
    As it should be.
    Raining and windy, can’t do me gardening stuff, stuck in the cave, bored, bored, bored, best dig some watches out to fix.

  18. She must be fucking shit at her job if Co-op can do without her for four fucking months. If I was on the board I would be demanding her resignation and doing away with the job altogether thereby saving the company £1.4 million a year. Cunt.

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