Justin Trudeau [3]

I would like an early nomination for foreign cunt of the year that being that fucking wannabe ( very soon to be ) Castro mk2.

What the fuck is going on out there?

If he is trying to goad the truckers into starting a riot, in normal circumstances it would have happened. The “truckers” ( which basically includes thousands of normal folk eh.
He’s now got the riot police with no name badges or numbers on show. The police are breaking windows on trucks, running over quiet protesters with horses, using pepper spray even on journos all whilst stopping and going after ( even after this is over ) people that have funded the peaceful protesters.

And here in Blighty is this news ? Nope. Blanket wide sedation of this to protect the liberal darling blackface Trudeau.

Dark times in Canada indeed.
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I’m not sure where this is going to end in Canada. They have basically told everyone we are out to get you even if you give up so why would you give up?
Something is going to give

Trudeau is a cunt of epic magnitude and the worlds MSM should hang their heads in shame. Oh and can you imagine if Trump was doing this?

Nominated by: Onceacuntalwaysacunt

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  1. Castrated Castreau is the cause of the emergency. He shut down businesses for two years but starts bleating about “racist” , “misogynist” truck drivers. Woman misogynists? Sikh racists?
    That boy is a fucking simp.

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