Whatever Happened to the Labour Party? (17)

The demise of the left as representation for ordinary people.

Labour here and the Democrats in the US have lost all credibility for speaking to the working people of their nations.

I am a Welsh cunt who was brought up Labour as the party that spoke for people like me. There may have been some ultra lefties in the party – old school Trots and the like but by and large the party was on my side.

But now.Labour and the Democrats no longer speak for the majority. They speak for:

Trannies, Gays, Identity politics, BLM trumping ordinary moral values, gender politics, virulent anti-white racism, historical guilt for fuck knows what, affirmative representation over merit, Islam, witch hunts against even the mildest deviation from the totalitarian norm, anti-Semitism, shutting down free speech (unless it is hatred against white working class values) and the demise of higher education except as propaganda for all of the above.

The result?

Trump and Johnson. By default. Is this really what the left planned all along? By being so thoroughly out of touch and forgetting their purpose.

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  1. The Labour Party died in 1928. The Neo Nazis resurrected/hijacked the name “Labour Party” to facilitate their agenda. There has been no Labour Party since May 1st 1928.

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