The National Association of Muslim Police

Here we go again. The association of Muslim police officers have come up with:

‘Police are considering dropping the terms ‘Islamist terror’ and ‘jihadi’ because they ‘don’t help community relations.’

Alternatives suggested include ‘faith-claimed terrorism’, ‘terrorists abusing religious motivations’ and ‘adherents of Osama bin Laden’s ideology,’ The Times reported.’

Is there an association of Christian police officers I wonder?

Anyway, Jihadi, Islamist are perjorative words that taint the ‘community’ apparently. And of course it isn’t as if the ‘community’ shield, protect or turn a blind eye to ‘faith-claimed terrorism’

Of course perish the thought that Saudi Arabia adheres to this type of behaviour, despite them funding Wahabbi imams world wide. Iran is similarly innocent in it’s own sectarian way.

There can be no suggestion that Muslim countries and Muslim adherents support and condone ‘faith claimed terrorism’. After all 9/11 was the Israelis wasn’t it?

I have a suggestion. Perhaps: ‘Muslims and converts with mental health issues operating out of non faith based cells that have nothing to do with religion funded by Israel’

Trips of the tongue doesn’t it?

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  1. Like the Black, LGBT, Women etc Police Associations their main purpose is to scream “racism / homophobia / misogyny etc” when one of their clan doesn’t get something they want.

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