The National Association of Muslim Police

Here we go again. The association of Muslim police officers have come up with:

‘Police are considering dropping the terms ‘Islamist terror’ and ‘jihadi’ because they ‘don’t help community relations.’

Alternatives suggested include ‘faith-claimed terrorism’, ‘terrorists abusing religious motivations’ and ‘adherents of Osama bin Laden’s ideology,’ The Times reported.’

Is there an association of Christian police officers I wonder?

Anyway, Jihadi, Islamist are perjorative words that taint the ‘community’ apparently. And of course it isn’t as if the ‘community’ shield, protect or turn a blind eye to ‘faith-claimed terrorism’

Of course perish the thought that Saudi Arabia adheres to this type of behaviour, despite them funding Wahabbi imams world wide. Iran is similarly innocent in it’s own sectarian way.

There can be no suggestion that Muslim countries and Muslim adherents support and condone ‘faith claimed terrorism’. After all 9/11 was the Israelis wasn’t it?

I have a suggestion. Perhaps: ‘Muslims and converts with mental health issues operating out of non faith based cells that have nothing to do with religion funded by Israel’

Trips of the tongue doesn’t it?

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45 thoughts on “The National Association of Muslim Police

  1. Mind you I suppose that they could twin with The Saudi Arabian Association of Christian Police Officers.

  2. ‘faith-claimed terrorism’, ‘terrorists abusing religious motivations’ and ‘adherents of Osama bin Laden’s ideology,’

    Hey that’s catchy, really trips off the tongue doesn’t it?

    I think reporters should use all three to be sure.

    Which wazzock thought this guff up? What happened to calling a spade a digging implement for excavating holes or trenches.

  3. Why is there a religious aspect to the police at all?
    There should be one law in this country applicable to all. If anyone has a religious conflict with that, feel free to fuck right off.

  4. Yes I totally agree.Stick to our laws.We don’t want Sharia law in Britain taking over.We are BRITISH NOT a bloody Muslim country.For smegs sake.

  5. Their shouldn’t even be a Muslim separate Police Association. It just goes to show that Multiculturalism is a failed ideology.
    All it’s done is create tribes.

      • Muslim cops?
        Hehe Omar Sheriff?
        Fuck off, and polish those sandals pc ibrahim abadhi or youll never have a sarges stripes on yer nightie!!

  6. So, as a policeman in Glasgow I and my mates can form the Association of Catholic Police Officers. We would volunteer to “escort” Rangers supporters to the next Auld Firm game and take pleasure in beating the shit out of the Rangers fans. Meanwhile, the Association of Protestant Police Officers would volunteer to “escort” Celtic supporters to the same game and beat the shit out of them. A dream job. Sadistic pleasure plus overtime!

    Let´s see if the National Association of Moslem Police would escort a pro-Israel or anti-Islamist demonstration. No doubt their pathetic so-called commanders would allow them to opt out as it would “offend” them to do so and send them for a counselling session at a nearby mosque. What will this farce end?

  7. It is what it is fact islamic terrorism in the name of islam i couldn’t give a fuck if the truth offends them are we going to come up with a name for the mostly muslim grooming gangs so as not to offend the community they come from don’t like it fuck off

      • Heard a siren this afternoon in Cardiff. Maybe it’s a bicycle with an old Dansette strapped to the front, playing 7″ sound effects EPs.

  8. Somebody had better tell Islamic Jihad that they need a new group name just for clarity purposes you see.
    Shall we instead use the term kuffir infidel intolerance society?
    Is that better?
    Let’s sit down and have a nice cup of mint tea, camels milk anybody?

  9. I want to form the association of british people who have still got a clue about what’s going on in this increasingly sinister and stupid planet of

  10. I want to form the association of british people who have still got a clue about what’s going on in this increasingly sinister and stupid planet of ours

  11. We are fucked, there is everything except ‘white’, Black, Muslim, Women, Retired, but no fucking white
    If one organisation representing a minority is so afraid of using the word Islamist or Jihadi and can control the way the media reports on terror activities then we are fucked.
    How the hell can you describe a terror attack prepared and executed by Islamic State, a faith claimed attack by a false faith based ideology claiming the name of a particular religious belief, bollocks!

    Call a spade a spade and stop trying to hide everything, if the perpetrator of terror is Muslim and he shouts Alan’s Snackbar, he is an Islamist terrorist!

  12. So the gist of this is that there is a fear that innocent people will be tarred with the same brush because they share a religion?
    Well, if that fear is real, they can stand up and denounce it publicly then. I’m sure the muslim council could assist.
    ……. tumbleweed rolls across centre stage……

    • Its the same twisted logic that because we are white and English, we are by default slave owners.

  13. It will be a right mouthful at their first conference – “The National association of inbred dirty diseased smelly lying thieving scrounging invading p*edophile child m*rdering conning sly t*rrorist bastards”.
    I mean, it hardly trips off the tongue does it – how about the
    Council of
    Turds (C.U.N.T) – much better!
    Right, back to patrolling the Channel in The Black Pig!
    And where’s the National Association of N*zi Police Officers? – seems a tad unfair to me!

  14. Maggots taking over the machine, rats taking over the ship.

    Hoo-ee, bunch of cunts.

  15. These cunts are the proverbial n1gger in the woodpile. I smell fifth column.
    Get To Fuck.

  16. More words classified as wrong speak. Control the language you control ideas, control ideas and you control people. It’s much cheaper and easier than locking cunts up. They want to make a prison of our own minds and it’s working.
    Anyone noticed how the trainee architects in Londonistan have stopped stabbing each other since old Georgie boy got his neck stood on? Or is it that they’ve stopped telling us about it? Doesn’t fit the narrative does it?

  17. Jihadi rape gangs fuckos,. Thats a quarter of a million English children raped by these fucks over thirty years. Bollox to the police.

  18. Hi all !
    I particularly liked Mr Pollys second idea
    And if you’re from the west of Scotland
    Is it BLM or BJK ????
    Cause he fuckin did !!!!!!!

  19. I wonder what the Black Police Federation think of this because it looks like they have been out cunted.

    • We are not allowed to have a White Police Organisation are we? That’s a bit rccist isn’t it ?

  20. I’m a bit rusty on history. There was a time when no country was islamic though. Trying to remember by what expedient those which are islamic now transitioned from whatever they were before. Most people living in them now probably don’t want any trouble but are happy to be living where their values prevail. Were they the ones who arranged the transition? Just can’t seem to recall. Were there militant imperialists back then expanding a caliphate? They never seem to mind trouble – there’s probably a record somewhere.

  21. It’s 100% true about them blaming the Jews for everything.

    One lad, whom I thought was one of the more moderate Muslims, once showed me his phone a few years back with a ‘knowing nod’. It was an article from a Muslim newspaper (I can’t recall its name but it was something like the Muslim Times or whatever) . It was blaming Charlie Hebdo on Mossad.

    If he was fully believing that sort of shite what about the rest?

    And I think I’m right in saying OBL was influenced by the Big Mo, was he not? Ditto the isis gays.

    Moohamhead influenced terrorism. Perhaps they’d prefer that?

  22. Driving on the M6, I was overtaken by a flying carpet of Muzcops persuing some poor white sod in a Audi. The cunts were reckless in their overtaking, and passed over me with only a foot to spare. There were NO blue lights evident on the carpet, and there was no siren. I think we have sufficient cause to complain as this is becoming increasingly frequent with all this diversity shite.

  23. I’d like to see the National Abolition of Mu…. Population.

  24. Apologies for going off topic…

    Millionaire Brexit-backer Stuart Wheeler has lost his battle against stomach cancer.

    I wonder just how long we’ll have to wait before some shrivelled-up old cunt like Miriam Gargoyles gets up on her hind legs to drool some venom…

  25. Weak. Fucking Weak. Nothing much more to say really. I have my rolling pin in hand ready for the race war.

  26. Fucking unreal i suppose its time to drop terms like illegal immigrant, child grooming, rapists, racism, terrorism, stabbings, archaic beliefs, female genital castration, benefit and housing cheats, body odour, ugly women, on the up side they have some interesting food and at least they make afformentioned women wear a full length bin bag….

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