Whatever Happened to the Labour Party? (17)

The demise of the left as representation for ordinary people.

Labour here and the Democrats in the US have lost all credibility for speaking to the working people of their nations.

I am a Welsh cunt who was brought up Labour as the party that spoke for people like me. There may have been some ultra lefties in the party – old school Trots and the like but by and large the party was on my side.

But now.Labour and the Democrats no longer speak for the majority. They speak for:

Trannies, Gays, Identity politics, BLM trumping ordinary moral values, gender politics, virulent anti-white racism, historical guilt for fuck knows what, affirmative representation over merit, Islam, witch hunts against even the mildest deviation from the totalitarian norm, anti-Semitism, shutting down free speech (unless it is hatred against white working class values) and the demise of higher education except as propaganda for all of the above.

The result?

Trump and Johnson. By default. Is this really what the left planned all along? By being so thoroughly out of touch and forgetting their purpose.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble 

101 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to the Labour Party? (17)

  1. Teflon Tony let all those nut jobs in.Blame him.If the original founders of the party saw them now they would shake their heads in disbelief.Kweer Charmer and his merry band of tools are comedy opposition.As for the Demoprats they can suck donkey dick.

  2. With you all the way, CC. I’ve posted a nom about a Labour MP who thinks debate is a bad thing, when she posted about trans rights. She’s the same tosser that worked at a care home and lied about the lack of PPE there just to get a name for herself and was then canned for her lies.

    And then there are cunts like this:


    They can all rot in hell.

      • And if memory serves me correctly she was the first MP to claim to be suffering from Chinky Flu, she even beat Greta to the illness.

    • Ah, Nadia Whittome, there is definitely something not right with that girl and the silly Twitter bitch has popped up on here before, an Islington Labour poster girl if ever there was one.

  3. There has always been two labour parties and the one in Hampstead, the Hampstead cunts have won

  4. Never mind the fucking Labour Party,they’re not in power…it’s the state of the Conservatve Party at the moment that frightens me.

  5. I never understood many things about the left and its socialist agenda, but two in particular have always bothered me.

    1) Why it is you’re punished and scorned for being successful and gaining wealth. It’s like when you’re down trodden and disadvantaged, they really want you to stay there, but want you to feel like you have a friendly force fighting in your corner. But you’re still down trodden and disadvantaged.

    2) How humans are naturally capitalists. Take the most staunch lefty, commie, socialist protagonist and give him a massive lottery win. Does he go down his shitty working class street handing out fifty quid notes to anyone and everyone? No. He sells up, buys a mansion and a Rolls Royce, sips Champagne all day and says FU to the life he left behind. By which time, the political party which had ‘stood by’ him all these years now wants to take all that wealth away.

    It’s a funny old world.

    • That’s the problem with the radical elements of the BLM movement IY, to an already supposedly oppressed people, you want to smash capitalism and take away any incentive for self-improvement, entrepreneurship and work ethic?

      • I see you right there, LL. They don’t want equality as far as I can tell. They want to re-make the system so they’re on top, as they see it. They want whites to cow tow to them, offer reparations for the sins of their fore fathers and generally grovel for forgiveness. It’s not going to happen en mass. They know that, hence the violence and looting. It’s simply the thick-as-pig-shit adult version of a toddler having a tantrum because they didn’t get their own way.

        It’ll blow over as it inevitably does. The difference this time will be the extent of the death and destruction left in their wake.

        “Oooo I’m oppressed and my family 4 generations ago were slaves, so I’m going to burn your city centre down, loot it and murder white (and black) civilians and police officers”. Yep, seems a fair and balanced response. Jeez!

    • The socialist agenda seems anything but, these days. The value systems they promote would create a living Hell from their point of view. And mine, for the most part. Never having been a Labour supporter though it’s not of much concern EXCEPT that in a parliamentary system there is a principle of dialogue. I say what I think, you say what you think, sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. Utter rejection of one party by the other, everything they might say, every accommodation that may be found, the whole lot is anathema and no dialogue is possible. Which side I’d support is immaterial because more important is the fact of dialogue itself.

      Same with Rolls-Royces and mansions. Great if you have them (assuming you’d wanted that lifestyle) but some such get rich by defrauding pensioners or forcing match girls to work with phosphorus (when a safer but slightly more expensive form of phosphorus was available) or the radium girls who painted luminous watch dials etc., etc., reprehensible! That’s why the Labour left despises wealth because that’s how Marx reckoned ALL wealth was gotten.

      They seem to forget that may reforms came from industrialists or aristocrats, Lord Shaftesbury for instance. Plenty of them are crooks, too but those generally don’t pretend to be champions of the people.

      • Yep, decent points Excaliber. There’s no question that unregulated capitalism and market forces will lead to damage and exploitation of working people. Greed and human nature operate at all levels of the food chain after all. I see a need to have protections (trade unions) and watchdogs (law, governments, etc.) in place. It’s how it’s managed is what turns me off.

        A manager tells a worker to move some boxes from warehouse A to warehouse B, but that worker doesn’t have “box moving” in their job description. Next thing we know, the shop steward calls out all 10,000 employees on strike in protest at the harsh, draconian, evil management. I think that’s how it works, anyway.

  6. I have to say, the idea of becoming an MP gets more and more attractive by the day.
    It would appear that you can be utterly fucking useless at your job, lie to everybody all day long, talk utter shit without end, even be a criminal and you still get paid. Sounds like the kind of job you can do pissed as fuck. Their wages would be a big improvement for me. I’m tempted, I really am.
    Given my complete contempt for humanity I think I’d get along just fine. And I’m ace at drinking brandy.
    I could tell my poverty stricken constituents I’m going to get more food for them, legalise cannabis and illiteracy, get into office on their votes and then call them all the cunts under the sun.
    When some dirt digger for the opposition uncovers this post I’ll look sincere, apologise profoundly and then laugh my ass off behind closed doors with my treasury robbing mates.
    Sounds fantastic.

    • ‘Oh what happened to you?
      Whatever happened to me?
      What became of the people we used to be?”

      Good nom, Dont think I ever recall meeting or someone admitting they voted Tory till I was a adult.
      Where I grew up (most depressed place in UK, no shit. Look it up) in Brinnington come voting day the streets were red with ‘vote Labour!’ Signs.
      The labour councillor drank in the labour club, everyone knew her, liked her, shed help you, she was one of us.
      White working class, paid the bills went to work.
      Not sure when this all changed?
      Id never vote Labour now, and I felt ‘odd’ voting tory but id never vote for them again theyre just as fuckin useless.
      I wouldnt vote for anyone now.

      • Great tune that, MNC. Very poignant. Very. All we have to look forward to is the past.

      • It was a good show, straight white, working-class lads, chasing fanny and going down the pub. Its everything the Labour Party hate.

      • Remake?
        Roberta ‘Bob’ has transitioned, childhood friend Terry is a thick brexit voting cunt,
        Bob shows Terry what a fuckin dunce he is and finally Terry realises his mistakes.
        Now Thelma is black.
        An has one leg.

      • Didn’t those pair of twats Ant and Dec try and remake this a while ago?

      • It’s the tune that sprang to mind as soon as I saw the nom.
        From the days when the BBC were decent.

      • Brinnington? You lucky bastard. I grew up in Cwmscut. Down t’pit. Playing with the coal. I’d have killed to live in Brinnington.

      • Im lucky like that CC.
        Cwumscut? Thats like a posh Rhyl isnt it?
        Think they go days out there from Portmeiron.

      • I googled it CC, tis grim. The Miserable offspring had to sleep in one of Angela Rayners old bras strung up in draughty alleyway.

      • Heads up cunters…. cock alert!! 📢
        Mention of old Granny yo-yo knickers there reminds me to tell you all she’s back on the market!!
        Apparently she’s no longer “flat sharing” with Mong-Daily as her partner/ husband/ whatever has walked out so she is making alternative domestic arrangements for grand/ great-grandchildren’s childcare.
        I don’t mind the aul slapper mahself, rather partial to a thick redhead with big tits.
        I’ll let you know how I get on

      • If you like thick redheads Isaac, there’ll be one going spare when Nontz Porchester-Windsor puts a bullet in the back of his own neck.

      • I challenge you Cuntstable that there is no such place as ‘Cwmscut’. Do you mean Cwmscunt which roughly means ‘ a cunt who lives at the head of a valley?’ In that case, that’s probably what you are!

      • That would be Pencwmscunt Bertie which was just up the slag heap past the abattoir. We went there once a year for our day out.

      • Yes Prue,
        Nice when everyones on the same page, community spirit etc.
        (Good word-poignant👍)

      • I recall listening to that intro back in 1975 and thinking of my brother . I was fresh out of Durham with a first ; he was drinking himself to death.
        What became of the people….

  7. The swivel eyed far left are in Seventh Heaven (Marxist Leninist). The Trots have terminally undermined the capitalist status-quo. All is gone to rack and ruin, faction and fuck. The Labour Party is keeping well stumm, an old tactic to stop any shite sticking to them and internecine suicide breaking oite (any more than usual). The Trots have torn down the statues but as per usual have no idea what to do next other than to look for something else to undermine. There are too many immature fuckers in positions orf power who are still waiting for their balls to drop. As for the Monstrous Regiment orf wimmin, words fail. Well not really but the algorithms would go doolally.

    The war generations (I always run WW1 and WW2 together) experienced life in the raw and gave birth to politicians of stature and populations with experience. We knew how to do things unlike the present EU generation who have got so used to being told what to do by Brussels and its apparatchiks that they cannot think for themselves. Use it or lose it. Unfortunately poor Blighty has lost it and needs to replay several centuries orf history ever to find its way again.

    The game the remainers are playing is to do everything they can to screw poor Blighty alongside the fucking french and the Leave negotiations so we come back whipped and beaten pleading to be let back in and at enormous cost to us.

  8. Excellent cunting Cuntstable.
    The labour party represent people who do not want to work ie immigrants, and idiotic minority groups who think other people should work literally for their benefit. Unless you’re Jewish of course, in which case they hate your guts too.
    They seem to think that anyone with a bit of money should be giving it to foreign workshy slackers.
    The Tories have done more to represent the white British worker in the UK since that twat Blair was fucked off than labour has in decades.

  9. is that repulsivechick with a dick thing still the Labour ‘Women’s Officer?’
    Utterly disgusting.

  10. In full agreement CC – there is a distinct lack of Attlees and Smiths and Tony Benns in the party now. They were people with integrity who have the interests of the plebs as their primary motivation in politics, no matter how much I may disagree with them. Sadly I don’t think Labour will ever return to that again.

    • Those cunts think ‘Integrity’ is a fucking Honda. Cunts to a man/woman.

      • He certainly was RTC but at least he cared about the working class in his own way. Even if he was oftentimes nutty as a fruitcake.

      • The trouble was at the end Tony Benn was one of the biggest hypocrites of the lot – for years he criticised people who evaded death duties – what did he do? EXACTLY that he evaded death duties. Also for a man who wished to present himself as the champion of the working classes what did he call his hoity-toity son? – Hilary. Show me a male Hilary in any working class area of Britain.

    • Same over here with the Demoncrats, General.

      Was chatting to some older Yank friends over the weekend. Politics came up as it usually does and I asked them when they thought the Demons would move from far, far, far extreme left and venture back towards a more moderate, just left of centre position.

      Their answer?

      It depends upon the result of the upcoming election and how close it may or may not be. If Trump wins big, they said the Demons will HAVE to change because obviously the electorate isn’t buying into their bullshit. If Trump wins but only just or loses, the Demons will take that as a sign their demented strategy is justified and will double down.

      I am so tired of every election being billed as a ‘tipping point’ for America. It’s really exhausting and I can’t even vote!

      • I have a feeling Tangoman will win big you know IY. Given the recent gun sales the Dem stance on gun control will really hurt them, and people are bound to take notice of the fact that the cities where most of the chaos has happened are Dem controlled.

      • You may well be proved right, General.

        Trump and his people are many things. One thing they’re not is stupid. They will make hay out of the depravity of demon run states and cities.

        Without the Flu Man Chu and the economic devastation, it was a slam dunk for Trump’s re-election. I don’t think it’s a certainty now, but I think he will win. History tells us it’s rare an incumbent president loses.

      • GTC – sorry this is the first post past your question about death duties where there is a reply button – it is the taxes you pay on property and money, or rathwer your relatives do – Tony Benn circumvented the taxes by careful arrangements to avoid their payment. Pwerfectly legal and no doubt sensible, but he constantly scorned others who did the same thing.

      • Not so sure at this moment as he has fucked up the virus crisis and this is seen in polls. However as the election gets near and plagiarist plodder Biden chooses a black lesbian as his VP I expect things to change. Hope so.

  11. Infiltration by the left wing mob, thats the problem. As soon corbyn the anti british loon became leader of the party, labour was finished.

  12. Labour. The party of Lammy. Corbyn. Harperson. Thornberry. Butler. Phillips. Abbott. Khunt. Onasanya (formerly).
    The Party of grudge-bearing, champers swilling metrosocialists. The party of cunts.

  13. Labour are now the metropolitan party representing the woke rather than working class.
    Len McCluskey wasn’t happy with the out of court settlement for the Channel 4 whistle blowers, regardless of the morals of the case why settle out of court, I remember some of the channel 4 program and the cunts who were on came across as right bunch of soft cunts who would cry if they broke a pencil.

    Anyway, fuck them, Kweer and his horse faced bitch, deputy dawg are useless, couldn’t run a bath let alone a country.

    • Well I suppose those whistleblowers would have to be soft cunts to work for the Labour Party in the first place. Doesn’t follow that they should be expected to cover up racism and wrongdoing in the Party when they’d been tasked with investigating it.

      What with all the intimidation from Corbyn’s office and his Rottweilers, Seumas Milne and Chris Williamson, plus Momentum thugs, I’m surprised those whistleblowers held their ground. They have my respect.

      • Chris Williamson to my mind seems reasonable. He’s on the side of the underdog. Maybe blinkered because of it nevertheless it comes from a good place.
        For us on the left the Israel/ Palestine problem just looks like one side bullying the other. To my mind It looks like the Palestinians are provoked ‘beyond endurance’ and when they react the Israelis-‘look, see these are the kind of people we’re dealing with’ or ‘we have no partner for peace’.
        Israeli violence is legitimized with ‘the IDS will conduct a series of military incursions’ or something like whereas Palestinian violence is always a ‘terrorist outrage’.
        Williamson could be blind to the suffering of the Jews of the past and the very real survival reasons they had for setting up a homeland. But I don’t see him as a ‘thug’ or someone full of hatred.

      • Sorry Miles, you are wrong about Chris williamson. I listened to him on newsnight, and he was a full scale Corbynista loyalist. A very dangerous man, with opinions even more extreme then Corbyn.

      • Why am I not surprised that Jew baiter in chief Chris Williamson “seems reasonable” to your mind Miles?


      • You’re correct of course Miles but modern thought crime laws prohibit criticism of chosenites.

  14. Great and extremely accurate cunting Cunstable. No working man or woman I know can even begin to understand wtf the new left political cunts are supposed to represent.. Only that the don’t represent the working class…

  15. Labour stopped being about the working-class the moment Tony Blair became PM. That was accentuated when Gordon Brown took over, as he had far more pressing concerns outside the UK. Then the election of Comrade Corbyn as leader, through the very undemocratic process of allowing any Tom, Dick or Ali pay £3 to elect him, split the Labour Party and it’s members and supporters right down the middle. On one side you’ve got the middle-class champagne socialists, Metropolitan trendies and bleeding heart ‘liberals’. On the other side you’ve got an amalgam of Far-Left extremists – anarchists, PC/woke fascists who seem hell-bent on shutting down free speech, anti-semitists, frustrated Communists and white flag waving misfits who’d NEVER defend this country. When you think of Labour these days you don’t think of bricklayers and dockworkers. You think of people like Ash Sarkar and Owen Jones. That’s Labour’s problem and fuck knows how they’re going to rectify it. The working-class have been demonised and shat on and don’t have a voice anymore.

  16. Dame Kweer looks and sounds like a latter day Will Hay – on the surface erudite but a
    total incompetent twit (in his screen persona). The man is as dim as a glow-worm’s armpit.

    I could always picture him in one of those 1950s variety shows, wearing a Tommy Trinder hat, a stick, and a rictus grin doing a soft shoe shuffle. I despise the idea of him as PM but Boris must get his finger out quickly.

    • Boris get his finger out? Become like a relatively honest competent Boris from an alternate universe? It ain’t gonna happen.

      • PS: I’d vote for Will Hay with his screen persona any day over the clowns we’ve had to choose from in the last ten years.

  17. Career politicians, don’t care what party they work for just as long as they get paid.
    Fame for ugly people

  18. Greed (power and money for the MPs) and votes is the answer to this question.

    They couldn’t win on a promise of socialism anymore, as many, including the working class, had seen it and suffered under it.

    It took Tony Blair to launch his program of mass immigration to help Labour. The new arrivals would vote for him as many would be dependent on his handouts. Many others would need him in power to have more relaxed immigration rules so the whole village could move over.

    On top of this, part time workers getting full time salaries (tax credits) at the expense of the rest of the population created even more dependent voters.

    Labour doesn’t really even bother trying to pretend to be for the working class anymore.

    They have their voting blocks and pander to them at the expense of the country. And yes, the Tories aren’t much better.

    Now, you’re just a Nazi if you don’t vote labour it seems.

  19. Slight change of direction. Unlike some people, I only do this late into a cunting!

    Headlines have said today that Covid is the most severe health emergency the WHO has ever faced.
    When asked about it earlier, Roger Daltrey said “that’s not quite fuckin’ right. I remember in 1967 on a TV set, Moony loading his drums with more flash powder than he’d ever used before. The fuckin’ explosion nearly blew the lot of us off the stage, blinded the TV cameras and gave the fuckin’ cameraman a heart attack.”

    • You sure, that wasn’t two months ago Betty? I for one can’t be arsed to check.

      But your probity and etiquette on iac is a nonpareil. You’re not a teachers’ pet, are you?


    • Bertie me old mate… Champions, Champions, Champions. 🙏🏽🔥👍🏽 YNWA.

      • Great to hear from you B&W. You’ve had everyone worried!
        You’ve obviously just come out of a great big bender having celebrated the Red’s victory! Your return will be greatly welcomed!
        Onward and upwards!
        Best wishes Bruv!

      • PS Black and White. I was saddened to hear about your latest affair. I’d love to see a nice lad like you finally settle down and bring some nice Black and Whites into the world!

  20. I have been in reflection mode whilst sat in my Notting Hill flat…reflecting on what a year it’s been so far, Corona bollocks, Black Lives Matter bollocks, the fact that I am so good looking, the fact that the mighty Liverpool FC are at the top again, the fact that I have a lot of money… not wanting to be a typical Notting Hill rich cunt I decided to spend some time in my other flat in west country and look out the window at the trees and wildlife and reflect on how successful I am, how my last bit of skirt fell in love with me after a 3-4 month fling, how she told me she loved me whilst drunk and I dumped her the next day, on how the world has gone mad and it keeps on getting worse, on how great my life is and how thankful I am for it, on all the ladies who have benefitted from a good tonguing from me, on how it has changed their lives for the better, on what it is to be one of the greatest Britons abaaaaaht and still have not reached my full potential.
    Anyways reflection time is on hold for now and I need to get on with some cunting, and the Labour party is a massive pile of cunt.
    Go fuck yourselves. 😁

      • Nice to see the second best looking man back on ISAC!
        Nice to see you back BWC, thought the ISAC cereal killer had done for you..😁

      • Evening MNC, no cereal killer gonna get me…I am an ISAC lifelong subscriber. 😁

      • Where the fuck have you been. You didn’t write, post or contact us. I even put an appeal out which these Admin cunts binned. The racist bastards.

      • @CC Iv’e been aaaaht and abaaaaaht. 😁
        Cheers Paul. Good to be back on the best website in the world.

  21. Just heard that a good friend has fallen thirty feet from a viewing platform and has become entangled in a container filled with old golf clubs destined for recycling.

    Paramedics at the scene have indicated that they think he’ll be OK, although they have stressed that he’s not totally out of the woods yet….

  22. Up until just a few years ago, I would watch politicians on TV, from any party, and despite thinking they mostly talked bollocks, realised that I wouldn’t like to debate them.

    I’m no thick cunt, but I knew I couldn’t beat them in debates. They were too sly, intelligent and could weasel out of anything and turn it on you in a heartbeat if you weren’t careful.

    But now, I watch some of these idiots, partition the labour party, and honestly think I’d take them to the fucking cleaners in any debate.

    They are literally a bunch of thick as fuck woke cunts.

    An absolute shower of amateurs.

    • ‘particularly the labour party’

      Fucking stupid phone cunt shite bollocks.

  23. The labour party has been dying since its inception

    I remember a time in my youth, going on strike, working in the NHS – yes, that one – and travelling to London for a demo and talking to MPs – as I crossed Westminster Bridge big, fat lard arse George Brown came towards me – he was labour chancellor in old Harry Wilson’s govermint at the time – I offered him a flyer and started to speak to him as he quickened his walk, took my flyer and threw it on the ground, brushed past me as if I was infectious and marched away muttering something about me being a twat ….

    I’ve never liked nor trusted labour since, have never joined a political party and now hope, sincerely friends, that Starmer and company are roasted alive come bonfire night

    • You were unlucky, that must have been one of the few times George was sober.

      • He was permanently pissed I think Freddie, pissed off Harold Wilson beat him to the top job, so he sought destruction through the bottle. I remember an incident in Belper in his last election back in 1970 – he was being pelted with stuff on the back of a lorry at ten in the morning and he was already three sheets to the wind, but, compared to wankers like Jonathan Ashworth and Chris Bryant, even more so Bulldyke Phillips and the Rayner bint, he was Einstein.

  24. The Labour Party died the day the PR men told Kinnock to cut off his combover and measured him up for an Armani suit. Of course it was Blair who benefitted from Kinnocks pioneering treachery but the sheepshagging windbag didn’t do too bad did he? Not as good as Blair but that’s a special category of cuntishness.

  25. A thought experiment…

    What if the original SDP had become what David Owen wanted – the Labour Party without the hard left – and elected Owen leader instead of that useless upper class twat Jenkins?

    And they should have stayed left instead of getting involved with those arseholes in the old Liberal Party. David Steel was one of the biggest political cunts in my lifetime.

    • What if politicians actually gave a flying fuck for their nation there’s a thought.
      Guy Fawkes was right.

  26. And David Steel covered up the shenanigans of that mighty huge kiddy fiddling ares bandit Cyril Smith. What a cunt.

  27. Somthing to think over

    1) Is there any means by which any number of individuals can delegate to someone else the moral right to do something which none of the individuals have the moral right to do themselves?

    2) Do those who wield political power (PMs, MPs, etc.) have the moral right to do things which other people do not have the moral right to do? If so, from whom and how did they acquire such a right?

    3) Is there any process (e.g., elections) by which human beings can transform an immoral act into a moral act (without changing the act itself)?

    4) When law-makers and law-enforcers use coercion and force in the name of law and government, do they bear the same responsibility for their actions that anyone else would who did the same thing on his own?

    5) When there is a conflict between an individual’s own moral conscience, and the commands of a political authority, is the individual morally obligated to do what he personally views as wrong in order to “obey the law”?

    • The state may do nothing but that which is expressly authorised by law, while the individual may do anything but that which is forbidden by law – Entick – v – Carrington 1765

  28. You can’t already nom a cunt…a true cunt. Labour has left the building, well and truly left…left and even more…left again.
    They have the gaul to say that anyone who doesn’t’t stand for blm,,take the the knee. give a fist, so called white privilage.
    Is therefore (white) racist then it’s fine.
    I just wonder when all this crap is going to end.
    If the oligarchs want a race war then they better get on with it starting here up in Scotland.

  29. I say we burn the lot of them and let god sort them out. If there is such a thing.

    The worrying thing is a cabinet made up of ISAC members would be far more functional than any of the shite we have to represent us presently.

    I try not to think too deeply about the current problems in the world. If I do it knocks the wind out of my sails, somewhat.

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