Fuckwit Labour Party Members

A Hissy Fit cunting for those Labour Party members leaving in droves because Starmer sacked Buckie Wrong-Daily f’t refusin’ t’tek down her Twatter arse-licking of everyone’s favourite communist luvvie & gobshite, Maxine Peake and her inaccurate anti-semitic comments in The Independent.

I’d have more sympathy with the bad losers if they actually admitted that their real reason for jumping ship is that Our Father Who Art On The BackBenches Now was rejected by the working classes when they didn’t buy what he was touting. The PLP has since worked out that having any chance of Labour getting back into power means pulling the party back to the middle ground, which these so-called ‘real’ socialists don’t like.

So out of the cot go the teddies and they foot-stomp their way round the playground, muttering about forming a new Leftie Socialist party which will sweep to power without any doubt whatsoever – oh some even want the double-losing Peoples Assembly champion, Piddlecock as leader of this new crusade.

I, for one, hope to fuck that this happens, because that geordie daft-arse couldn’t lead piss-heads into a bar and it’ll be a good laugh watching the back-biting and self destruction that ensues in a Labour civil war.

FFS! How many times do the lefties have to have their arses handed to them at the polls before they can understand the words ‘unelectable doctrine’. The actual problem is that when these cunts don’t get their own way, the fuckers get out on the streets and start trashing everything, as in the current nonsense under the BLM banner, but it’ll be some other shit-preaching outfit soon.

With Bojo and Priti (the brain says ‘No’, the bollocks say ‘Go’) Patel not stomping all over the fuckers and the rozzers taking a fucking knee to it all, we’re headed for doomsday (or cunesday.)

Nominated by: The Stained Gusset 

32 thoughts on “Fuckwit Labour Party Members

  1. A most worthy cunting Gusset.
    These days the ‘People’s Party’ seems like the home for wokeists, loonies and Metrobubble champers socialists.
    Unelectable as thinks stand, I’d say.

  2. It seems like a good blag to me – do everything you can to make your party unelectable but pull in all the “minority interest” voters to make sure you are personally elected. Talk shit, get paid, good dinners and a free house.
    Over the term of one Parliament any newly elected Politician can profit to the tune of a million plus Pounds, and in opposition can spout any promise and nonsense they want whilst knowing full well the very principles they cling to with an almost maniacal zeal make sure that their party will never have to do anything silly like run the Country – much easier to rake the money in, enjoy the lifestyle and snipe from the sidelines.
    Long – Bailey is a dangerous Marxist (and a fucking moron) and should not be in charge of a shopping list let alone political power, and Starmer knows that to stand any chance of being elected he needs to distance himself from the lunatic communist policies of his predecessors and clear out their supporters, the potato pushers do not like this because they were in clover under Corbyn but finding life a lot less welcoming under the new boss, unfortunately the Marxists will continue in their toxic behaviour because they are fanatics.
    Different colours of pig, but pretty much all of them with their snouts in the same trough and their fingers in the same till – and we, the public, pay for it.
    Cromwell knew what to do.

    • It’s a pity these Marxist infiltrators don’t just come out and form their own political party. That way it may make Labour even remotely electable just so long as it goes back to its roots supporting the working classes and the underprivileged.

      Starmer knows this, especially after the routing his party got in the last election. So he needs to do a root & twig clearout of anyone who doesn’t follow the party lines, otherwise they’ll be in the wind for quite awhile

      (Although undoubtedly he will suck up to the BLM mob, but I would hope the silent majority – who would ordinarily vote for Old Labour – would put too much pressure on him to bend the knee again and again)

      • I heard Wrong Daily talk on Radio 4 when she was ‘Shadow Business Secretary ‘. Transfixed, I had to listen to the end of her drivel only to find out that was her role. How can such a thick person hope to be in government?

  3. They dont need to win elections. They control everything. Its going to take more than elections to defeat the cunts.

    • They’re not happy with Ducky Starmer are they?
      Ohhh, upset them,
      Cant go doing that, theyll have to have therapy!
      Cant be leader of the opposition and go making decisions off your own back, firing anti semites?
      Cant do that!
      Party has a fine tradition of antisemitic behaviour.
      And upsetting that nice mr Lansman?…ohhhh
      Didnt you realise hes the boss?
      Id make it look like it wasnt personal and fire a few more, do a black one
      A asian one, a tranny,
      And a pee do.
      Then it looks like equality.

  4. Good afternoon.
    England and Northern Ireland are not socialist countries. Wales leans towards socialism but the Welsh Labour Party has made such a balls-up of the Chinese Flu crisis that I suspect that at the next election they will have their arses handed to them. Scotland is a socialist country but for reasons best known to themselves vote SNP. That leaves the U.K. Labour Party up shit creek without a paddle.

    • The SNP IS a socialist party! Tell me how ANY of their policies (apart from independence) are any different.

  5. Let them leave, why anyone voted for the few that’s in is beyond me.
    Labour stopped representing the working class a long time ago. The difference is everyone now knows it. They have no worthwhile policies, and thought that their Robin Hood manifesto of taking from the rich and the industrious, then giving to immigrants, and the workshy, would put them in the driving seat.
    Wrong, there are still hardworking British people living here, you stupid cunts.

  6. I know it’s a different labour party, the Fenian Chinese communist party fuckers spell it labor but I can’t fucking stand the relentless snide nasal whine of New Shite Wails cunt Antonio Albanese. As much as I hate Jesus freak Morrison I hope he wins the next election so Albanese cunt gets deposed and disappears, just like barrister dwårven Shorten.

    • Surely Albanese must be doing something right, Shacks? Hasn’t he survived 14 months or so as leader of the Labor opposition without being replaced by his party in a “spill motion” as they say down under.
      Given the political turnovers in Aus politics (6 PMs since the start of 2010 – or 5 if you discount Rudds return) will Morrison be PM or even Liberals leader at the next election?
      As for the Chinese influence don’t you think the Libs & National coalition or Labor haven’t already sold out to them on the quiet given the amount of trade you have with them? Money, which the Chïnks seem to have bucket loads of at the moment, always talks no matter which side of the political divide you are on (or, in this case, which side of the planet).

      • Your quite right both parties play a dangerous game of gobbing China to maintain trade but still rimlick the US and India for our defence, we’ll end up a pariah whore like Pakistan. As for Albo, I just can’t stand his accent.

  7. My Doctor referred me to a specialist after I developed a strange urge to dress up as Robin Hood and live my life in the forest.
    Just been diagnosed with Menintitus….

  8. The modern day Labour Party have absolutely no interest in representing the indigenous white working class of the UK , the party is torn between the Prosecco socialists and the Hard left thugs of momentum, a toxic combination that was expressly rejected by the British electorate, starmers trying to jettison the rabid left but they’re dug in worse than an Alabama tick! , with the stench of anti semitism still lingering from catweazels stint don’t expect much from labour who appear to be nothing more than a party of protest nowadays.
    I saw a photo of that fucking gormless turd starmer on his knee alongside rabid attack dog Angela rayner ? That says more about the Labour Party than words could ever do ……..

    • He has promised never to do that again – probably because of the enormous fart and the piss stain in his Tenaladies when he got up again.

      • Possibly, Mr Boggs, but a more plausible reason is that whilst taking the knee may attract ethnic Londonistan voters & some from metropolitan student dense areas, it repels the traditional “red wall” voters they have to win back to win an election who rightly see it as a sell-out of their value to society.
        I suspect someone may have had a word in his shell-like and told him not to be a silly boy again.
        That knee may yet haunt him for the remainder of his leadership.

  9. Flame-haired Brighton & Hove Labour Councillor Carmen Appich was on ITV news on Friday and stated;
    “We’ve missed everybody but our businesses are on their knees…”

    Seems some places have Councillors with their finger on the pulse on their towns. But are they able to socially distance whilst on their knees?

  10. Victimhood
    Identity politics
    Loony policies
    Veneration of magic Grandpa
    Anti-Semitism (you don’t have to scratch far below the surface as luvvie Peak demonstrated)

    Even the Parking Stanleys will realise it’s not worth forging postal votes sooner or later.

  11. I wanted Steptoe to remain Labour leader because it was guaranteed however much the Conservatives fucked up Corbyn would never become Prime minister, but the charming smarmy Dame Kweer has just enough horseshit coming out of his mouth a la Blair that he might just do it, then we would have all the arsehole crawlers like Ashworth, Bendoverf Bradshaw & co telling us what to do, with Mandy back as New Labour Queen Mother.

    I would be interested to know if Suckdick Khan is still paying an enormous salary to Amy Lame, who is either a trannie, a dyke or a halfwit as “Night Czar, since she has had fuck all to do for the past four months – this from the fuckwit mayor who is threatening to cut police numbers again. Her/It’s enormous salary would probably keep a couple of coppers employed for months.

    Labour is as outdated as Sedan chairs and curtains round piano legs, and as useless.

    • Yes ,but with Boris ‘I talk a good game and deliver nothing’ in charge Labour has a chance.

  12. The Labour Party are fuckwits, all of them…. Starmer taking the knee with his horse faced bitch has legitimised the cunts attacking the police …. again last night this time in white city….
    Khan in his usual hand wringing condemnation, no you cunt, go and buy back the water cannon, tool up with rubber bullets and tear gas and get fucking serious!

    BLM, cunts, not in this country!!

    • We owe mad Maxine peake a drink seeing as she got her mate wrong daily sacked.
      Maxine is a full blown fuckwit, true loony head full of broken biscuits.
      Talking of biscuits wonder if shes a heiress of biscuit manufacturer
      Most of her type are heiresses,
      Helter Skelter 🔪

  13. It’s rather unique the world today, a posh boy as PM a bit nice but dim but generally a decent sort, doing what all Torys do protect their own wealth , a few gifts for the workers normally in a time like this labour should be well ahead? But look at labour dark keys with chips , tranies with a voice immigrants protected, soy boys snowflakes et al protected not much space for a white person

  14. Bunch of far left fascists, anti British, disingenuous, anti-semitic, pro-terrorist, whiny cunts! who are no good at money management.

    Labour is totally irrelevant in this day and age. Hard to believe the vast numbers of gormless twats who vote for them.

  15. I cant really endorse this cunting. I’d happily see these freaks split the lefty vote even further so none of the cunts ever get in, or get close to getting in, again.
    I’m all for Pidcock dragging her momental cunts away from Dame Kweers LGBTBAME trendies.

    • Agreed CP, but the cunting is aimed really at the Johnny-Come-Lately party members having hissy fits & leaving because Magic Grandpa didn’t make their dreams come true. I would fucking love it if they set up an ‘alternative’ Labour Party with that geordie idiot at the helm – fuck me, talk about car-crash, laugh-a-minute politics!
      On a serious note though, it doesn’t do to let one party have it’s own way all the time – Russia, China, North Korea, Mugabe’s Zim,1000 Year Reich etc etc.

  16. The problem is that the ‘middle ground’ has been pulled so far Left for the past 20 years that it is STILL extreme-left! You often hear about far-right organisations, marches, protests and people, but these are actually slightly-right of the old centre! ie Conservative!

  17. No matter what faction they’re in, if they’re Labour they’re a cunt.

    A hateful, hating cunt.

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