I’m So So Sorry!

Apologising should be given a massive full on cunting then sent to the frozen plain in Hell.

Every time the tv or radio is turned on some cunt or bunch of cunts is apologising for something that occurred years before they were born or something they would have no power to change.

Likewise the web, Twitter, facetwat, and so on.sorry, sorry sorry.

What makes this torture for many of us, the constant narrative that all this shit is “our” fault. Well I say in a loud and clear voice “fuck off” I did not cause whatever bollocks your apologising for, I will not take the knee or the head or leg fuck off. Do not apologise for me you sad bastards grow a fucking pair. Wankers

Nominated by: Black biscuit

77 thoughts on “I’m So So Sorry!

  1. Apologise for yourself if you want but don’t you dare apologise on my behalf!

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