Nasty Female Rappers.

Being a curious cracka i decided to investigate who these people are. The Nicky Minajs and Cardi B types who the Mail Online publishes risque pictures of. They’re not all black, so this is not about race. I’ve seen some grotty white girls acting like this.

I think Hip hop is crap as a genre but its even uglier when performed by these nasty bitches, where every lyric is a N***a or a curse, or a reference to genitals or body parts.

I cant stand the ugly attitude they have, either. I’m pretty sure corporations promoting this garbage is contributing to the ever-worsening mental health of girls and young women. Dress, speak and twerk like a whore? Get ready to be treated like one. Porn Hub, or Dignitas, awaits.

Repulsive cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

87 thoughts on “Nasty Female Rappers.

  1. A stupid noise made by stupid cunts for other stupid cunts to listen to. Definitely whap the lot of them in Terrys’ oven.

  2. When a deranged cunt like Azaelia Banks can be constantly and violently racist to white audiences and artists, the Guardian wrings its hands and asks if she’s a troll or a ‘fearless truth teller’

    Next time somesome calls you a bigot or troll you might want to remind them that the Guardian might say you’re a fearless truth-teller.

  3. Great nom! The rap genre, to me, has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Sure, there is good and bad in all genres of music, but rap just all sounds uniformly poor; if it was a beverage it would be a 2 quid bottle of white lightning cider. Coincidentally, when I was out my daily walk after dinner last week, some guy went past in his workman’s van and was blaring Eminem with all the windows down (it was a gorgeous evening weather wise). The alarming aspect about this was that he looked in his 30s, maybe even 40. I think that anyone who listens to rap over the age of 21 should be subjected to a thorough psychiatric appraisal, or sectioned under the mental health act; someone listening to it after the age of 30 just needs to eat a bullet. Fucking pathetic! But, yeah, those female pavement ape rappers are truly woeful. All that gesticulating with their arms, hands and fingers like a total spaz whilst spouting out the dreaded ‘ebonics’ (gangsta slang like bruv, innit, homie, blud, dawg, holla, holmes, ese, trippin’, yo, etc etc) and wearing tawdry baggy attire, is in no way, shape or form enriching or benefitting anyone; it’s all vacuous tripe for mouthbreathers and bottom feeders. In addition, most of the aforementioned wimmin rappers look as though they’ve been to too many bukkake parties — fat, haggard and common as fuckin’ muck. These days, all of them seem to be trying to out-do one another in terms of who can rap the most obscene, graphic, explicit and violent lyrics. Check this shit out:

    ^ Role model my ass! So pathetic, it’s actually hilarious! 😀😀

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