Law and order

And now we see the result of allowing bullshit and political correctness taking over policing.

Giving the knee. Not targeting known criminals because they is black. Allowing hate speech against whites from all and sundry. Ignoring and playing down criminal activity, cos they is black. Allowing statues to be defaced and destroyed because the heritage doesn’t fit with the agenda of the left. Glossing over grooming, honour killing, slavery, domestic abuse – ‘it’s their culture’ so no problem to the left.

We have had violent conduct 2 nights in a row. Coppers attacked, and you can bet your life they fell over themselves to pander to the animals. This is just the start of the violence and looting.

And the stupid cunts in all the media are too scared to call BLM and Climate cunts for what they are and what their aim is – chaos and the end of civilised policing and conduct.

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  1. In London Boris’s water cannon would have stopped a lot of the recent problems before they even started, but Sadiq Kunt went and sold them off cheap. If we can’t give the dirty bastards a good wash – probably their first in years, arm the police with whips – the cowardly cunts would shrink away from that. Soft policing creates more problems than it solves.

    • Im genuinely puzzled why this is being allowed,
      Police getting beaten up by thugs and not being allowed to fight back?
      What good will come from that?
      Whos idea was it?
      That wet fart Cressida?
      The paki mayor?
      Whats our goverment thinking?
      The Tory one with Tory values like tough one crime?
      Wheres the mounted police?
      Dog handlers?
      We’re doomed I tell ye.

      • I’ve said it before. The police have become the servants and protectors of the criminal and/or left wing.

      • The police are a bunch of self serving, corrupt, bribe taking chavs, making all the decent human beings quit. I have no sympathy for them. The politicians deliberately take away their powers in order to make it easier for criminals to do their bidding. Also, it’s funny how they made a big deal of the drug raids, shortly after the story about them taking photos of those 2 dead black girls was leaked…

  2. All are equal in the eyes of the law is a concept which has served this country well for several centuries. Move away from that at your peril.

    • We already have moved away from it. It’s quite clear to most normal folk that gays, blacks and Asians have more leeway than the whites. It’s been going on for years – Sikhs are allowed to ride motorbikes without crash helmets. Why is that fair?

      • Fair?? Not fair on the NHS when they have to deal with some cunts head injury.

  3. There’s only one way out if this, and some would call it police brutality.
    Like it or not, the present situation exists because some people have gotten bold. The fear of legalised disablement addresses that outrageous misconception.
    The police can do it, they have more suppressed rage than anyone right now. Give them the license and the weapons, they’ll get it done by tomorrow.

  4. The Police gave up in the countryside years ago. Your only chance of getting a Copper out is to say that you’ve got the shotgun out and will deal with the problem yourself.
    Fifteen years ago there was a village Police station,3 Coppers and a Sergeant….they closed that and said that the nearest Station would be 30 odd miles away…couple of years later they closed that too… now the nearest station that is open 24 hours a day is over 50 miles away.

    Nothing against the individual Coppers. It’s the Govt, that has allowed,even encouraged, the abandonment of rural areas. I don’t knock The Police as such,they have become what the Govt. has allowed them to become…a weak.ineffective. politically-correct extension of social-services. It comes from the top and shit rolls downhill.

    • But imagine surge in the recruitment figures if they were giving out batons. You’d have more cops than locals.
      I’d be changing career.
      Good morning Mr Fiddler, how do?

      • Morning Cuntflap.

        I’m not sure that I’d be welcome in any Police force tbh…unless that nice President Duterte from The Philippines was recruiting of course.
        You keeping well ?

    • Whoever is calling the shots, making decisions is off their head.
      Only a couple of month ago everyone was under house arrest, and coppers would pull you up and ask where you were going, they were everywhere!
      Now, they go to a illegal party and get beat up?
      Head of policing strategy Harvey Price.

      • Morning MNC.
        I’ve never seen as many Coppers in the local area as when that quarantine shit was on..all over the place they were….even followed one of the lads who does a bit of work for me until he indicated to them that he was going up the track to my place..

      • Only Raoul Moat managed to attract a bigger Police presence…still. he attracted a pissed-up Paul Gascoigne armed with some fried-chicken,a few cans of beer and a fishing-rod too….going to talk his good pal,Raoul. into giving himself up indeed.
        Fucking idiot.

      • Morning Dick,
        Yes, I was followed too.
        So where did they all go?
        And why cant they control a illegal street party?
        Some very odd decisions being made in regard to policing, and the police in the peak district were dead keen on lockdown!
        Hassling Dog walkers,
        Closing car parks,
        Stopping people going to work etc


        It’s cunts like this that are calling the shots, MNC. Four fucking years in, fuck-all experience and promoted to assistant chief constable. If it wasn’t so pathetic and terrifying it would be funny. That and the media constantly sticking the boot into the police, the public with their carefully edited videos conveniantly cutting out the part where the copper is spat at and assaulted prior to arresting the suspect and the government castrating the police. That’s who’re calling the shots. Leave it to the real police, years in experienced ones and they’d have this shit sorted out within a week and the BLM/ER protesters would understand their folly if they tried it on again. Reverse the cuts. Re-open rural stations as per Dick’s post and give us a Police FORCE again. Graduate entry can fuck right off, too.

      • Morning DCI,
        Ah, another box ticked in the name of diversity?
        Position filled by quota rather than merit?
        Imagine the older copper whos nearing retirement,
        Remembers when they were respected, could uphold the law,
        They must be sick as a chip with the way things are going.

    • ‘I don’t knock The Police as such,they have become what the Govt. has allowed them to become…a weak.ineffective. politically-correct extension of social-services. It comes from the top and shit rolls downhill.’

      Wise words, Dick. There’s a few posters on here that should take heed of that sentiment. They know who they are.

  5. Recipe for law and order pie Ingredients needed.
    Mark 2 Transit Van and 10 old bill preferably wearing 1970s civilian clothes, but any style will do.
    Add knuckle dusters, trunchons and aggression. Add alcohol to the old bill must be 5.6 % or over.
    Leave to drive around Croydon or any other urban area of the UK for 24 hours, night time is best.
    Then add drug dealers, knife gangs, statue breakers, BLM and white middle class hippy climate protesters.
    Beat in the van for an hour and ensure the blood is drained. Once done take the left overs and place in the gutter.

    That recipe has made me quite hungry for law and order pie.

  6. Spot on cunting, Ron. As per usual. It’s a shame that the government for the last ten years has been a weak, snivelling, lefty bunch of politically correct cunts that have neutered our police. The most ineffective government I’ve known in my lifetime. What we need in power is a Conservative government that promises they’re the party of law and order and will be tough on crime and immigration.

    Oh, hang on…..

    • Was it busy in your line of work last night,DCI ?

      Good Morning.

      • I’m off this weekend, Dick, praise the Lord. I have very little patience with drunks.

  7. All Marxists want removal of law and order and it to be replaced with their own organisations to control the people. Accused of a crime in Communist China – do you think you will have a fair chance in the courts?

  8. It’s surely now obvious that no matter who we vote for, we are being run, or ruled, by the Guardian reading minority.
    Wear a mask. Take a knee. Clap the NHS because if you don’t you’re a right wing nazi!

    • Hopefully, as things return to the pre lockdown people will regain their sanity.

  9. The Dark Keys are masquerading as protesters.
    They are just a thieving rabble.
    “Lessons will be learnt..”
    Yes by cracking their fucking heads open.

  10. Spot on CC. The only thing giving a tenuous finger-hold on my ever-crumbling sanity, is that surely we will reach a kind of critical mass with this shit? Surely even the dumbest watermelon-quaffing, fried chiggun-worshipping jig*boo is going to think something’s not right when his shithole of a neighbourhood is torn apart every night for months on end?

    We’ve already seen how the increasingly bizarre subsets of all these groups (Black Trans Lives Matter demos?? get the fuck out) are at odds with one another: a year ago it was all wimminz; now they’re out of favour, and trannies are in; the pooves have had a crack but they’re not accepted by all; and now the pa*dos are lurking on the fringes, and they will no doubt get their day in court. Point is because none of these cunts really know what they want, they will continue to in-fight.

    Obviously whitey is responsible (despite creating every aspect of society, including the internet, that the tar babies are oh so keen to take advantage of) for everything wrong in their worthless lives – but I hold out hope that the backlash from this from the average whitey will be ASTONISHING. I’ve never considered myself a racist before – now I do, because we’ve been clearly shown how much the porch monkeys HATE us and everything we stand for. Goes both ways from now on boys.

    • There will be no critical mass.
      The problem people all love the chaos. In other places in the world that chaos has been the normal for thousands of years.
      And we are too slow to react.
      Chaos is inevitable.

  11. What ever happened to the quaint old days of the #Metoo movement? Ahh, they were the days.

  12. Up here in east anglia and lincs it’s the dooshka’s that found out first our policing was soft as arseholes. At first they were shit scared of police as their ones are still like ours on the 60’s and 70’s. Do a crime get a pasting first then a straight away a fine or clinky. One said to me (Litho) if you burgle a House In their neck of the woods and get caught red handed expect 2 years no question asked after a good old fashioned police welcome in the back of a van.
    Slowly but surely when they realised we are bound by ethics etc they became more bolshy and literally don’t give a fuck. The amount of drink driving and assaults and domestic violence and organised crime up here is astonishing.

    • Spot on, as a Bostongrad resident the locals have adopted an almost blase attitude about it all now; you’re way more at risk of being attacked/stabbed by an Eastie, or robbed by Bulgarians/Romanians, or run over by a tanked-up member of any one of about 30 different nationalities than of catching the Hong Kong Phlooey; so what can we do but laugh about it? The chances of any of them being caught and punished are zero.

      • The number of repeat drink driving / driving whilst disqualified reflects this fact that some cunts have no respect for others and the law is failing to protect ordinary people. I would like to see a British person who has suffered because of the inaction of the authorities take them to court for dereliction of duty. The ambulance chasing lawyers have missed an opportunity here. Where are the tv adverts ‘ Been stabbed by an illegal immigrant? Contact Slater Gordon’.

    • Yes I’ve seen Polish Policing, if these self entitled so called protesters that pulled down statues were to do it it in there Manor would end up in the Brain injury unit and I’m not kidding.

    • This should have been a reply to Steaming Helmit above. Why do they randomly go to the end?

  13. The country should double the number of coppers, compared to other European countries we are lightweight.
    When they are up to strength go into these fucking areas (black, where else) and start cracking fucking heads, it’s the only thing they understand.

    F1 first race today and the little cunt Hamilton has been trying to bully the other drivers into ‘taking the fucking knee’, some are not comfortable with doing it because of the political ideology of BLM, Hamilton’s answer, they don’t understand, need to be educated and persuaded…. right so what you mean is some are actually using their brains and thinking for themselves rather than acting like fucking sheep.
    You can bet the drivers who aren’t happy with this bullshit will be ‘instructed’ by their teams to conform to the bullshit.

    • Need to be educated? Sounds like something Stalin would have said. Take a knee, and ram it into his stupid face.

  14. Really need to reactivate the Special Patrol Group. The good old daze.

  15. Consider this.
    London 2007. Bungled police operation results in death of innocent Brazilian. Shot very dead indeed.
    Minneapolis 2020. Overzealous arrest results in death of career criminal.

    Which resulted in promotion and which in criminal charges?
    Answers on a postcard to Brazilian Lives Matter, c/o Cressida’s Dick, London.

    Diversity trumps competence. This is the downward slope.

    • This is increasingly being foisted onto private companies who wouldn’t otherwise hire these cunts in a million years. It’s only a matter of time before companies start going to the wall because of their ‘wonderfully diverse’, but ultimately fucking useless, workforce. I can’t say for sure that this hasn’t already happened.

  16. When I learned that the police were going to be officially redesignated as a service I was furious. To this day I cannot fathom what the point of it was other than to make our law enforcers appear friendly and non threatening. How can that possibly be a good thing? Their job primarily is to enforce law and provide security! Firefighting is a service. Paramedics and ambulances are a service. Only a small part of what the Police are expected to do could be regarded as merely a service in my opinion e.g. Informing relatives of a victim in a tragic accident, or helping a stranded person get to their destination.

    Yes, the Police ‘serve’ of course, but they serve the law makers by enforcing those laws surely. It’s rather coincidental how respect has diminished along with the job description I think. Also, when I saw coppers dancing with cunty Notting Hill Carnival revellers on the news years ago, I realised fear and appeasement was creeping into policing. If a section of society want to refer to the Police as ‘the filth’ or ‘the pigs’ because they obstruct their selfish criminality then that’s not going to change no matter what. You don’t try to appeal to cunts, you have to be prepared to beat them down with truncheons and guns. That’s FORCE.

    • A slight correction to the above required here. I should’ve said ‘considered to be a service’ rather than ‘merely’. Fire and Paramedics are demanding and often dangerous ‘services’ and certainly not less than the Police. What now constitutes service status in the Police is more often than not enforcement IMO. Just thought I’d clear that up as it sounded cuntish.

      • As an ‘Ambulance Driver’ as the media are so quick to call all Emergency Ambulance Crew, be they Emergency Care Assistants, Technicians or Paramedics – Patient Transport Service possibly could be called ‘Drivers’, but it’s still an insult to what they do – I didn’t find your post cuntish.

        As you were.

  17. What makes me laugh is those defund the police wankers. It is the epitome of turkeys voting for Christmas, as a lot of those rich entitled pricks would be such easy pickings for the criminal element that would dominate if there was no police at all. New York is fucked, as their cunt mayor has withdrawn a massive amount of police funding, not only to please all the BLM cunts, but to piss off Trump. The same New York that was a crime ridden shit hole with a world leading murder rate until Rudy Guliani emboldened the police and took a hard line against the criminals, turning it into one of the safest cities. A lot of people are going to die because of this obvious political decision.
    I watch a lot of those police programmes, where you see the car thief resisting arrest and it takes eight coppers to pin the piece of shit down. It’s usually the only taste of justice they get, as the voiceover at the end says they had community service or a suspended sentence for the trail of mayhem these vermin cause. I can only imagine that this George Floyd wasn’t shoved on the floor for no reason.

    • ‘I can only imagine that this George Floyd wasn’t shoved on the floor for no reason.’

      I’d wager, in fact I’d place my ‘Gold-Plated’ pension on it. Police are trained to be polite and respectful in the first instance, escalating as appropriate. Similar to our ‘Stepwise Approach’ to airway management. You act the cunt in front of them and play up and don’t do as requested – it’s not a fucking Debating Society when the coppers ask you to do something – you reap the rewards of your folly. In Floyds case I believe it went too far and the officers are rightfully facing the law themselves, HOWEVER, if the cunt had done what he was, and remember, your average Yank is extrememely polite, I know, I’ve holidayed there, told to do, he’d still be alive. And maybe facing criminal charges, remember? He was commiting a criminal act hence the police presence. So don’t expect me to shed a tear and kneel for the cunt. To quote Squadron Leader Sir Dick Fiddler DFC and Bar – ‘Fuck Off’.

      • I’ve read somewhere that he was off his face on meth and wanted to drive off in his car. Not sure if this is true, as anything that puts him in a bad light is being suppressed, but if it is, they could have saved innocent lives by stopping him driving, as I don’t think meth makes you a better motorist. His decision to resist arrest with the wrong coppers put him where he is, and the rest of us going to bear the consequences.

  18. A masterpiece of cunting CC.
    Those scenes from London, where the cops were actually running away from violent protesters, were disgraceful.
    The word is that among the rank and file officers, morale has gone through the floor and taken to mining. The problem seems to be with the box-ticking , pc ninnies running the show.

  19. Good cunting Cuntstable!

    Allowing mob rule by BLM ethnics especially recent events in London (Brixton, Harlesden, White City) ‘running out’ the rozzers from housing estates is a slippery slope that just serves to embolden the scum criminal underclass everywhere.

    Will it take rozzers being lynched by a mob chimping out and beaten within an inch of their lives or killed before the police forces across the land wake the fuck up and start restoring law and order with brutal force to control the BLM/Far left and put the shits up them that their shit will not be tolerated in future.

    A truly shit state of affairs ATM that needs sorting pronto.

    • ‘Will it take rozzers being lynched by a mob chimping out and beaten within an inch of their lives or killed before the police forces across the land wake the fuck up and start restoring law and order with brutal force to control the BLM/Far left and put the shits up them that their shit will not be tolerated in future.’

      Never happened after PC Keith Blakelock, killed whilst protecting firemen, the firemen he was protecting tried to help him when he was hacked to death and it’s gotten worse. Who the FUCK would be a copper nowadays? I just thank fucking Christ that some have the moral fibre to do the job. And we should supprt them to the hilt. You may not like them or what they stand for but, rest assured, they’re like my job – we’ll probably NEVER need YOU, but one day, you’re probably going to need US.

  20. Police force turns into Police farce. Went to my local last night, filled with coked up snowflakes, never heard volume like it, never seen attitude like it.
    Ended up with a mass kiddy brawl (funny, I was sat in the middle of it trying to watch the footer, some gimp bounced into my table, I looked up at him and issued a hard stare – to my amusement the lot of them moved carefully round me – wise).
    Bouncer starts to hoof them out, half a dozen coppers mince in and the first thing the pathetic bastards said was “can we go outside and talk about this”?
    Then instead of throwing the little bastards out, arresting them and leaving everyone else in peace the pigs shut the pub – utter spineless cunts who then just looked on while it carried on in the street.
    The little cunts who ruined the evening were informed (not, ahem, by the coppers) that if they showed their faces again in MY boozer there would be no Police called..
    Little snowflake shit soon melted when they met a Man. If I want a service I go to the shop, if I want a force I am wasting my time calling the pigs – they have been turned into plastic social workers and I am sure the vast majority of coppers did not sign up for this – but this is what you get when you put ethnics, commies and weirdo trans things in charge – of anything, ever.
    That’s another contribution for the Fox swearbox! 😄

    • ‘but this is what you get when you put ethnics, commies and weirdo trans things in charge – of anything, ever.’

      There’s the problem. Not the fuckers that turned up to the pub. Put a long-serving copper in charge and the little cunts would have been frogmarched outside and taken to the cells. And start handing out some proper fucking deterrent sentances, too.

      Stick fifty pence in your swear box for me?

      • Done and done DCI – I have written a credit note and put that in (50P is a fortune in Yorkshire!). The coppers can’t do their job if the snowflakes at the top won’t let them, but it was pathetic to see – arrest them, restrain them, cuff them and take them to the cells – no, can’t do that in case you offend the poor little darlings. Weakness is always exploited – where’s the Sweeney and the SPG when you need them?
        Whatever happened to good old Police brutality? Aah, nostalgia for the good old days! 😄
        And as a paramedic can you explain something to me DCI – why does every binge drinker lose the ability to read – they seem to think “Ambulance” spells “Free taxi”!

      • ‘And as a paramedic can you explain something to me DCI – why does every binge drinker lose the ability to read – they seem to think “Ambulance” spells “Free taxi”!’

        Because they’re entitled cunts? As are few of our ‘customers’. (Trust me, you won’t get seen quicker by turning up in an ambulance).

        Flavo Servito Magnum Taxi!

      • Leicester Royal Infirmary recently had a new A & E built but the queues of ambulances outside are, if anything, worse than before, with waits of up to 6 hours for handover.

  21. Was watching ‘Murder by the Sea’. Visciouly raped then killed her(17 year old). Disfigured her post mortem with a glass bottle. 16 YEARS only. Got out went straight back to the seaside town (forgot). Arrested for sexual assault on a young girl. His friend ‘Budgie’ who had helped him to set up bravely going to testify against him. LET OUT ON BAIL. Firebombed Budgie’s house and other family members houses. Didn’t succeed in killing anyone. Hid away in a quarry nearby for 6 months. Helped by his family members to survive. Went to kill Budgie’s sister but only Budgie (in a drunken stupor) in the house. Tortured (over a long period) then killed him. His scalp left on the sideboard.

    • So not only the police hamstrung by box- ticking culture but its the courts the judges the legal apparatus in the country that have them hamstrung as well.

      • Crime should invoke punishment not platitudes.
        I do not generally bother the Police, if I need something sorted I do it myself.

      • The police know who the proper skum are, and regularly risk life and limb to catch the cunts in the act, only for the liberal justice service to hand out punitive sentences, usually letting them off again and again because it’s not their fault, drink, drugs, wrong crowd, mental health issues, bummed by step dad. I don’t know why any of the pricks resist arrest, fuck all happens to them once in court.

  22. I would like to see the pathetic term “policing by consent” dropped from the vocabulary. Originally a Peelian principle used to describe the support from the public without resorting to military force, “consent“ is slowly being used to mean the approval by individuals who have criminal intent in mind. Things need to change before it’s too late, to include a slightly more militaristic approach.

    “ Now, if you excuse me sir, would you awfully mind accompanying me down to the station?”

      • I like it Vern.
        “Policing by contempt has replaced policing by consent.”
        Got to be a winning slogan at the next election? Surely!
        Move over, Dominic Cümmings.

      • Afternoon Bertie.

        I can proudly proclaim I was an ‘incompetent teacher’. Yes truth be told I was because I couldn’t manage to keep order in the class. As you know once you lose that authority the game is up. I actually gave it up and became a Support Worker. More suited to me.
        Stating the obvious but once that respect has gone it is nye impossible to get it back. That is what has happened with the Police.
        Could you keep good discipline in the class?

      • Afternoon Miles. Like me you were probably wasted as a teacher ( well, five pints before school starts is not particularly a good thing!😀.)
        I was OK because I taught mainly in Primary school in a decent area. Today? I’m not so sure I’d find it so easy.
        PS. Is this where your love of poetry comes from?

      • ‘I could weep the spirit from my eyes’ I would quote (from Shakey) when asked what was wrong with me.

        I hated the teachers. I hated the staffroom. I didn’t believe in the curriculum.

        I thought it was for me to teach them in front. I was confused what I was supposed to be doing. It was all ‘activities’ which I didn’t believe in.
        So glad when I got out.

        As you will know ‘substituting’ is always hopeless (spending half the lesson finding out where they were in their class work) that was mostly what it was.

        Learning Support was much more fruitful for me.

  23. I was once stopped by a Copper on the A1 south of Peterborough. Lipsticked, with a tasteful blusher, painted nails and a causually thrown on uniform of sorts. Mincing about, the lipsticked cunt motioned that I wind my window down. He then ( and in the manner of a camp comedy act ) adressed me sarcastically, “And what speed limit are you entitled to ignore sweetheart ?” Knowing that his body camera was on….I said “This is the third time this week you’ve stopped me for a fuck!

    I did not get a ticket

  24. Miles@
    Did you teach English?
    English literature?
    Can see you being good at the subject.
    Thing is, teachers who are strict get respect.
    Kuds are ruthless little bastards who once given to much slack take the mick.

    • No, not a qualified English teacher Miserable. I have a degree (Humanities with an English major) but I dont have the PGCE which you need to teach in school. But you can get round it (or could back then) if you were ‘substituting’. I have a qualification that allows me to teach in higher education.
      Was employed at a great school near Pontefract for anout 3 months. All there punctual in their uniforms, lined up outside the classroom. Doing ‘Macbeth’. Really going through the play line by line, acting it out. Challenging them – ‘Who is the more evil Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?’ They liked ‘Mr…’ This was found out. Some of the other ‘teachers’ suspicious that some real teaching was going on But I survived for a while.

      About my lack of a PGCE. I went to about 8 interviews all around the country. The last one right down to Cheltenham. Yes that interview. I made the mistake of expressing enthusiasm for Literature. I made the mistake of quoting Wilde. She looked at me with contempt-‘Yes, but what has that got to do with the Learners?’. So education is some quasi-mystical thing called ‘Learning’ you as the teacher have to impart.
      It can be summed up by saying you can do anything in the classroom except teach.

  25. We need Dim from clockwork orange to restore law and order. He would sort out the cunts.

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