The Sport of Cunts

I’d like to Cunt wankers who attend the racing when they know Fuck-All about the sport.

I’ve noticed over the last few years that a certain type has started going to the races. Hen parties are the worst,a gaggle pf overweight,overlubricated tug-boats screaming and giggling in short dresses and high heels as they waddle between the bar and the burger van. I once saw them stand,like a herd of bison,as the “blushing bride” squatted in the middle of the huddle,pissing on the grass.

Stag-dos are nearly as bad, they tend to be a bunch of middle-management types (truly appalling folk) who shout about how their mate who is invariably a trainer,has given them the winner. Invariably,he hasn’t. They then seem to think that shouting abuse at the jockeys as they come in is amusing. It fucking well isn’t,you Cunts.

Then we get to fucking children,I once made the mistake of going on what was called “A family day”…it was dreadful,brats running about even in the dearest stand where I always go. I did consider giving one of the bastards a push under the rails as the horses came thundering past in an attempt to reenact the famous Suffragette moment,but the risk to the horses and jockeys was too great.

I’m sure that other sports must be suffering the same malaise,I know that rugby is,but apart from rugby and racing,I don’t really care. Other sports can get fucked.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

32 thoughts on “The Sport of Cunts

  1. When I have seen some of the racing clientele at the Gold Cup or GN it does seem a bit of a chavs tea party. Ladies Day is a very loose term for some of the tattooed, bawling so-called fairer sex, necking their pints like a docker on pay day.

  2. I had the absolute misfortune to be stood next to a herd of fat scouse pasty skinned loud mouth slags at The National a few years back.

    One of them in particular was fucking vile, she was farting like a Water Buffalo in the latter stages of bowl cancer and wanted everyone to know.

    I’m genunely not easily offended or disgusted but this fat Chav would have shamed The Jeremy Kyle Gold Cup winner.

    And why the fuck do they, to a slag, have to wear ‘dresses’at least 2 sizes too small.

    And you’re right about those plumby middle Manager types DF, they are ALL to a man in dire need of a proper Biffa Bacon style hoofying in the nuts.


  3. The most sensible and dignified creatures on a racetrack are the horses. The vast majority of the human contingent are cunts of varying hues.

  4. Well the sport of cunts has to go to Greyhound racing, it’s pretty much stopping in the uk, some of the trainers are good some are complete cunts.
    I am sure you are thinking about the horses and dog food, yep that happens PTS on the track and dragged away by the knackerman, better than being sold alive to the Chinese meat trade, exported alive and then boiled alive.

    it happens more than you know, my Dog made its trainer Eur2,303 over 46 races, then pulled its toe, ending its career, fortunately it and 2 others were rescued (bought) one died of its sustained injuries 9 months later.
    Most certainly the sport of cunts in my opinion.

    • I’ve had a couple of rescue greyhounds over the years. Great dogs, biddable and kind.

  5. Only been once, years ago. Haydock. Was surprised at the drunkenness and saw some cunt trying to smash a window, perhaps a bookie’s, fuck knows. I wasn’t impressed.
    I do detest the places where ponces go to be ‘seen’. Ascot etc. A bunch of chinless hooray henrys and upper class slappers in ridiculous clothes and hats. Just like Henley, Wimbledon and to a certain extent Twickenham.

  6. It’s supposed to be the sport of Kunts, innit? I know naffink else abaaaaaht it. (apologies to B&WC).

    • How dare you ruin the beautiful English language writing in that most common slang. Off to the tower with you.

    • No each way in a two horse race. You gots to put your money on who you think will cum first.

  7. I have never been to the Races and I like the odd bet now and again so I’d like to go to the races one day. Maybe I got it confused with Royal Ascot but I always thought the ‘Ladies’ at the races were of a higher class and wouldn’t be the chavy cunt types, anyways after reading some of the fellow cunters descriptions my illusions of high class up for it totty has been shattered.

    • I think when copious amounts of prosecco are involved its a great leveller, sometimes regardless of attire or class B&WC, you cant polish a turd.

  8. Ah Dick! What a post. I remember Gossy Park in the days when only those who knew horses used to go there. Race meetings were a serious business with big money placed amidst clouds of woodbine smoke. As young kids, we used to make pocket money by collecting the horse shite up and putting it in bags to sell on. And as for collecting bottles for pennies!
    I went again last season. How fucking sad. Gossy Park is a big commercial racket with mobile gaming machines and side attractions. Pools of vomit have replaced the horse shite, and litter is every fucking where! The flat caps have gone, no more woody smoke and certainly no more pitch and toss!
    All gone, and as you rightly say, so many overweight heffers dressed like young tarts wobbling everywhere, and usually with a bottle of the fizzy stuff in their porky fat fingers.
    No fucker seemed interested in the racing, and I doubt if any cunt knew the front from the arse end of the nag.
    But the most amazing change in all that time, is the number of different accents in the crowd! I hardly ever heard a “hinny” or a “Hoi ye !”
    Sad days Dick!

    • Trouble is,the fuckers are even spoiling the smaller courses too,ASA. Hexham,Carlisle and Kelso are overrun with these Cunts you say,aren’t interested in the racing,only in being as obnoxious as they manage. I really do wish they’d take their Chavvy ways elsewhere. It used to be that everyone respected each on race days, no matter if they were the stable lad through to The Lord Lieutenant….now just a collection of classless,cheap yobs(male and female) who seem to have no self-respect,let alone respect for anyone else.

      • Sad to hear that Hexham has gone that way too. A very lucky course for me was Hexham as a young reprobate of teen years. My first ( and last )triple winning me over £600 in 1973!1 beat that!

  9. Way, way off topic:

    This morning’s James O’Shithead Appeal… apparently he’s “going to need some help with the heavy lifting today”. Any takers?

    The Cunt is currently being a right cunt making fun of live animal exports (linked with Brexit of course).

  10. Was always told as a kid that Royal Ascot was the top society event in the sporting calendar, with only the cream of British allowed anywhere near it… Imagine my surprise when one of Wayne Rooney’s orange skinned skank whores was seen there acting like royalty… Not to mention all the other permatanned WAGs, knickereless slappers, and (male and female) Z-List wankers that now infest the once prestigious event… The Sport of Kings? Now it’s the Sport of Slags (and the Sport of Cunts)…

  11. Racing isn’t the sport of kings, it’s the sport of the common man.
    For without him there would be no betting, no bookies, no sponsorship and no racing.

    A few toffs with their on-line accounts wouldn’t support it, so the Queen, the Maktoums and the Ballydoyle millionaires would have to rely on Longchamp and Kentucky for a crust…

    • But a day at the races used to be a day out for every man, J.R. As you say,the “common” man would be sharing the betting ring with the “Lord of the Manor”,but everyone got on…at least at the smaller courses. Now it’s just chavs who have no respect for anyone or anything.
      High street bookies now are just amusement arcade-type places catering to the FOBT crowd…now those machines really are dangerous shit.

      • We were indeed very common people mixing with those “who had” and without any bother. The betting lingo has changed somewhat also….nae mair thrupenny, lang odds mister.

  12. Ban the whole ‘sport’

    Little jiwarf cunts whipping animals and if the animal is unfortunate enough to sustain an injury then give it a bolt to the head.
    Cruel as fuck and any cunt cheering this on is in my opinion a cunt.

    And I fuckin hate horses.

    As for the slappers attending…….. Since when has it been a problem having slappers in attendance anywhere ???????

  13. Any other cunters having problems posting lately?

    I do every now and then but the last couple of weeks have been a cunt.
    Spam, javascript, non recognisable email address and other…….

    I know it’s not this site as I hear one of the administrators has similar problems.

    • A slight problem in City Rd, tried posting a “Not known at this address, please return to sender” in the slot; unfortunately, the oval double pillar-boxes objected, spat the offending missive back at me, and waddled into the nearest halal cruelty centre.

  14. If you want to go racing without the pissed up riff raff go to a point to point meeting. All the benifits of racing without the all the normal hags and harpies and their attendant knuckle draggers.

  15. never been into such shite after seeing full families in betting shops and their kids chalking up
    A mate of mine has a claim to fame of saying “your that cunt off breakfast telly ” and punched john macrirk full on the lughole (cheltnam )and broke his glasses and knocked his hat off and gambling on the gee gees is not

    • I forgot a old mucker of mine and his dad was a tic tac man and when he came to school black eyes and all but could pull lke nobodies buisness and his fathers market firm was called kenny wager and from the two stunninig daughters junkies

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