Commonwealth Games & IOC

The Commonwealth Games and the International Olympic committee are a bunch of trendy cunts.

The CG weightlifting is dominated by a tranny competing as a woman. Gavin Hubbard competed as a man until 2014. Now styled ‘Laurel’ this fucking freak has been cleared by the committee to compete as a woman.

In what world can this be fair for fucks sake? Is there no fucker with old fashioned common sense sitting on this committee of cunts?

It seems any fucking freak or weirdo can change sex and compete unfairly with their blessing. What a bunch of cunts.

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33 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games & IOC

  1. I’m a sports cunt and even I cannot be arsed with the Commonwealth Games.

    Any international sporting event which lacks the best in the world is not fucking valid, for starters. And even when it comes to the Olympics proper and such, there is now always, without fail, endless posturing on minorities – trannys I see are now in vogue; before that it was wall-to-wall bombardment that we should be watching the flid’s olympics.

    I wonder if sporting events in the future will have competitions for all 63 different LGBTZYZAABBCC ‘genders’.

    Oh and talking of Commonwealth freaks, Caster Semenya is a fucking bloke, end of story. Why the hell is there all this endless hair-splitting and reliance on ‘medical tests’? It has a deeper fucking bass-baritone than Barry White and you can practically see the plums swinging with much inertia, as it destroys the poor cunts competing on the track. I bet the cunt needs to shave twice a day, too.

    • Now this raises a serious question……If a bloke can now enter as a woman, and its ok. Why in fuck are all those ugly dykes on hormones disqualified? I remember a Russian woman disqualified because she was more man that woman. Nowadays she would be elevated to superstardom ffs.

  2. I’ve never understood why one of the lower-ranked male tennis players doesn’t enter Wimbledon as a woman. Ok,they still might not be able to match the Silverback sisters,but with the prize money on offer,if they even got through a couple of rounds they’d be far better off.There’s also the added bonus of sharing a locker room with the likes of Martina Hingis or Ana Ivanovic who they might stumble on having a steamy,lesbian romp…

    Keep Ugly Munters Out Of Sport.

  3. What’s all the fuss? Serena Williams has been winning the Wimbledon Mixed Singles competition for years.

  4. I have avoided the CW games like the plague! , I have as much interest in this 4 th rate competition as I have in the new East African charity appeal however I was unfortunate enough to see some gymnastics, such was the sheer level of ineptitude I thought it was para games, a gymspastics if you like, in the 5 minutes watched two utterly useless Cunts fell off the beam whilst doing nothing more than poncing about waving their arms and some fucking moronic chimp managed to miss the high bar completely and land on his arse!! According to the studio experts “ the bars a bit slippery “ FFS!! Pull the other one you Cunts!! , and worst of all fronted up by man in a wig Claire Baldwin!!

  5. Wish I knew how many BBC employees we sent out there to broadcast this irrelevance. I bet it’s fucking hundreds of the cunts. And as for televising the Spazwealth events, is there anything more utterly pointless? The BBC have probably spunked millions on this garbage. I dont even think you can call it sport. Its just a jolly.

    • That’s what it’s all about isnt it.
      The Bourgeoisie Brainwashing Caliphate need to justify stealing our money somehow, what better way than to use sport as an excuse.
      All expenses paid round the world trips to see which black person can run the fastest, which fat cunt can throw a rock the furthest or which strawberry can swim the furthest without soiling their swimsuit.
      Who fucking cares? Not me.
      Theiving cunts.

  6. Can any one of our esteemed cunters enlighten me as to when Malaysia was part of the British Commonwealth.? And there are some strange other nations getting in on the act. Or am I just a simplearsehole who should have taken more notice of these things in geography at school.

  7. As for transweirdos in sport ….
    If I can’t get myself surgically or chemically altered to give myself an advance then how the fuck can they?
    Are fighters or boxers alowed to take drugs or get surgically altered to fool the weight classes? I think not.

    I used to have nothing against transcunts … live and let live was my attitude … but now I’ve had enough of their moaning and demanding (and cheatung) and they all go fuck ’emselves.

    Cunts to a man (or whatever) …

    • “Live and let live” is just another way of saying Anything Goes. This false virtue of cuntish proportion is the chief cause of the present internal dissolution, and external irresolution, of the West.

      It seems to me that you, like many people, have been duped into mistaking “liberty” for anarchy. The Anything Goes / Live and Let Live / “Tolerance” and “Diversity” mentality is destroying the good old-fashioned morality and rationality.

      People who embrace this cuntish motto shouldn’t protest against the moral, intellectual, and social decline of our society.

      A fellowcunter

      • Sorry, but “live and let live” does not equate to “anything goes”. Nor does it have anything to do with anarchy.

      • I’m afraid it does equate to “anything goes”. To have a stable and thriving society, you must have some unalterable, non-negotiable basic principles for deriving rules and devising laws.

        Absolute liberty is a sheer fantasy. If a Muzzie asks you, in accordance with your “live and let live” motto, for the legalisation of genital mutilation, child marriage and Sharia Laws, you cannot logically reject his requests.

        I strongly recommend J. F. Stephen’s book “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (1878)” which is a devastating rebuttal of John S. Mill’ (in)famous book “On Liberty (1859)”. I think after reading that book you will realise the extremely dangerous nature of the fashionable “Live and Let Live” motto.

      • “Absolute liberty is a sheer fantasy” Fully agree.

        Muzzies should learn to integrate or fuck off to the Islamic utopia of their choice.

        “Live and let live” is not a fashion.

    • Prunes and a good mug of espresso guarantee that I come 1st in the “Down the corridor” sprint.

      Every one a winner.

  8. Well….I am just aAsimplearsehole who should have listened more at school…1 Thanks….( I think )

  9. As was pointed out by Deploythesausage, cunts get banned from sports for taking the chemical advantage, so why is this nutty cunt allowed to lop off his cock and balls to compete at a lower level?

    A few years ago some Scottish downhill skier hot his medal taken away because he had traces of a Vicks inhaler in his system!!!!!
    Now, I’m somewhat of an expert in amphetamines and I’m not afraid to put my good reputation on the line and say that speed (powder form) will add nuffin to a man sliding down a slope of snow on slidey planks.

    Are females looking to become blokes allowed to compete at the blokes level even after taking testosterone supplements?

    These trannies are opening up vans of worms wherever they go, so I suggest they be put in Broadmoor………… Or Orkney.

    Yeah, send the cunts to Orkney and we’ll send a camera crew and over every year to watch Bear Grylls try and escape the seedy cunts……

    (I rambled a bit there)

    • Imho, speed can’t be beat when it comes to temporarily boosting performance, be it physical or mental… and if conditions outside are freezing you don’t even feel the fucking cold!

      But that’s just my experience.

  10. Agree with previous comments, Commonwealth Games a second rate shitfest and a BBC jamboree for Bernard and her chums to watch a bit of running and swimming somewhere hot…bad luck for 2022, its in Brum, cunts.
    What the Carabao Cup is to football.

  11. This gentleman went from limp-wristed to limp-elbowed in record time. Check out the pics of the cunt folding his arm in half this week, good enough for the prick.

  12. Yesterday the Al-Beeb were gushing over raspberry women’s javelin and how the Welsh lass got a world record.

    Now her right hand was a bit stumpy but she was chucking with her left.

    So apart from that nowt wrong. How does that work then??

    Bit like that Sarah Storey chancer (Dame Sarah Storey now FFS) moping up on all the women’s raspberry cycling medals for having a bit of a “Beadle” hand. Fuck all else wrong with her!

    I bet when the other raspberries saw her turn up on a bike I bet they all thought: “Cunt!”

    Give Oscar Pistolious his due, at least he gave it a whirl in the non-raspberry ranks!

  13. I don’t know who the fuck is who anymore, i’m totally disillusioned by it all. We need a fucking good clear out. In times of war all this transbender faggot bollocks becomes non productive.

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