Jean-Claude Juncker

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Jean-Claude Juncker is a cunt! President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has been accused of intimidation for warning British voters that “deserters will not be welcomed with open arms”. Sounds like intimidation to me too…

Now, however, he has used an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde to offer stark views on the matter, saying: “If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences.” Hmm sounds like a threat and the strength of the comments are all the more surprising given the fact that to date the European Commission has been careful not to undermine the UK referendum campaign.

Once again we see that the EU is held together only by blackmail, bribery, manipulation and threats. Well Done Juncker you goat fucking bellend!

Nominated by: TitSlapper

Fourth Reich [2]


I may be an old cunt but I have a memory like an elephant. I well remember the slow inevitability orf the decline into war. “Sleep walking into war” was the newspaper phrase that described the wraiths orf Hell that almost invisibly blinded the nations on the path to WWI. Then barely twenty years later it happened once more, heads in sand, appeasement and deceit, Hitler’s war, Germany’s second World War. I feel it in me bones, stronger now indeed than during the mendacious machinations orf the Scots Scum.

This once great nation is now faced with the prospect orf total capitulation to the krauts and frogs without having firing a shot in its defence. We have been betrayed by David Cameron and his cohort orf arse leeches, all strangely silent and bloated on the blood orf the nation in these last few days (Thursday for Christ sake) orf negotiation orf a “deal” as fake as fuck. Germany’s bully boys know that they have only to sneer “nein” at Cameron and his arse is presented ready for the taking. Cameron has already repeatedly caved in to the irish, the jockos and the the yanks and any issue from bankers to tube drivers. This cunt has previous.

Take the advice orf an old blagger and card sharper. The only way to play this hand is to bluff and bluff again. If Cameron genuinely wants a deal that is good for Britain he must campaign to come oit and we must vote to come oit. Put the cat among the pigeons just like the jockos did over their referendum vote and thus extort the best deal. A vote to come oit is the best card we can hold. If they won’t ante up then we bugger orf. Rule Britannia ect ect and check the Kruger Rands under the bed.

All me guns orn the estate are loaded and the old tosser that cleans me ditches stands ready to bomb Berlin.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Donald Tusk


European Council President Donald Tusk (I think he’s an ex schoolmate of Cameron) is a CUNT.

He’s now saying that Russias’s bombing of ISIS and the other Syrian terrorist/”freedom fighters” is bumping up the migrant numbers to Europe. He says fuck all about Turkey (that massive cunt Erdogan) giving travel vouchers to Syrians, Iraquis and assorted Africans so they can pay the people smugglers to cross the Med.

He says nothing about the US sponsoring/funding ISIS ‘cos he’s a lying, bought and paid for CUNT.
You just have to look at him – he’s got CUNT written all over his face; I don’t know how he got elected, or it may be European Council members just buy or blackmail their way in like our own House of Lords, another bunch of CUNTS.

Putin is not a nice man, far from it – I wouldn’t want to upset him (he does need a serious cunting some time soon though), but he does seem to be making a contribution to stabilising Syria (not through altruism, he’s probably worried about his naval base in Latakia), and anyway he can’t be causing the Syrian exodus because I’ve seen a few bleeding heart liberals say/tweet/post after the Paris massacres that the refugees have come to Europe to get away from perpetrators, I have to assume they mean ISIS since no-ones blamed Russia for the attacks – yet.

Why does every country pick a cunt to lead them?

Going back to me whisky.

Nominated by: Frottom

Federica Mogherini


Federica Mogherini. A name you may not know, but a name you should know.

She is the EU’s Head of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. And this is what she said:

“Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future”.

I wonder if this view will be publicised during the EU referendum campaigns? Somehow I doubt it

This is not just as nonsensical as saying that non-European Australia belongs in the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s FAR more dangerous. And for this reason alone she deserves a big fat urgent cunting.

Nominated by: Fred West