British Democracy R.I.P

Democracy after tonight in the commons has been confirmed dead.Yes it was deceased before but tonight was the official death certificate being signed off and the funeral parlour manhandling the corpse off site.The idea of democracy has now physically left the building.Question as in when anyone dies is how to console oneself.I sat down long and hard earlier over a stiff drink and relived ever regret sadness and disappointment I have experienced in my 24 years and there have been many some extremely traumatic. Yet the depressing distressing memories I relived in full paled into insignificance when I considered what we had just lost.Gloss it over whatever you have witnessed or experienced in your life you would as I have previously fallen back on the fact we are in a democratic nation and not a dictatorship third world shithole.That consolation has been stripped away from me.Two weeks ago when on my work shift someone died in front of me and I had as the person responsible had to sort everything out legally and emotionally with the authorities and family. I thought to myself this was the night you became a man.Forget shagging that slut at lunchtime at her house whilst her father was at work opposite the school gates when I was 16.This was it.Oh but it was not it.The notion that whatever happened I still lived in a free society was irrevocably crushed when on 13th March 2019 our always dubious representatives once and for all confirmed our worst fears:That us voting without a shadow of a doubt meant jack shit.This is certainly the moment my adulthood has arrived.Will I be marching on the streets.You are damned fucking right.My eyes are now well and truly open.

This rant is being cunted tomorrow under the headline democracy R.I.P.I am using administration privileges to use my judgement without repercussions from you plebeians.Feels almost poetic.If you disagree just know I am your might unelected overload demanding your compliance of opinion.Peasants.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

The EU Army (2)

Touching tribute to Blighty’s Fallen at Thiepval by May and Macron above? Fair play Old Mother May did the Old Contemptibles proud. Ram rod straight (except for the hunch), solemn measured pace despite the tottering kitten heels, respectful laying orf wreath, three paces back, a moment of prayer and respectful contemplation then turn and fuck orf oit the picture. Macron? Scampers up in heels higher than the Hunchback’s, drops Tribute then turns back an scarpers towards nearest TV cameras.
Macron you pox raddled Froggie Cunt, you do not turn your back on The Fallen. It is simply not done even if your built up heels are higher than The Hunchback’s. Appreciate it is French military custom to always to turn your back on the Enemy and run but not your dead Allies. Cunt.
Have looked for photos orf this gross liberty but all seemed to have now vanished and me butler cannot be arsed to do a screen capture from newsreel footage. Cunt.
The ultimate obscenity is that Macron and Merkel have used the sacred occasion and the publicity afforded by The Remembrance to come together to flog The EU Army.

Satisfying that little Napoleon has blotted his copybook with The Big Don and Trump has realised that La Belle France is not after all America’s First Ally and champion orf Liberte, Egalite etc. In short Trump has called Macron’s Grand Illusion orf The EU Army an insult. To give poor Blighty her due we have always opposed this ultimate expression orf Napoleonic Megalomania so why is Macron so determined to have it? He is fanning the flames orf an age old contempt orf things Anglo-Saxon and a love orf the corporatist state, indeed the basis orf the EU. France’s economy is orn its uppers and taxed up to the hilt (hence recent French demos and riots) and Macron sees another cash cow to supplement the CAP as an earner in the creation of a War Machine built by France, backed by Germany and paid for by the rest orf the EU.

Armies require trained personnel in large numbers all following a common rule book. Where will they come from? Apart from France and briefly Blighty, the EU is composed of largely snowflake nations. Conscription – what about Human Rights? Plenty orf new immigrants with military training but might be a bit suspect in the old allegiance department. Former Eastern Europe? Plenty orf tough lads but not cheap, not anymore. Divert the NATO precept into the EU force? Not nearly enough hence Trump’s bitching. Might just buy a coupla armed whelk stalls commanded by Frogs

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

Shitholes of the World – Part Two

In the second of our series Shitholes of the World, Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt, went to see the benefits and positive changes that are occurring in Sweden – debunking the myths about them.

For most of us Brits,  Sweden conjures up thoughts of “Mama Mia”, flat pack furniture and cars built like tanks. Until IKEA ransacked our homes chucking out  the chintz,  Abba was their greatest export. Yet, today those canny Swedes are more interested in imports. Possibly, due to a pique of guilt by a country that colonised our homes with IKEA furniture, it is now being colonised itself. They are Europe’s biggest importer (on a per capita basis) of people. Sweden has embraced  Mrs Merkel’s open door policy wholeheartedly and has successfully integrated several million new arrivals, predominantly from the Middle East and Africa, with only a few minor problems.

I wanted to find out what living in the Sweden is like for the newcomers.

What attracts people from sunny climes to venture all those miles north to endure Sweden’s harsh winter climate, difficult to learn language and expensive cost of living?

To start with Sweden is an amazingly liberal place where anything goes. Despite having an image of being rather serious and sombre the Swedes today do love to have fun and party, perhaps something that has rubbed off on them  from the carefree new arrivals.

In the UK, we celebrate Guy Fawkes and New Year with fireworks and now during Ramadan and Diwali too. The Swedes, meanwhile, enjoy celebrating all year round with random fireworks displays. Mind you, they do not bother with those little boxes of fireworks or even those exploding boomers costing a 100 pounds each, they use military hand grenades instead.

These have arrived from the former Yugoslavia and are easily available in Sweden. The former prime minister Carl Bildt wrote an article, “The Truth about Refugees in Sweden”, in which he argued that the 100,000 refugees Sweden took from Bosnia when he was in power had made Sweden a better country. The   ‘explosion’ in grenades to his credit is a by-product of his actions. One gets so much more bang for your buck. If one is lucky, one can catch a display in cities such a Malmo, Gotenberg or the capital Stockholm.

In 2014 the Police recorded 8 of these impromptu displays and in 2016 there were 52 that were recorded. Sweden leads the way in European grenade celebrations. On a world ranking, other than war zones, only Mexico comes close.

Unfortunately, the police have become a little concerned that parents are not supervising their children properly during these parties after an 8 year  old British boy by the name of Yussef, while visiting his relatives in Gotenberg, got blown up and killed by one which was thrown from the street into the living room he was sleeping in. Other children have also picked them up in playgrounds but have fortunately not been hurt. In December last year, no doubt due to some youthful over exuberanance, someone threw one at a police station in Uppsala.

It would seem due to a lack of education on correct usage, that in September, a right wing ( therefore somewhat untrustworthy) news outlet reported on how a migrant who fled the Somali Civil War 20 years ago said he was considering moving back to his homeland because Sweden has become a “war zone”.

In the true Swedish style of liberalism, the government are now considering offering a hand grenade amnesty where one can turn in one’s grenade(s) similar to knife amenities in Britain. Though admirable, I feel that the Swedish government, rather than being such party poopers by asking people to give up them up entirely, should educate families to remember not to remove the pin until ready for use. After all, through public service education in the UK,  we learnt not to return to a firework once the touch paper is lit. I do hope they offer an exchange programme for those giving up their prized possessions, maybe for the much safer to use rocket propelled grenade (RPG).

An investigation by the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper (VLT) into the frequent arsons that occur in the Swedish city of Västerås came to a conclusive end, with a confession from a number of young migrant males regarding the destructive behaviour.

“Some feel good to burn cars” said one. Others stated it was due to discrimination.

I asked similar questions of the youth hanging out on street corners and reached more heartening conclusions.

For the newly arrived youth in Sweden, who hail from warmth, sunshine and balmy nights, the Swedish weather takes its toll. In winter when it is minus 10C or more, loittering outside in the chill wind becomes unbearable.

In Britain we all love to come home to a real fire in our drawing room or the snug at our country retreat. There is nothing like cuddling up in front of the open flames with the wood crackling and flames dancing. It is a basic human instinct, so being no different to us, the migrants feel the same.

However, the larger Swedish cities tend not to be near woodland and forestry is a skill migrants never had the opportunity to learn in their homelands.  They have plenty of sand back home but not so many trees. To stay warm outside, they need to be resourceful and improvisation is the way. Cars are  plentiful in the cities so burning a few, especially if they have a full tank, provides creature comfort through those long winter nights.

In my elevated opinion, these so-called arson attacks simply boil down to a lack of opportunity. Perhaps, if the government were to give them axes and machetes – tools they are familiar with in their homelands – and pick-up trucks they could drive out to the forests to cut the firewood.

As a liberal social commentator,  who welcomes a bloated welfare state, is it not time to give them more? It is surely not enough to give them social housing and cash benefits. The most generous welfare benefits in Europe have attracted so many to Sweden, even rejecting Germany as being a bit on the ‘tight’ side, but clearly more would be better. After all, higher rate taxpayers in Sweden pay a meagre 60 pc of their earnings in income tax. That leaves a whopping 40 pc for them to live on. This surplus money could be channeled to further improve the life of the less fortunate migrants.

Relaxing has become the norm for many of Sweden’s new residents. I went to Rinkeby a suburb of Stockholm to talk to them. Some of you may recall the publicity it received in recent years for having sporadic social problems. With a population of approx. 17,000, only 90 percent being of first or second generation immigrant background, it would clearly be wrong to suggest problems are wholly down to the immigrants. After all 10 pc are not.

Known by the nickname of ‘Little Mogadishu’ for its easy going African vibe and relaxed, trouble free culture.

Chilling out is a way of life here, no-one feels a need to get a free education, rush to find work, or rush full stop, when the state looks after their ‘basic’ needs.

My esteemed peers at the The Grauniad last year interviewed a group of Somali and east African origin.

“I have this nice weed,” grined the tallest of them, clad in a thick hooded winter jacket to ward off the icy weather. “You can put that in your article: write ‘Rinkeby is like Amsterdam’. We all smoke this nice weed.”

Much has been talked of sexual urges and emergencies in Sweden. It is of no surprise, since when one thinks of Sweden, one thinks of beautiful, leggy, tall blondes and XXX rated movies. Is it any  wonder then that young men and boys from sheltered, conservative backgrounds find themselves surrounded by temptation?  A casual grope, a fondle or a full on sexual liason are available just for the taking. No need to ask permission, go on anything as time consuming as a date, or do something as sordid as having to pay a prostitute. Even boys as young as 12 take part – with beards or 5 o’clock shadows at mid-morning – they trawl the streets like fishermen, alone or in groups, looking for a catch.

Sweden has been at the vanguard of womens rights and equality. Feminism is ingrained, rightly so, although the feminists are very understanding and tolerant of those with a different cultural attitude to women.

The feminists prefer not to point fingers at any of the newer ethnic groups for some of the misunderstandings apparent in Swedish society but concentrate their efforts on tackling those mysognistic Swedish men, who we must not forget, descended from the Vikings. Only 1000 or so years ago their ancestors raped and pillaged across Europe and that Viking blood , although diluted, thanks largely to the feminists still runs through their veins. Nowadays, luckily for  Swedish society and Europe as a whole, there are no mass hordes to fear, raping, pillaging and plundering.

The Swedish word ‘feminism’  (the same as in English) is a largely unheard of concept in some cultures and is very similar to the word ‘feminin’ in Swedish meaning feminine. It could easily be confused with the sign above the supermarket aisle which only women visit monthly and therefore be seen as a ‘dirty’ word by the newcomers.

In Rinkeby attitudes are much more traditional.   Many women wear the niqab or hijab as they feel modesty means they are clearly signalling to the towns men that they feel tired or have a headache. Other women who are more liberal minded and flaunt their wares, prefer to carry pepper spray especially at night to deter any unwanted admirers.

Lastly, on the subject of child refugees, Sweden has been particularly welcoming to them. No checking of papers or invasive medical examination are required. I would like to see Britain be more welcoming in this arena. My good friend Tony and his mon Cherie have done much to promote their charitable endeavours with regard to child refugees. They did in fact give ISAC a preview of their plans last year. For those of you that missed it first time round the link is below:

Until next time it is farewell from me and the wonderfully utopian country that is Sweden. I leave  the country comfortable in the knowledge that the Swedes are not turnips.

By our coulumnist Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt.

Brexit negotiations

Sacre bleu!

The pin-up boy of grandmothers the world over has thrown his hands up in the air.

To the chagrin of his globalists puppet meisters Monsieur Macaroon stated in an interview with Andrew Marr that the French people if given an ‘in/out’ referendum on membership of the EU would vote ‘out’.

He added “my interpretation is that a lot of the losers of globalisation suddenly decided it was no more for them.”

He further claimed “My understanding is that middle classes and working classes and the oldest decided that the recent decades were not in their favor, and the adjustments made by the EU were not in their favour.”

“I think the organization of EU went too far with freedom without cohesion, free markets without rules.”

Confession is good for the soul. What is perhaps strange is that he even spoke so candidly. Has he seen the light?  Or is he throwing the towel in, without a fight, in the true French tradition. A typically haughty shrug of the shoulders….’merde’ .

Frances greatest general old Boney, must be spinning in his grave, not that he would have approved of the EU, having to share ownership with the neighbouring Bratwurst devourers.

Looks like Monsieur Macaroon is a biscuit short of a packet. His heyday in the sunshine appears limited. Unless he gets back on point his masters may decide to remove him.

This unsanctioned outburst should  in theory be good news for the UK in its negotiations to leave. The hunchback should use this crack in EU unity to drive a pneumatic hammer drill through it. In politics, weakness is an opportunity not to be missed. Add to the mix Germany still has not formed a government then the time is ripe to exploit. Norway, last week warned the EU that any special Brexit deal could result in it reneging on its own agreements with Brussels.

However, in practice with Mavis May at the helm, any triumph can be turned into a failure. Unfortunately, with her past and current record she will still likely cave in to all their demands in the process, managing to fulfil her credentials as the ultimate remainer in a leaver’s role.

Looks like with the cracks in EU government leaders unity becoming more apparant, a hard Brexit or no Brexit maybe the only two choices remaining at the end of the road. We all know that the elites want the latter and may push further to achieve this, lest the UK’s exit bring the whole rotten edifice down.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.




Shitholes of the World – Part One

Shitholes of the World. Part One.

There are numerous shitholes on planet Earth, something the Tango Man alluded to recently. They come in all shapes and sizes across various countries. Our intrepid columnist,  Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt, went to see the benefits and positive changes that are occurring in many so-called shitholes – debunking the myths about them.

In this opening article of the series we take a look at our first European city, gay Paris, and here is what Hugh discovered:

‘Before it was a very popular tourist hot-spot with magnificent architecture, boulevards and little streets, teaming with pavement cafes, bistros and romantic charm. Today, it has a new edgy charm with a neolithic rather than neo-Gothic feel to it. The post modernist shanty town rivival and ghetto style, complete with rubbish strewn about, street crime, rampant prostitution, people trafficking, rough sleeping and tuberculosis has a delightfully primitive sub-Saharan African feel to it combined with the more developed religious zeal of north African and Moorish Arab culture. Coupled with an organised (criminal) tone to it, courtesy of a balkanised eastern European influence, it makes for  a cosmopolitan liveliness sadly absent before.

However, for some inexplicable reason not all Parisians appreciate the benefits that cultural enrichment has brought their city.

Away from the glitz of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame, the suburbs of the city have developed their own very distinct culture with a warm, fuzzy, ghetto vibe of shabby-chic social housing, grime and grunge. There is a bizarre feel or should that be a bazaar feel, since one feels one has arrived in the hubbub of north African cities such as Tangiers, Tripoli or Cairo. In keeping with the Arabic theme some bars ban women and have become solely all male preserves.

At the ‘Au Jockey Club’ bar in the suburb of Sevran, a French Arab customer said: “We’re in Sevran, not (central) Paris.”  In this café, there’s no mixing.” said another and a third stated “The mentalities are different, here it’s like it is back in the old country.”

Sevran also has an active job training and recruitment scheme for the youth. In under two years at least 15 young people from this one suburb went out to join such schemes in Iraq and Syria organised by some charitable religious types. While out there they enjoyed the camaraderie and activities on offer so much that no-one knows if they returned to France.

Police, emergency workers and locals avoid many of these Paris suburbs which is a shame since they miss out on the rich diversity and new cultural experiences. Although, I did not get to time to visit most of these areas, I am sure they are as delightful as parts of Marseilles, Toulouse and Perpignan.  I  can safely state – from my comfy north London abode –  when on the rare occasion problems do arise, it is down to misunderstanding and ignorance on the part of the more elitist Parisians due to their preconceived ideas and fear of other cultures and civilisations.

Just this week, on the Paris metro it has been reported that some train drivers now refuse to stop at certain stations on lines 4 and 12.

“Between the brawls that occur on the platforms, which sometimes end up happening on the train or across the tracks, you could hit someone, or crush them,” trade union representative Jean-Marc Judith told a news organsation adding that the number of attacks on travellers and RATP staff “are becoming increasingly dramatic.”

Many Parisians fail to appreciate that these stations have become magnets for start up businesses. Entrepreneurial businessmen who arrived from abroad have quickly spotted opportunities in the market. Business is booming at some stations with crack selling particularly well. Customers come from far and wide to meet the  dealers on the platforms, with large sums of euros changing hands, so breathing new life into the once staid local economy. One needs to witness the vibrant economic activity and fervent pace of life while jostling among the homeless lining the platforms and enjoy the free entertainment – a stabbing here and a mass brawl there – as disagreements are resolved in a thoroughly honest and straightforward manner. These new street performers are so much more avant-garde than those passé mime artists, jugglers, fine artists and musicians of the Paris of old.

Monsieur Macaroon is clearly a smart cookie, who sees an opportunity to bring France into the 21st century B.C, with his globalist, ‘back to basics’ agenda. Welcoming the best talent from around the globe to create a new, culturally diverse, open and dynamic France.’

In articles over the next few weeks Hugh will examine how cities in Sweden, UK, and Germany have become the new Mecca, (an oxymoronic paradigm) of openness, tolerance and cultural diversity.

By our columnist Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt.

Hugh graduated from the London School of Economics and has a masters degree in Marxist Leninist Indoctrination. Hugh has been regularly interviewed by James O’Shithead and Oh-wen Jones and writes for the Grauniad, Not-so-Independent and Morning Star. He is a supporter of globalism and open borders being a founding member of the think tank ‘Open Sesame’  – named after the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves – and proudly supported by the billionaire philanthropist George Sore-arse.