The EU Army (2)

Touching tribute to Blighty’s Fallen at Thiepval by May and Macron above? Fair play Old Mother May did the Old Contemptibles proud. Ram rod straight (except for the hunch), solemn measured pace despite the tottering kitten heels, respectful laying orf wreath, three paces back, a moment of prayer and respectful contemplation then turn and fuck orf oit the picture. Macron? Scampers up in heels higher than the Hunchback’s, drops Tribute then turns back an scarpers towards nearest TV cameras.
Macron you pox raddled Froggie Cunt, you do not turn your back on The Fallen. It is simply not done even if your built up heels are higher than The Hunchback’s. Appreciate it is French military custom to always to turn your back on the Enemy and run but not your dead Allies. Cunt.
Have looked for photos orf this gross liberty but all seemed to have now vanished and me butler cannot be arsed to do a screen capture from newsreel footage. Cunt.
The ultimate obscenity is that Macron and Merkel have used the sacred occasion and the publicity afforded by The Remembrance to come together to flog The EU Army.

Satisfying that little Napoleon has blotted his copybook with The Big Don and Trump has realised that La Belle France is not after all America’s First Ally and champion orf Liberte, Egalite etc. In short Trump has called Macron’s Grand Illusion orf The EU Army an insult. To give poor Blighty her due we have always opposed this ultimate expression orf Napoleonic Megalomania so why is Macron so determined to have it? He is fanning the flames orf an age old contempt orf things Anglo-Saxon and a love orf the corporatist state, indeed the basis orf the EU. France’s economy is orn its uppers and taxed up to the hilt (hence recent French demos and riots) and Macron sees another cash cow to supplement the CAP as an earner in the creation of a War Machine built by France, backed by Germany and paid for by the rest orf the EU.

Armies require trained personnel in large numbers all following a common rule book. Where will they come from? Apart from France and briefly Blighty, the EU is composed of largely snowflake nations. Conscription – what about Human Rights? Plenty orf new immigrants with military training but might be a bit suspect in the old allegiance department. Former Eastern Europe? Plenty orf tough lads but not cheap, not anymore. Divert the NATO precept into the EU force? Not nearly enough hence Trump’s bitching. Might just buy a coupla armed whelk stalls commanded by Frogs

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

16 thoughts on “The EU Army (2)

  1. An admirable and perceptive cunting, Sir L.

    The whelk stall proposal fits in very nicely with the imminent sale of the UK fishing industry down the river (Seine). Nothing would surprise me less.

  2. In the U.K. Pansy Labour will be upset they can’t be involved – Major Anthony Blair, Colonel Adonis, Lance Corporal Mandy Mandelson, Privates Bradshaw, Streeting, Eagle etc – all members of the Queens Own

  3. Great cunting Sir Limply,
    Problem is whenever Germany gets more that a tank, an aeroplane, a frigate, a sub and more than one gun they have this awful habit of invading their closest neighbours, attempting genocide and kicking off global conflict. Now if it was a conscripted blambo army that would be different. A fight to the death on the plains of Megiddo sounds like a cracking idea. Winner keeps Africa.

  4. Superbly analytical cunting Limply. Macron is a cast-iron cunt and a typical,shortarsed Frog showpony; all Blair-spin and fuck all substance. The scary thing is that this idiot is young enough to be infesting our world for decades to come.

    However, once that intellectual collossus Catweazle assumes the mantle, don’t be surprised if he sells out the UKs brave soldiers and signs up to this ridiculous European army notion.

    • I’d be extremely surprised. My impression is that he’d disarm us completely and invite the Russians to defend us.

  5. The EU and their Globalist puppet masters need their own army, and pronto, to protect them from being overthrown by the pleb masses fed up of seeing Europe being transformed into 3rd world Middle Eastern and Africunt shitholes following decades of unrestricted – hell, sought – migration from sources that offer no benefit other than a “free handouts for votes” for the neo-liberal (old fascists) political parties which tow the EU line for their own personal gain, at the expense of their own people.

    If that isn’t treachery against their own nation states then I don’t know what is!

    There isn’t a wall long enough to put the European traitors against. The Berlin wall might have been long enough but we knocked that down and allowed Les Dawson to come through and destroy Europe from within!

    She would be first against that wall alongside the slug eater and our very own B.Liar uber-traitor.


    • Good morning Rebel. That’s hit the nail on the head.
      An EU army with no allegance to a single nation state.
      Violent unrest in Italy ? Send in an EU army detachment, mainly made up of Poles and Latvians.
      Social breakdown in the Netherlands ?
      Send in an EU army detachment, mainly made up of Greeks.
      Just like a 21st century Roman Empire.
      Adolf would be proud.

  6. And the most terrifying thing is that Merkel has come out of the closet with that public commitment, that was followed days later by publicly calling for EU Nations to surrender their sovereignty .

    Now if that doesn’t sound the alarm bells ????

    • The Three Ms


      I spy…, something that doesn’t begin with M…


      I used to say that May should be hanged, but as she is so obviously a “New European” EU clusterfuck (like the other odious little turds above, and Campbellend), Madame Guillotine seems far more appropriate.
      And they should be executed on their backs, so they can see the blade drop.
      Macron, in any case, would probably get a hard-on, considering he likes old women on top of him.

  7. So, as predicted, the A-rabs have given us our spy back. Step forward Privet Hedges, license to be a bungling idiot. Free pardon they say. Fucking bullshit. I wonder what Mavis has given away this time?
    Once she has gone and safely esconced in the House of Lords look out for Her Maj being kicked out of Buck House and the Household Camel Brigade moving in to turn it into an international hotel complete with casino, kebab restaurant and rent boy knocking shop.

    • I was wondering if Miss Meghan Marple/Merkel has a flat at Chelsea Cloisters.
      I bet there are a few raddled old Duchesses in there.

    • I’d be almost sure that we had someone the Arabs* wanted back, and they nicked the unfortunate Hedges for a bargaining chip.

      *Could be the Saudis, with UAE just the brokers, raising the possibility that it was something rather than someone. Playing down the Khashoggi affair, perhaps? That’s a guess, but don’t forget Blair – he’s every fucking where – accepted £9M from the Saudis in exchange for …promotional services is the best guess…earlier this year.

  8. Hang on, didn’t a certain Austrian with a funny moustache have this same sort of idea a while back?

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