Shitholes of the World – Part Two

In the second of our series Shitholes of the World, Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt, went to see the benefits and positive changes that are occurring in Sweden – debunking the myths about them.

For most of us Brits,  Sweden conjures up thoughts of “Mama Mia”, flat pack furniture and cars built like tanks. Until IKEA ransacked our homes chucking out  the chintz,  Abba was their greatest export. Yet, today those canny Swedes are more interested in imports. Possibly, due to a pique of guilt by a country that colonised our homes with IKEA furniture, it is now being colonised itself. They are Europe’s biggest importer (on a per capita basis) of people. Sweden has embraced  Mrs Merkel’s open door policy wholeheartedly and has successfully integrated several million new arrivals, predominantly from the Middle East and Africa, with only a few minor problems.

I wanted to find out what living in the Sweden is like for the newcomers.

What attracts people from sunny climes to venture all those miles north to endure Sweden’s harsh winter climate, difficult to learn language and expensive cost of living?

To start with Sweden is an amazingly liberal place where anything goes. Despite having an image of being rather serious and sombre the Swedes today do love to have fun and party, perhaps something that has rubbed off on them  from the carefree new arrivals.

In the UK, we celebrate Guy Fawkes and New Year with fireworks and now during Ramadan and Diwali too. The Swedes, meanwhile, enjoy celebrating all year round with random fireworks displays. Mind you, they do not bother with those little boxes of fireworks or even those exploding boomers costing a 100 pounds each, they use military hand grenades instead.

These have arrived from the former Yugoslavia and are easily available in Sweden. The former prime minister Carl Bildt wrote an article, “The Truth about Refugees in Sweden”, in which he argued that the 100,000 refugees Sweden took from Bosnia when he was in power had made Sweden a better country. The   ‘explosion’ in grenades to his credit is a by-product of his actions. One gets so much more bang for your buck. If one is lucky, one can catch a display in cities such a Malmo, Gotenberg or the capital Stockholm.

In 2014 the Police recorded 8 of these impromptu displays and in 2016 there were 52 that were recorded. Sweden leads the way in European grenade celebrations. On a world ranking, other than war zones, only Mexico comes close.

Unfortunately, the police have become a little concerned that parents are not supervising their children properly during these parties after an 8 year  old British boy by the name of Yussef, while visiting his relatives in Gotenberg, got blown up and killed by one which was thrown from the street into the living room he was sleeping in. Other children have also picked them up in playgrounds but have fortunately not been hurt. In December last year, no doubt due to some youthful over exuberanance, someone threw one at a police station in Uppsala.

It would seem due to a lack of education on correct usage, that in September, a right wing ( therefore somewhat untrustworthy) news outlet reported on how a migrant who fled the Somali Civil War 20 years ago said he was considering moving back to his homeland because Sweden has become a “war zone”.

In the true Swedish style of liberalism, the government are now considering offering a hand grenade amnesty where one can turn in one’s grenade(s) similar to knife amenities in Britain. Though admirable, I feel that the Swedish government, rather than being such party poopers by asking people to give up them up entirely, should educate families to remember not to remove the pin until ready for use. After all, through public service education in the UK,  we learnt not to return to a firework once the touch paper is lit. I do hope they offer an exchange programme for those giving up their prized possessions, maybe for the much safer to use rocket propelled grenade (RPG).

An investigation by the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper (VLT) into the frequent arsons that occur in the Swedish city of Västerås came to a conclusive end, with a confession from a number of young migrant males regarding the destructive behaviour.

“Some feel good to burn cars” said one. Others stated it was due to discrimination.

I asked similar questions of the youth hanging out on street corners and reached more heartening conclusions.

For the newly arrived youth in Sweden, who hail from warmth, sunshine and balmy nights, the Swedish weather takes its toll. In winter when it is minus 10C or more, loittering outside in the chill wind becomes unbearable.

In Britain we all love to come home to a real fire in our drawing room or the snug at our country retreat. There is nothing like cuddling up in front of the open flames with the wood crackling and flames dancing. It is a basic human instinct, so being no different to us, the migrants feel the same.

However, the larger Swedish cities tend not to be near woodland and forestry is a skill migrants never had the opportunity to learn in their homelands.  They have plenty of sand back home but not so many trees. To stay warm outside, they need to be resourceful and improvisation is the way. Cars are  plentiful in the cities so burning a few, especially if they have a full tank, provides creature comfort through those long winter nights.

In my elevated opinion, these so-called arson attacks simply boil down to a lack of opportunity. Perhaps, if the government were to give them axes and machetes – tools they are familiar with in their homelands – and pick-up trucks they could drive out to the forests to cut the firewood.

As a liberal social commentator,  who welcomes a bloated welfare state, is it not time to give them more? It is surely not enough to give them social housing and cash benefits. The most generous welfare benefits in Europe have attracted so many to Sweden, even rejecting Germany as being a bit on the ‘tight’ side, but clearly more would be better. After all, higher rate taxpayers in Sweden pay a meagre 60 pc of their earnings in income tax. That leaves a whopping 40 pc for them to live on. This surplus money could be channeled to further improve the life of the less fortunate migrants.

Relaxing has become the norm for many of Sweden’s new residents. I went to Rinkeby a suburb of Stockholm to talk to them. Some of you may recall the publicity it received in recent years for having sporadic social problems. With a population of approx. 17,000, only 90 percent being of first or second generation immigrant background, it would clearly be wrong to suggest problems are wholly down to the immigrants. After all 10 pc are not.

Known by the nickname of ‘Little Mogadishu’ for its easy going African vibe and relaxed, trouble free culture.

Chilling out is a way of life here, no-one feels a need to get a free education, rush to find work, or rush full stop, when the state looks after their ‘basic’ needs.

My esteemed peers at the The Grauniad last year interviewed a group of Somali and east African origin.

“I have this nice weed,” grined the tallest of them, clad in a thick hooded winter jacket to ward off the icy weather. “You can put that in your article: write ‘Rinkeby is like Amsterdam’. We all smoke this nice weed.”

Much has been talked of sexual urges and emergencies in Sweden. It is of no surprise, since when one thinks of Sweden, one thinks of beautiful, leggy, tall blondes and XXX rated movies. Is it any  wonder then that young men and boys from sheltered, conservative backgrounds find themselves surrounded by temptation?  A casual grope, a fondle or a full on sexual liason are available just for the taking. No need to ask permission, go on anything as time consuming as a date, or do something as sordid as having to pay a prostitute. Even boys as young as 12 take part – with beards or 5 o’clock shadows at mid-morning – they trawl the streets like fishermen, alone or in groups, looking for a catch.

Sweden has been at the vanguard of womens rights and equality. Feminism is ingrained, rightly so, although the feminists are very understanding and tolerant of those with a different cultural attitude to women.

The feminists prefer not to point fingers at any of the newer ethnic groups for some of the misunderstandings apparent in Swedish society but concentrate their efforts on tackling those mysognistic Swedish men, who we must not forget, descended from the Vikings. Only 1000 or so years ago their ancestors raped and pillaged across Europe and that Viking blood , although diluted, thanks largely to the feminists still runs through their veins. Nowadays, luckily for  Swedish society and Europe as a whole, there are no mass hordes to fear, raping, pillaging and plundering.

The Swedish word ‘feminism’  (the same as in English) is a largely unheard of concept in some cultures and is very similar to the word ‘feminin’ in Swedish meaning feminine. It could easily be confused with the sign above the supermarket aisle which only women visit monthly and therefore be seen as a ‘dirty’ word by the newcomers.

In Rinkeby attitudes are much more traditional.   Many women wear the niqab or hijab as they feel modesty means they are clearly signalling to the towns men that they feel tired or have a headache. Other women who are more liberal minded and flaunt their wares, prefer to carry pepper spray especially at night to deter any unwanted admirers.

Lastly, on the subject of child refugees, Sweden has been particularly welcoming to them. No checking of papers or invasive medical examination are required. I would like to see Britain be more welcoming in this arena. My good friend Tony and his mon Cherie have done much to promote their charitable endeavours with regard to child refugees. They did in fact give ISAC a preview of their plans last year. For those of you that missed it first time round the link is below:

Until next time it is farewell from me and the wonderfully utopian country that is Sweden. I leave  the country comfortable in the knowledge that the Swedes are not turnips.

By our coulumnist Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt.

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  1. Amazing post HCIC 👍
    I have immediately cancelled my summer holiday to Sweden!!
    Excellent post……….

  2. Sorry but quickly off topic. Remember that SPivey numpty? He’s been a bit quiet lately but he has a new article out ! Worth visiting for a laugh but i’ll Just mention this nugget. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones didn’t die ! He became ……… wait for it ! David Bowie. I kid you not! SPivey is now trying to flog his shite on Amazon, I take great delight in leaving reviews there advising people not to waste their money.

    • Have heard occasional mention of this cunt. Is he not a spoof? Or maybe a poor man’s David Icke?

    • Errr… Weren’t Jones and Bowie both at the same party once in 68 (when The Beatles launched their Apple Boutique)? I don’t know how Spivey hasn’t been certified or sectioned… He’s like an online version of the weirdo at the school gates your mum told you never to talk to or go near… Fucking demented weird cunt…

  3. After what he said about Lee Rigby, and the upset he caused his family, Spivey should have been turned into mince… The evil fat cunt…

    • Yes. Not just a harmless loony but a nasty cunt. Would like the family to get hold of him and explain.

  4. The Swedes baffle me. They are good civilised people. Don’t have Germany’s guilt to bear yet they let in the scum of the earth. I have read the reports of the grenades and the generally unsavoury actions of this scum which Mr Chattering Islington-cunt eloquently expands upon above.
    Africa and Islam will destroy civilisation if this carries on.

    • Re Mr Spivey
      I looked at this shit on Amazon. The reviews are interesting. He seems to have loony followers who give him 5 stars then normal people who tell it as the shite it is. Nothing in between. He seems to have cornered the market in unhinged conspiracy theorists.

  5. Sweden is a shithole. There is no denying that, and it it entirely their own fault
    Europe is a shithole. A shithole of transient migrating camel merchants, tanned vagrants, and neolithic individuals who simply cannot assimilate into the 21st century.
    Sadly , this shithole is an ever expanding entity, similar in nature to a black hole. It sucks in everything , including light. Like all black holes, it will eventually consume everything, and that will be the end of everything.
    Now you must ask yourself how, and even why, has this come to be. Well, it is a gift to you, from the people who govern us. Only they know anything at all.

    We should all be very grateful to people like George Soros, and Angela Merkel. We should be good little people and never look the gift horse in the mouth.


  6. Sustained and exemplary cunting. How does the most boring country on earth manage to be Cunt Central simultaneously for feminists and Islamist economic migrants?

    Trivial point of detail: Blair’s wholly credible child refugee charity, C.A.S.H (linked in the course of cunting) still doesn’t really exist because Blair deregistered all his ‘charitable’ activities and bundled them with his advisory and blethering companies in a single limited-by-guarantee company: he no longer has to explain to the Charities Commission the impermeable firewalls he hasn’t erected between charitable donations and paying his expensive staff to lobby governments.

    He still recruits on charity jobs sites, however, if you’d like to strategically co-ordinate Rwanda’s education ministry for it.

  7. A painful death?…..How about seperation from his wallet?….Nasty way to go eh George…..?

  8. Sweden is finished and will very likely be the flashpoint for the European civil war which I am convinced is on the way. You could credibly argue that it’s already happening.

    There’s untold snackbar/gimmegrant unpleasantness going on in Sweden and most of it is being kept out of the mainstream media. See also Germany. Mutti Merkel cooked up a deal with Zuckerberg to censor any criticism of migrants and immigration on FB and he rolled over like the little bitch he is.

    Mark my words – within 5 to 10 years, parts of Western Europe will look like Lebanon in the 1970’s.

    • Not a user of FB myself but I would be deleting my account and using alternative means of contacting my family & friends.

      Wonder what if any deal has been cut with our government?

      Don’t expect Rudd the dud would be able to sort out something unless its as simple as asking him and maybe throwing something his way in the form of a tax break maybe?

      Sweden is doomed, apparently rape by the peacefuls is rife, covered up, not investigated properly or reported by the media due to fears of racism branding.

      • I hope they aren’t using Sweden as a route to gain EU residence before trooping over here either.

        That would be one fuck off trojan horse that needs sorting out if it was the case.

    • Go to some areas round our old Northern mill towns MR – it is already happening. Halal butchers in full swing in the back alleys outside their retail shops. The ministry men daren’t put a foot round there for obvious reasons – it would be RRRRRaaaaccciiiissssttt.

      • I can well believe it. And that halal nonsense is a total racket with a strong whiff of the Sopranos about it. The HFA (halal food association) have strong armed pretty much all the fast food vendors and supermarkets and schools into compliance. And where does all the money go? Into creating halal jobs, of course. And where does that money go? Well, I have no idea but I doubt as much goes into the pocket of the taxman as it does towards promoting yet more 7th century lunacy.

      • A bit like the vegan activists who have been all over the news today for issuing death threats against a pig farmer. Their ring leader was on the Jeremy Swine shown on R2 today (sounded very Antipodean to me) but anyhow it’s funny how these animal rights cunts can issue death threats and demonstrate against law abiding farming types, but don’t have a view, or any problem with the religion of peace practicing their barbaric medieval slaughter techniques, in the name of Alan’s snack bar, piss be upon him….


    • Most of the top brass at facebook and google are democrat supporters (financially and otherwise) which begs the question why?

      So it is capitalism that has allowed these vast organisations to form and be successful so surely it is natural for those who start these businesses to appreciate the opportunity they have been offered by free market economics. Not so it seems, but why?

      Lets face it if you had a massive business who would you fear most, a free market advocating political party that would encourage you to continue, pat you on the back and be thankful for all the jobs you create, the advancement of technology you pay for and for all that lovely tax revenue they receive because of your endeavour, or the political party that looks at you with envious eyes and would regulate and attempt to control you and impose sanctions if you did not comply.

      Which one would you try to placate by donating to, supporting and acquiescing to their demands?

  9. I have always had a high regard for Sweden as when I was a lad the only porno mags you could buy in the UK only had some bird flashing her tits. Now Sweden had mags that showed beautiful blondes being fucked in every position possible and showing all their bits much more entertaining.

    • Wonder if their mags are full of letterbox content now…what a thought, no more Inga, Olga or Ingrid. 🙁

      • ‘Swedish Erotica’ – they were the bees-knees! Had a drawer full of them! Where are they now? Probably ditched after I got married. Oh the times we had! Me and the mags and a head full of speed… and a spliff chaser…

        Happier, simpler times.

      • Strangely, my MIL and her indoors came across my quality stash when cleaning while I was at work and disposed of it.

        Well then!

        Very thorough indeed to be cleaning somewhere so out of sight you wouldn’t believe.

        Pity the cunt struggles to wipe the worktop down and give the fridge a wipe out now and then, let alone somewhere out of site a contortionist would struggle to reach.

        With hindsight I’m betting they were looking for a stash house for the cash that disappeared while I was out working my arse off.

  10. You may wish to look up his sons and daughter – fabulously rich uber cunts – with similar idea to their good ol’ pa. Thank fuck that bastard is in Gods waiting room. The only comfort I draw from that is that for all his money he cant buy more time on this earth and he will be wormfood / ashes just like me too.

  11. All African countries are shitholes. The locals ensure they stay that way. All Islamic countries are shitholes. Islam ensures they stay that way. They come to the cold because we feed, house and clothe them. And of course they can turn Europe into a homely shithole. Just a lot colder.

  12. If these are the surplus Grenades I am thinking of then they are Kragujevac eggs, a rather primitive and scary design, the body looks like a grenade but there is no pin or fly off, just a bolt at one end, to prime the grenade you tighten the bolt and strike it on a hard surface to ignite the fuse.
    I had these given to me once, when the ignition sequence was explained to me I gave them back, I know it sounds ridiculous but I prefer the pull pin version where I can unscrew it and check the fuse timing (instantaneous, 3 second, 10 second) so I can understand people giving them away.
    Another fucking stupid idea that was offered to me was “anti tank” hand grenades, take into account how far you can throw and how much explosives is required to breach a tanks armour, so they went back as well.

    • What in fucks name were you in the market of buying / using grenades Benny? Sounds like a bit more than collecting bits of ordnance 😉

      • Karl Gustav 8cm. RR. They have plenty of those over there, and now in the hands of our ever loving carpet nodders.

      • cunto some of have had some rather strange occupations and the above were tools of the trade.
        likewise ASA I had an 87mm CG with 12 heat rockets and no fucking loader in the conflict before that, I developed a particular dislike for that thing, lugged it around for 6 months and never fired a shot. (I also looked a right cunt wobbling round with two suitcases and a fucking chimney on my back)

  13. Want to know what the UK will look like ten years from now if Corbyn and his mob get in, or if Jenny Jellyspine isn’t kicked out for that matter? Look at Sweden today. Liberalism is of absolutely no benefit to ordinary, working class people like us. Neither is multiculturalism. People from ‘cultures’ that have little or no moral values are allowed in en masse, and they ALWAYS move in to working class areas. Once established, they breed like rabbits, bring in their relatives and turn a once reasonably decent place into a mirror image of the shitholes they moved away from. If they moved in to the areas that liberals inhabit in the same numbers that they invade our areas, the likes of Lily Allen would soon be singing from a different hymn sheet. Immigration would be tightly controlled and there would be far fewer refugees. And I can guarantee that you would never see a single “Refugees Welcome” placard. It’s easy to be a liberal when you don’t have to deal with he consequences.

    • Good point QDM, as I posted above – the old Northern mill towns that once housed the cotton / wool / flax / linoleum workers were left to rot and the communities moved away – the collapse of Great Britain and its manufacturing capabilities died and the proud folks moved on to be replaced by the gimmegrants and their multiple offsprings from kids to grandparents (think Beverly Hillbillies). Fuck knows what most of them do for a living apart from blathering endlessly on their mobiles in their native tongue but I do know the amount of benefits they claim seem to be paid out like a broken one armed bandit stuck on 3 bells.
      Being a Northern lad I have seen the changes (all for the worst) that this multicultural nonsense has brought on my once great England. Asians are famed for not adopting the cultures of the countries they invade or even adapting and respecting our western ways. Fuck all wrong with that if you are self sufficient and contribute taxes (and leaving our kids alone) but I find it strange that the cunts don’t seem too big on jobcentre activities. I see guys in their 60’s signing on and doing their bit to tick the boxes of the Hilteresque activities of the snoopers and mandarins of the unemployment world, however I rarely, nay hardly, ever see any of the ethnics (who number in their fucking gazillions) of that age attending jobcentres – that could be because most of them live in the attic of Mo’s house – in dreadful shape – unable (in the majority) to speak our lingo. When bliar opened the floodgates for the vote he poisoned this country with a virus we probably wont recover from – and its gaining strength – abetted by the likes of Merkel and her (Soros approved) flooding the EU with cheap and plentiful labour. Not only is Sweden a shithole, the majority of Northern Europe is fucked with peacefuls – strange the new Eastern Europeans don’t suffer from their countries being awash with the cunts – or could it be that the beggars of Eastern Europe don’t dish out the Wonga unlike we Northern Europeans / Scandinavian soft touches? Still, as long as the Londonistan liberals are happy eh? 😉

      • Like you Cunto I also grew up in North West England , in a former mill town in East Lancs.

        The demographic has changed so much since I grew up it’s shocking and in your face.

        Where I lived was considered a nice area and aspirational. The local primary was stuffed with kids from the local area but there were Asian kids who came in from town and by and large we all got on well.

        When school finished for the day we went home then after tea went out and played with our mates who lived in the area and who went to the same school.

        Everybody knew everyone and our parents had no concerns over welfare as we all knocked about together, it wasn’t uncommon for there to be a 5 year age spread so the older kids looked out for the younger ones.

        I was a kid in the 70’s and a teen in the 80’s, my parents continued to live in the area even after I moved away so maintained strong local connections.

        In the late 90’s the local school got a new Head. This middle class white biscuit addict who lived in a very nice almost exclusively white part of west Lancashire realised that she could get extra money added to the Pupil Premium if she enrolled more kids who’s parents ticked the box that said their second language was English.

        What followed over a 5 or 6 year period was an influx of 4th / 5th generation Peaceful kids whose second language was apparently English. As the numbers grew local parents, concerned that their own kids were now in a minority that you’re not allowed to question started to find schools that reflected their own religion, beliefs and culture.

        This in turn led to families moving away to different areas that reflected the above, at first this was a trickle but as the remaining folk started to realise those moving in were of, shall we say, a peaceful nature, started to panic and sell up in their droves.

        So great was this exedous that in 2007 Al-BBC’s Panarama made an entire episode on the subject called ‘White Flight’. If I knew how to I’d post a link I would but I’m a cunt so I can’t, however that’s the title and it is on YouTube.

        So where are we today?

        This once settled and fairly tight community has been completely trashed. The local school that only 20/25 years ago, within reason reflected the community within which it was based is now 99% peaceful.

        Ironically, the school was always considered a good one, one where the kids did well and went on to do better but for some reason as it became more peaceful the good teachers left or retired and quite bizarrely for some reason I can’t fathom it struggled to attract top quality replacements.

        What an absolutely marvellous example of positive integration this has been. Despite the locals never asking, wanting or needing it, those who know better and who live in areas that bizarrely are exclusively white and middle class continue to tell us that it’s a great thing……

        There aren’t any words venomous enough to describe my loathing of this cunt. She absolutely epitomises the ‘I know what’s best for you’ attitude that’s heaped upon us by over remunerated, superannuated fat fucking public sector cunts who to a man never live in the communities they create and champion.

  14. Sweden I’m afraid is finished, I heard that native white Swedish child born today will be a minority in their own country by the middle of this century, a generation. A whole peoples culture and national identity steamrolled by multiculturalism aided by a traitorous government hamstrung by political correctness.

  15. 60% tax yet they still get raped for alcohol at public establishments?

    No wonder home brew equipment is a household staple.

    I take it when some are wanting to go home after 20 years, its because the other tribe have arrived in numbers?

    Does Sweden have a benefit system to support them or is it just criminal activity that pays their way?

    Funny how they cross through Libya to get to the EU when Gaddafi was so good to his people providing they toe the line.

    Free gas and electricity and all you had to do was behave, no thieving etc and not partake in buggery of the male chocolate starfish?

    Yet they choose a country with this mentality? Note the journo’s name on the article.

    Maybe they deserve it seeing they have been broadcasting their lax approach and proud to be closing down prisons since 2014…

    Just hope our clowns don’t consider implementing crap like this…oh wait a minute…is handing them over to G4S not really the same as shutting them down?

  16. Sweden is shit and always has been… Did fuck all when Norway and Denmark were under siege from the Panzers and Luftwaffe… And now they’re crapping on their own people by allowing an infestation of camelstuffing rapist human filth and bogo-bogo parasites… These people (for want of a better fucking word) are savages and barbarians… Nothing will change that and they have no place in any part of Western society,… End of…

  17. Of course some enterprising Swedes have identified the gap in the market although I think there may be a few steps to go.
    Of course the actual explosions weren’t the same as they looked in the catalogue. Taymour Abdel had looked carefully in choosing between the ‘Blomster’ [des. Stig Lundquist] and ‘Bjorkefall’ [des. Helmut Farsenn] detonators, and had chosen the ‘Blomster’ because of the cheerful gingham check pattern, but in the catalogue the bang had looked powerful and solid – in reality it broke up half way through, barely detonating the pack of ‘Rattvik’ composition in his rucksack. In his final moments, as he watched his intestines covering his ‘Snövita’ poncho blanket, the damp explosion having barely melted the snow, he doubted whether he’d be able to assemble his 72 ‘Nysnö’ virgins correctly; he always seemed to end up with three Allen keys and bits left over. Around his scattered remains, civic Swedes tutted at the mess on the road.

  18. The Globalists need consumers. As the numbers of consumers remained static, new purchasers were needed. Camel merchants in the flyblown wilderness consume very little. However, move them to Europe, and hey presto, all the factories go on full time!

    Its all about consumerism, and capitalism. The third world is a flat economy and will always be so. But the 3rd world has a resource much needed. People!

    Fuck the bankers, the globalists and any fucker that supports them. Cunts

    • Now you’re talking. Why else would “free movement of people” be such a fetish of the globalists?

  19. Watching Al-Beebera news at 6. Lead item is the white van attack on some mosque. Practically every other word is ‘muslim’. In direct parallel to how it is never mentioned when snackbars kill people in the UK.

    • Yes, but the important thing is they have a history of mental illness. No need to mention the ethnicity or religion of these hard working tax payers.

  20. We really should start looking beyond the tide of scum which is rapidly taking over Europe.We should also start looking beyond the ineffectual,weak politicians who allow this invasion to happen. I believe that we are in the final stages of a Conspiracy that goes beyond people and politicians. It’s all just too much to be something that developed by chance and circumstance.
    People may well laugh and scoff and accuse me of being some kind of a fool for believing in “Conspiracy Theories.”….They way well be right,but they’ll never convince me that a conspiracy doesn’t exist.
    Europe,as we know it,is finished.

    • I feel the same way, it seems that politicians are not really in control of anything anymore. they are just a bunch of self serving parasites to be bought by the highest bidder. The ones that float to the top are all of the same breed (the same as top civil servants), good public school, Oxbridge, no real world work experience and promoted because they are of the ‘same type’, as in backstabbing lying shysters, rather than ability.

      The few things they have in common is a brassneck, total and utter self belief in making their own miserable existences better and pandering to those in real control in the hope they eventually get accepted to the real top table.

      Where did Obama spend a week after leaving office? Getting down and helping those poor disenfranchised minorities that he supposedly represented, not for Barack oh no, he spent the week on billionaire David Geffens yacht of course, those smelly whining plebs are just a nuisance that get a vote every few years.

      Every empire has its day and the post war west is rapidly approaching its endgame. I doubt it will last 15 years before collapse and war returns, which frankly is the natural cycle of society, and those in charge have no idea or desire to stop it as they have their own personal agendas to to pursue.

    • Something is going on for sure. So much “coming together” at just the right time creating an avalanche of misery for us indigenous individuals. You ain’t no fool Dick, hope the rest realise before It’s to late Europe in the present form is finished.

      • Cheers BB, I remember an interview with a gold mining consultant guy a few years ago which struck a chord with me.

        The gist was that the West was like a high powered working couple in their late fifties, still with a massive mortgage, cars on finance, shopping at the deli and posh shops, fuck all in the way of pension or savings not realising that in a few short years their income (because of retirement) is going to disappear down the toilet and they still have bills to pay and an unaffordable lifestyle to maintain.

        I thought the fucker nailed it on the head.

  21. South Africa may well be one of the largest shitholes in the world, but there’s news from those parts that I’ve just been reading about. A lion hunter has been shot dead. Now this is what they call poetic justice. I’m so thrilled. The only downside is that he was 75. It should have happened forty years ago.

    • Apparently Cape Town is about to run out of water. The main reservoir supplying the place is less than 30% capacity.

      Schools are asking students to bring bottled water and no PE so that kit doesn’t have to be washed. Supply pipes are being erected and rationing is imminent.
      I’d post a link, to the article but I’m not that clever.

      Now I know it doesn’t get the same rainfall as we do here in good ole Blighty, but I’ve been there and it wasn’t a parched desert, in fact I did some fishing in the Transvaal Dam, a bloody Great Lake…So after 20/25 years of letting the ‘locals’ run the economy, it’s my view the place is turning into a basket case and will soon collapse,to go the way of neighbouring Zimbabwae… It may be a little more spicey than Zim however as there are a lot more armed Afrikaans still willing to defend their rights… Interesting times.

      • Fuck off it’s by the sea! Cunts not heard of de-salination plants! And don’t tell me they’re skint with gold, diamonds, oil and arms sales bolstering their coffers!

        “This is Pik. Every day he has to walk 8 miles in searing heat – that his fair skin and blond hair is not used to – in order to buy a class of bison piss from M’Tembe (who’s now 18 and sporting an AK). Can you help? Just £30 a month will pay off M’Tembe and his yardy-boys so Pik can collect bison piss at leisure and without fear of being rhino-whipped with a sjambok! Just text FWDEKLERK to 123456 to donate just £30 pounds a month via your mobile phone bill. I’m Liam Neeson, and I care.”

  22. Look in “neo-liberal” EUrope things are not always black and white when it comes to rape or murder.

    If the perpetrator is a woman then those actions are liberating.

    If “peaceful” or “ethnic” then it’s just cultural.

    If part of the rainbow 6 “LGBTQX” then it’s simply a cry for help.

    Remove the options above and you end up with the hated middle-aged white man where holding a door open is “rape” and refusing to put any money in a Africunt charity box is “murder”.

    I often wonder how these hated middle-aged white men are even tolerated in a modern, progressive society when they are all quite clearly cunts!

    I’d lock the fuckers up – and so would Cresida Dick and Dianne Abbott – but alas who then in society would earn enough to keep the freeloaders and imported terrorists in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed?

    I ask you!

  23. Great cunting Hugh but you actually expect me to read this longform essay? fuck I’m too wasted for this shit and I have ADD and Fuck my life lol 🙂

    • Also I wasn’t trying to ‘out’ longform cunters I was merely pointing out my own pet peeves. Also as a reminder of ISAC’s humble beginnings when it was usually a sentence or a paragraph long…. I know we’ve come along way

  24. I knew it was bad and on the decline but its further gone than I’d imagined. Seems YouTube isn’t censored out like the ABBC and Sly.

    “Sweden prepares to launch and deliver a civil defense brochure warning about war”

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