‘Child’ refugees

I have heard on the grapevine ISAC Cunt of the Year nominee Tony B.Liar was disappointed to have been pipped to the post by Timmy Far-rong. His Mon Cherie was hoping he would have received at least one award for 2016. In the absence of being included in the New Year’s Honours List and not receiving a Nobel Peace Prize – despite the fact his chum Obummer got one years ago – he is feeling down in the dumps.

So he wanted us at ISAC to be the first to hear of his latest charity venture. We have been given a sneak preview of a speech from the B.Liars on their latest charity venture, as follows:

“As I am sure you are aware, I am devoting more time to charitable causes in 2017 (got to get a gong somehow) having wound down my consultancy work. This has nothing to do with the outcome of the Chilcot report as some unkind commentators have suggested.

My wife holds human rights dearly and in her legal practice has been an advocate of refugee rights. In 1997, I too opened up the doors of Britain to the world’s ‘needy’ and they have proved to be model citizens, ok, apart from a few who have joined ISIS, some who grope young women and those others who shoplift and rob old ladies. The rest contribute greatly to our society, keeping civil servants, housing office and local government staff in employment, processing various claims and applications.

I am aware some of you are unhappy that the country feels a bit overcrowded: the hospital waiting lists a bit longer, you have a little delay to get an appointment to see the GP and sometimes your kiddies only get their fourth choice school. However, just remember, even Mary and Joseph found there was no room at the inn but still managed to give birth to the baby Jesus in a stable, so if we all move down the bus, I am sure we can all fit in.

With the ongoing refugee crisis we felt we should help the poor child refugees. Mon Cherie will be providing pro-bono legal advice to the children, costing them nothing at all. Of course, there will be some expenses and other overheads she will incur, which will be kindly met by HM Government through the Legal Aid system.

In addition, we will also be raising funds through donations from generous people such as yourselves in order to pay for certain essentials.

Most of the refugees are young boys – but are very mature looking for their ages – so we urgently need to buy Philishaves and pay for dental treatment for the removal of wisdom teeth, before they are assessed by the Home Office.

So please donate to this worthy cause, named simply Children Are Safe Here (C.A.S.H).

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit card donations at this time but you can make cheques out to C.A.S.H. Rest assured, we will certainly put your money to good use. We hope to roll in, sorry, roll out CASH across Europe assisting young refugees make a better life in Europe (for them, not you).

Thank you all for your kind support.”

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

91 thoughts on “‘Child’ refugees

  1. Lunar house, just down the road from me, or Lunatic Fucking House as we call it round here. This is where every ponce from all over the world, who wants to be legal, turns up to get their “papers” their personal housing officer and bus fare to the nearest job centre or “Ali Baba’s Golden Palace” as the locals call it. The security is very tight and only obvious looking foreigners are allowed through the doors. Even just walking past the uniformed Nigerians and Somalians give you a long hard stare. If you look at the photo there are 3 or 4 Muzzies, which you would expect, and the rest are sad, lonely fuckwits who need to feel good about themselves by saving the poor huddled masses. This is London 2017. My old Mum and Dad, who survived the best the Luftwaffe could throw at them, wouldn’t recognise it. Allah rest their souls and welcome to my fucking world.

    • Ludwig van Beethoven… defo NOT a cunt. His ghost has been seen walking abroad in Vienna, carrying a placard “I’m angry, and I’m mad… I want my fookin’ “An die Freude” back at the end of my 9th symphony, not being sung by a load of fuckwits at some pro-EU wankfest”.

      Good on you, Wickerl !!

      Re Croydon and the Luftwaffe, Alastair Crowley had an aunt who lived there, and survived a bombing raid. Mr. Black Magic was most put out, and wrote to Fat Hermann (Goering) with the old girl’s address, suggesting they might do a better job next time…

    • Great cunting!
      I just googled this place and it’s supposedly to screen asylum seekers!
      Bet it’s all fuckin immigrants working there.
      Seems a bit like the school children marking their own homework. …what the fuck do they think is gonna happen!
      Seems strange that every time I go through immigration at the airport, it’s just immigrants on the desk. Seems that way anyway!
      No one should be allowed to work in these kind of departments until they’re 3rd or 4th generation British AT LEAST.

      • Talking of immigration, I’ve just been caught trying to go through the electric passport gate behind a woman.
        She opened it and as I can never get the cunts to work, I tried to squeeze through behind her.
        FAIL !!!

        The glass doors closed on my shoulders and I was hauled out of there sharpish.

        Can’t fault the border control there.

        I was made to queue again and then an officer talked me through the process like I was a fuckin child.

        He was right to, it took me another four goes to get the fucker to work.

      • I’ve always thought the electronic ones were great.

        It’s probably the doobs mate.

        ….You’re not supposed to go through passport control with red-eye and a massive grin! 🙂

      • I go through twice a day like that.
        Even had the sniffer dog on me a few times, but it was only the smell of doob smoke it was picking up.

        I used to smuggle lumps through , hidden in bread rolls, but when they got the sniffer dog, that stopped.

        Man’s best friend my arse.

  2. Any more news on the Dave Clark Five look-alike 30-odd year old ‘child refugee’ poster boy who was nicked for terror related offences?…. Didn’t think there would be… All that crap about it ‘not being him’ (it’s his fucking identical twin brother then, is it?) and the arrests having something to do with an escaped Scouse convict?…. What a load of bollocks… I don’t get why these ‘refugee’ cunts are so untouchable and indulged… In the old days there’d be Hollywood cunts (Wank Sinatra, Clark Gable etc), political figures (Lord Boothby, various Kennedys and so on), and royals (major and minor) who would have their various crimes hushed up by rich lawyers and the establishment to avoid scandal… But why is this ‘privilege’ extended to pieces of shit and smears of kebab grease from the Calais Jungle shitheap?….

  3. When I think of child refugee I think ages 2-17 but apparently the EU,UN, and our mongy government has a different definition of “Child”. Yeah ((Child)) indeed because most children have a adams apple the size of my fist and look like they are fucking 28 yrs old, fucking lying Rat Cunts!

  4. This country is boiling with anger and about to erupt! How the likes of my fellow cunters who live in Croydon remain calm needs admiring!

  5. I’ll tell you why, it’s because global corporate capitalism requires cheap labour. Instead of taking production to poor countries where poor cunts will work 12 hours a day for a bowl of rice and a kick up the arse just bring the poor cunts here. That increases profits, undermines the wages and bargaining position of the working class and provides us a bunch of foreign cunts we can hate instead of hating the rich cunts who are coining it. The more alien their culture the more we hate them, the more they commit crime and the more they ponce the more we hate them. Then of course all these cunts place a strain on the infrastructure (schools, NHS etc) but corporate capitalism doesn’t give a fuck because they don’t pay fucking tax anyway. Anyone who thinks brexit is going to reduce immigration is dreaming. There’s always been greater immigration from outside than inside the EU. It’s not an accident, it’s not incompetence it’s a deliberate fucking policy. We rejected trade unionism because they told us they were “holding the country to ransom”, we let Thatcher fuck over the miners, we allowed the rich cunts to take over the Labour party, we became the greedy grasping “I’m all right Jack” cunts they wanted us to be. We retreated behind our doors with our multi channel wide screens to lap up the fucking braindead shite they spoonfeed us. They fooled us boys and girls, they fucking fooled us. Does anyone know where George Orwell is buried? I want to put some flowers on his grave.

    • With 40%+ youth unemployment in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece who are all educated and of similar culture, why would the corporate elite want to import a bunch of uneducated savages from w@gistan?

      Once you get 20% peaceful population, civil unrest increases exponentially and the fabric of society will crumble and you finish up with civil war, only on a continental scale. That isn’t good for the corporate elite who want a nice placid and calm workforce content to produce and consume.

      No, I can’t see there being any long term upside for the corporations with unfettered immigration from w@gistan. I think it is more to do with plain old fashioned incompetence mixed with a good dose of neo-liberal blue pill dogma.

      • Never a truer word spoken… Everything’s about to backfire horribly, Germany being a case in point: Fuhrerin Muffley-Merkel convinced that an influx of religion-of-paedo types vital to underpin economy &c. &c. Only prob. is is that said primitives are too feckin inbred / thick / useless to add 2 + 2…

      • Spot on me old mucker. Most mussies are goat mechanics and about as much use to our economy as Godzilla’s aunt. Four wives twenty odd kids really going to do a lot for the old UK maybe keep a lot of benefits people in work but thats about all. We have enough useless cunts as it is.

    • Spot on Mike.
      Just to add the NWO looked at all the major religions of the world and settled on the religion of peace as the one to promote because it effectively provided them with a ready made solution to the problems of subjugation and control.

      What better way than when 50% of the population in those countries where it was already established were able to aqueous their women folk into beliefs where they stay in doors, cannot drive a car, must stay covered up, cannot go out alone, or even vote… It is perfect for the NWO in ther goal of keeping the worker bees downtrodden and serf like.

      So to Perfect the NWO master plan, all they had to do was destabilise those countries where Mohammed had spouted his lies, create the gimmegrants crisis in the name of oil, terrorism, famine or whatever and then by stealth they take over. We even help them. Think Royal Navy boats in the med helping the drowning cunts….., Geldorfs and band aid to feed the fuckers…..and finally It’s even better for the likes of Sorros if a Merkel or Blair type can get voted in and then ‘legally’ encougage the mass repopulation… Cunts.

  6. “REFUGEES WELCOME”, until you insist that these soppy left wing retards take them into their homes, feed them, clothe them and pay for their education and medical needs. Then it’s; “REFUGEES FUCK OFF!”

  7. Even if the cunts actually were “children”, I wouldn’t let them in. What’s breed in the bone comes out in the flesh,and these sewer-rats are bred by devious,backward, anti-western scum.

    There is absolutely no reason for us to take the parasites,they’ve managed to make their way through several “safe” countries before they get anywhere near here. Although how these poor,deserted souls manage to achieve that is a mystery to me,as is the fact that they all seem to have the latest mobile phones. How the fuck do they pay for them,or even charge them?

    They are bred to be thieves,rapists and religious maniacs. They will never be an asset to this country,always just a drain. There are enough charity cases already here without letting any more in.

    I bet that as soon as the cunts get in,the rest of their clan won’t be far behind, bringing all the disease and dishonesty which is endemic in their kind. For every “child” that gets in,there’ll be another 20 parasites who immediately become entitled to join them.

    The reason that so many “celebs” and politicians want these children admitted is that they like a bit of young meat. Most of them are deviants on the look-out for a fresh supply of victims.

    Personally, I’d send all of these children to the Far-East sweatshops where they could learn an honest trade.

    Fuck the lot of them. I don’t see why one penny of my tax money should go to support a bunch of cheating,robbing, gollies or camel-humpers. Leave the fuckers to stew in their own rancid juices.

  8. If lefty neo-liberal dogma dictates that we should adopt the standards of other cultures, then surely we should implement the cultural standards of the “refugees” country of origin when assessing if they are children or not. In most cases they cease to be children, by their own cultural standards, by the time they pass through puberty. It is simply racist not to do so.

  9. I think a fair option ,Would be to let them stay if they were sterilized i think this could be the way forward.

  10. Croydon has never been the most salubrious of areas but it’s fuckin crashed big time in the last 10 -15 years, I’ve noticed a lot of undesirable Cunts have been blown down to Crawley, shame they didn’t get blown onto a plane at Gatwick!! CUNTS!!

  11. I’ve been trying to comment on this cunting for over an hour.

    Everything I’ve written has ended up a mess coz they cunts holding them fuckin banners have got the better of me.

    Who makes these banners and placards ?
    I said the other day that its the new gold rush.

    Oh, no more placards
    No banners to sadden my eyes
    No smarmy lefties
    Fuck yer peaceful muzzies
    Get back to yer country
    And die

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I wonder how long I’d be allowed to wave a placard saying “Refugees NOT Welcome” before I was arrested?

      • I was thinking the same thing, Dick Fiddler.

        Ye don’t see pics or shots of that in the rags or on the news.

        Hopefully the not welcome sign is written on a bat, or knife, or bullet, or bomb, or bumper, or boot. 🙂

  12. The main problem is that the gene pool of all this lot is fucked, after thousands of years of inbreeding the general IQ level is well below normal, they are always mating with their fucking cousins for fucks sake.

      • I’d never argue with anyone who will come on here and admit that they’d give Katie Hopkins a good rattling. 😉 .

      • I told ye, that was the colourist at the newspaper printers fault.

        Get a black and white photo of her and squint yer eyes, that’s what I saw.

        Honestly, when I googled her images, I could have shot my big mouth.

      • Even donkeys get ridden, think Blackpool beach!
        As much of a cunt as corbyn is i still can’t get my head around him pumping up Diane Abbott? How on earth does he summon the genie out of the bottle??
        I reckon it’s a fine balancing act, just pissed enough not to care but just sober enough to perform! Nasty old business…….

      • Did ye see the pic of Corbyn when he was angry the other week?

        Scary, deviant looking character.

        A newspaper columnist put the pic next to one of old man Steptoe, and it was uncanny.

        Scary look in the cunts eyes, another fuckin lizard.

  13. BOB GELDOF has hit out at Brexit once more, branding it “the greatest act of national self-harm” in British history and vowing to “undermine” Theresa May every step of the way.
    They flea infested pug ugly shite for brains CUNT was on some mick talkshow the other night with his super hard threats.
    Well you useless left over afterbirth I would like to meet you FACE to FACE and have a fucking proper ‘chat’ over your hysterical rantings.
    What in fucks name has it got to do with you what this fucking country has decided.
    FUCK ALL! That’s what you CUNT.

    • Tell me why
      I don’t like Geldof
      Telly me why
      I don’t like Nobo
      Tell me why
      I don’t like lefties

      I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oot
      All they cunts
      DOWN !!!!!!

      An Irishman undermining a British government and a “sir” at that.

      Hopefully he eats what he thinks is his daughters brown sherbit and pops his brogues.

  14. It seems a lot of my comments today have been about death to Muslims.
    I can assure you that it was all in jest.


    I’m not condoning any of that.


    fingers crossed subliminal messages work. 😉

  15. Flea infested whining pikey cunt, loves to do this country down but how many of your beloved EU member states dip into their own pockets & donate millions to whatever crisis is going on in some war torn, drought ridden African shithole?
    And that’s AFTER our taxes have been used for the International Aid Budget of which we get no say in contributing to, so pull on your UNICEF t-shirt and fuck off to Somalia.

  16. How fucking insignificant does short arse Hollande look alongside Prince Willy and his Mrs. Fucking garlic breath loser.

  17. Don’t really know if there is any actual news today, BBC radio has only two stories, fucking Scottish independence, and poncy George Osborne becoming editor of the evening standard. Never read it myself, so I couldn’t give a fuck, however the main thrust of the Beebs reporting is questioning how effective an mp he can be, now he has this extra ‘work’. They didn’t give a fuck about my ex mp, now lord Hain, who when those cunts were in power was mp for Neath, Secretary of State for Wales, and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, which as you can imagine is probably a bit hectic trying to stop those nutters topping each other because of some silly parades. Also, he found time to write not one, but three books during this period. So, a peaceful Northern Ireland, a prosperous Wales, and not a pot hole or litter in sight back in the old home town? Bollocks!
    This in in no way defending sleazy Gideon, king of project fear, far from it. It’s the fucking BBC, and their half stories that grip my shit.

    • Little Gideon is just claiming his payback for all the favours he dished out while he was Chancellor. A job in a bank…4 days a month for 650 grand…fuck you, pay me. In the last month a speech to HSBC suits for 65 grand….fuck you, pay me and a speech to some corporate pharmaceutical cunts for 82 grand….fuck you, pay me. Now, despite zero journalistic experience, editor of the Standard fee undisclosed as yet……fuck you, pay me. Of course the Standard is owned by a Russian criminal so we can only imagine what favours Georgie boy did for the Kremlin. Yes little Gideon is a very busy boy. His workload may explain why he has not held a constituency surgery for nearly 2 fucking years and why he has only participated in a third of the votes in Parliament since Treezer kicked his greedy arse out of Number 11. Fuck me it’s a hard life being a politician.

      • He’s not a plolitician. He’s a Cunt.

        Despite all those dire warnings he gave us, he seems to be doing very well post BREXIT.

        Go Giddeon. Go.

        You utter cunt.

    • It just shows how fuckin dumb the meeja really are.

      He has NO journalistic experience whatsoever so it should be obvious to everyone that this is simply publicity.

      Every fucking meeja outlet has been banging on and on about the evening standard! Bet all its rivals have full page spreads about the appointment.

      It’s great marketing! Even if he does fuck all for the next 6 months they’ll still have had their money’s worth!

      Great marketing by the evening standard, they’ve suckered every news station and paper into marketing the bollocks out of them for free!

  18. Did anybody see the BBC today on the Hungarian refugee ( mumper) camps?? Fuckin hilarious stuff!! They are stopping the mass migration of mostly 20-40 years old in their tracks!! And housing this tsunami of shit in containers!! One banner hanging out of a window asked ” why is my humain rights!” Another ” I love EU” The Hungarians ain’t having any of it, they told this bunch of chancers the only direction they can travel is back the way they came from!!! Exactly right !!

    • I mentioned these cunts yesterday (pay attention,Quislings 🙂 )

      What a bunch of arrogant cunts.

      You’d think they’d get the hint that they’re not welcome.

      Hungary have took shite and lived through shite for years and they ain’t taking no more.

      There’s a town there that has banned Muslim immigrants and is stopping them in their tracks and sending the cunts back, and we’ve all been invited to join the party.

      Quite tempting really.

      For a holiday anyway.

      • It did.

        Bunch of little cunts.

        How fuckin angry did they look?

        Pity they couldn’t channel that aggression against whoever it is that’s making them flee the shitehole from where they came.

      • That’s the question Birdman. They’d rather run run run away then turn their big macho aggression on the first lot of decent white people who stop them from progressing. Claiming as we see uman rights and loving Europe. Cunts. They won’t stay and fight their own types, because they are the invasion force and their book of lies prevents a peaceful cunt from harming another peaceful cunt.. Provided they are from the same strain of peacefulness…

  19. Am I the only one who couldn’t give a fuck about saint Patrick’s day? Lets all wear green and drink that toxic sludge they call Guinness. Cunts.

    • Repulsive stuff that looks like it was just drained out of a chinese scooter gearbox…

    • Guinness is great.

      When I used to drink, that was my ale, washed down with Bushmills.

      The black shite the next day was rough though, and usually ended up being a sixteen wiper.

      • Sixteen wiper, classic

        Half the bog roll down the pan, drives the misses mad.


      • I never cared for St Paddys day but thats mostly because I hate people It also gives the irish another reason to drink not that they need one…

      • 🙂 🙁 😉 😛 =-O :-* :O B-) :-$ :-!

        Just found these on my work phone and wondered what they are.

        I’m using my work phone coz I clicked on that it’ll be them paying the bill rather than me. 🙂

      • That was meant to be at the bottom of the page.

        Don’t know how it ended up here.

        Sorry TitSlapper

    • Aye. Imagine the hoo hah if we all celebrated St George on April 23rd. The virtue signalling wankers would be all over it and we’d be racists or xeneophobo or something..

  20. I cant help admiring Old Trumpster, that old Kraut slag looks so uncomfortable.

    Juncker and Tusk will be getting a good lashing in the bunker when she gets back to Berlin

      • Those EU swine Merkel Junker & Shultz really got off on that dutch lose smiling like a bunch of retarded children. Geert that stupid fucking idiot really fucked up by stirring shit up with that mohammad comment.

        That and the fact that the guy was a one trick pony to begin with he didn’t have have Donalds quick wit or charisma

    • Merkel looks fucking retarded!! Strange clothes, basin haircut!! She looks like the lollipop lady at my local school crossing!! Tupence short of a shilling !! Daft cunt…..

      • I wonder if there’s a pic of them together.

        Merkel and mini-Merkel.

        I haven’t been back to Scotland in about twenty years.
        If I did go back, I wonder if my old Carcano rifle is still hidden in Glasgows book depository.

  21. Being blocked by Chris Spivey for pointing out that photo after photo after photo of people with their faces superimposed over each other not only proves nothing but is extremely tedious, is not a cunt.

    • Nice one! Funny how he doesn’t like scrutiny, probably because a slow witted ten year old could see through the nasty drivel he peddles.

  22. Yeah love Guinness but can’t drink too much as it gives me the serious runs the next morning and….yeah, it’s as black as a Somalian. Fucking smells like one too. Have you seen these hipster wankers who put blackcurrant in it? I mean fucking BLACKCURRANT!! Fucking poofs.

    • Blackcurrant in Guinness?? I don’t think the landlord of my local would serve it…probably chuck the cunt out just for asking . Once saw him have a meltdown when some tourist asked for a single malt with coke. Must admit the only whisky I’m keen on is Bushmills,but I do enjoy Guinness followed by port when I’m too bloated to get any more of the black stuff down.

  23. I’ve just read that Michael Bond has written a new “adventure” for Paddington the Bear. The bear encounters illegal immigrants,electronic tagging and health and safety laws !!!

    How fucking bizarre. I wonder if Paddington becomes a muslim taxi driver who gets tagged after pimping out his 12 year old white girlfriend while driving around in an unsafe vehicle….Must order my copy.

  24. Has anybody donated to the East African appeal?? If not I would like to get the ball rolling by donating my old sunbed and an odd pair of shoes ……

    • Apparently Geldof, thinking along practical medical lines, has donated his wife’s old hypodermics which she never got round to using for some reason. They have great sentimental value so it’s quite a sacrifice.

    • I’ve sent a photo of a very nice piece of roast belly-pork that I shared with the dog for our dinner,a “how to get off your lazy sponging arses” colouring-in book and a giant inflatable banana which they can have a lot of fun with if they attach it to a passing speedboat.

      Lucky bastards…. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a holiday sitting in the sun, I could probably do with losing a pound or two aswell. Sods have got the life of Reilley.

    • How can you joke about kids that are dying of thirst ?

      Anybody know the address?

      I’ve been collecting bottles of piss for them.

      • I’ve got some sticks I’ll donate.

        They can use em for poking shit with as they sit under a tree contemplating what not to do next.

        Like digging a well, like not fighting their neighbours, like not kidnapping underage girls, like not cutting bits of the misses, like not allowing 100% of the countries revenue going to 1% of the population,not shagging a baboon or the misses to keep the population down, planting some fuckin seeds to grow corn, building a fence to keep local cow in, so the lions don’t eat it, I don’t know.

        Anything to get off their skinny arses and improve their lot instead of relying on another bunch of handouts from the generous West again again again again…..

  25. Child refugees, my arse. Grey-bearded, minicab-driving, rapey-looking, lying cunts.

    • What with the Napoleon complex and looking so unfeminine that even Prisoner Cell Block H would turn her down, no wonder Wee Burney is filled with bitterness and hate… The corrosive fucking gnome cunt….

      • lol that picture oh my sides… Its amazing she wears dresses she looks much better as a butch dyke hahaha

    • It looks like a mid-way through picture of a gender re-alignment. However I’ll be fucked if I know the direction.

  26. Told ye.

    I stumbled upon that pic yesterday whilst researching her levels of cuntishness.

    It made me laugh, then it made me scared.

    Some cunt married that cunt.

    Most punchable face ever.

    • When I saw the picture for the first time I thought it was Mauler from Grange Hill…

  27. Faking brilliant.

    She really is the origin of a bulldog chewing on a wasp phrase.

    Totally unfuckable. Totally.

  28. Hello troop’s. I’ve polished up my old blunderbuss and will be heading down to Bute House shortly to let wee bernie know what I think of her indyref2 proposal. Need to wait til she gets back from sheepshagging land, where even the sheep are going moo instead of baa just to not get seen anywhere near this warthog cunts.

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