Brexit negotiations

Sacre bleu!

The pin-up boy of grandmothers the world over has thrown his hands up in the air.

To the chagrin of his globalists puppet meisters Monsieur Macaroon stated in an interview with Andrew Marr that the French people if given an ‘in/out’ referendum on membership of the EU would vote ‘out’.

He added “my interpretation is that a lot of the losers of globalisation suddenly decided it was no more for them.”

He further claimed “My understanding is that middle classes and working classes and the oldest decided that the recent decades were not in their favor, and the adjustments made by the EU were not in their favour.”

“I think the organization of EU went too far with freedom without cohesion, free markets without rules.”

Confession is good for the soul. What is perhaps strange is that he even spoke so candidly. Has he seen the light?  Or is he throwing the towel in, without a fight, in the true French tradition. A typically haughty shrug of the shoulders….’merde’ .

Frances greatest general old Boney, must be spinning in his grave, not that he would have approved of the EU, having to share ownership with the neighbouring Bratwurst devourers.

Looks like Monsieur Macaroon is a biscuit short of a packet. His heyday in the sunshine appears limited. Unless he gets back on point his masters may decide to remove him.

This unsanctioned outburst should  in theory be good news for the UK in its negotiations to leave. The hunchback should use this crack in EU unity to drive a pneumatic hammer drill through it. In politics, weakness is an opportunity not to be missed. Add to the mix Germany still has not formed a government then the time is ripe to exploit. Norway, last week warned the EU that any special Brexit deal could result in it reneging on its own agreements with Brussels.

However, in practice with Mavis May at the helm, any triumph can be turned into a failure. Unfortunately, with her past and current record she will still likely cave in to all their demands in the process, managing to fulfil her credentials as the ultimate remainer in a leaver’s role.

Looks like with the cracks in EU government leaders unity becoming more apparant, a hard Brexit or no Brexit maybe the only two choices remaining at the end of the road. We all know that the elites want the latter and may push further to achieve this, lest the UK’s exit bring the whole rotten edifice down.

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64 thoughts on “Brexit negotiations

  1. As rightly pointed out, with Mavis May at the helm the EU can afford to be complacent, say anything, even admit they’re the next worst thing since the Soviet Union!

    May still wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to exploit it…

    So fucking frustrating!

  2. I too thought Barnier was an all-encompassing unredeemable snail-chewing ubercunt, a fit candidate for immersion in a Parisian sewer with concrete footwear. However, he appears to have one redeeming feature. When Mandelson offered to visit him in order to provide ammunition against Brexit, Barnier replied that he was too busy to see him just now…maybe later? Give my secretary a call if you happen to be in town in a few weeks, eh?

    • Why has Mandlecunt not been hung for treachery yet?

      Oh that’s right, his bum-chum in Chief – Tony B.Liar – rescinded capital punishment for treachery didn’t he (yes because that cunt knew his neck wouldn’t be too far from the noose either)!

      Mandlecunt will you please fuck off into obscurity with your entourage of illegal immo cock-suckers! Fucking cunt!

  3. If I am in a book club, I enjoy the benefits of book selections, priority advances etc and I abide by the rules of membership.

    Should I choose to leave the club, I have no right to expect some or all of the benefits of membership.

    I leave or I stay.

    In Brexit, as ex members, we have no right to expect special treatment or benefits. Trying to negotiate deals is a ninsense.

    Im in, or I am out.

    We have voted to leave. Negotiations for deals are a smokescreen. Our negotiators want us to stay, and must now dress up a continuing membership to look like we have left.

    The negotiators are treasonous cunts.

    Theresa May is ( and always has been ) a useless gormless fuckwit. She would be unemployable in most other occupations, and would even fail miserably as a street girl. ( its Monday and I feel generous and I’m being polite )

    In the grand scheme of things,we are powerless, every single party is committed to the European Union in one guise or another. We simply have no one credible to elect.

    I feel sorry for the generations to come, as they gradually dawn to the realization that they are trapped and corralled into a box canyon.
    In 1945, the 3rd Reich vanished , but remained under cover in a dormant state, only to emerge in a new guise in the creation of the EU.

    Regardless of the “new name ” and without jackboots and uniforms they still retain the principal characteristics of their former incarnation.

    The stifling of free speech, the denial of rights, the end of democracy, and the punishment of all those who differ in their view from the party mantra.

    To capture an entire continent without the firing of a single shot is indeed a masterpiece of Nazi strategy. But trust me, at the time of awakening, it will need blood and the loss of many lives in the battle for freedom.

    The 4th Reich is here. It never really went away.

    Fuck the quisling cunts of parliament, they too are members of the Reich.

    • Agreed – but in my book club I don’t expect to be paying for some cunts reading material 20 years after I have left eg. pensions for the likes of Mendelcunt, Kinnocunts x 2 et al.
      Would you like to join my Christmas club?
      In January you start paying in say – £100. In December you would be expecting £1200 with a tad of interest? Wrong – I will give you £600 and decide where your other £600 should go – maybe some goat bothering half witted inbred cunt from Romania to finance his barn with a cold tap running to it – classed by the EU cunts worthy of modernisation as a dwelling for even more of the benefit scrounging malcontents. If you want to join my club I also do a nice sideline in London bridges for sale.

  4. Have to agree with this cunting. Out means out. It was a yes/no referendum. Black & white not grey and grey. All the weasel words since have confirmed that the British Establishment knows better and out means in really. ‘We didn’t know what we voted for, look at the shambles, economic doom, brexit gives you cancer etc etc. Leave lied.’ (the subtext being we are thick cunts)
    Well yes, up to a point but where is the emergency budget and economic collapse wheeled out by Gideon, Carney, Soubry and the other fucking reptilia?
    The shambles is part down to May and cronies. Incompetence or design? I think incompetence because this lot couldn’t organise a fuck up in a Parisian knocking shop. Although there is design coming from the Civil Service and the Establishment. The rest of the shambles can be laid squarely at Cameron’s door. He was the fucker who should have had a plan B. Not Boris, Farage, Gove or any of those cunts. The PM should have had a contingency plan. The useless, smooth faced, Etonian cretin.
    Fuck the EU. Fuck paying the cunts. No deal will hurt them more than us so fuck the lot of them.

    • The subtitle being:

      “We don’t want to Leave, so we won’t, but we’ll brainwash the dip-shit thickos who voted Leave into believing Brexit means Brexit, despite all our actions pointing to the fact it means Remain. Enough cunts will eventually buy it. They always do.”

  5. I suspect the Pig fuckers plan B would have been no different to the Hunchbacks…..back peddle, prevaricate, cave in and sell the referendum result down the river. At least we now know what the rich cunts and the politicians really think of democracy….it’s the choice they give us or no choice at all.
    Most people don’t know but they did actually have elections in the Soviet Union. The trouble is every candidate represented the Communist Party. That’s the choice we’ve always had and now we can see it loud and clear.
    Whatever the result the Hunchback brings to the table Westminster will vote it down. Then we will have a constitutional crisis. That’s when the real fun begins.

    • Just a small point but the UK does not have a constitution or, seemingly, any guiding principles with regard to the will of the people.

      Our Lords and Masters really can just do as they please once in office and we, the people, have no say except at the ballot box every few years but that just votes in more of the same unprincipled cunts.

    • That’ll be the same Rob Reiner who lives in a world of fantasy in his gated millionaires residence, sneering at ordinary Americans again?

      Virtue-signalling at it’s most nauseating.

      What’s the matter Bob? Not directed a flick in a while eh? Good publicity to get you back in the directors circle?

      You looking to direct the new Joan of Arc film with Beyonce Knowles as Joan of Arc, Oprah Winfrey as the King of France and some generic white cunt with a cut glass English accent as the baddie John of Lancaster?


  6. Well she could just use the same “Supply and Demand” argument.

    “So Macaroon, you and Frau Merkelcunt like to sell lot and lots of shit like cars right? Do you have a big Demand for such shit? Oh you do, that’s good. And who buys the most? Oh WE do, my word! Yes I think it’s called TRADE DEFICIT YOU CUNT!!! Now play nice or we’ll make buying a new Audi, Peugeot, beemer/merc or Renault so fucking expensive, it’ll be cheaper for Brits to buy a new Space Shuttle – and I’m not talking about the cheap shite Branston-Pickle is knocking up in his garage with James May! Your call!”

    But she won’t, the weak cunt!

      • There’s a vital piece missing in the jigsaw. No-one could be as incompetent as Mrs May…unless it was on purpose. I cannot make her out at all. She’s impenetrable. It’s almost as if she has no independent reality. Is she actually human?

        I’d be more comfortable with a Japanese sex doll running the country.

      • She is some sort of “bot”…

        As in an episode of All Creatures Great & Small, I fear she is a “flop-bot”, like Tricky-Wu the pekingese’s arse…

        Defo NOT a fap-bot, though.

  7. The ‘Me Too’ Circus of Cunts rolls on… Someone called James Franco has been accused by a certain libflake celebrislag and total hypocrite without any police procedure or legal evidence whatsoever… He’s guilty because they say he is? OK… Let’s hang him now, shall we?… Said celebrislag had no problem working with an alleged n@nce, mind you…. Cunt…

    Just how ludicrous id this going to get?! At this rate men will be banned from Hollywood, like a sort of Tinsletown apartheid…. And sales of dildos will skyrocket… Maybe the celebrislags will do a re-make of the old Eurythmics hit, and call it ‘Sisters Are Doin’ It With Themselves’..

    And as for Paris Jackson campaigning for ‘Me Too’? Who the fuck said irony was dead?
    The debate and speculation still rages on about her ‘father’, so she’s hardly in any position to preach about showbiz predators… The daft cunt…

    • Notice how the celebricunt women at the (look at) me too awards in Hollywood last night were all wearing dresses with high necklines… not a hint of cleavage on show anywhere.
      A bit dfferent when they were on the way up and trying to get noticed wasn’t it. Weren’t so demure and modest then were they?
      Hypoctical self – serving, virtue signalling cunts.

      • Me fucking Too, eh?…

        76% of suicides are men.
        85% of homeless are men.
        70% of homicide victims are men.
        40% of domestic abuse victims are men.
        Men are the majority of victims of violent crime.
        Men on average serve 64% longer in prison.
        Men on average are 3.4 times more likely to be imprisoned than women when both committed the same crime.

        Smoke that, Scarjo, you fucking cocksucking cunt!

      • Looks like WWE wrestler Enzo Amore has just copped it too on this whole thing, some women has made an accusation on Twatter.

        Then check out said women’s twitter…..

  8. I hate the term ‘Brexit ‘ and it’s hard and soft derivatives. Peter Wilding , who coined it is a remainer cunt. It’s enabled whining democracy deniers to claim that a ‘ hard brexit ‘ wasn’t voted for, and should be avoided even to the point of abandoning the referendum result. In a way they are right about one thing, people didn’t vote for a hard brexit, they didn’t vote for any brexit, they voted to LEAVE, I voted to LEAVE. This hard brexit shite has given remainers a whole new field to fight on, and they’ll fight all the way,aided and abetted by traitors such as May, Hammond and flaky Johnson, as well as a host of others. All ignoring the 17 million who voted leave. Utter, utter cunts

    • Fear not, soft & hard Brexit are on the wane.

      From arsehole to breakfast time now, it’s Remain Brexit all the way down the line!

    • Brexit means Freedom, as opposed to Remain which means ant life/slavery
      Those are the choices that should have been on the ballot papers.

  9. I thought Mervyn King take on Brexit was probably the best I heard. He said “If we stay in, it won’t be as good as they say. If we vote leave it won’t be as bad as they say”. Top man and a much better governer than the Canadian cunt we’ve been saddled with whose only discernable skill is getting everything wrong.

  10. I’m sorry but I’m fucking sick of all manner of cunts telling me I didn’t know what I was voting for therefore we should try it again, and again, and again until we get it right.

    I know exactly what I voted for, take back control of our borders, take back control of our money, take back control of our laws and take back control of our trade. Staying in the customs union or the single market is fucking irrelevant. What is so difficult to understand there?

    It’s interesting to note who is screaming the loudest for Brexit to be sabotaged, B-liar, Banana Boat Miller, Alastair fucking Campbell, Clegg, and the spectacularly mis-named Lord Adonis. Non of them currently elected, some of them never elected to anything ever. Shut up you cunts! My vote is worth just as much as yours and if you don’t like it we can take it outside when ever you like.

  11. I voted to leave and assume that about 95% of cunters are the same. I’d be interested to hear from any remainers that contribute to this informative Jewel in the crown of sowshul meeja. I must say I have never been more disillusioned with the quality of our political masters. Save for a few of them that do possess that rare quality of honesty the fucking remainder of the pathetic excuses are no more than self serving, duplicitous, greedy cunts that wouldn’t know a days work if it twatted them in the face. The way this shower are trying to negotiate our exit from the Klan would have trouble trying to cut a deal with a fucking widows knitting club. I am getting to the point where I will be ashamed to call myself British. If they fail to remove us from the clutches of the festering pus ridden boil of the Klan we will become the laughing stock of the world overshadowed by one of the most cowardly race of cunts no more than 22 miles across a short stretch of water.
    It’s at that stage that I will wash my hands of everything to do with the political establishment and will look no further than helping anything or anyone other than me and my kin. Fuck to the lot of them.

    • Since you asked Kendo, I VERY reluctantly voted Remain in the referendum precisely because I had zero confidence in our Government or Opposition to make anything other than a pig’s ear out of managing independence. However following the result I got fully behind the will of the people and have thus remained ever since.

      But never in my lowest misgivings did I imagine things would get this bad. We are destined now to end up with the worst of all possible worlds, regardless of who is in power in the foreseeable future. Brexiteers and Remainers will both feel cheated in equal measure, thanks to our useless COTY Prime Minister, her spineless incompetent ministers, and an Opposition that would serve up a Brexit even more damaging to our national interest and people.

      Boris is a cunt.

      Gove is too weird.

      J. R-Mogg…? With 80%+ Remain MPs & 90% Lords out to scupper anything with a whiff of real Brexit, I wouldn’t advise holding your breath.

      NHS reform, housing, Defence, the Economy? Forget it.

      My advice? Get stoned and run around.

  12. If leaving means a 20% hike in EU imports, bring it on. I couldn’t give a fuck. Make it 50%, I still couldn’t give a fuck.

    I hear a lot of businesses worried that leaving means they won’t be able to employ foreign workers. But they will. We decide who can come in and who can’t. Transient pickers are welcome.

    Unfortunately, fast runners from sand pits are also welcome.

  13. No one is saying No Immigration, just controlled. You wouldn’t let any cunt into your house you knew fuck all about. Same with ya fucking country.

    • How come good folk on here can post comments like those above that are just plain common sense but the rest of the country seems to disagree or just doesn’t care? Fucking madness and so sad.

      Thank fuck for ISAC as usual.

      • No point blaming the immigrants. None of this would be an issue if the Government didn’t lay out the welcome mat to every cunt, his wives, and their bearded children.

        May has never delivered on anything substantial and never will. All mouth, no trousers. The Government and Opposition cunts thru and thru.

    • Well you see that was my only concern about Brexit, the rights of the LGBTQ-XYZ-and Old Uncle Tom Cobbly And All fringe groups.

      Oh no, what have I done…

      • I saw that Freddie Flintoff was a believer the other month, he also thought England would win the Ashes…..thick as hotpot.

      • Was it 5,000 or 6,000 years ago that God put the dinosaurs in the ground to test our faith?

        Can’t wait for them to uncover that 4,000 year old Aztec tomb with a Motorola DynaTac 8000X phone in it!

    • What a load of tosh! Who was it who championed and put into law gay marriage? Not the fucking EU, I’ll tell you that for nothing. And Parliament is always bending over backwards to further gay rights. Was it the EU pushing the Government to give trannies the right to falsify their birth certificates? No – it was the Government and the British Parliament unilaterally. And the EU weren’t behind the move to allow gender free passports either. Are the EU insisting boys should be allowed to go to school in skirts? Are they confusing our children with gender identity issues? No, it’s the libtard cunts in this country.

      Brexit has fuck all to do with any of this LGBTQ shit. Would Poland or Hungary subscribe to any of this madness? Of course not. Maybe the LGBTQ community would be happier moving there, after all they’re both EU countries. No? I thought not.

      My piss boileth over!

      • Bending over backwards to appease the trannies and bending over forwards to appease the EU !

    • I love “some still despise us.” What a cunt. If you just got on with arse fucking and cock sucking nobody would give a fuck. People hate you for your continual whining and bitching and constant search for self abasing victimhood.
      I don’t speak for any other cunt but licking the EU bumhole just makes me hate you even more. Cunts!

      • We have a gay couple living next door. Couldn’t hope for better neighbours, decent human beings – if you met them in the street you wouldn’t have a clue as to their sexual preferences.

        Am also sure they would abhor the attention seeking narcissistic cunts quoted in that Guardian piece, just as strongly as any red blooded heterosexual posting on this site.

    • What about the Mohammedan threat to bltpdq…

      Oh, I forgot, what a silly cunt am I. Mohammedans are so peaceful and all-inclusive…

      • They have a different alphabet don’t they? I believe in Arabic it reads:

    • Margaret Trudeau was a fucking cumdumpster,,, Keef was right when he said she was a groupie posing as a Prime Minister’s wife….

  14. Joy, oh joy…

    Another Windsor “tying of the knot” this year…

    None other than Pwincess You-Janey, daughter of the Porks.

    Her daddy was on the box, I should’ve put him in the DP.

    Someone else can have him – I doubt that Fergie does any more, although she has a brain the size of Bishop Rock, and it can’t be ruled out…

    Maybe the nation will be graciously permitted to celebrate with a day of enforced idleness, adultery, dodgy dealing and diddling.

    • Picture if youse will…EUgenie (geddit?) and frequent flyer BEAtrice (remember the airline?)…down the DSS looking for a job suited to their actual talents. Being made to send off two dozen job applications a week (or whatever the figure is now), and at every 50th application to attend interviews* at which potential employers piss themselves laughing at their qualifications and experience. Best of all, to do it on a pittance while living in someone’s garage.

      * Naked

  15. In all this crazy world let us not forget the strange Twilight Zone disappearance of Nigel Farage. Not so long ago he was smirking to camera and proclaiming that he was not going anywhere and would remain in politics to ensure Brexit means Brexit. Well it’s gone dahn the khazi and UKIP are playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun yet still not a tweet or a squeak from the cunt. Will continue as a member of the EU Parliament to draw his massive pay and perks and maximise his enormous pension but lead a new charge against the Remainers as promised? Nah, can’t be arsed.
    Don’t suppose the condition in his T&Cs re withdrawal of pension rights if he is judged to have brought the EU into disrepute (ie calling them cunts and tossers) has anything to do with Farage going stumm at this time orf crisis?

    • Nigel far from gone stumm – broadcasting 5 days a week on LBC radio (freeview channel 732). Been at it for months.

      PS: Henry Notlob is a prat.

    • To be fair, Farage’s aspirations were never matched by ability. Compare and contrast Salmond’s handover to Sturgeon. Feel free to cunt both of them, often and hard, but the process of boosting the SNP into a serious force at Westminster was awesomely successful. Farage had exactly the same opportunity, but failed to realise that party discipline was needed, and that his colleagues needed to be kept in the loop. There were tactics, but little strategy.

      With Bolton the situation persists. He was interviewed on Today this morning. The contrast with Clegg’s easy ride yesterday couldn’t have been starker. The interviewer interrupted him, talked through him and nagged him about his (ex?) girlfriend for half the interview. Even if he had had some pithy soundbites, and he hadn’t, he had no chance to get them in before interview-dolly was at his throat again.

      UKIP MUST learn to handle the press.

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