7 thoughts on “Simon Cowell [4]

  1. Granted cowell is “supercunt” but what about his slapper lapdog sonita! Sad bitch has clung on to the embers of her pish 80’s career by licking her own spit out of his arsehole and accepting a cowell “teabagging” for 20 odd years? What a fucking cunt she really is!!

  2. Is a gay cunt who pays women to beard for him and Max Clifford to lie for him. he has never shagged Sanita (although the sad cunt bitch always wanted him too)or any other women. the cunt doesn’t want his old homophobic mother to know he’s gay, the cowardly old cunt.
    Cowell should understand theirs nothing wrong with being gay, the gay cunt

  3. ‘Simon Cowell X Factor’ is an anagram for ‘Talentless Bastards Bellend’

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