Theresa “Treason” May [30]

I know this is getting repetitive but fuck me Theresa May is really upping her game for Cunt of the century isn`t she?Her latest shitshow has been snuggling up to the EU begging for an extension to Article 50 despite saying on 108 occasions in the commons that we would leave on the 29th March.Now to really top it off she has approved indicative votes in the commons that include a second referendum or revoking article 50 altogether.

I have come to the conclusion that Theresa May is not stupid she is doing a Columbo pretending to be clueless when really being incredibly sharp.She never wanted us to leave in the first place so she sabotaged the negotiations to the point that Olly Robbins overruled Davis and Raab and capitulated this country to the EU.May and Robbins could not get their tongues deeper up Juncker Verhofstadt and Tusk`s saggy arsehole s if they tried.Theresa May is a fucking trainwreck.The damage she has done to the countries reputation is immense and she has alienated Remainers Leavers the DUP and probably near enough all of her supporters.I mean whether you are a traitor who wants to keep us in the EU or not.I cannot fathom why the traitorous remainers or the Brexiteers in her party are still in her cabinet.She is beyond terrible.At this point I would say she is possibly worse than Anna Soubry.Soubry although a monumental cunt at least has the courtesy to let us know what her intentions are however objectionable.The Maybot though pretends to be on the Leavers side when she is euthanising Brexit .It is like Harold Shipman consoling a dead relatives family.She is the cause of Brexiteers anger.Not the sole cause but a big cause.Yet she keeps up this pretence.Who is she fooling at this point?She had no intention of even attempting to honour the referendum result and I think everyone can see that now.

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    A blue rosette Smith Square cunting please for the fucking self destructive Conservative Party. With all the trouble they have at the moment, with the extremes of the brothers-in-pomposity Grieve and Bill Cash, it seems the Tories want to get rid of Mrs May….. to annoiunt Nicky fucking Morgan – another bloody Remainer!:

    Are the fools senile enough to truly believe replacing one old bag with another with similar views will solve anything?.

    At the moment both main parties are unleadable. I would be tempted to give Steptoe his long held wish of a general election if only to flush away the shit that is “The Independent Group” – Chuckaduckie wouldn’t have time to find himself a safer seat or Soubry or Gapes – Gavin Shuker Ltd t/a Gemini 2 t/a “The Independent Group” would be soon wound up – up shit creek without a paddle. Also shit breeches David -anything-you-say-Mandy” Milliband wouldn’t have time to be parachuted into a nice safe seat. It was very good of him to return to this country after 5 years of the high life in America, but he can fuck right off again today,

    As for the Tories they seem to have as much a death wish as Labour, installing leaders who are totally inappropriate – the rot started years ago but was compounded by Cameron – Anthony Blair in even frillier knickers, and the dreadful arsewipe Osborne, who now spends his twilight years writing fiction for the newspaper he flatters himself he edits.

    Get rid of Mrs. May but for Christ’s sake find a leader with the balls to deliver Brexit so we don’t have the farce of EU elections.

  2. War, what is it good for ? Might get rid of these traitorous MP,s & The house of “Lords” !

    May a curse be upon their house….

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