British Democracy R.I.P

Democracy after tonight in the commons has been confirmed dead.Yes it was deceased before but tonight was the official death certificate being signed off and the funeral parlour manhandling the corpse off site.The idea of democracy has now physically left the building.Question as in when anyone dies is how to console oneself.I sat down long and hard earlier over a stiff drink and relived ever regret sadness and disappointment I have experienced in my 24 years and there have been many some extremely traumatic. Yet the depressing distressing memories I relived in full paled into insignificance when I considered what we had just lost.Gloss it over whatever you have witnessed or experienced in your life you would as I have previously fallen back on the fact we are in a democratic nation and not a dictatorship third world shithole.That consolation has been stripped away from me.Two weeks ago when on my work shift someone died in front of me and I had as the person responsible had to sort everything out legally and emotionally with the authorities and family. I thought to myself this was the night you became a man.Forget shagging that slut at lunchtime at her house whilst her father was at work opposite the school gates when I was 16.This was it.Oh but it was not it.The notion that whatever happened I still lived in a free society was irrevocably crushed when on 13th March 2019 our always dubious representatives once and for all confirmed our worst fears:That us voting without a shadow of a doubt meant jack shit.This is certainly the moment my adulthood has arrived.Will I be marching on the streets.You are damned fucking right.My eyes are now well and truly open.

This rant is being cunted tomorrow under the headline democracy R.I.P.I am using administration privileges to use my judgement without repercussions from you plebeians.Feels almost poetic.If you disagree just know I am your might unelected overload demanding your compliance of opinion.Peasants.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

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  1. Yay, so excited. Not only is it red nose day, the formula one seas…źzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Sort of related but sort of not. Apparently the Shah of London has tweeted ‘enough is enough’ in relation to events in NZ and taken the step of stepping up police security around every mosque in London. Hasn’t said or done anything about the stabbings, they are presumably still ‘part and parcel’ etc etc.

    Beeb are spinning this like fuck with interviews at mosques and the word islamaphobia being bandied around with almost sluttish indecency.

    • Enough is enough. Tommy Robinson will have to stand trial for this. Well someone has to take the blame. SLY NEWS have been baying for his blood since this morning .

      • O’Brien was blaming Rod Liddle, Andrew Neil and Jacob Rees-Mogg this morning… 🙄

        And anyone else associated with the extreme right publication The Spectator.

        Still sore about being fired from the BBC James? Ah diddums. 😢

  3. May has been granted permission to seek an extension by our parliament, however, unless that is agreed by all 27 other EU countries then we leave on no deal.

    Apparently Sir Nige has been lobbying Victor Orban of Hungary and Matteo Salvini of Italy – no fans of the EU themselves, and for good reason – to veto the extension request thus forcing a “No Deal” Brexit, i.e., the one we all actually want outside of Cuntminster and the gravy-swilling elites.

    O’course the (un)popular press have been quite moderate in their appraisal of this fact: “Despite the feverish fantasies of tin-foil hat toting conspiracy theorists on social media, Britain will stand alone in Brussels next week with no allies willing to break ranks with the EU’s facade of Brexit unity. So why have a lunatic fringe got it in their heads that they can convince Budapest and Rome to block an extension request…”

    Tinfoil hat-wearing!?!

    Lunatic fringe!?!

    A lovely way to refer to 17.4 million who want NO FUCKING DEAL! isn’t it.

    And this was the Groaniad right? Nope, The Telegraph! Utter, utter cunts!

    Well I for one hope one of the cunts DO veto it. They won’t o’ciurse. Sabre-rattling is one thing but they still know which side their bread is EU buttered.

    Still, one can hope…

    • According to the fucking Oracle Gina (we have to respect the result) Miller the EU have no choice, they have to give us an extension, she was on today spouting some fucking law.

      They will but it will have so many strings the Maybott will get her (sorry the EU) deal in the last week of March.

    • Mrs CnR, daughter and boyfriend, and myself did not vote in first referendum because we didn’t know which lies to believe. Now all four of us want out with no deal. I don’t think the result of a second referendum is a given.

    • Unfortunately it’s in ALL the remaining 27’s interests that the UK gets trapped in May’s EU dictated Deal.

      They’re all desperate for a piece of our £39 billion and want to control our ability to compete with them on the world market.

      And that includes Hungary and Italy.

      The last thing any of them want is for us to leave with No Deal… they know that would fuck them up big time.

      The spineless cunts in Wetminster will eventually cave in and vote the EU’s deal through – That’s what democracy in Britain has bin all about since 1975.

      Is it too late to grow a pair?

    • May might get a 12″ extension…and she’d STILL be shorter than Commander Strap-On of The Met.

      Viva l’Italia !
      Eljen a Magyar!

  4. Sadly we do not have a democracy. We gave that away a long long time ago. We now have elected representatives who are free to decide upon our behalf. They can please themselves because we have elected and empowered them so. In our elected Parliamentary system, the Members we elect are only encumbered by their manifesto promise. That is, they are elected upon a promise to do what they said they would do in order to claim our vote. In other ( non manifesto matters ) they can vote along party, ideological, individual avenues without any specific duty to the electorate. The Members we are currently discussing, are in fact no greater cunts than we have ever had at any time in our history. They have all been cunts in one way or another. We , as the plebs of society count only as a vote opportunity. Once that little matter is over, you can forget the promises made upon your doorstep, and go about your daily task of liking the gutters clean, or dying in the name of your country. As Willie Stroker rightly says. we have “fucking lunatics at the helm”. He is quite right. They are very little other than fucking morons.
    Unless we as a people are prepared to stand firm, protest and enforce a change ( by the appropriate means ) then we too are sincerely fucked, and labelled ( appropriately ) as fucking morons too.

    The words of Ghandi shed light on a Government that is so haughty, so contemptuous that is sows the seeds of its own destruction.

  5. The Parliamentary lights may be on – burning up £billions of taxpayer’s money – but nobody’s home.

    Representative Democracy R.I.P. 2019.

  6. Jezza laid a wreath at the NZ high commission. He has a habit of doing this. Last time it was to commentate dead terrorists.

    I said, this morning, that the hand wringing would start in earnest. Wasn’t wrong, was I ?

  7. He was hanging around the regents park mosque today, chairman Corbyn. He must have literally raced there after breakfast after watching it on the news.

    That’s bleakly hilarious until you consider that the incumbent government are so useless and hellbent on defying the wish of the British people that this c**t is only a couple of random events away from having the keys to the country. Then – we’re all seriously fucked.

  8. Democracy hasn’t been killed it’s been exposed. We only ever got a narrow choice. When did we a political party that addressed the concerns of the masses? When did a political party actually do anything about immigration?

    The nearest we got was UKIP and Cameron sacrificed himself to stop that populist movement.

    He gave us a vote that it’s become very apparent was always intended to end in remain.

    Democracy has always been about persuading the masses to walk down the same street on opposite sides.

    The best description of democracy I ever here is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

    So don’t mourn democracy, instead celebrate that the curtains been pulled back and hope that enough sheep look up from grazing to see the illusion shattered.

    If you still think democracy is a real thing just stop and ask yourself who would of ever consciously voted to create the shithole society we now live in.

  9. Our heartful commiserations, Shaun. I think a bit of us all has died, mate. One small consolation in all this. We now know beyond doubt that the mass of parliamentarians (not all) are absolute thieving, backstabbing, vile, hypocritical, unprincipled, lying, duplicitous, conniving, devious, foul, stinking, weak, traitorous, untrustworthy, snivelling ratbag cunts. May the wrath of Beelzebub be brought down upon their rotting carcasses.

    It is now up to each and every one of us to exact retribution upon them in any way we can, however small that way may be. CUNTS!

    • Do I detect s hint of sarcasm there? If so do you mind explaining directly to me what your issue is instead of taking the snide route?

    • The 2009 expenses scandal left me in no doubt our money grubbing political pygmies are as you describe above Ron.

      Brexit has hammered home the last few nails in the coffin.

      Remember Speaker Michael Martin? Another crooked cunt like Bercunt, working against the public interest, covering up institutional criminal activity in Parliament.

  10. I was watching NZ news this morning, they are stepping up security on all internal flights in NZ. I Wonder why they would do that when our friend Branton Tarrant has already been arrested?

  11. *Brenton Tarrant. I thought the video was very entertaining. Like the video of the Austrian girl being beheaded disgusted me. But hey ho, diversity is our strength. Fucking cunts.

  12. Are you actually only 24 Shaun or am I just being dumb (which admittedly isn’t inconceivable).

  13. Any semblance of democracy and genuinely acting on behalf of the people died with John Smith in 1994.

      • Do I detect a hint of sarcasm there? If so do you mind explaining directly to me what your issue is instead of taking the snide route?

    • In fairness I have never voted Labour in my life – and I have been lumbered with “Labour Forever” constituencies no matter where I’ve lived – but had Smith lived long enough, I would have voted for him over and above backstabbing, Mr Grey, John “Bull” Major any day of the fucking week!

      Instead we got Tony and Gordon show for 14 bastard years!

      We’d have been better off with Toni & fucking Guy!

  14. I saw the video. I couldn’t give a fuck about 49 dead muzzos. I’m more concerned about the thousands of stabby rapey live ones.

    If only Hitler had it in for muzzos instead of Jews. ( apart from Mesut Ozul of course)

      • Excuse me but in the last game, on one occasion, he almost ran as far back as the halfway line.

      • I think this stupid aussie prick worked for the alphabet agencies. Hate to be outed as a conspiracy theorist here but honestly this shooting couldn’t have come at a more convenient time to drum up more hate and stall current issues for elites in power

        This shooting is also nothing to celebrate as in will start off a whole series of retaliation and revenge attacks from the mouse limbs. This shooting is also too stupid to be real radicalized by candace owens? pew die pie? and sypro 3 video game? someone in the elite superpower is having a laugh alright

      • The shamima begum ‘return of the terrorist’ curve ball didn’t distract us enough from Brexit, so the world establishment had to step up their game. Cue the stories that these terror attacks will happen more often if Brexit comes to pass.

        And I agree, this mouse limb slaughterer cannot be real, stating he was encouraged by Trump, Candace Owens and a YouTuber?!

  15. Bristish ? BRISTISH ?!! FFS – I’m a cunt for proof reading but it’s taken me 4 minutes to pick up on that one – I need to slow down on the Friday night alcohol consumption…..

      • Not a big Zep fan, I’m usually of the opinion that they are a bit overrated, overhyped but physical graffiti has some of their best songs no doubt.

        Night flight, Sick again, down by the seaside, In the light, houses of the holy Yep definitely goes good with some brandy or whiskey and a bit of smoke

    • May I please thank our wonderful admin team for making me look a cunt by correcting this topic heading to “British” ?!!

      Fortunately the page code still says “Bristish”, so I now no longer need to question exactly how pissed I was last night…

      Belch… better out than in

  16. I cant be arsed cunting democracy. Its dead – its been dead for some time now. It only existed in our heads. When push came to shove we found there was no democracy at all.
    If you are in for a bit of a read – I have mentioned Common Purpose before on this hallowed site. In all its shrouded well funded (by you and I of course) attempt to cover itself and its tracks by the Chatham House rule this is the best expose I have read in a while – the website isnt too bead either.

  17. I’ll still vote, if only out of protest. My MP voted to extend article 50. I hope to make this fact apparent at the next election.

  18. Call me old fashioned, but I’m with Churchill when it comes to democracy:

    “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

    (Speaking in the House of Common Cunts, November 11, 1947)


    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

    Or June Sarpongo…

  19. Funny I’ve not had a response back from my MP after calling him a traitorous cunt.

    Not that I really give a fuck, as I won’t be voting Tories ever again after this sellout. 17.4 million people should never vote for one of the major parties ever again.

    Oh and I’m stupid as well.

    • Really think voting for anything is more pointless now than ever. But I’ve been having a internal discussion with myself and it’s either voteTory, or get Labour. I’d love to vote UKIP or something similar and probably would if I sensed a large groundswell towards them but unless they are well received by the 17.4 million then Labour will sneak in. I’d also like to put a protest vote of “ALL CUNTS” on my ballot paper but then Labour win.
      So unfortunately I’ve come to the conclusion that my only real option is to vote for the Tories. The main parties are all Shite but unless you want to have Corbyn, Flabbott, Mcdonald, Etc then I see only one safe and sane option.
      And if Theresa the Appeaser actually came out with “I’m cancelling Article 50” I would definitely vote Tory because at least that way Labour can’t come in and try to negotiate a deal that’s even worse than the one May was forced to take. I’m 58 confused and a lot pissed. And very very frustrated.

      • I agree, but the main parties need to be taught a lesson here, we’re fucked either way so it doesn’t matter if we get in either party, they will steal all our control and hand it to the European state – the left will just do it quicker.

      • I agree it may seem futile, but this view of ‘you have no other choice’, is exactly what they want you to have. The next general election is the best time we’re ever going to have of a large number of people deserting the main parties, I actually think Labour has done more damage to themselves than comrade Cuntbyn thinks he has, the likelyhood is that the Tory party will still win, but if another right wing party can nudge labour out of the opposition’s seats it will make things much more interesting going forward.

        It’s all hope unfortunately, but if you give up now they win by default. At least put up a fight to make them work for it.

      • “but if another right wing party can nudge labour out of the opposition’s seats…”

        That wouldn’t happen – another right wing party would split the right wing vote, virtually guaranteeing a Labour majority Government.

        I live in a marginal (Con /Lab) constituency, and there’s no way I could ever justify not voting Tory if it meant ushering in a Corbyn led Government.

      • I’m of the same opinion. A lifetime Tory voter and occasional party member, I really would like to punish them for this shitstorm, but there’s no way I’d do anything to risk Corbyn getting into power.

        I will vote Tory again at the next GE, much as it will stick in my craw. I just hope May will have done the honourable thing and a new leader will have cleared out the stable – Hammond, Clark, Rudd and Gauke, plus all the junior ministers who have been working against the party and electorate. Who knows, they may even deserve my vote in that case.

        Two things I will surely do if they arise, is vote for Farage’s party in the EP elections and spoil my ballot paper if asked to choose between remain and remain in an upcoming referendum.

      • Sorry Harry

        For what they are doing I will NEVER vote Tory again. Can never forgive them for fucking up Brexit and lying to the electorate. Two and a half fucking years of lies, smoke and mirrors.

        Voting for lying shit scum will just encourage them to think it is what we expect and will get more of the same. Need to be voted out.

        They are simply not worthy. Will wipe my shitty arse on my ballot paper. Let them know what I think of them.

        Unless UKIP or a Brexit party are standing. Will make my mind up on who nearer the time.

        Really disappointing UKIP and the Brexit party are not one and the same- splitting the Leave vote. As much as I agree with much of what Tommy Robinson says UKIP in my opinion should have steered well clear of him.

        Fucked off with everything.

      • UKIP should have avoided Tommy, I think we all share a lot of his views and he’s bang on the money a lot of the time. But his face has become the poster boy of racism. UKIP will never cleave enough meaningful votes as anyone on the fence will steer clear due to the close ties with far right Tommy. A shame really but would have been the same if this was 10 years ago and it was Nick Griffin of the then BNP aligning with UKIP. Farage is a pompous prick and I don’t trust him, he puts on a good show but he’s still an MEP. Hates the EU, but happy to sit on the European parliament. So that leaves the Tories, I hope they bin May soon and have a cull of all the traitorous cunts trying to reverse the referendum result. Sadly it will no doubt be business as usual.

        So as RTC said above, you’re right, you can’t have two right wing parties as they’ll just steal each others votes. Luckily Corbyn has fucked the Labour party so even though the Tories look like a shit show, they should still beat the communist party.

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