Barack Hussein Obama [20]

Barack Obama (not a climate scientist, carry on – NA) and the media bullshit that surrounds him are cunts. He’s flown over by private jet to save the world at Cop26 and, according to the sycophants at the BBC, was met by a cheering crowd. Why the people of Glasgow would cheer Obumma in particular is anyone’s guess. Anyway, Obumma has given a speech which hinges on the spurious allegation that the Trump administration is responsible for America’s delay in saving the planet and the usual shit about the little people making sacrifices to save mythical polar bears, whilst over promoted losers like himself carry on regardless.

Fuck off you cunt! You were a useless president who the leftie wokies thought was going to redefine the cosmos because of the colour of your skin, and you proved them to be utterly wrong.
Get back on your plane and fly back to that thing you call a wife.

Nominated by: Field Marshal Cuntgomery

Barack Obama [15]

Just got some from my revolting armpit of an office and what do I see on the news websites? Deep joy – Trump has taken a massive shit all over the absurd rule which sought to give young ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS the right to stay in the US and a path to citizenship which they don’t deserve and should not have. YES!

And guess who has crawled out from under his rock to flap his lips about something which no longer has anything to do with him? That’s right – that massive, ocean going, industrial strength cunt Hussein Obama.

Two things:
1. Round up all the illegal cunts and invite them to leave peacefully and of their own accord within 24 hours. If they don’t send them back home in a body bag.
2. Someone please tell that cunt Obummer to shut the fuck up. You had your turn you utter turd, now fuck off out of it. Cunt!

Nominated by Imitation Yank

Cunt of the Year [2] The results!

After much debate I am pleased to announce or is a cunt cunt of the year 2016.Judging by the comments I reckon it is Tim Farron.However Blair and Gina Miller were very close seconds.

So let us have a summary to this momentous year that was in which cuntitude become a competitive sport indeed:

The year began with a flurry of celebrity deaths which by February had reached full virtue signalling griefjacking proprtions.We then of course had the cunt fest that was the EU referendum campaign were the Remain and Leave campaign both were labelled cunts by milions across the land.The really substantial cuntitude came in the form of the reaction post referendum from those loyal servants of the people who showed what democracy hating cunts they really are.We had Farron Miller David Lammy Tony Bliar Ken Clarke Michael Heseltine Anna Soubry the late Tam Dalyell Paul Flynn and that fucking useless non-entity Owen Smith telling 52% of the population they were dumb ignorant racists who would have made Hitler proud.

Of course not to be outdone by us English the Jocks had to send in an army full of whinging cunts to claim us English were stupid and racist.From Wee Jimmy Crankie to Alex Salmond or Taggart as I call him to Angus Robertson Pete Wishart and dozens of other of the Scottish cunts went into full whinging mode all in the midst of a pointless second referendum calls in both the UK and US.

And not to outdone by us Brits the Americans had their own election which comprised of more cunts than a pornhub gang bang.And then when Trump was elected after crooked Hillary failed to endear his sociopathic personality and shaky health to the nation the liberal Hollywood retards showed their true colours.From de Niro threatening to punch Trump in the face Cher`s whinging and Rosie O`Donnell and the views incessant whinging the yanks Trumped the Brits on hissy fits.That isn`t to say we didn`t have our fair share of whinging cunts.From Damon Allman to Lily Allen and Charlotte Church Bono Eddie Izzard Bob Geldof James Corden and Saint Gary fucking Linekar and J.K Rowling to Richard “I don`t believe it”Wilson it seemed everyone in celeb land was suddenly a professor in Politics.

I would also like to give a shoutout to Dioclese who stepped down from admin duties at the very end of last year.He has served this site with disnction is indeed not a cunt as far as I can see.Without Dioclese many Cunts would have gone un cunted over the years and what a terrible loss that would be.

Anyway this was a hard contest with so many worthy recipients of this award.I miss last year when It was Corbyn Abbott and Blair fighting it out.I will leave with some of Farron`s nomination reasons for this prestigious award.I duly invite Mr Farron to do the SLS shit bucket challenge in a ceremony where he is crowned king cunt from all of us here at is a cunt.But of course after he arrives and does his challenge we will have to make the members vote again to make sure they really knew what they where voting for.

“Blair is for me, cunt of the century. Little Timmy bulbhead Farron is still my pick. He is the yardstick with which future cunts will be measured by. Such as, ten Linekers equal a Farron, there are four Farrons to an Abbot, and there are at least fifty Abbots to a Blair. You can get change for a Kinnock, two Izzards and a Lilymong, from a Hilary. Also, there are five Nadyas to the Sue Perkins. I did start wondering what a Corden was worth, then I realised it was fuck all, like a fake pound coin……”

“Tim Farron, and his stupid little face on his empty bulbous head.”

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

“My first thought was Cameron or Osborne for Project Fear. Then Sturgeon for her ridiculous Brexit posturing. Then there’s Corbyn for getting a vote of no confidence, standing for re-election and being elected by different people, then expecting the PLP to do what he tells them. Ffs!

But the crown has to go to Farron who believes that there’s a vote winning strategy in defying the will of the electorate that should finish off the Lib Dems forever!”

Nominated by Dioclese

“Hang on for a nano second.. FARRON. I mean, what is the fucking point!”

Nominated by kendo Nag

“2016 Cunts of the year…
Political cunt…. farron”

Nominated by Quislings

“Farron has to take the crown of cuntitude for now.”

Nominated by Deploy The Sausage.

Barack Obama [2]


Barack Obama. I’m sure he’s been cunted before, but like his chief fellatalist, Cameron, he can’t be cunted enough. This time, it’s for sticking his nose into British affairs, and telling us to vote to keep being ass-fucked by those unelected fuckwits in Brussels. I’ve never liked Obama. I’ve never bought into the Messianic bullshit that has surrounded him for the past ten or so years.

Obama has always been a visibly arrogant and condescending prick. You can see the contempt in his eyes when he’s dealing with anyone who’s not a black American. Although he was correct, back in 2010, when he had the nerve to call Cameron a lightweight. This wouldn’t have been so bad were it not for the fact that Obama is, himself, a political lightweight. His tenure as POTUS has been weak, especially where foreign policy is concerned.

What I really despise about Obama though, is that he hates the British people, yet he hasn’t had the guts to admit it publicly. He’s shown it in snide, sly little ways, like returning a bust of Winston Churchill and referring to the French as America’s greatest ally. He should simply have admitted it at the start of his presidency and got it into the open.

So from today, until Sunday, the traitors in the Remain camp will be wanking each other off at what they think is a coup. Obama, the ‘leader of the free world’ is in town to tell the British people that we must vote to stay in a corrupt, undemocratic, Britain hating organisation. There’s just one problem that they’ve overlooked. The British people have a history of disobedience when someone presumes to give us orders. We don’t like being told what to do, especially by foreigners. That’s a big part of the reason we’re having a referendum.

This is going to backfire on the remainians. And on Sunday, Obama will fly out of the UK with the words ‘FUCK OFF’ ringing in his ears.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Barack Obama [13]


Apparently America’s most useless president in history is to stop off in the UK to tell everyone to vote to stay in the EU.

Apart from having no business in doing so, what the fuck does this fucking Yank cunt know about Europe? Answer, fuck all.

How would he think his people would react to that cunt Cameron going over there and telling everyone how to vote ? Not very well I suspect.

So fuck right off Obummer, we don’t want you here.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye