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Barack Obama. I’m sure he’s been cunted before, but like his chief fellatalist, Cameron, he can’t be cunted enough. This time, it’s for sticking his nose into British affairs, and telling us to vote to keep being ass-fucked by those unelected fuckwits in Brussels. I’ve never liked Obama. I’ve never bought into the Messianic bullshit that has surrounded him for the past ten or so years.

Obama has always been a visibly arrogant and condescending prick. You can see the contempt in his eyes when he’s dealing with anyone who’s not a black American. Although he was correct, back in 2010, when he had the nerve to call Cameron a lightweight. This wouldn’t have been so bad were it not for the fact that Obama is, himself, a political lightweight. His tenure as POTUS has been weak, especially where foreign policy is concerned.

What I really despise about Obama though, is that he hates the British people, yet he hasn’t had the guts to admit it publicly. He’s shown it in snide, sly little ways, like returning a bust of Winston Churchill and referring to the French as America’s greatest ally. He should simply have admitted it at the start of his presidency and got it into the open.

So from today, until Sunday, the traitors in the Remain camp will be wanking each other off at what they think is a coup. Obama, the ‘leader of the free world’ is in town to tell the British people that we must vote to stay in a corrupt, undemocratic, Britain hating organisation. There’s just one problem that they’ve overlooked. The British people have a history of disobedience when someone presumes to give us orders. We don’t like being told what to do, especially by foreigners. That’s a big part of the reason we’re having a referendum.

This is going to backfire on the remainians. And on Sunday, Obama will fly out of the UK with the words ‘FUCK OFF’ ringing in his ears.

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  1. what is a bit scary is that the odds for brexit pushed out from 7/4 to 12/5 over the last week (presumably as a result of a plethora of cunts, led by obummer, saying we should stay in EU), altho’ this may the bookies doing cameron’s and merkel’s bidding
    still, when/if obama goes back there’ll be one less cunt in the UK

  2. Apparently leaving the EU will, and I quote Mistah Pwesident directly “put Britain at the back of the queue for any future trade deals” with the Good old US of A. Now I could be wrong but that sounds rather like a threat. The kind you get from a playground bully. And I thought George W Bush was a cunt….

    • Harold Wilson had it right when he told Johnson and then Nixon to fuck off, as he refused to get Britain involved in the Vietnam War… Of course the Etonian Pigfucker won’t do it, but he should say to Barack Obastard, ‘Fuck you! We’re British! Stick your deals up your Muslim arse!’

      Some hope though… As my old granddad said about modern Britain, ‘Fucking hell… Were the Sixties for this?!”

      Oh, and the conspiracy of silence around the gang rape in Kent is more than disturbing…. Very close to Calais, isn’t it? Don’t the media want us to know in case there is more ‘Islamaphobia’? Democracy my arse…

      • If you want to know the price of freedom just ask Uncle Sam and he’ll send you the receipt. Didn’t we only finish paying off his bill for WW2 in 2006?

      • “Didn’t we only finish paying off his bill for WW2 in 2006?” Hahaha that bill will never be payed WW II & holocaust guilt will be a eternal guilt trip for an eternity.
        Also just so everybody knows UK is never ever ever, ever leaving EU we’re too cucked lol just like that taylor swift song.

      • Sounds right we owe them fuck all from WW2 debt paid. So shut up and fuck off you annoying cunt.

      • Uncle Sam? Cunt!
        One of their principle war aims was to ruin the British Empire, bankrupt us and take our trade. I`m really not sure what is so special about that relationship. A friend they are not nor ever have been. self interest all the way and as far as I`m concerned you can`t cunt the cunts enough!

    • And naturally with TTIP dragging on and on we’re better off being at the back of the queue and in the EU than being at the back of the queue and out of it?

  3. So if we vote Leave, we’ll be “put at the back of the queue” for trade deals? That sounds suspicously like a threat to me – because America knows that TTIP will be a lot less valuable to them if the UK leaves the EU.

    Here’s what happened when Canada signed a TTIP-like trade deal with the USA:

    Obama is just another disingenuous politician (aka lying cunt) with a vested interest.

    • Plus he’s Pro Islam and a marxist which should worry everybody but somehow people are a bunch of unfazed cunts. He’s also a celebrity of a cunt appearing on more talk shows then any celebrity I can think of.

    • Its not like we already have a trade deal with the Yanks by virtue of the EU. We havent. What fucking difference will it make then you stupid yank cunt ? Fuck you OBama and fuck you Cameron.

  4. First he talks about the special relationship Britain has with America, then he implies that if we don’t do what we’re told, it doesn’t fucking exist. Spoken like a true friend and ally. Get back across the pond you wanker. Friends like you we don’t need.

  5. No trade with America? Did they ever buy anything substantial from us? Do they even make anything worth buying anyway? Certainly not their cars, tacky flimsy heaps of crap and Harleys are mostly made in China now. No wonder the chrome washes off in the rain…

    • I think we gave them every fucking invention we came up with during the war but there again we gave Rolls Royce jet engines to the fucking Russians. I am of the opinion that we will soon be well and truely fucked if this sort of shit carries on for another 40 odd years. Ocunty should fuck off and enjoys his last few months as an islamic arse rag.

  6. Obama is a wanker, he’s threatening the UK when he wouldn’t even be president by the time we leave the EU (if Brexit wins) and yet when it comes to radical Islam, he won’t even name the problem, what a complete cowardly cunt!

  7. The obamas are a very strange couple indeed,there are some odd clips of them on youtube. it would appear Michelle obama has got a bigger knob than the flaxen saxon
    And I’d have a tenner on the fact mr saxon is hung like a donkey.if you all want to smile today may I point you towards the great work of pastor manning, if you think we hate this long legged mac daddy obama, you should listen to dear old paster manning .

  8. Go fuck yourself Barry, stuff it right up your balloon knot. Lame duck president since day one, insincere and smarmy. Only there because of collective guilt for a certain trade from way back when.

    • All the polls have ignored the British public’s voting patterns of the last 24 months The 2014 European Parliament elections saw 11.1 million UK voters support pro-EU parties—and only 4.9 million support anti-EU parties, 2015 polls were even worse. I smell voter fraud
      Here fellow cunters if you don’t believe me

  9. Commander in Chief my arse.
    The cunt cries.
    Welling up for the cameras when remembering the Sandy Hook victims.

    Fuckin’ pussy or fuckin’ actor?

  10. The thing about O’Barmy’s threat, is that it’s meaningless. Last year there was $58 billion of trade between the UK and US. The UK is the biggest investor in US companies, and vice versa. One million US citizens are employed by companies that have a large number of British stakeholders, and vice versa. And of course, the reason we don’t currently have a trade deal with the US, is because THE FUCKING EU WON’T LET US HAVE ONE!

    • Spot on. Problem is TTIP serves as a one way street, The sepo’s get their hands on cheaper German motors and household goods (good for Germany, who is really the EU driving force) instead of paying through the nose for their own shite, and Nabisco get to dump lots of dog shit food products based on High Fructose Corn Syrup on the UK/EU market (bypassing current EU legislation preventing its sale in large quantities), and those uber Cunts at Monsanto get a foot in the door with all the Genetically Modified crop shit they peddle.

      Not too much of problem in Western Europe, but in the quest for growth the eastern european states will wet their pants for it, which will fuck us all in the end.

      Why else would they negotiate this shit behind closed doors, without the taxpayers and voters even having a say?

      I think Barack Osama is lining himself up for some sort of US envoy to the EU type role, you can just smell that bullshit simmering below the surface….

    • The idea is to put it into our minds that “no trade deal” means no trade. If you listen to the cheerleaders for remain, you’d believe that trade was something that happens between governments after negotiations going on for years, rather than businesses and individuals making agreements on a daily basis.

      And something else – is there an instance on record of Obama using the word “queue” before, rather than the Americanism “line”? Do you think he thought we ignorant cunts wouldn’t understand “line”, or do you think he had a bit of help with his script from some English cunt?

  11. The BBC are cunts again…
    A while ago, someone asked me who I thought Doctor Who’s new sidekick would be….
    My reply was someone who is either a female, black, or an irritating cunt…

    Turns out I was right on all three counts… Ticks all the BBC PC boxes and irritates the fuck out of you… I wanted the Dalek in the trailer to kill her there and then… ‘Why do they shout ‘Exterminate!?” Why do you think, you daft fucking bitch?

  12. It was a sad, sad day when this cunt got elected. It proved once and for all the old American adage that “anyone can become President”. It also proved enough voting Americans are as thick as pig shit.

    Like it or not, being President of the United States of America effectively makes you captain of the planet. Yanks like to dress it up further (typical) by calling the office the “leader of the free world”. Either way, it IS a very important office. So you would think that in order to be qualified for such an honour you’d need to be VERY experienced in life, politics, economics, foreign affairs (not the Bill Clinton kind), domestic polity, you name it. Not this clown. He’d been a Senator for about 10 minutes with a piss poor voting record and somehow in his mind, he figured he was qualified to run for the Presidency. WTF?!!? That’s like me showing up at my local hospital and announcing at the front desk that I’d like to be a brain surgeon. The Chief Surgeon shows up and asks me if I have a medical degree, any residency experience or surgical skills. “No”, I say, “but I went to the doctor’s once and visited my gran in hospital a few times when she was poorly”. “No probs”, says the Chief Surgeon, “scrub up and meet me in theatre”. IT’S THE SAME LEVEL OF INSANITY.

    So what did we get with this utter cunt? Promises of hope and change, promises to change the special interest groups’ stranglehold on Washington, the most transparent administration America has ever known and a promise to ‘reach across the aisle’ and bring unity to American society. Some pretty major promises I’m sure you’d agree and what has he delivered? FUCK ALL. His ‘signature’ legislation – The Affordable Health Care Act – or Obamacare is far from affordable and has seen premium rate increases of 30%, 40%, 50% and some even higher than 60%. He promised if you liked your doctor you could keep seeing that doctor. BULLSHIT! He promised if you liked your health plan you could keep your health plan. BULLSHIT! United Healthcare are pulling out of Obamacare in several states now because they can’t afford to offer plans that qualify under the new legislation. Best of all, this legislation was bulldozed through Congress when Nancy Pelosi (fucking arch deacon wicked witch of the west and former Majority Leader of the House of Representatives) said – and I quote – “We need to pass this bill to find out what’s in the bill”. I kid you not, she actually said that. I’m sorry, did I just have a stroke and wake up in Nazi Germany? This is supposed to be a democratic nation, not one where you make up a set of rules of your own choosing, force it into law THEN reveal what the new rules are!

    Special interest groups control Washington more now than they ever did, so Obama LIED. His administration is the most opaque in US history, so Obama LIED. US society is more fractured and divided because of his race baiting and class warfare, so he LIED about that too. He is a socialist and Marxist uber cunt and the fact he got 2 terms just beggars belief. I admit the alternative candidates weren’t exactly Superman, but FFS – electing this clown? Are you shitting me?

    He also has absolutely no class either. On a previous trip to the UK, this cunt not only touched the Queen (NOBODY gets to touch the Queen!) he also gave her a video iPod FFS. What is an old lady going to do with that kind of gadget? It’s beyond inappropriate as a State gift. When Gordon Brown was PM, Obama gave him a set of Western DVDs as a State gift. I’m NOT making this up! He’s a clueless, classless, hypocritical, incompetent, racist, socialist cunt. Anyone who voted for him is a cunt. Anyone who supports his political party (the Demoncrats – the spelling is deliberate) is a cunt and anyone who thinks he’s none of the things I’ve accused him of being, is an ignorant and deluded cunt.

    I really – and I mean really – hate what this cunt has done to America. It might never recover and that’s a major problem for the rest of the world. I’ll explain in another post if I manage to get my blood pressure down sufficiently.

    • I can just about understand how he was voted in the first time, dumb cunts voting for an idea rather than a solid economic and unifying agenda, but the second term, after he had shown himself as a useless cunt is beyond me.

      • Gutstick: The first time around it was spin, marketing and a free pass from the mainstream media. Unless you live in the US, it’s hard to imagine that its claims of ‘freedom of speech’, a ‘free press’ and ‘vetting of those running for public office’ don’t actually hold any water. The mainstream media here has a demoncrat/left-wing bias that you wouldn’t believe. So much so, that literally anything a ring-wing/Republican does or says is a crime against humanity, but anything a left-wing/Demoncrat does or says is a joyous gift to mankind which should be celebrated by all. It’s pathetic.

        Obama’s run against John McCain in 2008 was a lock from the start. Having had 4 years to fuck it up – a time during which the Demoncrats controlled the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives, i.e. ALL branches of government, you’d think the Republican running against him in 2012 would have a walk in the park. That’s exactly what happened. Mitt Romney never showed up. He had all the ammunition he needed to bring down the cunt Obama but he bottled it. In part because the establishment had created an atmosphere where it was considered ‘good’ and the ‘right thing to do’ to give the first black/minority President a fair go AND criticising the cunt for anything was automatically considered racist. Debate got so stifled that opposition to Obama practically dried up because the Republicans were afraid of the backlash to kicking out America’s first black President. The cunt won a second election not because his base of support increased or held firm (it decreased), but because way FEWER people voted for Romney than had voted for McCain in the previous election.

        America is a very corrupt, insidious and divided country and Obama has made is so much worse than it was before he took office. He is an utter bastard and a cunt for what he’s done. He will go down in the history books as America’s worst ever president.

      • It’s not that different here, you are worse than a nazi if you dare to think outside of the left wing press, which includes the BBC, effectively shutting down any real debate. The decline of western civilisation, and let’s face it, there are no alternatives, will be because the cunts who run it loathe it.

    • Very much enjoyed reading your very fine bio of ocunta he is a I surmised
      A waste of space, liar, cunt of the highest order and arsewipe.
      Sir I salute you please write some more to cheer this knackered old bastard.

  13. If O’Bummer thinks the frogs are so bloody wonderful, why doesn’t he just fuck off and die there, the stupid cunt?!

  14. Another rapid-fire cunting for the BBC…
    This time it’s their news website… All we see on there these days are stories about poofters, lezzers, trannies, various other freaks, and the usual ‘migrants are great and so is the EU’ bullshit…

    Prince’s demise was the headline story on Friday, that’s to be expected…. But yesterday (Saturday) the BBC news website’s top ‘headline’ was about how some fat Asian lezzer ‘outed’ herself to Barack Obastard before she told her own parents… First of all, why is this ‘news?’ and second, who gives a fuck?! It appears that the BBC news people think that the public want to read about this crap and tell us stories about bearded ladies and men/cunts who have ‘periods…’ Well, I am sick of it… Even the sports news is full of that wimmins football shite… There is only the weather that they still do half decent now…

    Today’s headlines? The cuntfest that is the London Marathon… Oh, and the fat Asian lezzer who outed herself to Barack Obastard…. It’s time Auntie Beeb dropped dead…

    • The BBC are a bunch of cunts, socialist luvvie poisoning spunk buckets. I listen to the today programme on the way to work, just to get my blood pressure up. Chris Evans is on radio 2 at that time, so it’s the lesser of two evils. And that is saying something!

      • And of course the BBC have failed to do any worthwhile reporting on the gang rape that was so dangerously near to the town that has the tunnel that goes to Calais… Wonder why?…..

      • Because if the BBC don’t report it, then it didn’t happen. As is the case with most of the news that doesn’t fit its agenda.

  15. Obastard is now trying to scare people by saying it will take ten years to do a US-UK trade deal if we tell the EU to fuck off…

    Funny he should say that… It didn’t take ten years for good ol’ Uncle Sam to do a deal with Iran to give them arms for hostages, did it? There was also no decade long wait after the war, when the US let Nazi scientists work at NASA…. Not forgetting how the Yanks funded those IRA vermn and how they also threw cash and arms at their future foes, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden…. And let’s not even start about Obastard and his deals with the Chinese…

    What a lying, hypocritical, total cunt this man is….

    • I used to think that Richard Nixon was America’s Tony Blair, but now I’m not so sure…

  16. Really I never thought it but Obama is a real cunt. I wish I lived in the USA, because I would be voting Trump all the way. The feeble, backbone lacking, cock sucking leadership of Barack, has screwed the states. And he’s taken time out from being the outgoing President to swinging on one foot, singing like Poppins, ‘vote Hilliary’. The man has no class whatsoever: he shouldn’t be a groupie for either side, let alone bitching the one down in the premise that people listen to him. Here’s what Barack – you’re on your way out, you’ve achieved fuck all because you’ve got no bollocks, so stop plugging another wanker. I do have to admit however, her balls are bigger than yours. You’ve shown yourself up. A weak leader steering us into a war with Russia, because you’re the BIG I AM and can’t apply diplomacy, or indeed as the election has shown, impartiality which by-the-way, is a mark of a real (educated) leader. Clinton will walk us into WW3, because unlike Trump, she hasn’t got a fucking clue. Hope you get scurvy and the medical Care covers it you two faced scroat

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