Wedding anniversaries


Wedding anniversaries can be a right cunt – especially if you’re a bloke and can never remember when the fuck it is!

Thankfully today is St George’s Day which according to the better half means it should be easier for me to remember when it is. Well, it bloody well doesn’t because who the fuck remembers when St George’s Day is? Apparently I should – because it’s my wedding anniversary. Typical circular female logic!

And every year it’s harder to find a decent card or book a decent restaurant. Yes, anniversaries are a right cunt.

29 years. If I’d killed someone, I have been out years ago – and if you’re reading this , darling, I’m only joking…

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8 thoughts on “Wedding anniversaries

  1. With you on that one.

    I got arty-farty-crafty for the last one and modified a nondescript card with a 41/2 lt Bentley front and centre into an anniversary card. I could see she was seething, but what could she say? nothing: “Oo you’ve remembered and gone to so much trouble.” Just waiting for the pay back now; at least I got to keep the picture.

  2. I have circumvented the whole wedding anniversary problem by simply not getting married!

    I also gloss over christmas and easter too, not believing in all that religious mumbo jumbo, the kids have not been christened so I tell them why celebrate a christian festival when you ain’t christians. May as well celebrate the Papua New Guinean mud god Pikkiwoki, just as meaningless in my eyes.

    More likely it is because I am a tight fisted miserable old cunt and the only thing I love is hating.

  3. Elton John/David Furnish, what a celebrity couple – we wonder when their wedding anniversary is? Lots orf speculation on the old internet. This kind orf thing ” The fact that David Furnish cheated on Elton John isn’t really worth going to prison over. The fact that he had a threesome also doesn’t increase the story’s value”.
    Cavorting in olive oil? Must be wonderful for keeping the body moisturised.

    • bugger found that one out saturday, but couldnt say anything till I had internet access!

  4. Weddings are shit,I have to go to my mates wedding in July and im dreading it,Im shocked hes getting married tbh,she must have great tits and good cock sucking lips

  5. Punching well above my weight, I decided she was a keeper and got down on one knee at a massive fireworks display in Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D Day. Got married the same week 2 years later. Now, the theme tune for The Longest Day is good reminder for the old wedding anniversary. So, when planning a wedding, pick a date which will end up on the telly every so often. 9/11 might be pushing it though…..

    • I did suggest to the good lady that if we were to get married then my birthday would be ideal as i would remember the anniversary, however, it soon dawned on me the enormity of the situation that henceforth and forever not being able to go on the piss with my chums on my birthday.

      The idea was quickly shelved.

  6. I managed to circumvent this whole thing by leaving my wife! when my girlfriend gets stary eyed and says you know what date it is? I just say x many years since I left my wife.
    she dosent ask anymore.

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