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Why is it that Posh people look different?

Can you imagine David Cameron talking in an east end accent?

A lot of Posh people have that rosy cheeked look about them and also have uncommon surnames like Cumberbatch.

Fucking Posh cunts.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

18 thoughts on “Poshness

  1. Young drivers are cunts!
    A couple of weeks back I was in the morning commute. I could see the dopey young arsehole behind me getting too close which was fucking annoying. It was like towing a trailer with a disabled chimp on it. Then we came to the congestion and it was stop start for a bit. As soon as we slowed down, I could see him in my mirror looking down at his phone. Cunt I thought, he had better look forward because it’s Monday morning and I am not in the mood for a bump. Obviously he gets so engrossed in twatbook or whatever that he crashes right into the back of my cunting car. I get out and give this poor young tit such grief I thought he was going to piss himself and cry. And I’m now late for work too, the cunt. Cozzers turn up, don’t give a fuck even when I tell them the pillock was on the phone. Cunts. So after three weeks of fannying around I get my car back. Did I say cunts?
    Anyway, tonight I’m in a good mood, it’s Friday, no work til Monday, is a cunt is back online and everything is going well. Until I get a text from my wife. “Been in an accident, I’m ok but the car is fucked.” I then have to traipse down the bastard M4 to pick my wife up and see our beloved car which some young guy had rear ended. As soon as traffic slows down, wankers think they can use the time to check their phones. And the law don’t give a monkeys!

    • Would you have preferred the call to go “The car is ok but I’m fucked”?
      Yes, you probably would.

      • The driving test gets more difficult and complex, yet the standard of drivers gets worse. Too much Law and not enough Order, same old, same old shit.

    • It’s about time car manufacturers started installing tech that would render a phone unable to receive calls and texts. I’m sure it must exist, my car has WiFi. I haven’t used it yet. I don’t really see the point in being able to buy something from Amazon while I’m southbound on the M5 on my way to Cornwall.

      • Walked down the local shops late this afternoon and nearly got wiped out by some dippy student mare riding her fucking pushbike over the pedestrian crossing whilst talking on her fucking phone. Perils of being within pissing distance of a university, where all the supposedly “clever” people are…

      • Who told you that uni’s are populated by clever people? They lied. Uni’s are populated by SMUG people, who THINK they more intelligent than everyone else. In fact, most of them are there because they’re too lazy to get a job.

      • Like all those Student and Hipster Middle class cunty kids fawning over Obama. Fucking mongs…

      • QDM: I feel the same and I’m sure the technology must exist. The catch is employing a system smart enough such that it would not affect a passenger’s ‘phone or even the driver’s ‘phone if someone else was in the car. Tricky. Guess we’ll just have to rely on personal responsibility and we all know how effective that is.

  2. What is that looks different aboit me? Apart from a certain quality, a noblesse oblige perhaps that is sadly lacking in the lower orders. Innit.

    • Incidentally those pictured above are not posh. They are just cunts. There is a difference. It is called breeding.

      • In their case very possibly. In my case it is the fruits orf liaisons past. The Stoke Stain. Generations orf syphilis kept within the family through the practice orf inbreeding. Noblesse oblige dear boy (look it up).

  3. Plod is too busy bothering people about to self-deliver (easy target, bed-ridden, not likely to fight back), whereas some bell-end with “attitude” about its entitlement to use mobile/twatter/fackake on the road is likely to cause Plod unwanted bovver…

    As for Pigfucker talking East-End, well… sadly, I can imagine him trying to do Mockney or Estuary to try and get closer to his “people”… Awesome, like, know what I mean, Davey boy, me ole mate??!

    Fucking CUNT.

  4. Yar yar yar, no yar, no, yar, no no yar. That’s gid man, that’s like… literally really really gid?!


  5. The late night press reviewers on Sky are mostly a load of lefty ‘Dames’ with attitudes
    or foreign cunts spouting about things they know fuck all about.
    Sky seems to favour these cunts, but I think it would be OK if some of these Labour
    ‘Dames’….Tessa Jowell & Jacquie Smith,as being extremely tolerant of ethnics, should set an example, by always appearing in public wearing burkhas.
    The uglier these Brit Collaborators are for Example Dame Cathy Ashton, ex high collaborator of the EU,the more we viewers will applaud their bravery in showing themselves…..hence the need for burkhas.

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