Barack Obama [13]


Apparently America’s most useless president in history is to stop off in the UK to tell everyone to vote to stay in the EU.

Apart from having no business in doing so, what the fuck does this fucking Yank cunt know about Europe? Answer, fuck all.

How would he think his people would react to that cunt Cameron going over there and telling everyone how to vote ? Not very well I suspect.

So fuck right off Obummer, we don’t want you here.

Nominated by: Captain Cunteye

31 thoughts on “Barack Obama [13]

  1. The twisted cunt is caught in a fashionable bi-polar dilemma. Pulled apart because he is simultaneously not white enough and not black enough. Take a hard objective look at the true history orf slavery in America you Kenyian cunt.
    Now taken to rubbishing his allies orn TV and blaming them for the disaster in Syria. Anyone who criticises Cameron and Sarkozy always has a strong point but nothing happens in that particular theatre without the blessing and connivance orf the yanks. Obama is a dead man walking which is why Putin is crapping all over him and his allies above.

  2. Obama is only sticking his oar into the EU debate because TTIP will be nowhere near as valuable to the Yanks if the UK is no longer part of the EU.

  3. The only reason this Britain hating twat is sticking his nose in now, is because that Britain twat, Cameron has asked him to. And that little weasel, Hammond dares to have a go at Boris for telling the truth, that it’s none of Obama’s fucking business. Actually, I was quite surprised Hammond managed to talk at all, considering he clearly has a mouth full of Cameron and Obama’s cocks.

    There are few people in the US, apart from left wingers of course, who think that Obarmy has done anything of consequence during his eight years in office. And I know that, because my dad’s half of the family are from Texas. Obama is in his last few months in office, so he is officially in ‘Couldn’t Give A Fuck’ mode. His little outburst against the UK and the Frogs, showed his rampant dislike of the British. And the Frogs. It’s understandable really, when you consider that his paternal grandfather was a Mau Mau terrorist.

    Bollock Obarmy, keep your fucking wog nose out of OUR business.

    • I went to Normandy for the 60th anniversary of D Day. All the world leaders were there, including the two top cunts that kicked the ants nest that is the middle east, Tony cunt Blair and crazy eyed George fuckwit W Bush. They were having a ceremony at the US cemetery at Omaha beach. For this they closed the local roads for an hour or two, then it was back to normal. When the 65th anniversary came around old Barry no hope Obama was there. The cunt was only there for the same amount of time, but they shut the roads for 8 hours! Same for the 70th. What a fucking cunt, don’t come here with your shite cos this cunt aint listening!

    • We have enough traitors and cunts as it is. I and many other people I know do not want mr ocunty sticking his nose in our business. We payed off the fucking war loans a few years ago. Obamma we say to you in a voice loud and clear we do not give an act of aerial copulation for your views or your visit so fuck off.

    • why dusn’t hammond get cunted more?
      he’s a cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt
      and then some

  4. The new Top Gear deserves a cunting. Those far left cunts at the BBC, and their associates have had to grovel today, after performing donuts and other stunts at the Cenotaph. Every British adult in the country knows what the Cenotaph is, and what happens there every remembrance Sunday. So I find it puzzling, especially after what happened with that little shit swinging on a flag a couple of years ago, that anyone would think it appropriate to film some cunt fucking about in a high powered car.

    This just proves, as if any proof were needed, how little respect the traitorous lefties at the BBC, and those who make TV shows for them, have for this country, and for those who died to give them the freedom to be the cocksuckers they so obviously are. I was willing to give Top Gear a chance, even with the ugly, arrogant carrot top, Evans hosting it. Now they can fuck off. And I’m not alone. A lot of former service personnel used to watch that show, they won’t be now, nor will a lot of other people.

    The fact is, Top Gear worked because of the three hosts. And because, unlike other shows from the Blatant Bollocks Corporation, it wasn’t politically correct. In fact, it showed a lot contempt for PC, and those who live by it. Which is why Danny Cohen hated it. It’s a simple fact that the extreme left Danny Cohen despised Clarkson for his right wing views, and was looking for an excuse to get rid of him. It’s also a fact, that Clarkson stupidly allowed his ego to give Cohen that excuse. Cohen fucked up in thinking that he could simply replace Clarkson, and Hammond and May would go along with it. He was very wrong.

    This new Top Gear will be a shadow of its former self. It has too many presenters for a start. Led by Chris Evans, whom I have yet to hear anyone say a good thing about. Evans is an arrogant little shit who genuinely thinks he’s God. It will be filled with similar things that the original TG had, only with a left wing slant to it. And that’s why it won’t work. Most ordinary people are not lefties. We’re not particularly righties either. We just share the same dumb as fuck politically correct view of the world that the shitheads at the BBC have.

    • I predict that the New Improved Top Gear will crash and burn (and hopefully Matt LeBlanc will lose his rag and punch Evan’s lights out) Despite Clarkson’s constant baiting of motorcyclists like myself and general disdain for enthusiasts of vintage machinery (also like myself) I did enjoy Top Gear while it was on but we’ve just dispensed with the TV licence anyway so the Beeb can stuff the new version up their “collective” ringpieces. I will however always feel the urge to boot James May up the arse for sending that Triumph convertible to the bottom of the English Channel…

    • Chris Evans has been sobbing all over the media how sorry he is, I never found the ginger wonder boy slightly amusing, never got it, its been painful to watch his attention seeking antics, almost as bad as Madonna peddling around stage on a childs bicycle wearing a clowns costume, and wondering why her son wants to live with his dad. Beyond the pale in front of The Cenotaph.

    • Sorry QDM, have to disagree with you.

      The Cenotaph itself is obviously sacrosanct (as evidenced by the prison sentence rightly given to Dave Gilmour’s cunt of a son for vandalising it). But the Cenotaph is situated on a public highway – a highway that has seen protest marches and even streakers in the past without any tedious bleating about offence being caused. Anyone is entitled to walk, streak, march or drive past the Cenotaph in any vehicle they choose.

      Aren’t wars fought precisely to protect these kind of freedoms?

      • “Dave Gilmour’s cunt of a son” David* Gilmour’s adopted* cunt of a son. Sorry had to correct you there I’m a Pink Floyd Fan and as far as I know David has never been referred to as Dave and his adopted son(Not biological son) was high on LSD too when that vandalism happened.
        Charlie got mixed up with these stupid marxist revolutionary types who thought they were going save the world but they just did drugs and protested( more like riot and cause a disturbance)

      • I’m sure the other Floyd members occasionally called him Dave… Just like they called Richard Wright ‘Rick…’

      • Maybe among friends sure but I haven’t heard anybody call David Gilmour Dave. Though Yes I’m quite aware of the abbreviated spelling of names

      • The fact it’s on a public highway does NOT make it ok for some cunt to disrespect the men and women the Cenotaph was built to honour. And that’s what it’s about, RESPECT. Yes, the have the freedom to act like complete cocks if they want, but they also have a responsibility to respect the people who gave them that freedom. EVERYONE has that responsibility. And as a soldier, and someone who lost two of his best friends in war, I think it’s about time people started to remember that responsibility.

    • My friend’s dad was a DJ at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester (Joe Fish) and I heard years ago that Evans was a complete cunt before he even got on TV…

      And talking of PC, QDM, word is that Doctor Who’s new sidekick will be that Asian/Muslim bird off EastEnders… Oh right on and hail diversity… Bollocks…

      • That’ll be when either Moffatt or his successor makes the Doctor a woman. I’m more convinced than ever that it will happen. Like Peter Capaldi said, the BBC doesn’t respect Dr Who. If they did, they’d have told Moffatt that his scripts are shite.

      • Quite right Norm, having a pub in city centre employed 103 djs Evans was a first class ****.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me. Although I’ve never watched Eastenders, so I don’t actually know who that is. I have heard though that they’re going to start featuring a Mosque in the show, to reflect the fact that the true East end of London is now more like Kabul than an English city. Thanks for that, Tony fucking Blair. I can’t wait for the day you die. You’d better be buried at sea, because I will shit on your grave.

    • That last bit should have read “We just DON’T share that same dumb as fuck politically correct view of the world that the shitheads at the BBC have”. I really must learn to proof read.

    • publicity stunt so gidiot cud say he was trying to write the budget – as if the coke-head cunt can write

  5. “I wonder what the other Floyd members called Roger Waters…” @ Well I don’t want to turn this into Roger Waters Vs. PF thread but I usually side with Waters on the whole thing. Because the other members were slacking off alot not contributing worthwhile ideas from Dark Side to the Wall, Waters came up with a majority of material someone has to lead, mate. Both gilmour and wright had a cocaine addiction the lyrics makes reference to this.The lyrics

    “I got nicotine stains on my fingers”
    “I got a silver spoon on a chain Got a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains” -PF Nobody Home
    are said to have been written specifically about Floyd’s pianist Richard Wright, who was allegedly struggling with cocaine addiction at the time.

    • Roger couldn’t win… He came up with almost all the songs and ideas to keep Floyd going/alive, yet the others complained but they didn’t offer anything as good or better… A bit like Macca in the last days of The Beatles: he still put everything into it, while Lennon was being a cunt and playing silly buggers with Yoko…

      Always loved Floyd, but my favourite will always be Syd…

      • They were a different band with Syd to be more precise a single’s band(they had alot of singles) they also were more Rock N’Roll. Floyd Syd Era also was a precurser to Progressive Rock and Syd is thought to be a founder of Space Rock as well . “but my favourite will always be Syd…” I agree still have my favorite’s though but you can’t have too much of a good thing

  6. Boris Johnson who is himself a cunt, is correct to call the hypocritical yankee bastards out on this one. There is no way in fucking hell that the Americans would enter into a politcal union like the EU and yet the spastics expect us to continue in one. It is clear the Yankee cunt lady boys believe they can manipulate European countries easier as a block than as individual sovereign nations. As always with those blue on blue friendly fire yehaw cowboy bumboys is all about US domination. Fuck Off Obama .

    • EU is loyal to zionist interest’s it will only die if people are awaken to this fact. Its going to play out exactly as planned we aren’t leaving anything we will be forced in or else!

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