The Leader of the Free World


The last several Presidents of the wonderful U S of A have all been cunts. Obama is sure shaping up to be one. George Bush was the perfect epitome of a cunt. Bill Clinton skull fucked a big fat cunt.

I’ll bet, though, that some of the goons criticizing him the loudest did a lot more than skull fuck a cunt in their offices. I wonder how many other presidents (cunts) skull fucked a cunt (or something else) while they held office the good ol’ voters, never knew a thing about it????

Nominated by: Jim Something Or Other

The United States of France


In the wake orf the Paris killings I would remind our froggy friends that Obama takes every opportunity to remind the world that the French are America’s oldest allies. Hollande basks in Obama’s shadow. You may have taken Britain’s place at the yankee top table mes amis but as the waves orf synthetic grief sweep la belle France, is the free admission to the number one spot on the jihaddi hate list worth it? No doubt Monsewer Hollande has taken to wearing his mackintosh and crash helmet again.

We do not forget how Obama managed to forget the British involvement in the D Day landings and the liberation of France during the recent remembrance observances when the only Head orf State who had actually served during WW11, HM The Queen, was sidelined.

While I find the machine gunning of a few fucking journalists understandable, what I cannot condone is the perfectly predictable outpouring orf liberal wailing and solidarity that has followed. That is down to you, you cunts in black. Candles, cuddly toys, cliched slogans, twittershit, grieving widows snivelling to camera, France has caught the fucking spirit orf Diana. Rumours orf a free concert in Paris from Elton John. Jihaddis take note.

Obama has been pushing the line orf Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (LEF), French spiritual founding fathers orf the American Constitution ect ect. We know that the twisted cunt hates anything British but worth reminding ourselves that the French still actually have colonies or as they like to term it “colonial relationships” and were renowned for their sadistic rule and involvement in the slave trade. Froggy political hacks queuing up to puff France and LEF. I seem to recall that the high flown ideals orf LEF soon degenerated into The Reign Of Terror. Well mes amis, you have it now.

Je suis cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

The Special Relationship


How about a double cunting? Barak Obama and David Cameron both deserve it after yesterday, I reckon. A journalist is murdered by a cowardly cocksucker, who doesn’t even have the guts to show his face. Both O’Barmy and Camoron come back from holiday, briefly, to mouth the usual bullshit, and then they fuck off back on holiday.

Now I know some may think that holiday is the best place for both of them. But this pair are supposed to be leaders of their respective countries. And with situations like this their place is back at the seat of government, leading their countries. As it was, Camoron fucked off to Cornwall to finish his THIRD holiday this year, and FIFTEENTH since he entered Downing Street. And O’Barmy literally went from the press conference to the fucking golf course. Nothing says ‘FUCK YOU’ like picking up a five iron.

Even for politicians, this pair have been as much use as a fart in a lift. And they’re not even the worst we’ve had.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Barack Obama [12]


Barack Obama is the cunt of the decade. I mean, what sort of cunt wins the nobel peace prize for starting more wars than any other cunt in recent history?

OK, he may have inherited one or two from the Bushy Cunt but he’s done pretty well at starting others as well. The cunt’s done Libya, Syria and now he’s trying his best to kick start cunting WW3 in Ukraine. I know he’s a bit to go to beat that cunt Stalin but you can’t fault the cunts efforts to date. And the cunt’s not finished there either. He’s trying to wind up those slant eyed cunts in China and Japan having got them arguing over some piece of cunting rock that’s no cunting use to anyone. They’ve got to be top cunts to fall for that.

I know that in political terms this may be a difficult one but as the worlds most powerful cunt he is in a position to do something cuntingly positive and has failed to do so. To that end I nominate him as a real cunt above all other cunts.

PS. Do I win a prize for putting the word “cunt” into a nomination more times than any other cunt?

Nominated by: French Cunt

( No prize. Don’t be a cunt! )

Barack Obama [11]


I’d like to nominate Bollock Obama for trying to whip up a race war to distract the public from drone strikes on civillians, NSA spying and fuck knows what other shit.

This cunt is preaching about racial equality yet thinks nothing of killing innocent kids in Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever else the cunt feels like bombing. No morals and no empathy just another politico psychopath.

Syria next is it bollock? Get to fuck.

Nominated by: London Cunt