Manuel Valls & Francois Hollande


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has told the good people of France that they must learn to live with terrorism?

I’m sure everyone with an ounce of pride in their country (any country) would want their political leader to announce that a shoot to kill, ask (minimal) questions later policy was in immediate effect.

What would Winston do?

Nominated by: The Gurning Chimp

Francois Holland has got to be the biggest cucked pansy in history.

He basically said that people are not being killed & massacred by moslem terrorists (also drops the religion of peace wouldn’t do this line!). The real threat? They are being killed by populism.

Your guess is as good as mine cunters, You can’t make this shite up I think i’m going back to my terrorist bunny theory hey its better then the phony populism theory!

Nominated by: Titslapper

The United States of France


In the wake orf the Paris killings I would remind our froggy friends that Obama takes every opportunity to remind the world that the French are America’s oldest allies. Hollande basks in Obama’s shadow. You may have taken Britain’s place at the yankee top table mes amis but as the waves orf synthetic grief sweep la belle France, is the free admission to the number one spot on the jihaddi hate list worth it? No doubt Monsewer Hollande has taken to wearing his mackintosh and crash helmet again.

We do not forget how Obama managed to forget the British involvement in the D Day landings and the liberation of France during the recent remembrance observances when the only Head orf State who had actually served during WW11, HM The Queen, was sidelined.

While I find the machine gunning of a few fucking journalists understandable, what I cannot condone is the perfectly predictable outpouring orf liberal wailing and solidarity that has followed. That is down to you, you cunts in black. Candles, cuddly toys, cliched slogans, twittershit, grieving widows snivelling to camera, France has caught the fucking spirit orf Diana. Rumours orf a free concert in Paris from Elton John. Jihaddis take note.

Obama has been pushing the line orf Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (LEF), French spiritual founding fathers orf the American Constitution ect ect. We know that the twisted cunt hates anything British but worth reminding ourselves that the French still actually have colonies or as they like to term it “colonial relationships” and were renowned for their sadistic rule and involvement in the slave trade. Froggy political hacks queuing up to puff France and LEF. I seem to recall that the high flown ideals orf LEF soon degenerated into The Reign Of Terror. Well mes amis, you have it now.

Je suis cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Je Suis Charlie hypocrites

hypocrite charlie

The Islamic terror attacks on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have rightfully provoked widespread condemnation. But many of those lining up to vocalise their commitment to free speech actually don’t really believe in it.

“Any society that’s serious about liberty has to defend the free flow of ugly words, even ugly sentiments,”pontificated a Guardian editorial within hours of the attack despite the paper’s editor, Alan Rusbridger, recently endorsing statutory state regulation of the UK press during the Leveson Enquiry. Now Nick Clegg tweets (in French, no less) his “attachement à la liberté d’expression”. Ed Miliband also banging on about “freedom of speech”. Three years ago both of them sought to implement state regulation of the press in this country.

But first prize for freedom of speech BS goes to French President Francois Hollande who claimed that free speech is a right “guaranteed and protected by the Republic” M Le President conveniently forgetting that Hara Kiri Hebdo was banned by the French government in 1970 for taking the piss out of Charles de Gaulle – the magazine changed its name to Charlie Hebdo in order to continue publishing.

All of these windbags believe the same thing that Islamic terrorists do – that ideas they disagree with should be suppressed. And claiming otherwise makes them hypocritical cunts.

Nominated by: John Milius’ Gun Cabinet

Francoise Hollande


This dodgy pinko french garlic monkey thinks he can usurp Cameron’s rightful place as Obama’s willy warmer. Now finds himself the only tosser in the ring with his dick out. Merde Alors Francoise!

And no Parliament or Congress to vote against going to war for you so you can zip it up again. France is a Presidential Dictatorship you see, not a Parliamentary Democracy.

So practice taking Obama’s cock up your shitty little arse monsewer. You are Obamarama’s principal ally now. Good luck Francoise.

Enjoy the friendly fire you froggie cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke