Manuel Valls & Francois Hollande


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has told the good people of France that they must learn to live with terrorism?

I’m sure everyone with an ounce of pride in their country (any country) would want their political leader to announce that a shoot to kill, ask (minimal) questions later policy was in immediate effect.

What would Winston do?

Nominated by: The Gurning Chimp

Francois Holland has got to be the biggest cucked pansy in history.

He basically said that people are not being killed & massacred by moslem terrorists (also drops the religion of peace wouldn’t do this line!). The real threat? They are being killed by populism.

Your guess is as good as mine cunters, You can’t make this shite up I think i’m going back to my terrorist bunny theory hey its better then the phony populism theory!

Nominated by: Titslapper

24 thoughts on “Manuel Valls & Francois Hollande

  1. Pint sized bell end Nicolas Sarkozy has said all radicalised muslims should be deported and those at risk of radicalisation should be electronically tagged. The mega conked garlic gnome is obviously attempting to steal Marine Le Pen’s thunder.

  2. Plumbers deserve a cunting.

    Just had one round today because the bath is really slow to drain, after him sucking in breath through his teeth he tells me I need the trap replacing and the pipe ‘snaked’ to clear the blockage causing the slow draining.
    OK, I say, just do it, it needs to be done.

    Straight away he comes back, it’s a certain type of trap which I need to go and get from the suppliers.
    Almost an hour later he comes back with the trap, he rips the old trap out, snakes the pipe clearing any blockage and finally fits the new trap.
    Overall, 2.5 hours (1 hour sourcing the trap, cost of £8.20+VAT = under £10) and I get hit with a bill for £138.40.

    Fuck me, being a plumber is a license to print money

      • You should always get two separate tradesmen there at the same time, kill one so the remaining cunt knows what’s in store for the cunt if he fucks up the job or rips you off.?

  3. now I think perhaps he has been misunderstood telling people to “live with terrorisum” could be the old “nudge nudge wink wink” meaning, die to certain rules and regs/ human rights issues, we are unable to deal with the current cituation (however if you want to have a bash at them go for it!)
    Though probably not and just wishfull thinking on my behalf I am just wondering how I could engineer a situation with a certain scotish dustman and a militant islamic march, the two could go together quite nicely and defacto be legal!

    • To be frank, Valls gave the most truthful answer he wasn’t lying just telling you what the liberals are to scared to tell you.
      Also sarkozy mr garlic gnome(love that insult skidmark) what a hypocritical cunt just 2 years ago he was inviting his people to race mix in a attempt to destroy racism. He is also stealing the le pen family’s idea something they have been saying for a century

      • When Sarkozy is the cunt that financed Ghaddafi to be relected and then fronted the U S of A to go and kill the cunt and his family-which the Frog cunts all now fail to mention-he would be as responsible for this fuck up as Bush and Blair are to the rest of it.

        Hollande is an utter complete cunt, and both of them have given that country no choice BUT to live with it.

  4. The French desperately need to reform their police and intelligence services. Because as they are now, they’re shite. Not only that, they are actually responsible for the deaths of everyone killed by Muslim terrorists over the past two years. We often criticise our own police and intelligence services, but let’s face it, they’ve done a fantastic job of keeping us safe from Muslim scum up to now. They’ve foiled dozens, if not hundreds of planned attacks. Whereas you can count on one hand the number the French have foiled. And I’m struggling to think of ONE.

    • Yeah, and remember how we were told during the referendum campaign that was it was important to vote Remain in order that police forces in Continental Europe could “share their intelligence with us”…? Oh, the irony.

      • It’s not just the french, Dutch police are stretched to breaking point while having to deal with muslim gangsta, a new breed of cunt whi while not religios are extreemly violent and who completely reject western values.

  5. I’d like to nominate Dr Rebecca Johnson of the Green party after hearing her on the radio advocating against the replacing of Trident submarines. With an almost religious fervour she breathlessly defends her position by stating that no country would dare to use nuclear weapons against us because we have an army and they’d get hurt. She also says that universal disarmament will happen anyway before we’ve finished building these subs, so it will all be a waste of money.
    It’s not only crackpots like Putin and Kim Jong-un we’ve got to worry about, it’s our own home-grown loonies as well.

    • What a misguided idiotic cunt she is. Honestly don’t these people have any common sense. Obviously not.

    • I heard that, give up our nukes and in the long term everyone else will giver theirs up or more likely love use them on us.

      Silly bint….

      Women + politics = shite

      • She clearly has not researched the carbon footprint of Nuclear weapons vs standard weapons, or She would realise that Nuclear weapons are far greener and eco friendly. I may have made that up. but pretty sure that the war with Japan would have gone a lot longer with out nuclear weapons, would have cost a lot more lives and (most importantly in her book) resulted in a lot more greenhouse gases to manufature the ammuntion

  6. Personally I think we need to keep Trident just in case we need to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on th EU

  7. Now Hollande is saying we can’t have free trade without open borders? Did the dumb fuck get the message from the referendum. We don’t want you telling us what to do, we don’t want open borders either. If you controlled your borders properly, you would not have a terrorism problem and the jungle in Calais. As for the trade agreement, keep your disgusting cheese, crap cars and terrorists to yourself. I’ll pass thanks. Cunt. Remember Agincourt you fucking surrender monkeys.

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