Manuel Valls & Francois Hollande


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has told the good people of France that they must learn to live with terrorism?

I’m sure everyone with an ounce of pride in their country (any country) would want their political leader to announce that a shoot to kill, ask (minimal) questions later policy was in immediate effect.

What would Winston do?

Nominated by: The Gurning Chimp

Francois Holland has got to be the biggest cucked pansy in history.

He basically said that people are not being killed & massacred by moslem terrorists (also drops the religion of peace wouldn’t do this line!). The real threat? They are being killed by populism.

Your guess is as good as mine cunters, You can’t make this shite up I think i’m going back to my terrorist bunny theory hey its better then the phony populism theory!

Nominated by: Titslapper