5 thoughts on “Perez Hilton

  1. Being Tellyless and a Telegraph reader the world of Celebrity is somewhat alien to me. I had never realised that Paris/Perez Hilton are in fact two different cunts.

    You learn something new every day.

  2. That’s a smile that says ‘I like to fellate men in public toilets’. What a disgusting specimen.

  3. I am sick of seeing this ugly fucker every time I go into the shops and walk past the newspapers… Has a name nicked from another celebrity cunt and looking at Hilton (both of them), one wonders how and where things went wrong…

    My auntie got it spot on the other day… As that Celebrity Big Brother shite was on the telly and that gurning, pumpkin headed cunt, Perez Hilton, hogged the screen, my auntie Maureen said: ‘Bloody hell… Were the Sixties for this?!’

    • When I become Benign Dictator (following the total failure of any political parties in this country to actually govern effectively, rather than self-promote in a tawdry wank-fest), anyone having the name of some cunty hotel such as Hilton, Ritz, SwallowNelson etc. as their surname will be forcibly re-named “Travelodge” or “Ibis”. First names will be after various shitholes – Charleroi, Gdansk, Scunthorpe, Linz (Hitler’s birthplace, and a real hole, if ever…) and so on.
      I shall also be contacting you good people to form my cabinet.

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