Emilia Clarke


Emilia Clarke is a cunt…

All this hype over an at best adequate actress is unbelievable… It’s only the constant stripping and shagging she does in the horrendous Game Of Thrones that has got her noticed… She was total shite in that Terminator film too… Fair enough, the whole film was shite… But compare Clarke’s lukewarm simpering as Sarah Connor to Linda Hamilton’s powerhouse performance in Terminator 2 and one can see the new media darling’s shortcomings…

And as for Clarke being ‘The sexiest woman alive’ (which means she’d be beaten hands down if we were allowed to include dead ones: like the young Liz Taylor, Anita Ekberg and other past screen sirens), she looks like some sort of giant doll in Game Of Cunts…

Funny what passes as sexy and talented these days….

Nominated by: Norman

16 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke

  1. I’d like to Cunt Sunlife insurance or at least its ads.

    “Just love parky and his famous pen”
    Well you bunch of cunts at Sunlife & your cuntish ad agency ‘Parky’ or Michael Parkinson was actually famous for being a sports (mostly cricket) journalist, yes truly a cuntish profession but that’s how he became well known. He then of course became world famous as chat show host, his favourite guest being Billy Connolly (the unfunny cunt) who was on every fucking week. He was not famous for a throw away worthless (£9.99RRP – Ha) fucking pen for applying for some positively rip off & completely useless insurance.
    And who the fuck is that old Grannie that’s on every ad playing an old Grannie – what a cunt – I can only be smug in the fact that at least she’ll be dead soon – the cunt.

  2. I think she needs to come around to my place and Ill show her what a cunt she is.

  3. Don’t know why you bothered photoshopping that.

    There are plenty of real pictures out there of her with her tits out.

  4. Just another vapid, talent-less, vacuous actress whore who somehow believes they are contributing to society.
    I’ve seen better looking women out on a night in Newcastle and they have more body hair than me!

  5. Don’t know who she is but if the body on that photo is any true representation my cock would stay un-angry. Give me Sophia Loren , Ursula Andres any day. These are the ones that can still get the old John Thomas to stand to attention.

  6. Never heard of her but she probably fucks black men with big gold watches or prem footballers which is probably also the former

  7. If she came hammering at the front door looking like this, and demanding sex whilst my girlfriend was away, I am sorry, but I would fuck her until her teeth fell out. Those tits would also get sucked until her head caved in.

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