The United States of France


In the wake orf the Paris killings I would remind our froggy friends that Obama takes every opportunity to remind the world that the French are America’s oldest allies. Hollande basks in Obama’s shadow. You may have taken Britain’s place at the yankee top table mes amis but as the waves orf synthetic grief sweep la belle France, is the free admission to the number one spot on the jihaddi hate list worth it? No doubt Monsewer Hollande has taken to wearing his mackintosh and crash helmet again.

We do not forget how Obama managed to forget the British involvement in the D Day landings and the liberation of France during the recent remembrance observances when the only Head orf State who had actually served during WW11, HM The Queen, was sidelined.

While I find the machine gunning of a few fucking journalists understandable, what I cannot condone is the perfectly predictable outpouring orf liberal wailing and solidarity that has followed. That is down to you, you cunts in black. Candles, cuddly toys, cliched slogans, twittershit, grieving widows snivelling to camera, France has caught the fucking spirit orf Diana. Rumours orf a free concert in Paris from Elton John. Jihaddis take note.

Obama has been pushing the line orf Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (LEF), French spiritual founding fathers orf the American Constitution ect ect. We know that the twisted cunt hates anything British but worth reminding ourselves that the French still actually have colonies or as they like to term it “colonial relationships” and were renowned for their sadistic rule and involvement in the slave trade. Froggy political hacks queuing up to puff France and LEF. I seem to recall that the high flown ideals orf LEF soon degenerated into The Reign Of Terror. Well mes amis, you have it now.

Je suis cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

7 thoughts on “The United States of France

  1. They were shut down in 1970 by the French authorities for printing a satirical death notice for Charlie ‘Grand-Nez’ de Gaulle. Is this the same French authorities that now side with the Hebdo crowd in demanding and defending free speech?…
    Oh the irony…

    • Whilst simultaneously shutting out the leader of the party that has that support of a third of the French electorate. So much for them defending free speech eh?

  2. There is lots of leftist handwringing going on here.

    Phoney Tony loved crooning about ‘multi cultural Britain’. He was a fuckwit son of satan cunt responsible for the 7/7 atrocities.

    If a muslim, a jew, a christian and a catholic take a shit in a pot, it just a big pot of fetid shit. Its not ‘multi cultural’, its just shit.

    As the French say, you can only add so much Chardonnay to your Champagne, before its not Champagne anymore. Its time for parasitic socialists and liberal do-gooders to stop meddling and apologising for these cunts and tell these religious fuck mooks to adapt, or fuck off back to Jackfuckistan, because there will be no religious centres, mosques, ethnic sensitivity groups or tolerance of ethnic beliefs. Je suis non muslim, fuck off. There is no place for religion in modern society. I don’t care what colour you are, and I don’t care about which sky fairy you believe in, keep it to yourself, start a blog and express yourself, but don’t start killing people over it. There was a short Austrian guy who started that shit a few years back, look what he did.

    Religion preaches insecurity, lots of people believe but don’t feel the need to shoot those who parody them and seek to blow up anyone who does not ‘kneel’ before them and there made up religion. Beliefs are you own, and they belong to you, so keep them to you, cunts.

    In the meantime, Catholics go on buggering kids, Christians turn the other cheek, and Muslims just want to kill everyone not Muslim.

    The French are excellent at rewriting history and resetting the Status Quo, lets hope something positive happens here.

  3. The Grauniad and all those other leftie tossers will carp on about the ‘rights’ of these religious groups, while the ordinary working class person in Britain gets treated like a piece of shit by the government, the press, the BBC and so on…. The UK is throwing money at Pakistan for aid, yet it’s a breeding ground for these fucking murderers… Muslims seem to have cart blanche to do what they bloody want… Those two cunts who killed Lee Rigby? In a warm cell with three square meals a day, healthcare, a telly and other perks for the rest of their lives… As the Temptations would say: ‘Now that ain’t right..’

    The leftie media and all these other do-gooding multiculti cunts can attempt to justify these bastards all they like… As we say here in Manchester: You can put a million ribbons around a turd. But, at the end of the day, it is still a turd…

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