Steve Punt


Steve Punt. That’s not a name, that’s rhyming slang – and most apposite rhyming slang too in this instance.

Half of “Punt and Dennis” and often employed as a talking head on documentaries about comedians where he is frequently – and erroneously – described as a “comedy writer”. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to hear ‘The Now Show’ or remembers Punt and Dennis’s tumbleweed moments in ‘The Mary Whitehouse Experience’ will know that there is no conceivable way that Punt could ever be considered a writer of comedy. Comedy writing requires not just technical skill, it requires an instinct and flair for the comedic – an instinct and flair which Punt the Cunt is sorely lacking. Punt is a cunt who mistakes sarcastic delivery for comedy.

I remember Newman and Baddiel (the other half of the ‘Mary Whitehouse Experience’ team) once saying something along the lines of “trying to make a comedy show with those two was like trying to create a great concept album, but being forced to share half the tracks with Showaddywaddy”.

Steve Punt is not funny. Steve Punt is just a cunt.

Nominated by: Fred West

10 thoughts on “Steve Punt

    • He’s nowhere close to Idle (my favourite Python) despite having played him in a crappy TV comedy-drama about the Life Of Brian furore. Punt DREAMS of being as good as “a shite Eric Idle” but it will never happen. He should just give up now. The Cunt.

  1. I agree whole heartedly . Punt and Denis were utter shite as was that bollocks ‘milky milky’ sketch. Pure pish. Newman and Badiel on the other hand were excellent.

    • I wouldn’t call Newman & Baddiel “excellent”, but their sublime History Professors (“that’s your mum, that is”) put Punt and Dennis to shame.

      Does anyone find Simon Pegg and Nick Frost funny? I think they are two of the most unfunny, overrated cunts in the entertainment industry.

      • Have you fucking seen Spaced??? It’s tremendous.
        Mind you, Simon Pegg could have retired after Big Train as far as I’m concerned. Exquisite.

        I’ll admit they have been some right old shit. Paul being top of that list.

  2. I was thinking of Punt in that crappy Holy Flying Circus… My favourite Python was Cleese… Partly because of Basil Fawlty, and the way he wouldn’t take any shit off that cunt, Malcolm Muggeridge, over Life Of Brian…

    Baddiel and Newman weren’t great, but Baddiel and Skinner were fucking awful…

  3. The fact that Dennis has become funnier without Punt, demonstrates that Punt is actually unfunnier than Punt and Dennis as a partnership. i.e. he is in negative equity as regards humour.

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