Sinead O’Connor


O’ Connor is such a twat… Sang the praises of the IRA for years. Not been musically relevant for years either (if ever!). Yet she gets on the Band Aid download (it is not a single/record/45) because she crawls around Geldof’s arse… She has always thrived on controversy instead of relying on talent. Among her many pearls was when she said, ‘Hitler wasn’t a bad person. He was just a very fucked up person.’ Plenty of people are fucked up. But they don’t murder en masse, you silly twisted Catholic bald cunt…

I remember she was on a TV show in 1990. I was there with the Happy Mondays (I used to help them with the amps and all that). O’Connor was being a self righteous, miserable and pompous pain in the arse. Shaun Ryder told her she needed a good shagging to cheer herself up and that she was on a permanent period… Good to see she hasn’t changed…

Nominated by: Norman

Sinead O’Connor is a cunt. Did you see her on that latest Band Aid wank?
Useless fucking wastrel / toothless harpie / Dave / disabled toilet.

Nominated by: Brian Cunt

11 thoughts on “Sinead O’Connor

  1. It’s pretty obvious old Sinead is a mad as a lorry load of baboons on LSD… Ripping up a pic of the (then) Pope… I’m sure the ever powerful Vatican were quaking in their boots… Apparently about 95% of what she spouts is bullshit: even all the stuff about her childhood (relatives have said it is crap and that Sinead is a bit of a loony!)… As for going out with Peter Gabriel (why, Pete?!) and wanting him to be her dad? Nurse, the screens…

    • Never bothered to read about her past – but I think I can guess how (she says) it went. Raped by Father O`Hooligan and sent off to the laundries. Am I getting warm?

  2. Got it about right, the young Skinhead O’Connor was purportedly banged up for 18 months in the laundries for shoplifting. Whether or not Father Kiddiefiddler or any of the other crows molested her is something that she isn’t telling.
    Makes one wonder, as the silly bint then get herself ordained as a priest..
    Her life reads like a sequel to “Puckoon”

  3. She’s full of shit… Been going on about the evils of the church and all that for years… Then she becomes a priest!
    Like Madonna (another cunt!), O’Connor is hung up about religion, yet uses it to appear controversial whenever she can…

  4. I think a lot of these showbiz celeb cunts like O’Connor, Madonna, Tom Cruise etc (literally) buy into these mickey mouse religions or cults because they think if they do the communion wine, the kabbalah or that scientology bollocks they think that will wipe out all their misdemeanors and cuntish behavior when the old judgment day is nigh…. Buying a stairway to heaven, as Percy Plant said… When most of these celeb cunts do finally pop off, Old Nick is going to be very busy…

    • Personally I think Scientology must offer some massive tax breaks. That would explain a lot. Follow the money.

  5. At least the gods have taken the revenge. As they always do on the stupid, fecklass and those not attuned to reality. They turn them into Trolls. Have you seen the cunt lately?

  6. Good God, it’s interesting how she’s been so vocal against child abuse in its many forms but does’t think her writing stuff like having a cock in her mouth or liking anal sex, on her public twitter account, is going to horribly embarrass her children or the rest of her family. THAT’S CHILD ABUSE, SINEAD!!! You are a fake and a flake. A first class hypocrite!

    • Too true… O’ Connor is another fake hippy bullshitter who goes on about being right on and humanitarian, yet she feels free to stick up for Hitler and support a terror organisation (The IRA)… Her recent ‘overdose’ was just as I suspected: a stunt to get her more of the attention she craves… The only tragedy about it is her overdose wasn’t successful….

      • Yes it’s obvious that the recent overdose attempt was just for attention and it was extremely calculated. She was putting everything on Facebook even when supposed to be in hospital. Got everyone worried trying to find her, they put her in hospital, then as soon as she gets the attention she wants she is a lot better and complains about being there when it’s against her will. That’s what happens when you go around repeatedly threatening to kill yourself on Facebook. I can see now why she’s alienated nearly everyone around her. It must be exhausting to deal with that. People were on her page because they cared about her and were concerned. She is just rude and insulting in return. I for one will not be taking anymore notice of Ms O’Connor and her self created dramas. A lot of people have had very difficult lives. They’re not putting it all on FB and they know that as adults, they are responsible for themselves – especially if they are parents. Their children don’t deserve to be dragged into it themselves.

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