Darts needs a massive cunting…

When I was a lad it was a man’s game: with fellahs just drinking beer and playing darts… Now even this has been americanized and turned into a tacky spectacle… All these cunts in fancy dress with the ridiculous stunts and other bullshit… The darts fan is now one of the biggest breed of cunts…

And darts player, Peter Wright, is a gargantuan “look at me!” tosspot…

Nominated by: Norman

20 thoughts on “Darts

  1. I’d like to nominate Time Team’s Phil Harding. A Jethro Tull/Real Ale cunt of an archaeologist who, to my mind, has the disturbing, sinister appearance of an habitual user of prostitutes and/or potential serial killer.

    • Nice idea FW. Now that Tony Robinson is too fucked to continue Time Team, Phil and his tiny shorts would be ideal to front a series orf programmes excavating classic murder sites like Saddleworth Moor.You might consider renting out your place. That fake laugh every time the cunt’s trowel hits a skull. TV magic. “Death Dig” could be repeated for years.

      • “Time Team at Ten Rillington Place” has a certain ring to it, don’t you think, Sir Limply?

  2. Things have really gone fucking mad… At tonight’s Ballon D’ Or (used to be known as European Footballer Of The Year before all this EU love-in bollocks!) some bird is being nominated for goal of the season… The goal itself isn’t bad. But seriously, this is taking the piss… Another nail in football’s already peppered coffin…

  3. Must say I find these fucking cartoon avatar thingies orn the site now deeply crapola. Always use me own and if any sportsman out there wishes to do the same here is how:
    1) Find a suitable image
    2) Go to a site like gravatar (https://en.gravatar.com/) and open an account with the email that you use to log in here.
    3) Follow instructions, attach chosen image and whenever you log in with your email, your comment will display your select mug.

    • Forgot to mention that the sign up to Gravatar is through WordPress. You need to create a WordPress account but if you follow the link above it is very straight forward.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Sir. Been meaning to sort out the avatar…

    May I say Fiddlers Dram are cunts… I saw the first TOTP of 1980 on BBC4: and this horrible record came creeping out of the vault of crappy childhood memories. This sort of shite is now seen as ‘rustic’ and ‘quaint’ by the spoonfed student twats who now infest ‘Glasto’ (you know the sort!). Yep, Fiddlers Dram are fucking evil…


    • Fiddlers Dram are cunts, ranking alongside the other novelty acts from the 1970’s and early 1980’s. If there was a cunts hall of fame for shite music, they’d be in the top rank, along with The Wurzels, Stan Ridgway, Paper Lace, Bobby Pickett and Clive Dunn, Showaddywaddy, and Mud ( to mention but a few).
      Black Lace of course hold the prize for sheer Cuntitude

  5. My mum bought ‘Billy Don’t Be A Hero’ and ‘The Night Chigago Died’ by Paper Lace… Bolan and Slade were good,but most of it from the glam rock era was bollocks… That TOTP from 1980 had its good (Madness, Pink Floyd, Pretenders, The Beat, Legs & Co’s arses) and its shite (Fiddlers Dram, Macca’s Xmas song, Billy Preston and Syreeta and Doctor Fucking Hook)… There was a bird from Pans People/Leg & Co called Sue Menhenick… I wanted to do her badly when I was a lad…


    • Indeed Lez, filly had a fine Cornish name. Many a young shaver tossed in his pants over her and the other gals. Pans People/Legs kept Hot Pants alive well into the ’80s. Well remember at aboit thet time there was some sportsman going aroind the London parks posing as an hot pants inspector. “Hexcuse me miss but by the powers vested hin me I am obliged to hinspect them hot pants”.

      And blimey old sport, the daft fillies obliged him. Tip me tipfer to the blighter but not sure it was worth the six months at Her Majesty’s. Point is other than when coming orn to a period a filly in a mini skirt is far less approachable if you get me drift. Many was the lad in the ’60s driven mad with lust by a fine pair orf thighs jiggling aboit beneath a scrap orf Mary Quant only to be met by a look orf contempt and a slap followed by a few tears if he dared to put his hand up what he reasonably took to be an open door.

      Yet for some reason a filly felt far more secure in hot pants and allowed, even expected, far more. Mysteries orf life eh?

      • Sorry Norman, me specs misted up over memories orf a life gorn by. For the avoidance orf doubt as me Learned Friends put it, above comment a reply to your comment, excellent though the contribution from Lez is. Sorry Lez.

      • No worries, Sir. Got a little sidetracked myself, thinking of Sue and the girls in those lycra keks…

    • Indeed dear heart. May she ever steer clear orf botox and fillers. Pity we cannot see what is going on below and just oit orf shot. Warming to me theme orf hot pants, and I was always particularly taken by those Hell Red shiny lurex numbers aroind at the time, a classic example sported by the filly in this blaxploitation gangsta video. Note that your fair filly Sue is nicely featured as well:


    • She’s very cracked compared to her peak, but still wouldn’t say no. Would be better with a bellyful of stella first to smooth the rough edges, though….

      In fact would much rather have a go on her than most of my friends’ partners! That’s speaking as a guy in his late twenties! Obesity, body mods and stupid haircuts like Skrillex has just ruined so many young women. Give me the GILF over the fat mess or the skank covered in cheap tatts any day!

  6. Wright is such a prick. What’s more obnoxious though is how completely manufactured it all is. Listen to him talk and he’s just another dull, pretty thick, darts player. He has no charisma or showmanship to back up the moronic image. There’s a lot of rumours that the idea didn’t come from him and was the brainchild of the PDC board. Probably Barry at his most coked out! The whole affair is a truly pathetic attempt to create a character….

    His wife adds only adds to the embarrassment of the whole sorry spectacle. A complete fat mess with purple hair, in the best fashion of some attention whoring teen girl, but the cameras still don’t stop showing her.

    Super humiliating considering he’s been making over £300k a year, since becoming a top player, just in prize money, yet his bird is the sort, any man with a modicum of taste would consider a twelve pinter, at best! Then they’d feel deep shame in the morning!

    Don’t even get me started on the people in the crowd wearing fancy dress. Cunts to a man! Worse thing is how the PDC encourages them. Wayne’s top dance moves etc. Lowest common denominator shite!

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