Sinead O’Connor


O’ Connor is such a twat… Sang the praises of the IRA for years. Not been musically relevant for years either (if ever!). Yet she gets on the Band Aid download (it is not a single/record/45) because she crawls around Geldof’s arse… She has always thrived on controversy instead of relying on talent. Among her many pearls was when she said, ‘Hitler wasn’t a bad person. He was just a very fucked up person.’ Plenty of people are fucked up. But they don’t murder en masse, you silly twisted Catholic bald cunt…

I remember she was on a TV show in 1990. I was there with the Happy Mondays (I used to help them with the amps and all that). O’Connor was being a self righteous, miserable and pompous pain in the arse. Shaun Ryder told her she needed a good shagging to cheer herself up and that she was on a permanent period… Good to see she hasn’t changed…

Nominated by: Norman

Sinead O’Connor is a cunt. Did you see her on that latest Band Aid wank?
Useless fucking wastrel / toothless harpie / Dave / disabled toilet.

Nominated by: Brian Cunt