The Gang of Three

Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis deserve a rigorous and sustained cunting with a knobbly Blackthorn stave for going to meet Michel Barnier, to tell him what good boys they were in not wanting brexit and promising to do their best to derail it, the absolute traitorous cunts, they treat the public with utter fucking contempt which is a bit rich from people who are themselves contemptible.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

96 thoughts on “The Gang of Three

  1. Away and do something constructive then, don’t forget afterwards to wipe your arse with your bare mitt.

  2. “Its an Echo Chamber for Sad Losers…”

    Or realists unencumbered by “group think” driven by social media and the sheep that follow it.

    I’ll give you a couple of minutes to look up “unencumbered” on Google or to ask one of your many thousands of “real” friends on TwitBook and look forward your reply…

    • I seem to remember agreeing with you once Birdman. Probably just a nightmare though. Personally I would never agree with any cunt who could agree with me either.

  3. Commrade Steptoe addressing a group in Shitpool, sorry Blackpool today saying the Labour Party is committed to changing a warped and degraded culture in Westminster. Funny that, never heard you saying that prior to last week you fucking vacuous insincere scruffy old commie fuckwit. I think your bro Terry Fuckwit carries more credibility than you ya fucking traitorous old fraud.

    • Just saw him on the news sporting a “micro poppy”, why the hypocrite even bothers, I do not know.

      Looks like the scruffy fooker got Flabbot to do his tie up for him, either that or he was getting dragged around the playground by it at the break by his Momentum mates.

      • Steptoe Corbyn should have a green poppy: for all his dead IRA comrades… The horrible little terrorist loving gnome of a cunt…

  4. As a Doctor of Psychotic Enlightenment, I strongly advise you to calm down dear and go back to your Nazi PC virtue signalling snowflake Momentum colleagues for some nice Disneyland counselling or a spot of sexual harassment, always assuming you can get it up, of course.

    • In case of confusion, the comment above was addressed to a dearly departed cunt who has since been mysteriously yet thankfully consigned to the dustbin of IAC history…

  5. If your not a liberal by 20, you have no heart. If your not a conservative by 40, you have no brain. Try not to feed the troll too much, it’s quite unfair to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  6. Shit, did I miss a troll?
    It was probably Cleggers himself, seeing as he actually has nothing really constructive to do now that there’s no Pigfucker to make tea for…

    • No , you missed nothing.
      A few of us have dropped some acid and posted some weird paranoid fuelled posts, that’s all. 🙂

    • Could have been Kenny boy, incandescent with my rather flattering description of the rum soaked, troublesome, old cuntbubble.

    • It sounded like it actually could have been Smegg, Catweazle, Flabbot or an alike thinker of theirs. Its well known Flabbot likes to hunt down as much shit about herself online as possible.

      Soul searching?, maybe researching for the making of her version of the ABBC’s, Who do you think you are.

  7. I see another nut-job has blown away more innocents in a baptist church in Texas.

    The shooter is being named as Devin Patrick Kelly but as of yet they have no idea for the motive.

    You’ll know if he was just a nut-job like the Vegas cunt as the ABBC will cover it for a week or so.

    If however this is another one of these saddo “peaceful” converts “fighting” for ISIS you’ll hear no more of it.

  8. That troll…..appeared to have a thing about fisting….

    Maybe he learnt it at school….

    “Morning class…hands up everybody who likes fisting”….

    • Is that the one that ranted on about ‘racists’, then had a go at people for ‘sounding’ Scouse and Scottish ? Priceless… Also had a thing about poppies I believe… I don’t single out people who don’t wear them, but I’ve nothing against people who do either…To commemorate those who saved the UK from Hitler and protected the residents of the Falklands isn’t wrong for fuck’s sake… Unless you’re actually anti-British, of course… Not another Fenian cunt with ‘IRA connections’ (snigger!), eh?….

  9. Here’s a thought from the wee small hours.
    We have gay males and their partners, lesbians and their partners, bisexuals and whatever partner is flavour of the month. Who the fuck is rooting all these trannys/she males/ladyboys/chicks with dicks?

    That’ll be the next trend. Tranny lovers pride

    “Thee are no chicks with dicks John, only guys with tits”

    Ted2 (again)

    • The worst thing about that link and the story is the word “returning”.

      There wouldn’t be an issue or any cost if we were to just say: “Fuck off, you’re not coming back in the first place cunts! Go to Saudi. It’s nearer, richer and has views similar to your own. Unfortunately you will have to work for a living and they don’t need many mini-cab drivers but hey you can’t have everything right!”

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